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    [PP-7524] A Special Mother by James Armstrong

    [PP-7524] A Special Mother by James Armstrong

    Chapter 1

    "Oh, I like it when you undress me," Mitzi said. "Your hands feel nice
    on my ass."

    "I sure like taking your clothes off," Tommy said. "Your skin's so
    smooth and hot."

    Rita closed the door to the basement and frowned at the voices, coming
    through the crack in the sliding door to the living room. What was her
    son up to?

    "Your hands are like fire on my tits," the girl said. "Come on. Squeeze
    them harder. Oh!"

    Rita stole quietly to the sliding door. It was getting dark where she
    was in the kitchen, and a wedge of light came through the crack.

    Her son and his girlfriend were sprawled on the living room couch. Tommy
    had stripped the girl's jeans off. Her blouse was open and so was the
    hook on the front of her bra, letting her big tits thrust out.

    With one hand under her ass, he peeled her panties down off her
    ass-cheeks. He drew the thin pink garment down off her legs and dropped
    it on the floor. The girl had his fly open and one hand inside.

    He spread the girl's legs, exposing the wedge of black pussy-hair, and
    slipped a finger in her cunt.

    "Oh!" the girl gasped. "Let me get your big cock out. I'll see if I can
    get my mouth over it."

    Rita had heard enough. Once started, there'd be no stopping that bitch.
    She didn't like her anyway.

    She pulled the kitchen step stool over to the cupboard and climbed the
    two steps. Standing on tiptoes, she stretched and found the set of metal
    mixing bowls on the top shelf and pulled them out and dropped all four
    of them.

    The clatter of metal on tile was over in a moment. Nothing but silence
    came from the living room.

    Rita smiled to herself and said, "Damn! That was clumsy of me."

    She got down and picked up the bowls, giving the bitch a minute to get
    her clothes back on.

    After counting off sixty seconds, Rita went to the door and slid it
    open. Mitzi had her clothes on, and Tommy's fly was closed. Both were

    Rita smiled. "Oh, hi, Mitzi. It's nice to see you again."

    "Hello, Mrs. Baylor," Mitzi said, showing a forced smile. Her breathing
    was still unsteady.

    "Tommy, don't forget you have tests tomorrow."

    "Right, Mom," he said. "I'll get the car keys. Be right back, Mitzi."

    Rita sat in a side chair, facing the couch, her high-heeled shoes primly

    "Well, Mitzi," she said, "I don't get to see much of you anymore."

    Mitzi smiled like a barracuda. "Really, Mrs. Baylor, I'm more interested
    in Tommy than in you."


    "That's a nice dress you're wearing," the bitch said. "It comes from
    another generation, doesn't it?"

    "We have different values," Rita said. "I have a high regard for my

    "And your high heels? Are they to make you look as tall as me?"

    Rita suppressed the urge to smack her. Maybe the dark-haired girl was
    right, but it would take more than heels to make her look tall. She just

    Tommy came back, dangling the car keys, and rescued the conversation
    before Rita could strangle the impudent bitch.

    "Ready, Mitzi?" he asked. She nodded. "Back in a little bit, Mom."

    When they were gone, Rita stood and went to the mirror beside the
    fireplace and looked at her trim figure. What could Tommy see in that
    damned little bitch? She could be beautiful, but she was just an
    eighteen-year-old slob, rude and sloppy, not at all fit to keep company
    with Rita's clean-cut good-mannered son.

    Besides, the rude bitch just wanted Tommy's cock. Had Rita been a few
    minutes later coming up from the basement, the bitch would have gotten
    Tommy to fuck her.

    What then? She was uneducated in other things, she would know nothing
    about birth control either. Next thing she would get knocked up. Tommy,
    being the decent young man he was, would feel compelled to marry her and
    take care of her, giving up any hope of the college education that was
    to start in a few months.

    Well, that wasn't going to happen. She wouldn't let the impertinent
    bitch have the chance. Rita ground her hips back and forth, making the
    silky dress swish higher and higher on her legs. Not bad for a
    thirty-eight-year-old mother. She rose on one foot and turned quickly,
    making her long blonde hair fly out and the dress billow up around her
    waist, showing her stockinged thighs and lacy black garters.

    That rude little bitch was way out of her league.

    * * *

    It was 11:00 p.m. when Rita brought a sandwich and a glass of milk to
    Tommy's room. Her son, dressed in pajamas, sat in the spill of light
    from the desk lamp, with text books piled to the side.

    "I brought you some food for thought," she said.

    He closed a book while yawning, smiled, and stood up. "Thanks, Mom, but
    I'm about finished cramming."

    "Gonna pass that test tomorrow?"

    "Darn right. I'm ready for it."

    She squeezed his shoulder, "I'm proud of you, Tommy. You have a bright
    future ahead of you. Just don't blow it."

    His forehead creased. "What's that supposed to mean?"

    "Well ... don't run with the wrong bunch of people. I'd hate to see you
    get hurt."

    "Mom, are you talking about Mitzi?"

    Warm blood rushed to her cheeks and she nodded. "I guess Mitzi's okay,"
    she said. "There are just some things about her I don't like."

    Her son looked at her with an expression more serious than she'd seen

    "Mom ... I don't know quite how to tell you this. I'm grown up and there
    are times when I get the urge--" He looked down, blushing.

    She suppressed the urge to laugh and took his arm and said, "I know all
    about those urges. I was eighteen myself once. When you have those
    urges, you have to take care of them or they'll take over your life."

    He was looking down at her, his expression incredulous, but he didn't
    say anything.

    "You need to deal with those urges," she continued, "but be careful.
    Some of those young girls can get you in trouble."

    "You're trying to tell me something, aren't you?"

    "Look, I took care of you for eighteen years. I can take care of you a
    little longer."


    That did it, she thought. Now it's time to deliver.

    Rita reached back and drew the zipper on her dress down to the crack of
    her ass. She took the silk by the hem and drew it up over her head and
    tossed it aside. She stood before him in bra, panties, garters, sheer
    stockings, and high-heeled shoes.

    "There, now. Don't I have as good a figure as most teenaged girls?"

    He was silent for several seconds while his face turned red. She looked
    down at her own figure. Her legs were heavier than most girls, but
    otherwise she could measure up very well with the young ones.

    His hands went to her waist, then slipped down on her hips. She turned
    in his hands and pushed her ass against him. There was nothing soft
    about the cock-bulge in his pajamas. She opened the hook in the front of
    her bra and pulled the cups away, letting her thirty-three-inch tits jut

    "They aren't as big as Mitzi's," she said, bringing his hands to cup her
    tits. "But they don't sag down, either."

    Tommy's breath was hot on the back of her neck. He squeezed her tits and
    pinched the hardening nipples, each between thumb and forefinger. Her
    breath came with a gasp each time he rotated the nipples, sending a warm
    ache through her tits.

    She turned to face his dresser mirror and said, "Take off my panties,
    honey ... please."

    He squeezed her hard tits one more time and ran his hands down to her
    waist, out on her hips, and into the waistband of her panties. He was
    looking over her head at the mirror as he peeled the thin nylon down,
    exposing her blonde-haired pussy.

    With her cunt fully exposed, he pulled her panties down on her legs and
    let them fall around her ankles. She stood, looking at herself, her lacy
    black garter belt holding up the transparent stockings, his hands moving
    closer to the exposed edge of her cunt.

    He fingered her cunt-lips sending a tingle of warmth through her cunt.
    It made her suck in her breath. The hard cock-bulge in his pajamas
    pushed against her bare ass. He was ready to fuck, except she hadn't
    undressed him.

    Rita turned in his arms, reached up, and opened the buttons on his
    pajama top, all the time watching his lower lip tremble while he looked
    down at her body. Such a young face, she thought, just like Jack when
    they had married nineteen years ago.

    Later, Jack had picked up some scars from life, and then two years ago
    he got sick. There was a year of suffering, then the funeral. Well, now
    it was a new life, and she was going to take care of the memory of Jack
    ... in every way.

    She peeled Tommy's pajama top off and reached down and drew the knot out
    of the drawstring. While she knelt and drew down the pajama bottom, the
    bulge of his cock pulled at the cloth. His mat of black groin-hair was
    thick and curly. The pajamas came loose and his cock sprang free in
    front of her face.

    She gasped at the size of his cock ... far bigger than she had
    remembered. His cock had to be eight inches long in the shaft and curved
    up slightly and as hard as a piece of steel. The cock-head loomed in
    front of her face. She put her lips to the swollen cock-meat and kissed
    it while running the tip of her tongue into the piss-slit. His hips

    Standing once more, she put her arms around her son's neck and pushed
    her cunt and tits against him while seeking his lips. His arms crushed
    her against him while they kissed.

    She drew her mouth away and took a deep breath. His hot cock was shoved
    against her belly. He was ready to fuck, but she still needed some
    warming up.

    "Take me to bed, Tommy."

    He scooped her up in his arms and carried her, with no apparent effort,
    to his bed. She kept an arm on his shoulder while he laid her on her

    "Tommy, you might already know this," she said, "but women are slow to
    come to a boil. Play with me a little. Play with my tits and my cunt."

    "Okay, Mom," he said, getting up on the bed on his knees. "Gosh, but
    you're pretty. I like the way you dress, with your stockings and garters
    and high-heeled shoes."

    "I did that just for you," she said, spreading her thighs wide in front
    of him. "In fact, everything you see is just for you. Come on. Play with

    He worked his fingers on her cunt-lips, bringing flashes of warmth
    through her sensitive flesh. His fingertips touched her closed

    "Mom, you've got the cutest little cunt. It looks too little to fuck."

    "Oh, I think it'll stretch enough ... Enough even for your big cock."
    She gasped when his finger worked through her cunt-slit. "Oh! I like it
    when you when you touch me in there. Your fingers are so nice. Keep it

    He started finger-fucking the hell out of her pussy.

    The waves of heat in her pussy rose and fell, rose and fell with the
    rubbing motion of his fingers. She braced her feet on the bed and rocked
    her hips up and down, up and down, fucking her cunt on his fingers.

    She looked down between her spread tits, over the swell of her belly,
    over her small pussy-mound to the spread lips of her cunt and his hands,
    with his fingers inside her. Her legs were spread wide with her heavy
    thighs clad in transparent stockings, held in place with the lacy black
    garter belt. Beyond her cunt and his hands, his cock loomed hugely with
    a drop of pre-cum hanging from the tip.

    "Oh God, Tommy! Take me. Take me now."

    His fingers slipped out of her cunt and he grasped her by the soft flesh
    of her hips. He drew her toward his waiting cock. Her ass slipped along
    the rough bedspread, her legs spread wide.

    When her cunt was under his cock, he stopped drawing her toward him and
    pushed his cock-head through the spread outer cunt-lips. The cock-head
    was hot against her closed inner slit.

    She rocked her ass slightly, working her inner cunt-lips against his
    cock-head, forcing the cunt-lips to part. The advancing head of his cock
    pushed her pussy open little by little, and the prick-head worked inside
    until pain stabbed through her cunt.

    "Oh!" she cried out.

    "Mom! I hurt you."

    She put a hand on his shoulder. "That's all right, Tommy. It always
    hurts a little at first. It's okay now. Just push your cock in a little
    at a time."

    While he pushed against her, she rocked her ass and her fuck-hole
    parted, letting his cock-head inside.

    Now he slowly fucked into her, making the tingling warmth swell through
    her cunt as his cock-shaft slipped deeper.

    She gripped his shoulders, drawing her ass up off the bed.

    "You okay, Mom?"

    "I'm wonderful, honey. Fuck me!"

    He drew his cock back, letting the swell of warmth decline, stopping
    when the bulge of the cock-head tugged at her cunt-slit. Then he fucked
    back in fully, bringing back the tingling warmth.

    While his cock stroked in and back out, it made the waves of tingling
    heat rise and fall, rise and fall. She braced her feet on the bed and
    rocked her hips to his cock-strokes, tipping her cunt for him to fuck
    straight in, then rolling her ass back, making his prick-shaft rub back
    hard on her clit.

    His cock drove harder and she lunged her ass up harder, as well. Her
    whole upper body relaxed and she whined and writhed under him while the
    tingling waves of warmth built in her cunt, rising and falling, rising
    and falling. She made her hips undulate, swinging her ass up, letting it
    back, swinging it up, letting it back.

    Tommy's face was getting red and he grunted with each cock-stroke.

    He lunged against her and lay quivering as his cum spurted hotly in her
    cunt. His cum pumped over and over, each time a little less than the
    time before. Finally, it stopped altogether. He pushed himself up on his
    arms and drew his spent cock out. His prick was limp, but it was still

    When he lay down beside her, she held his prick in her hand.

    "Mom, I just can't believe it."

    "Can't believe what?"

    "Your cunt is so small. It's smaller than--"

    "Smaller than Mitzi's?"

    He paused. "Yeah."

    "Well, I guess I'm just small all over." She looked down at her hard
    tits. "Especially there."

    He took one tit in his hand and squeezed it.

    "Naw, your tits have a nice shape."

    "It's sweet of you to say that, Tommy."

    "You didn't come, did you?"

    "Not yet. You can fix that when you get hard again."

    She squeezed his cock. Ii was still limp and had some growing to do.

    "While we're waiting for your cock to come back to life, help me keep
    the fire burning in me."

    "What can I do?"

    "Put your finger in my cunt," she said, twisting one leg out.

    He slipped a middle finger through her outer cunt-lips and pushed
    against her cunt-slit, twisting his finger back and forth, forcing the
    warm flesh to part. His finger slipped inside, bringing a little
    tingling ache with it.

    "Oh! I like that, honey," she said, wiggling her ass.

    He crooked his finger in her cunt, working it all around. "Did I touch
    your clit, Mom?"

    "If you had, I'd have bounced right off this bed. It's little and hard
    to find. Here, let me guide you."

    She took his hand, twisted it so the hook of his finger was just inside
    her cunt-lips, and inched it up ... up toward her rounded belly.

    "Oh!" She jerked her hips up, knocking his hand away from her cunt. "Can
    you find it now?"

    "I think so," he said, slipping his finger back in her cunt, bending the
    finger, probing just inside her tight pussy-slit.

    Her bucking hips knocked his hand away again. It just wasn't working. He
    was hitting her clit too hard, making her react violently instead of
    with warm stimulation. But his cock was turning stiff in her hand,

    While his cock was stiff, it was not yet hard enough to fuck into her
    tight cunt. She could help that process along.

    "I'm going to go down on you," she said, "until your cock gets really

    He looked at her with an expression of awe.

    "Mom! Your mouth is too small for my cock. You're so small all over."

    "Oh, my mouth will stretch, just like my cunt."

    Rita pushed herself up and put a leg over him, straddling his shoulders
    on her knees, facing his upthrust cock. She bent down, bringing her face
    to his cock.

    With her lips against the cock-head, the cock-shaft below her eyes was
    shiny and curved ... and long. His balls were far below her eyes. How
    could she get this much cock down her throat?

    Rita pushed her mouth down on the prick-head, and her lips stretched
    wide ... And stopped. She ran her tongue out, spreading her saliva over
    the hot cock-meat, making it slippery. Then she nodded her head, forcing
    herself down harder, and the huge prick-head slipped into her mouth,
    leaving her lips stretched around the prick-shaft.

    She took a deep breath and nodded her head down, running her lips down
    the cock-shaft. The cock-knob pushed into her throat, filling the space.
    She couldn't breathe.

    Rita closed her eyes and bobbed her head down, forcing her lips down the
    boy's prick, pushing the slippery prick-head back deep in her throat.
    His cock filled her throat yet continued to slip deeper and deeper. Her
    nose touched warm flesh, and she opened her eyes. His hairy balls were

    She drew her head up, and her lips ran up toward the end of the
    cock-shaft, and the cock-head slipped from her throat. Her lips tugged
    at the bulge of the cock-head and she took a deep breath and then ran
    her lips back down, down all the way until her chin pushed into the hair
    on his groin.

    Up and down, she drew her lips over his big cock. Her long yellow hair
    spilled down on his legs, to form a deep pile when she slipped her lips
    down to his groin, to uncoil from the pile when she drew her mouth up.
    He groaned and writhed under her and bucked his hips up, helping push
    his cock deep in her throat.

    It would be nice to suck his cock until he shot off, she thought. That
    would be nice, but that wasn't why she was going down on him. Time for
    that later. She was doing it to make his cock hard, and it was turning
    harder each time she ran her lips the length of the prick-shaft.

    Rita ran her lips up and worked one side of her mouth off the cock-head,
    then the other.

    "Now it's hard enough. Fuck me!"

    Tommy rose on his knees while she lay down and spread her stockinged
    thighs wide. Her cunt was still slippery with his cum and his cock
    entered her easily, forcing her inner cunt-lips to part, fucking deep in
    her pussy until his hairy groin rested against her little cunt-mound.

    He drew his cock back until the head tugged at her slit, then fucked
    back in deep, bringing a big wave of tingling warmth through her cunt.
    She braced her feet on the bed and arched her back as she pushed her
    cunt up to meet his cock-strokes, bringing her belly up to push against

    His cock drove harder and she lunged up harder, as well. Her whole upper
    body relaxed with her arms limp over her head, and she whined and
    writhed under him while the tingling waves of warmth built in her cunt,
    rising and falling, rising and falling. Her hips flowed up from the bed
    like waves, heaving her ass up, letting it fall back, heaving it up,
    rolling it back.

    Then the tingling waves of heat didn't die out between cock-strokes.
    They built, each one warmer than the one before as her hips rocked up
    higher to meet him.

    "Oh! Oh!"

    Just as the warmth started to die out, he fucked back into her, bringing
    it higher and higher.

    "Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!"

    His cock strokes turned harder. She braced her back and held her cunt up
    for his fuck-thrusts.


    Her cunt-juice flowed as he poised and drove his cock straight into her
    and pressed down against her. Hot cum spurted deep in her cunt, burning
    as it pumped over and over, mixing with her flowing cunt-juice. He
    slipped his arms under her waist and drew her up while she clutched his

    While the cunt-juice pumped out of her, her legs lost their strength and
    an empty feeling came to her stomach. She held her belly up against his,
    relieving the emptiness. Her lips went slack.

    She lay in his arms, seeing his face above hers, numbly feeling his cock
    go limp in her cunt. Her arms left his shoulders and she let them
    collapse limply over her head.

    He bent to kiss her, and his strong mouth mashed her lips.

    "Mom, are you okay?"

    She tried to answer, to tell him not only was she okay, but that she
    felt wonderful in his arms, but her lips wouldn't move. She tried to
    tell him she would enjoy having him hold her this way forever, but all
    she could do was look vacantly up at his face, watching it show more and
    more worry.

    Finally, she managed to draw her lips wide in a smile. He showed relief.

    "I'm just fine, Tommy," she said. "God, that was wonderful."

    "For a minute, I thought I had hurt you," he said.

    "When your old lady gives, she gives a hundred percent. Then it takes me
    a while to recover. I think I have some strength back in my legs now."

    When he pulled his arms from under her and drew himself up, his limp
    cock slipped out of her cunt. His warm hands slipped into the hollows of
    her waist, then over her garter belt and out on her hips, then down onto
    her little pussy-mound where he squeezed her. Releasing the warm flesh,
    he brushed her short blonde cunt-hair up neatly, fully exposing the lips
    of her pussy.

    "Gosh, Mom," he said after a moment of fingering her cunt-lips. "I sure
    liked making it with you."

    "You see? Your old mother can take care of all your needs."

    "You sure don't look very old." He lay down beside her, and she rolled
    up on her hip to face him. "There's just one thing," he said after a

    "What's that, Tommy?"

    "What if the other kids start calling me a mother-fucker?"

    She had to smile at that. "Well, if you don't tell them, I won't either.
    They just won't know what they're missing."

    "How about Mitzi? I think you sort of put her down. She'll probably
    figure things out. It'll make her sore as hell."

    "If that little bitch ... I mean, if she gives you any trouble, just
    send her to me. I know how to take care of her. Now, do you think this
    bed's big enough for two people to sleep on?" Rita asked as she
    unsnapped one garter and rolled a stocking down.

    He smiled. "It's big enough if the two people are friendly."

    Chapter 2

    "I know something's goin' on, Mrs. Baylor," Mitzi said. "Something's
    goin' on and I want to know what it is."

    "Why Mitzi," Rita said. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Sit
    down and tell me what's bothering you."

    Mitzi dropped into a chair in the living room, then she sprang back up.

    "Goddammit!" she shouted. "Tommy's been giving me the cold shoulder. It
    isn't like him."

    "Tommy has good taste. Maybe he doesn't like you."

    "Don't give me any of that shit. Dammit, I need him."

    So you've finally decided to be forthright, thought Rita. Actually, the
    girl had attempted to make herself presentable. Maybe it wasn't her
    fault her stockings were baggy, her slip showed, and nothing fit well,
    making her look like a young street whore. She had obviously tried, and
    it was an improvement.

    "I know there's something goin' on between you and Tommy. Believe me, I
    could make trouble for you ... a lot of trouble."

    Not likely. There would be a lot to prove and no way to prove it. Still,
    the little bitch could make it awkward. No point in starting a war.

    "Mitzi, I ... I think I know what you're going through. I was young
    myself once. Believe me, I know what it's like to have an ache in my

    The little bitch stared. "You do?"

    "Certainly. A woman has sexual needs, much like a man has. There are
    ways to take care of those needs."

    "Oh no, I'm not gonna finger my cunt!"

    "You don't have to. You can relieve those aching feelings in other ways.
    And it doesn't have to be with a man."

    Mitzi's face was blank.

    "My husband passed away over a year ago. Since then, I haven't felt like
    remarrying. There are other ways. There are other women in need."

    "I dunno," said Mitzi. "I couldn't just go to my girlfriend and say
    let's fuck."

    "Well, you might get bolder in time. Meanwhile, I'll show you how to
    relieve that ache."

    Rita stood before the girl and held the top button of her dress in her
    fingers. Mitzi towered over her, five-feet-eight, at least. The girl's
    face colored while Rita opened one button after another, working down to
    the hem. When the garment hung open, Rita peeled it back off the
    brunette's shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

    "Let's take turns undressing each other," Rita said. "It's your turn to
    take off my dress."

    Rita turned, and Mitzi fumbled with the zipper in back and drew it down
    to her ass. The girl's fingers trembled and one nail was rough on her
    shoulder as she peeled the dress off to fall in a billowing pile of
    cloth around Rita's feet. Rita stepped out of it.

    Mitzi's slip was a disgrace to womanhood, shapeless as it was, and Rita
    was glad to pull it off over the girl's head and toss it away.

    Mitzi's hands were more sure as she lifted Rita's slip by the hem,
    tugged to get it clear of her tits, and pulled it over her head.

    "My God!" Mitzi said, staring.

    "What's wrong, Mitzi?"

    Mitzi's eyes scanned from Rita's hips up to her face. "My God, Mrs.
    Baylor. You're beautiful."

    "Thank you, Mitzi ... and why don't you call me Rita? I'd like to
    reserve judgment on you, but you're looking better the closer I come to
    getting you naked."

    Mitzi did have a nice color to her skin, just a trace of olive. If only
    she would use a few lotions to keep it from drying out.

    Rita drew the cups of Mitzi's bra together slightly, released the hook,
    and pulled the garment free of the girl's tits, letting them spring
    forth and sag. They were good-looking tits, much bigger than Rita's,
    with rounded brown nipples. Rita squeezed them gently and the girl's
    lower lip trembled slightly while she looked uncertain.

    Taking her hands away and smiling, Rita offered her tits. Mitzi's nails
    were rough on the tender flesh of her tits, but she didn't seem to be
    trying to hurt her. Just awkward.

    When Mitzi discarded Rita's bra, there was admiration in her eyes as she
    looked at the woman's firm tits. The girl's own tits jiggled with her
    irregular breathing.

    Excitement welled in Rita for the first time as she held Mitzi by the
    waist, just above her garter belt, and then worked her hands out on her
    hips and inside the waistband of her panties, peeling the thin nylon
    garment down off the swell of her pussy-mound, exposing her wedge of
    thick cunt-hair and the lips of her cunt. While pulling her panties down
    on her legs, she slipped a finger into the warm, moist flesh inside the
    pouting lips of her cunt. Mitzi sucked her breath in with a rasp.

    Rita smiled and wiggled her ass while Mitzi pulled her panties down. The
    girl had no desire to slowly reveal the unknown. She simply pulled
    Rita's panties down on her legs and let them fall around her ankles,
    then Rita stepped out of them.

    Rita was eager to make love, but there was something she had to do
    first. Mitzi's baggy stockings were hideous ... and it was unnecessary.

    "Let me straighten your stockings for you," Rita said as she knelt
    before the girl.

    Mitzi stood awkwardly in high heels while Rita worked the loose nylon up
    on her legs. While she shortened the garters to hold them in place, Rita
    looked closely at the girl's young body. Mitzi was a shapely girl. With
    a little care and education in how to dress, she could be a charming,
    beautiful girl.

    With Mitzi's stockings drawn smooth and in nice contrast to her skin
    color, Rita stood and put one arm around the girl's waist, the other on
    her back. She stretched as tall as she could and lightly pressed her
    pointed tits up against the girl's softer tits and tipped her head up.
    Mitzi's arms went around Rita's waist just as Rita reached out with her

    Their tongues touched, and Mitzi rolled her ass, brushing her cunt-hair
    over Rita's belly. Rita drew her breath in with a gasp as she tucked her
    ass in and rocked her hips, bringing her cunt up, closer to Mitzi's.

    The soft edges of their cunt-lips touched. Mitzi sighed and tightened
    her grip on Rita's waist. Rita put her hand on the girl's arm and
    loosened her grip. No point in coming on with the strength of a man. If
    she was going to get her to forget Tommy, she would have to make her
    appreciate the soft, tender touch of a woman.

    Rita worked her hard nipples around lightly on Mitzi's soft tits. She
    kept her mouth from touching the girl's, just touched the tips of their
    tongues together.

    She slipped her fingers down on Mitzi's hips and caressed the soft
    flesh, then worked her hands out on the cheeks of her ass, spreading
    them gently.

    Mitzi seemed to take the cue and just held the hollows of Rita's waist
    in her hands, rocking her hips slightly, brushing the lips of her cunt
    with her own cunt-lips.

    Finally, the girl lightly touched her lips to Rita's and slipped her
    tongue into her mouth.

    Rita let the girl take control of her mouth while she held Mitzi's hips,
    and put her knees inside hers. Spreading Mitzi's thighs slightly, she
    rolled her own hips up and brought the pouting edge of her cunt-lips up
    between the girl's.

    Mitzi gasped and staggered slightly.

    Rita put a steadying arm under her elbow and said, "Let's use the rug."

    Mitzi asked, "What if Tommy comes in?"

    "He won't. Not for hours. Meantime, it's just you and me. Oh Mitzi, I
    love your soft touch."

    "Me too, Mrs. Baylor ... I mean, Rita. You're so beautiful ... and

    "Let's take turn being on the bottom," Rita said, kneeling on the rug.
    "Why don't you take first turn on your back."

    Rita straddled Mitzi's shoulders, wondering how she was going to carry
    out the task she'd assigned herself. She'd never gone down on a woman in
    her life. She'd hated other women with a vengeance, would have nothing
    to do with them, not even so much as a cup of coffee. Men were more to
    her liking. Well, the little bitch couldn't be much more complicated
    than a man.

    Holding the girl's nylon-clad thighs spread wide, Rita brought her mouth
    down to her cunt. Ignoring the fishy smell, she put her tongue inside
    the spread pussy-lips and licked down the length of her cunt.

    Mitzi started rolling her hips, bringing the cunt-flesh up past Rita's

    After a time, Rita stopped and worked her fingers deep in the girl's
    cunt, holding the flesh spread. She put her mouth to her pussy and
    worked the tip of her tongue in the cunt-slit.

    She thrust her tongue deep and lapped up and down the slit, licking the
    girl's cunt over and over and over. Mitzi tilted her hips toward her
    face and wiggled her ass. Soon she started cooing and whining with the
    rhythm of Rita's tongue.

    Then Rita arched her tongue down and slowly probed, just under her

    Mitzi bucked her ass high, tossing Rita's face from her cunt.

    Rita got her tongue back in the girl's cunt-lips and again probed toward
    her clit.


    Rita licked back to her fuck-hole, then drew away. "You've got me so
    hot, just tonguing your nice pussy. Let's switch positions."

    "Okay, Rita. God, but I like your tongue in my cunt."

    Rita lay on her back and spread her legs while Mitzi straddled her
    shoulders. While awkward hands struggled with the lips of her cunt, Rita
    compared their bodies. Her thighs and her ass were heavier than Mitzi's,
    streamlined build .... something to do with an age difference of twenty
    years. Other than that, she had it all over the youngster. Her tits,
    though smaller, were firm and, even lying on her back, stuck straight
    out. Her pale-pink skin was soft and free of any wrinkles. Her waist was
    even smaller than the young girl's. The years had been good to her.

    Mitzi's tongue touched Rita's cunt. The girl's awkward tongue-strokes
    were rough as she imitated the treatment Rita had given her. While her
    treatment was rough, it wasn't unpleasant, and Rita's hips went to
    rocking with Mitzi's tongue as the girl licked through the length of her

    Then Mitzi stopped and her fingers probed Rita's cunt again. A
    fingernail against the tender flesh of her inner pussy-folds made Rita

    After mauling her tender flesh a long time without effect, Mitzi looked
    back between her tits.

    "I'm sorry, Rita. Your cunt's just so little, I can't get inside."

    "That's okay, Mitzi. I have an idea. Why don't you roll over for a

    While Mitzi rolled out of the way, Rita took the thick cushions off the
    couch and arranged them in two piles on the rug, about three feet apart.
    She knelt on the two stacks, and then leaned down with her hands on the
    rug, letting her knees spread wide. Under her body weight, her thighs
    spread wider and wider, bringing her ass down.

    Rita looked back under herself. Her thighs were spread straight out and
    horizontal, and the outer lips of her cunt were spread wide.

    "There, now I'll bet you can spread me open."

    There was awe in Mitzi's voice as she said, "Gee, Rita. I hope I'm in as
    good a shape as you when I get to be your age."

    Mitzi got on her back and scooted to where her face was under Rita's
    spread cunt. Rita rested her tits on the girl and spread her legs wide.

    She got Mitzi's cunt-slit open and her tongue inside. Mitzi's tongue
    thrust deep then and brought with it a beautiful wave of tingling heat.

    Even stretched out flat between cushions, Rita couldn't keep her hips
    from rocking each time Mitzi's tongue ventured forth. She put her tongue
    deep in Mitzi's pussy and lapped back. Mitzi rolled her ass up, trying
    to make her cunt follow Rita's tongue.

    Rita arched her tongue down and probed just inside the girl's cunt-lips,
    moving as slowly and gently as possible.

    Her tongue barely touched the nub of Mitzi's clit. Mitzi rolled her hips
    up, holding her ass high as long as Rita touched her clit. Rita drew her
    tongue back, and the girl's ass settled back.

    She touched her clit again and slowly ran her tongue around and around
    on the nub, barely touching it. Mitzi's ass rose and quivered all the

    Rita jerked at the electric flash that shot through her cunt. Mitzi's
    tongue hit her clit ... too hard ... again.

    Again and again, Mitzi hit her tongue on her clit. Mercifully, there
    were several seconds between tongue-strokes when the aching jolt changed
    to nice tingling warmth ... Then again the jolt.

    Mitzi had to be trying to please her. She just didn't know any better.
    Rita couldn't dislike her for trying. Now, if the girl were living with
    her, she could teach her how to be gentle, how to take care of her body,
    how to dress well, how to be a real lady. That would be a pleasure.

    Rita shook her head and went back to working her tongue around and
    around on her clit. She was there to relieve the dumb girl's boy-happy
    ache in her cunt. Then the bitch would leave Tommy alone.

    Mitzi's ass rose higher and higher, bringing her cunt up harder against
    Rita's mouth. The girl couldn't be far from coming. As for her own clit,
    Mitzi was hitting it so hard, she was making it less sensitive. There
    was just the aching jolt each time her tongue hit, over and over.

    Now Mitzi jerked higher each time Rita ran her fingers over her clit.
    Each time she jerked, her hips shuddered in Rita's hands.

    Then the girl arched her back high and her cunt-juice flowed over Rita's
    tongue, into her mouth. Rita held her tongue in place and swallowed the
    sweet cum as fast as it flowed.

    When her cunt-juice stopped flowing and her ass had settled back to the
    rug, Mitzi said, "You didn't come, Rita. Did I do it wrong?"

    "It takes me longer, Mitzi ... but yes, you hit my clit too hard with
    your tongue. That makes it less sensitive."

    "I'm sorry. I'll try to do it right."

    Mitzi put her warm tongue back against Rita's cunt and pushed the
    cunt-lips apart, a little more gently this time. Her tongue probed out,
    slipping through the warm flesh, bringing its own tingling warmth
    wherever it went.

    Rita jerked her hips down as the girl's tongue touched her clit, still
    too hard, but not so hard as to give her a painful jolt.

    Mitzi drew her tongue away, then slipped it forth, barely moving it
    inside her cunt-lips.

    A warm glow built in her cunt as the tip of the girl's tongue barely
    touched her clit. She worked her tongue around and around in tiny
    circles, bringing waves of the glowing warmth each time her tongue
    passed over the sensitive nub.

    The girl had found the technique, her tongue was as gentle as it had
    been in Rita's mouth. It made Rita's ass gyrate slightly as she lay
    spread over the girl's mouth.

    Rita brushed her own flowing blonde hair away from Mitzi's pussy and
    looked down at it closely. The cunt-folds were spread wide and the
    fuck-hole was open a little. She put two fingers inside and spread her
    cunt-lips wider, exposing the clit.

    Like a miniature cock, the red-tipped organ was coming erect under her
    eyes. If she could get her own lips inside the girl's pussy-slit, she
    could suck her clit. Her cunt wasn't that big, but it looked big enough
    to stretch her cunt-gash open at the top where the cunt-lips grew

    Being careful not to hurt her, Rita drew the moist, tender flesh out,
    turning Mitzi's cunt-lips inside out. The clit was protruding right
    under her mouth.

    Rita put her lips over the girl's little clit. While she sucked it
    gently, Mitzi tensed her hips and her ass rose slightly. So as to not
    disturb her, Rita barely touched her tongue to the nub. She ran the tip
    of her tongue around and around on the clit, and the girl's ass gyrated
    on the rug.

    Mitzi's tongue was bringing the swell of glowing warmth in her cunt
    higher. It wasn't like the rising and falling waves of tingling heat
    from being fucked, it was the ever-rising swell of a single tidal wave,
    drawing her higher and higher.

    Mitzi snorted and heaved her ass up. The youngster couldn't be far from
    coming again. Well, neither was Rita. The glowing warmth her cunt rose

    Rita tensed as her cunt started flowing. She pressed her tongue a little
    harder on Mitzi's clit and drew her tongue around in a circle.

    Mitzi arched rigidly and her cunt-juice let go. Rita let the girl's
    cunt-lips turn back inside and kept her mouth on the slit, swallowing
    the hot cunt-cum as it pumped out.

    Mitzi had taken Rita's cum as it flowed from her cunt. When it stopped
    pumping, the girl drew away, and Rita brought her ass up and her knees
    closer together on the cushions. Her hip joints ached from being spread
    flat for so long.

    She put her knees down on the rug, knocked the cushions aside and lay
    down beside the girl.

    Mitzi's warm fingers stroked the soft flesh of her hip. Rita closed her
    eyes and held the girl's head in her hands, stroking her tangled hair.

    Her strength flowed from her body as she lay holding the girl, this girl
    with the warm tender body, this girl with the busy tongue, too rough at
    first, then delightfully delicate.

    What kind of troubles had Mitzi endured, to be eighteen and still so
    uncouth? What kind of mother did she have that wouldn't help her to be a
    lady? Well, that was none of Rita's business. Her only business was to
    satisfy the bitch sexually so she would keep her hands off Tommy.

    After a while, lying against Mitzi's warm body, strength returned to
    Rita's legs. She opened her eyes and stretched, and Mitzi smiled at her.

    "That was really nice, Rita."

    "The pleasure was mine, Mitzi. I'll be glad to do this anytime you ...
    well, anytime you have this aching feeling that needs relief."

    "Thank you," Mitzi said. "I guess I'd better get back."

    "Wait just a minute before you get dressed."

    Rita went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of lotion. She
    worked the milky fluid into the dry skin on the girl's shoulders and
    arms. Like magic, the scaly appearance changed to smooth, clear skin.
    Then Rita took a moist washcloth and wiped the lips of Mitzi's cunt
    clean and patted them dry.

    She sat in her stockings and garters and watched while the girl dressed.
    When Mitzi had her bra and panties on and pulled the shapeless slip on
    over her head, Rita could remain silent no longer.

    "That slip is too long for your dress, Mitzi. Would you like for me to
    baste a new hem?"

    "Oh thanks, Rita, but it isn't mine. It belongs my Aunt Doris."

    "I don't understand. Doesn't your mother buy your clothes?"

    Mitzi bit her lower lip. "Mom and Dad, they broke up a long time ago.
    Dad disappeared and I lived with Mom until she ran off with a man. Now I
    just ... sorta bounce around. I live with my aunt ... sometimes. She's
    good to me, except when she's been drinking. Sometimes she lets me wear
    her clothes. Other times ... well, I still have my jeans and blouse."

    Rita was silent and blinked back tears while she shortened the slip with
    paper clips all around. When Mitzi put on the borrowed dress, she helped
    her tuck the excess material in back so it followed the nice curves of
    her body.

    When Mitzi thanked her and turned to leave, Rita stopped her. She
    pressed the bottle of lotion and a small pill bottle in her hands.

    "Use this lotion on your body every night. Take one of these tablets
    every day, and it'll keep you from getting pregnant. When either of
    these runs out, just tell me."

    There were tears in the girl's eyes when she bent and kissed her. Then
    she was leaving, clumping awkwardly in high-heeled shoes that were too
    big for her.

    Rita looked down and fingered the sticky lips of her cunt. She stripped
    off her stockings and unfastened the hooks on her garter belt. Time for
    a hot shower.

    Tommy would be home before long.

    Chapter 3

    Tommy was fresh scrubbed from the shower at the gym when he came in.

    "Well, how was the game, Honey?" Rita asked.

    "They beat us," he said, "but we made 'em fight for it."

    "That's the spirit. Feeling tired?"

    He started to nod. Then he smiled.

    "All depends. Long as it isn't basketball ..."

    "Remember the fireplace in my bedroom?"

    He nodded.

    "Why don't you get a nice fire started?"

    He smiled and said, "You got it, Mom."

    Firelight soon flickered across the room, aiding the lone small table
    lamp. When Rita sauntered in, the ridiculous blue bedroom slippers with
    high heels made her hips roll like a schoolgirl's. She joined Tommy,
    sitting on the deep-pile carpet in front of the flame.

    "You're a first-class fire builder," she said.

    "Nothing's too good for my mom," he said, lying back.

    "Sometimes I wonder if your old mom's still got what it takes."

    "I never had any doubt."

    "Tommy, you're not giving me a line of bullshit, are you?" she asked,
    lying back beside him.

    "I couldn't lie to you, Mom."

    "Well, examine the merchandise one more time and tell me I'm still all

    He got up on his knees and untied the sash on her dressing gown. Heat
    from the fire warmed her naked skin as he peeled the robe away. She felt
    as if she were back in Jack's arms, in an age long ago, determined to be
    pleasing to the man she loved.

    With her gown drawn open, Tommy put an arm under her shoulders and
    worked the garment down off her arms. He let her down to the rug and
    then lifted her ass with one strong arm and pulled the robe aside. He
    stood up, quickly stripped off his pajamas, and then rejoined her on the

    His hands were warmer than the heat from the fireplace on her tits as he
    squeezed them, firmly but not so hard it hurt. He put his lips against
    hers and kissed her. There was gentleness in his touch but the strength
    that Mitzi lacked.

    His lips moved down on her neck to her tits, where he kissed each
    nipple, turning them hard, then down across the swell of her belly to
    her pussy-mound. He nibbled at her short cunt-hair, then looked at her
    cunt closely.

    "I thought blonde genes were supposed to be dominant," he said.

    "Well, I guess so ... in a statistical sense. Why?"

    "You're a real blonde ... either that or you've been using the
    two-bottle peroxide kit. No, your eyes are so blue, you've gotta be a
    blonde. Dad's hair was dark brown. So's mine. Is that what you meant by
    statistics? Odds are for it, but no guarantees?"

    "I think so," she said. "Satisfied I'm a real blonde?"

    "Yeah, with your pink skin and blue eyes, you're a blonde, all right."
    He patted her pussy, looking at her lovely body.

    "I try to flex my body, and it just doesn't work like it did once."

    He patted the soft flesh of her hip. "You're a half-pint, but lots of
    young girls would like to look like you. What doesn't flex?"

    "My hips. When I was a teenager and I used to ... well, never mind what
    I did then. I used to be able to bend my legs like pretzels."

    "Well, let's see," he said, grasping one stockinged thigh just above her

    He brought her thigh straight up and then bent it out to the side. It
    went down easily until the knee was a foot above the rug, then down
    another six inches ... and stopped. Holding that leg in place, he did
    the same with the other.

    "I'd say that isn't bad, Mom," he said. "You sure look nice with your
    cunt spread like that."

    "I used to be able to bring my legs straight out and down flat ... and
    even farther than that. You'd like my cunt spread out that way."

    "Does it hurt, the way I'm holding your legs out now?"

    "No, it's just tight in my hips."

    "Like for me to see if I can loosen you up a little?"

    "I'd love it."

    After a time, he had her thighs straight out and down flat on the rug.
    He took his hands away, and her legs stayed down.

    "How's that, Mom?"

    "That's nice of you, Tommy," she said. "Like to take it a little

    "Okay, but I'm afraid I'll break you apart."

    "Promise I'll shout if it starts hurting."

    Tommy grabbed three pillows from the bed. After stacking them, he
    slipped a hand under her ass, raising her, and put the stack of pillows
    under her. Balanced on the soft support, her thighs remained straight
    out and about a foot above the rug.

    As before, he held one leg and worked the other around and around, all
    the time pressing the thigh down. When both knees were within a couple
    of inches of the rug, her hips started hurting. She kept silent, taking
    care to not gasp in pain, while he worked her legs still lower.

    Finally, both knees touched the rug. When he stopped forcing her farther
    open, the pain went away. With her back arched and her shoulders down on
    the rug, the swell of her belly hid her spread-open cunt from her view.

    "Honey, can you tip the mirror? I want to see myself, right into my

    When he'd tipped the big mirror, she could see right into her cunt. The
    outer cunt-lips were spread wide, and the pink fuck-hole was barely

    "That's great, honey. Now pull the pillows out."

    When he'd pulled the stack of pillows aside, she was left with her back
    arched, her cunt held high, and her weight balanced on her shoulders and
    on the sides of her outward-splayed knees. She let her ass down to the
    rug, and her fuck-hole closed. Then she pressed the sides of her knees
    down and levered her ass up, bringing her cunt high, spreading the
    cunt-lips wide. She let her ass back down. Then she tensed and, like a
    wave, made her body ripple out and up, through her neck, through her
    back, through her belly, through her hips, undulating her body. After
    holding her spread pussy high for a moment, she let her body sink back
    to the rug.

    "Mom, what did you do when you were a teenager?" Tommy asked.

    "Well, there were six of us girls in our group. At the end of each
    football game, our group had a contest to see which one of us could
    brace her knees straight out like this and hold her cunt up the highest.
    The winner got to date the football captain. I usually won."


    "Now I'm not a kid any longer," she said.

    He ran his hands over the inner surfaces of her thighs, just above the
    tops of her stockings. "You sure don't look very old. Your skin is so
    soft and smooth."

    "I'm glad you think so. Do you like my garters?"

    He put his fingers inside one of the little black lacy garters that
    encircled her thighs, over the tops of her stockings, and said, "They
    look real cute on you. Aren't they a little uncomfortable, though?
    They're kind of tight."

    "A little," she said. "Why don't you take them off? I guess my stockings
    will stay up by themselves, as long as I'm lying down like this."

    It was a relief when he unsnapped the cute strips of elastic and tossed
    them aside. Kneeling between her spread thighs, he rubbed his fingers up
    and down the length of her cunt-gash.

    Lying with her thighs straight out and down flat on the rug, she rocked
    her ass up and down against his movements, slipping the pussy-flesh
    through his fingers, making a glow of warmth travel up and down for the
    length of her cunt-slot.

    Her breathing turned jerky. "Your hands are nice in there, Tommy, but
    try to get your fingers clear inside my cunt."

    She held her ass down while his fingers probed a little deeper.

    "Having trouble, honey?" she asked.

    "You have a cunt like a little girl's."

    "How would you know?"

    "I've got one hell of an imagination."

    "Maybe I can help you. I'll spread myself all the way." She pressed down
    hard with the sides of her knees, and her ass heaved high. It hurt a
    little in her hip joints, but she held her cunt high and spread for him.
    "Any better?"

    "Lots better," he said. "I can even see your little clit. Let's see if I
    can get your inner pussy-lips turned out and hang onto them."

    Little jabs of tingling heat shot through her pussy while he struggled
    with her inner cunt-flesh. It gave the sensation of being turned inside
    out while he bent the cunt-lips toward the outside, but it didn't cause
    any pain.

    "I've got your inner pussy-lips turned out in my hands," he said.

    "Can you stretch my cunt so my clit's outside?"

    "No way, Mom. Like I said, you've got a little girl's cunt. Let your ass
    back down, and I'll get you warmed up."

    His fingers were gentle on her inner cunt-lips as he rubbed them, making
    a nice warm glow move up and down along her pussy-slot. While he kept
    rubbing her cunt, she lay back and examined herself in the big mirror he
    had tipped down for her. With her legs spread straight out, her
    cunt-mound swelled up high.

    As though obeying a will of its own, her ass started rolling up, working
    her cunt-lips through his fingers, adding to the tingling glow.

    Then he stopped rubbing and looked at her cunt as though seeing inside
    her. Her breath came in short gasps when he bent down close to her
    pussy. He stretched her cunt-slot wider as he brought his mouth down.

    He kissed the lips of her pussy. Then, holding the pussy-lips open, he
    slowly pushed his hot tongue down into her cunt-hole. The muscles in her
    pussy pinched shut, but his tongue was persistent. Slowly he forced it

    Her clit burned with a flash when his nose touched the nub, and her hips
    jerked up against his face.

    Then he took his mouth from her cunt and looked up.

    "How about it, Mom? Warmed up enough now?"

    She tried to talk, but her breath kept coming in gasps. After a moment,
    she calmed somewhat.

    "I'm hot as a fox. Give it to me!"

    His hands left her cunt, and he brought his knees closer. Grasping her
    hips, he lifted her with her legs spread around him.

    The outer lips of her cunt were open, but as he raised her hips up, she
    let her knees rest down on the rug, and it spread her cunt still wider.
    The hot flesh of his cock-head pushed her pussy-lips open and nudged in.

    As he drew her up harder against his cock, her inner fuck-hole opened
    and his cock-head started inside. He shifted his hands under her ass and
    held her up against his cock.

    Rita let her arms rest limply over her head and let her mouth go slack
    and let her head loll from side to side as he shifted his hands on her
    ass. It was a nice feeling to be so helpless in his arms, to let him do
    whatever he wanted to her little body as he drew her cunt up onto his

    Pain stabbed through her cunt and she gasped and tensed. He stopped
    drawing her up and just held her in place. In a moment, the pain faded
    and she again went limp. He resumed drawing her up, drawing her little
    cunt up on his cock.

    Then her son's big cock-head was deep inside her. There was no pain.

    While he held her hips, she brought her outward-splayed knees down on
    the rug and pushed. Her ass bobbed a little and she held herself up on
    his cock while he shifted his knees out behind himself.

    Now in position, he lowered his hips and she sank down under him until
    her ass touched the rug.

    Then he slowly thrust his prick in her, bringing a nice tingling wave of
    heat through her pussy. She pressed her knees down and swung her ass up,
    lifting her cunt up toward him, slipping her stretched pussy up his
    cock-shaft, until his groin-hair touched her cunt-mound. As he drew
    back, she swung her ass back down and slipped her cunt down his

    No sooner had her ass touched the bed than the bulge of his cock-head
    tugged at her pussy-lips, and then he fucked into her again. As she rose
    to meet him, he fucked in harder, and his cock-head drove deep, bringing
    its wave of heat.

    Rita lay under him with arms limp, mouth relaxed and lips parted, head
    lolling from side to side, writhing under his hard-driving prick,
    letting a whine be drawn from her throat each time his cock-head drew
    back to the lips of her cunt.

    She knew the joy of watching his sweating face come near and draw back,
    come near and draw back, and the rhythmic wave action of her own body as
    it undulated up to meet him, then flowed back to the rug, rose up to
    meet him, flowed back to the rug. She knew the joy of pushing her
    stretched cunt up the shaft of his cock, to shove her little pussy-mound
    against his hairy groin, then to fall away from him, to drift back
    through space while her pussy slipped back on his cock-shaft, to let her
    ass down to the rug and wait for the next wave to lift her back up.

    Without missing a fuck-stroke, he slipped his arms under her back and
    drew her up close. She lolled her head back, limp in his arms, limp
    everywhere but in her legs and in her knees. With each drive of his
    cock, she pushed the sides of her knees down on the rug and heaved her
    ass up to lift her cunt to him.

    Now Tommy fucked her faster and broke into her dream. Conscious once
    more, she matched his driving pace with the whipping action of her hips.
    Her whine changed to a choking whimper that broke off each time their
    bodies met.

    His strokes slowed and he lifted his head and clenched his teeth while
    he pounded his prick into her, harder but slower. She matched the force
    of his fuck-strokes and whipped her cunt up at him harder.

    Then his fuck-strokes slowed and he poised and drove in hard and stayed
    against her. His cum spurted hotly in her cunt while he quivered against
    her. The hot jism pumped again and again.

    When the cum stopped spurting, he slowly lowered them together to the
    rug. She was breathing fast and her heart hammered, making her
    hard-pointed tits shake.

    "I'm sorry, Mom," he said. "I came too fast."

    "Don't ... don't worry, honey," she said, panting. "We have ... all
    night to ... get me off."

    He got up, pulling his limp cock out of her, closed her legs, and lay
    beside her. They looked at each other while she waited for her breathing
    to slow.

    After a time, he said, "There can't be one mom in a thousand that can
    spread her legs the way you did."

    "It's all from the way you way you worked me over. That's how I was
    twenty-five years ago. Ready for some more?"

    He looked down. "I'm ready, but it isn't."

    His cock was still limp.

    Rita said, "I'll make it ready."

    She got up on her knees, straddled his shoulders, and bent to his groin.
    His cock was small when she held it at the base with one hand and put
    her mouth down over the cock-head. She ran the small tip of her tongue
    inside the piss-slit and worked it around and around.

    Gently, she started to suck ... suck and let go, suck and let go.
    Whenever she sucked at the cock-head, it slid into her mouth. When she
    let go, it slipped back. She gradually sucked harder. The head of his
    prick swelled in her mouth, but the prick-shaft in her hand was still

    She started working her mouth down on the cock-shaft, up and down,
    giving a hard suck when her lips came back up on the cock-head. When her
    mouth slid down to his groin, the tip of his prick just touched her

    The sucking made his cock start to stiffen. With each lip-stroke, it
    grew and turned harder. Each time she drew back, she ran the tip of her
    tongue down into the piss-slit. His cock got even stiffer.

    Her mouth worked down harder and harder, down onto the base of his cock,
    her lips pressing into the hair on his groin. With each stroke, the
    prick-head pushed into the back of her throat.

    She worked her mouth down farther, still sucking hard each time her lips
    came up on the cock-head. Whenever her tongue thrust in his piss-slit at
    the top of her strokes, she breathed with a gasp.

    Her mouth finally came all the way down in his groin-hair. His cock fit
    close in her throat close like a cunt. His cock turned swollen and
    stiff, stiff enough to ram through her pussy. She drew her lips up until
    they tugged at the cock-head, then twisted her head to one side, then to
    the other, and pulled her lips off his prick.

    "That should be hard enough," she said. "Ready to fuck me?"

    "I'm ready," he said. "How would you like to have it?"


    Tommy slid back from between her legs. Leaving her on her hands and
    knees, he put a pillow under her head and pushed her down with his hand
    on her shoulders. She put her head down on the pillow so she could look
    back beneath herself, her ass still up in the air, his hands now
    squeezing her tits.

    His cock was rock hard now as it pushed from beneath her, up through her
    inner cunt-lips and nudged against her quivering fuck-hole. She let her
    belly down and rolled her ass up to guide the shaft into her.

    The warm head of his cock stopped against her inner fuck-slit, and he
    reached in with a finger and parted the tender flesh. His cock-head
    pushed and spread her inner fuck-hole until it hurt and she tensed.
    Without a word, her son stopped pushing while she waited for the pain to
    pass. When the pain left, she relaxed and he pushed again.

    He slowly fucked into her.

    "Oh!" she said with a gasp when his cock-head touched deep in her cunt.

    The hot cock-lance slid back and poised for another thrust. When it
    came, it was harder.


    A whimper escaped from her mouth while his cock slid back and paused. He
    fucked back in hard.

    "Ohhh! Oh Tommy, you're wonderful!" she said, her voice tremulous.
    "Oooh! Oh honey, give it to me!"

    Nonsense phrases of endearment came from her throat while his hard cock
    rammed deep in her cunt ... again and again ... relentlessly.

    "Ooooh! Give it to me faster!"

    He fucked into her cunt faster and faster, harder with each cock-stroke.
    The aching warmth spread through her cunt and then burned continuously
    as he fucked her faster yet. With the end coming, she tensed her every
    muscle and took his fuck-thrusts.

    He rammed into her pussy harder, still faster, still harder. She tensed.


    Her cunt-juice burst loose just as he shuddered against her.

    Hot spurts of his cum burned deep in her cunt. He squeezed her tits
    while he quivered against her.

    When all movement ceased, he let her down to the rug, and his cummy cock
    slipped out of her slimy cunt. He took her by the hips and rolled her
    over on her back. She drew her legs up and spread them wide, while he
    reached for her cunt.

    His fingers were warm and gentle as he massaged her cunt-lips, rubbing
    the slippery flesh. Her hips rocked in tired motions, keeping in step
    with the hands that did such nice things inside her well-fucked little

    After a time, her hips stopped rocking. His hands stopped as well and he
    grasped her thighs and closed her stockinged legs. He lay beside her and
    kissed her.

    All her strength left her, and her stomach felt empty. With an effort,
    she rolled up on her side and pushed her belly against him. He rolled
    against her as well and held her in his arms. She nestled her head on
    his shoulder and closed her eyes and dreamed while her tits softened
    against his chest.

    When she opened her eyes some time later, he was looking at her,

    "You're some kind of mom," he said.

    "I'm here to take care of all your needs."

    "What if I have some additional needs?"

    "I know a few more little tricks. I can take care of them all."

    "I'll bet you can. You may be little, but you're dynamite. You ready?"

    "Hey now! Give me a few minutes to get my legs back."

    "Okay," he said. "I need to get more than my legs back."

    Chapter 4

    The Mitzi who stood in Rita's doorway was not the same uncouth brat she
    had confronted before. Although she was dressed in jeans and sweat
    shirt, her clothes were clean and she had brushed her dark-brown hair
    until it gleamed.

    "Why Mitzi, come in," Rita said.

    "Thank you, Mrs. Baylor ... I mean, Rita," the girl said, slipping in
    quietly in worn sneakers. "I just wanted to stop by to thank you for
    giving me the lotion ... and everything."

    "You're welcome, honey. Did the lotion help?"

    "It sure did." Mitzi looked around. "Are we alone?"

    "Just the two of us!"

    "I'll show you," Mitzi said, peeling off the baggy sweat shirt.

    Not encumbered by a bra, her tits thrust free as she pulled the shirt
    off over her head and dropped it.

    Mitzi put her hands up on her shoulders and turned around. The skin that
    had been scaly before was smooth and soft now.

    Rita put her hands on the girl's hips and then ran them up into the
    hollows of her waist and up over her big tits, squeezing them. Mitzi
    drew her breath in sharply.

    "Oh, Rita! Every time I feel like I need to be fucked, I remember how
    nice it was when you touched me. I like your hands on my tits."

    "Your tits are a nice handful, but I like all of your body," Rita said.
    "Let's get rid of those pants."

    Rita put her arms around the girl and opened the top button on the side
    of her jeans and then pulled the zipper down. She drew the faded blue
    denim down off her ass and down around her ankles. Mitzi wasn't wearing
    panties. The girl bent and took off her sneakers and pulled her jeans
    away while Rita ran her hands over her bare ass.

    When Mitzi stood up, naked, Rita ran her hand over the girl's cunt-hair
    and said, "Now it's your turn to get me naked."

    "I think I'm gonna like this," Mitzi said.

    The girl felt Rita's waist through her dress, then she reached around
    her back and tugged the zipper down. Rita hunched her shoulders slightly
    and the dress slipped down off her arms and fell around her. Before the
    dress hit the floor, Mitzi had the woman's slip drawn up past her waist
    and was pulling it over her tits.

    The naked brunette unhooked the front of Rita's bra and pulled the cups
    apart, letting her tits jiggle slightly, then jut straight out.

    Mitzi dropped to her knees and grabbed the waistband of Rita's panties
    and pulled them out over her hips, to let them fall around her ankles.
    Rita stepped out of them and stood before the kneeling girl, clad only
    in garters, sheer stockings and high-heeled shoes.

    Still kneeling, Mitzi grabbed Rita by the ass cheeks and pressed her
    face against her cunt. Her mouth sought out Rita's cunt-lips and the tip
    of her tongue darted inside.

    Rita drew her breath in at the little ripples of tingling warmth the
    girl's tongue sent through her pussy-lips. Standing as she was with her
    cunt closed, Mitzi's tongue couldn't probe far, but it was hot, hotter
    than Rita's own warm flesh.

    Rita patted the girl's hair and then grabbed her shoulders, helping her
    to her feet.

    "I have a little present for you," Rita said. "Come on. It's in the

    In the bedroom, Rita took a package out of the closet and shelf and
    handed it to Mitzi. The girl sat on the bed and tore away the wrapping
    paper. The contents spilled out on her lap.

    "Oh, Rita! That's sweet of you," she said, holding up the stockings and
    garters and black high-heeled shoes.

    "There are some things a girl needs to have she can call her own. You
    shouldn't have to borrow things like this to dress up a nice body. Why
    don't you lie back and let me dress you?"

    While Mitzi lay back on the bed, Rita spread her legs slightly and
    rolled the stockings up on her legs. Wouldn't it be nice to be dressing
    her own daughter, making her the prettiest girl in the neighborhood?
    What more could she want in a daughter than this girl?

    Rita shook her head. This wasn't the time to turn sentimental. She was
    doing this to prepare the bitch for sexual exhaustion, so she would stay
    away from Tommy ... better to just stick to the plan.

    "I had to guess at the shoe size," Rita said, slipping one shoe on her,
    "but I think I came close."

    "Oh, Rita, this was so nice of you."

    Finished, Rita took her by the hands, helped her sit, and said, "Let's
    have a look at us both."

    They stood side by side in front of the full-length mirror. They were
    dressed alike in sheer stockings, little black encircling garters, and
    black shoes with four-inch heels, but Rita barely came to Mitzi's
    shoulder. Rita's blonde hair spilled forward over her shoulders to stop
    just short of her tits while the brunette's longer hair fully covered
    one tit. Mitzi's big tits sagged a little, while Rita's smaller tits
    stuck straight out.

    Mitzi said, "Sometimes I wish I was a pretty little blonde like you."

    "Don't sell yourself short, Mitzi. You're a pretty girl. Open your legs
    a little."

    When Mitzi put her feet apart, the pink gash of her cunt showed through
    her thick black cunt-hair, the same as Rita's showed through her finer
    pussy-hair with her legs closed. It made Rita's breath catch in her
    throat just to see the exposed edge of Mitzi's cunt-lips. Would the girl
    see her the same way?

    "What're you thinking, Mitzi?"

    "I'm thinking I'd like to eat your cunt," Mitzi said.

    "Funny, how great minds think alike."

    They both laughed. Rita lay down on her back with her legs spread and
    down flat on the bed.

    Mitzi got up on her knees between Rita's thighs and bent forward. Her
    tits swung slightly with her movement and they brushed over Rita's.
    Rita's nipples turned hard at the touch.

    Mitzi's tongue thrust out and approached the tip of Rita's. The velvety
    touch was the sweetest Rita had ever known. She ran her hands up from
    the girl's bare shoulders, over the smooth skin of her neck to hold her
    head in her hands.

    While she tasted the girl's smooth tongue and caressed her hair, Mitzi
    brought her belly down, brushing it over Rita's. Then she brushed the
    lips of her cunt over Rita's cunt.

    Rita held the girl's head more firmly in her hands and crushed her lips
    against her mouth. Mitzi thrust her tongue into Rita's mouth and Rita
    sucked it in, then she let her have it back and thrust in her own.

    Mitzi's breath came with a gasp and she jerked her mouth away.

    "I can't wait any longer!" the girl said, getting up on her knees,
    moving around on the bed.

    Mitzi straddled Rita's shoulders and bent down toward her spread cunt.
    Her nail scraped over the tender flesh of Rita's pussy-lips. Rita
    flinched but said nothing. The girl was clumsy, but she was trying to
    please her. Maybe she could teach her by example.

    While Mitzi groped in Rita's cunt-flesh, Rita gripped her soft
    ass-cheeks and pulled her down. The girl's spread pussy settled on her
    mouth, and Rita thrust her tongue into the cunt-slit and licked. The
    girl ground her ass and groaned.

    Rita licked toward her clit ... too hard. Mitzi whacked her cunt down on
    her face. Rita licked more carefully. The tip of her tongue touched the
    nub of her clit. Mitzi gyrated her ass around and around while Rita held
    the ass-cheeks.

    Mitzi's tongue pushed through Rita's pussy-slit. The girl thrust her
    tongue deep and licked. Waves of tingling warmth flowed through Rita's
    cunt, the same as when Tommy fucked her. With her knees braced straight
    out, she rolled her ass up with the tongue-strokes.

    Rita took her mouth away from the girl's cunt and ran her two
    forefingers inside. She stretched out the lips of Mitzi's cunt and
    rolled the warm cunt-flesh out, exposing the girl's clit. She put her
    lips over it and touched her tongue against the nub. Mitzi brought her
    cunt down against Rita's face and held it there, quivering slightly
    while the woman ran her tongue around and around.

    Mitzi ran her tongue too hard into Rita's clit. The electric shock made
    her ass heave high. When she settled back to the bed, Mitzi ran her
    tongue out with more care and barely touched the sensitive organ. As
    Rita was doing, she maintained light touch. Each time she touched a
    particularly sensitive spot, Rita had to rock her hips up.

    A warm glow was building in Rita's growing warmer and spreading as the
    girl worked her tongue around and around, faster and faster. From the
    gyrations of Mitzi's ass, the girl had to be experiencing the same kind
    of stimulation. Her furry cunt ground harder and harder against Rita's

    Mitzi's cunt started jerking against her face each time Rita's tongue
    went around. Rita slowed down her tongue-strokes. A groan came from the
    girl, and she tensed over her.

    Mitzi's cunt-juice flowed as the girl quivered against her. Rita kept
    her lips over her clit and just held her tongue against the nub.

    Over and over, Mitzi pushed her tongue too hard into Rita's clit. The
    electric flash brought Rita's ass up again and again.

    Then Rita arched her back and braced her knees as her cunt-cum let go.
    Each time it pumped, her ass rolled up, making her cunt bob.

    Mercifully, Mitzi stopped tonguing her clit. The girl kept her mouth on
    the woman's cunt and received the flowing cum as it pumped over and

    When Rita's cunt-cum stopped flowing, the girl's orgasm had passed, as
    well. Rita took her mouth away and tucked Mitzi's cunt-flesh back in
    place. Mitzi rolled over and turned, lying close against her.

    "Rita, I'm sorry if I was too rough," Mitzi said. "I just couldn't help
    it when I came."

    Rita kissed the girl and said, "Don't worry about it, honey. You'll
    develop more control as you get older."

    "Well, I do worry about it. You've been so nice to me. I'd like to make
    you feel as good as you made me feel!"

    "Oh, you made me feel good ... once I came."

    "I could just come with you Over and over," Mitzi said.

    Rita suppressed the urge to groan. "You mean you're ready to get started

    "Sure! Aren't you?"

    Rita tried to flex her legs. Her exhaustion wasn't total. She could move
    if she had to, but she wasn't ready to have her clit abused like that
    again. If she was going to keep the bitch away from Tommy, she would
    have to wear her out. What a laugh. The girl was wearing Rita out. But
    there were other ways. Mitzi didn't have much muscular control. Rita, on
    the other hand, used to have a lot of control. Perhaps she still did.
    She could use that to her advantage. Mitzi wouldn't have a chance.

    Rita sat up and said, "Like to try something different?"

    "Sure, Rita. I'll try anything with you."

    "Walt here."

    Rita got up and went on unsteady feet to the bathroom. There, on the top
    shelf, she retrieved a nearly forgotten package. She took it back to the

    "Not too long after Jack got sick, I bought this in a porn shop," she
    said, opening the box. "I thought I could use it to take care of my
    sexual needs. But I found that I just didn't like doing anything alone."

    She took out a long double-ended dildo, curved and with a big cock-head
    on each end.

    "God, what's that?" Mitzi asked.

    "I think it's designed for two women to use," Rita said.

    "You mean one of them fucks the other?"

    "Well, if they're clever, they can fuck each other at the same time.
    I'll show you how."

    Rita took a jar of Vaseline from the night stand, opened it, and smeared
    a light coating of the grease all over the long curved shaft and both
    heads. Then she lay back with legs spread and worked one cock-head into
    her cunt-gash.

    She cringed at the touch of cold rubber on her flesh. In a moment, the
    head warmed against her and she twisted it back and forth while pressing
    it in. The cock-head wasn't as big as Tommy's, and it parted her
    fuck-hole and slipped inside without pain.

    Rita pushed the shaft a couple of inches inside her cunt and paused,
    clenching her pussy-muscles around it. Several years ago, she'd been
    able to hold Jack's cock so hard he couldn't pull it out. Were the
    muscles still as strong, still as easy to control?

    She pulled at the dildo. The greasy rubber slipped through her hand.
    When her hand slipped up to the bulge of the other cock-head, she was
    able to draw the shaft up through her cunt-lips, but she had to pull

    Still straining her pussy-muscles around the rubber prick, she tried to
    push it in farther. She could force it to slide deeper through her
    cunt-lips, but she had to push very hard to do it.

    She relaxed the grip of her pussy-muscles, took a breath, and pushed the
    fucker deep in her cunt. It slipped easily through her cunt-lips,
    tingling slightly as the cock-head went deeper and deeper.

    She looked closely. More than half the long fuck-shaft was buried in her
    cunt. If they shared it equally, they could each take it comfortably.
    If, on the other hand, one of them took control, that one could
    devastate the other. Rita could dispatch the little bitch quickly--if
    she had better control than the girl.

    "This is the way it works," Rita said. "Say I'm on top. I'll hold the
    dildo tight in my pussy and fuck down into you for one stroke. Then,
    when I pull it back almost out of you, you have to grab it tight in your
    pussy and drive it up into me while I hold still. Understand?"

    "Yeah, I think so," Mitzi said. "You already have it in you. Why don't
    you take the top?"

    "Okay. I guess my cunt's a little tighter than yours. Keep your legs
    closed. That should make us even."

    The protruding dildo flopped back and forth like a stiff cock out of
    control while Rita got in position with the head pointing down and
    forward toward Mitzi's closed cunt. Then, holding the head, she drew it
    until the head inside her tugged at her pussy-lips. She tightened her
    pussy around the shaft and brought her ass down, pushing the head
    against Mitzi's cunt-slot.

    Mitzi, lying with legs together, took the dildo-head in one hand and
    worked it up and down. It went inside her. Rita pushed down and the
    shaft slowly slipped between the girl's outer cunt-lips, becoming harder
    and harder to push.

    Mitzi gasped. Rita paused, watching for any sign of pain in her
    partner's expression. Seeing none, she pushed the fuck-shaft in deeper
    and deeper.

    Just as Rita's pussy-mound touched Mitzi's, the girl sucked in her
    breath and the dildo stopped short. Still clenching the shaft tightly,
    Rita drew it out until the girl's cunt-lips started to swell outward.
    Then she relaxed her pussy-muscles and waited, poised in position, high
    over Mitzi's cunt.

    Mitzi rocked her hips and the fuck-shaft started sliding up between
    Rita's cunt-lips. It slipped deeper in the girl's cunt as well, and
    didn't penetrate Rita far. Rita waited until the girl was almost at rest
    on the bed, then she drew her ass back and slipped her cunt-lips back to
    the end of the long dildo.

    She clenched the shaft and fucked back into the girl all the way.

    "Oh!" Mitzi gasped when their cunt-mounds touched.

    Before waiting for the girl to respond, Rita, still gripping the
    fuck-shaft with her cunt, drew it all the way back and then thrust back
    into the girl.


    Again and again, Rita fucked the long shaft full length into Mitzi's
    cunt. Unable to recover, Mitzi lay back with a blissful expression. She
    gripped Rita's shoulders.

    Rita fucked faster and faster into the girl, slamming her pussy mound
    down hard each time. Mitzi rocked her ass up a little at each stroke but
    made no attempt to gain control.

    "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!"

    Mitzi's nails dug into Rita's shoulders and she whined at each stroke
    into her. Rita fucked still harder into the girl, harder and harder
    until Mitzi tensed.


    Rita slammed the long dildo all the way into Mitzi and lay against the
    quivering girl. Mitzi held Rita's head in her hands and kissed her, her
    lips quivering. Rita sucked the girl's tongue into her mouth.

    When Mitzi stopped quivering, Rita drew her mouth away.

    "God, Rita," Mitzi said. "I liked that. I liked the way you fucked me."

    "Ready for some more?"

    Mitzi nodded. "Do it harder."

    What was that damned girl made of? Do it harder how? Well, there was
    just one way to do it harder.

    Still holding the dildo in Mitzi's cunt, she worked one knee, then the
    other, between Mitzi's legs. Then she hooked her arms under the girl's
    thighs and brought them up with her knees bent over Rita's shoulders.

    "I'm going to long-cock you," Rita said. "This thing will feel like it's
    driving all the way through you. I won't hurt you though, honey. Just
    tell me if it gets painful."

    Mitzi was starting to breathe fast, even before Rita could start fucking
    her. She just nodded.

    Rita relaxed her pussy and raised her ass, letting her cunt-lips slip
    back over the shaft of the dildo until the bulge of the cock-head
    touched her fuck-hole. Then she clenched down on the shaft and lowered
    her ass.

    The dildo fucked into Mitzi's cunt ... deeper ... deeper. She gasped.
    There were three inches of the shaft still exposed between their
    cunt-mounds. Rita loosened the grip of her pussy on the dildo and came
    closer, letting the shaft slip into her own cunt. When they touched, she
    clenched her pussy around the shaft and drew back, watching the girl's
    cunt until it started to spread, then she stopped.

    Poised for the thrust, the girl who was jack-knifed beneath her was
    looking up into her eyes. Her expression was one of adoration, worship
    even. Her limp arms were over her head, as though she were helpless,
    waiting to be fucked.

    Rita drove the big fuck-shaft into Mitzi's cunt all the way. The girl
    sucked her breath in and parted her lips. Rita drew all the way back and
    drove into her again.

    "Faster, Rita! Fuck me faster!"

    Faster and faster, Rita fucked the long shaft of the dildo into the
    girl. Lying limp under her, Mitzi writhed and whined and whimpered. Her
    nostrils flared like some kind of wild beast.

    Rita fucked into her, slamming her pussy-mound against her harder and

    Mitzi arched her back and groaned. She clutched at Rita's shoulders.
    Fucking her harder with each stroke, Rita grabbed the girl's legs and
    bent them back farther, tucking her feet behind her head. Mitzi hissed
    like a cat and went rigid.


    While Mitzi quivered under her, Rita kept giving full fuck-strokes with
    the dildo-full strokes, but slow and gentle. She kept the long dildo
    pumping in and out of the girl's wet cunt.

    When Mitzi stopped quivering, Rita stopped fucking her. She drew the
    fuck-shaft out until the girl flinched, then she slowly worked the
    cock-head out of her cunt.

    Relaxing the grip of her own cunt on the dildo, Rita drew the shaft out
    and worked the head out of her own tired pussy. Her cunt-muscles were
    cramped from gripping the shaft so long.

    It was with relief that she tossed the dildo aside, then brought Mitzi's
    legs both to one side and down together beside her. She lay down beside
    the girl and rolled up against her. The girl smiled and pressed her
    cheek against Rita's, closing her eyes.

    A few minutes later, Mitzi opened her eyes.

    "Well, how was that, honey?" Rita asked.

    "Oh, Rita, you were wonderful! I really liked it. But I'm so tired, I
    couldn't fuck again if I tried. I'm so lucky."

    "Lucky in what way, Mitzi?"

    "I'm so lucky to have you. You helped me with my complexion. You gave me
    nice things. You've taken care of my ... my needs."

    Rita slipped her hand inside Mitzi's stocking and garter, over the soft
    skin on the inside of her thigh.

    "Well, I've enjoyed doing those things for you. I didn't always think
    so, but you really are a nice girl, and I like you. Now, we'd better get
    you dressed."

    Chapter 5

    "Mom, are you feeling all right?" Tommy asked.

    Rita looked up from her book. "Of course, I'm all right. Why do you

    "I just thought you looked a little peaked is all."

    Did it really show? After Mitzi had left, Rita took a hot shower and a
    soothing douche. Then she rubbed a lotion all over her body and brushed
    her long hair until it gleamed. Now, dressed in only a robe and
    slippers, she was sore and tired from her rigors with Mitzi, and just
    wanted to rest.

    "Well, I'm a blonde," she said. "Blondes are supposed to be pale."

    "You look tired, Mom. You should rest. Is it okay if I go downtown?
    Might look Mitzi up."

    "Tommy, I'm really not tired," Rita said, putting her book down. "In
    fact, if you're not too tired, I'd like to go to the bedroom with you."

    "Gee, Mom, that'd be swell!"

    "Your room or mine?"

    Tommy's bedroom was cramped, but it was comfortable. While Rita stood
    before him, Tommy, with hands trembling, untied the sash to her robe and
    peeled the garment off her shoulders, leaving her standing in her

    Rita stepped out of the slippers and said, "If you like, I'll go put on
    some stockings and garters."

    Tommy squeezed one of her ass-cheeks. "I like you just the way you are,
    Mom. You look good with or without stockings."

    "You know you're squeezing the worst part of me?"

    "Your ass? It's a nice ass."

    "It's fat! Fatter than it was twenty years ago."

    "Looks good to me."

    Rita laughed. "Honey, you're good for my ego. What would you like to

    "You've been doing most of the work. This time, I'd like to eat your

    "Sounds interesting. Okay, Lord and Master, have your way with me."

    Tommy had finished getting rid of his clothes, and he stood before her,
    his cock huge and stiff. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her
    like a toy to his bed.

    Rita put her hand on the top of his shoulder. "Got anything special in

    "Um-hmm. I talked to a girl at school, and she--"

    "Tommy! I can take care of you. You don't need any floozie that--"

    "Mom! All I did was talk to her. She said the nicest thing I could do is
    go for the clit."

    "Well, maybe she had good judgment," Rita said as Tommy laid her on the
    bed on her back. "She have any ideas?"

    "I think she was talking about herself, but she kept coming back to the
    idea of me turning her inside out."

    "Seems to me I've heard about this. What do you think?"

    "She sort of scared me off at that point, but I'd like to experiment."

    "Like I said, have your way with me."

    Tommy spread her legs wide, and she helped him, bringing her knees
    straight out and down flat on the bed. He looked into her spread cunt.

    Tommy slipped one hand under her ass and lifted her. She kept her knees
    down on the bed, letting her cunt spread wide open.

    He pulled a pillow over and put it under her ass, then another ... then
    a third. Her legs sloped down to the bed, holding her cunt-lips spread

    His fingers were as warm as the lips of her cunt. One finger slipped
    through her cunt-slit, then another.

    Her ass heaved up high as a flash of heat shot through her cunt. His
    finger brushed her clit, and her inner cunt-folds bent out.

    Little tingles of warmth traveled up and down through her pussy as he
    bent the cunt-folds out. Her breath came in short gasps.

    She braced her knees and brought her cunt up as he gripped her inner
    cunt-flesh in his fingers and folded the cunt-lips. The slick flesh
    slipped from his grasp and he cursed. He put his fingers back in and she
    flinched as the slippery pussy-flesh again got away from him.

    "Mom, you're a pretty woman, but you are a freak on the inside."

    "Why? What's wrong with me?"

    "It's like your cunt never grew up. You're too little on the inside to
    get hold of."

    "Well, I was big enough ... or I stretched big enough ... to have you.
    Remember that?"

    "Christ! No, I don't remember that, Mom. Damn! I wanted to give you a
    really nice experience."

    "Aw, honey. I know you did. But you're right. I'm a freak. Go ahead and
    eat me. If you're gentle, I know I'll like it."

    With her ass up on three pillows, she bent her back down and rested her
    weight on her shoulders. His mouth covered the lips of her cunt.

    His tongue went through her cunt-lips and he lapped back into the
    cunt-slit, making her roll her ass up. As soon as she settled back to
    the pillows, he ran his tongue through her pussy-slit again.

    Then he ran his tongue up her cunt-slit, just inside her cunt-lips,
    running toward her belly.

    "Oh!" She bucked her hips up when he hit her clit. "Try to be a little
    more gentle, honey."

    His tongue ventured out again, slower than before. It touched the nub of
    her clit. Like magnetism, it made her roll her ass up as the glow of
    warmth spread through her pussy.

    The tip of his tongue went in a slow circle around on her clit. She dug
    her outward-splayed knees into the bed and raised her spread cunt and
    gyrated her ass around and around in step with his tongue.

    "Oh, Tommy, don't ever stop!"

    Without disturbing the gentle licking motions of his tongue, he ran his
    hands over her hips, through the hollows of her waist, and up to her
    tits. He squeezed the tit-flesh, making it ache. His fingers, both
    strong and gentle, pinched her nipples, turning them hard.

    Rita, with her body arched back so her shoulders were on the bed,
    groaned and writhed under his stimulation.

    His hands began squeezing her tits in pulses, squeezing each time his
    tongue licked around on her clit. The tingling ache in her tits spread
    through her chest and down through her belly.

    Tommy pressed his tongue in harder, and Rita increased the gyrations of
    her ass. The heat from the glow in her cunt went higher and higher and

    She stiffened and the flood of her cunt-juice let go. Tommy kept his
    mouth over her cunt, sucking hard.

    After a time, she stopped quivering. Tommy took his mouth from her cunt.

    "This position must be killing you, Mom," he said.

    He slipped a hand under her ass and lifted her while he pulled the
    pillow away, then let her down to the bed. It was a blessed relief when
    he closed her legs back together.

    Tommy lay on his side against her. His cock was rock hard and hot where
    it touched her leg.

    An empty feeling was coming to her stomach. Tommy smiled at her. She
    tried to return the smile but lacked the strength. He patted her ass and
    smiled, then put his head down and closed his eyes. Rita closed her eyes
    as well and waited for her strength to return .

    When Rita woke up, she had no idea how long it had been. The light was
    still on, and Tommy's cock was still stiff against one of her legs, but
    her other leg was now hooked over Tommy's hip.

    "Have a nice nap, Mom?" he asked while squeezing her ass-cheek.

    "Um-hmm. I needed a little rest."

    "You deserved it. I'm sure lucky to have you for a mom."

    "Lucky? I don't think so. I'm just a nasty old lady."

    "You are not! You're young looking and pretty. Besides, you have a cute

    "Cute! It's fat."

    He slipped his other arm under her waist and held an ass-cheek in each
    hand, separating them slightly.

    "Just fat enough to make it cute," he said.

    "Well, if you like it, honey, that's good enough for me."

    While holding her ass-cheeks spread, he pressed one finger against her
    asshole. He worked it around and around, making her lunge with her hips
    and pushed her cunt against his hip.

    His fingertip slipped inside her ass hole. It burned at first, then the
    burning went away and, as he twisted his finger slightly, it ached a
    little, a nice kind of ache.

    "I'd sure like to fuck you in the ass."

    "You ever do that before?"

    He shook his head.

    "Me neither," she said. Then she giggled. "Let's learn how together."

    "Okay," he said, drawing his finger from her asshole. "I think we need
    some grease. There's some Vaseline in the drawer here."

    "I guess we either need the stuff in my ass or on your cock. Let me fix
    you up."

    Rita dipped her finger in the jar. Then, holding her son's cock in one
    hand, she smeared the grease liberally over the head of his cock. His
    cock, already hard, grew more swollen in her hand while she spread a
    coating of the lubricant over the cock-shaft.

    She held the cock-head and ran her closed hand down to the base of the
    shaft and back to the head, making him thrust his hips out.

    "That should do it. How do you want me?" she asked.

    "Guess it has to be either dog-style or the long-cock position. Let's
    try dog-style. Then I can play with your other toys."

    She smiled while getting up on her knees. Then she moved her knees apart
    and put her head down on the pillow while he took her ass-cheeks in his
    hands and spread them wide. His cock pushed against her asshole, gently
    at first, then harder.

    She waited on her knees with her ass high, her tits pressed into the
    bed, her face down and turned to the side, waiting for his big cock to
    spread her asshole open. Without her trying, her ass convulsively
    squeezed as though to stay closed, but his strong hands held her
    ass-cheeks apart. Slowly, her asshole opened and the big head of his
    cock forced its way in. As the prick-head went inside, her ass-ring
    tightened down on his cock-shaft.

    He thrust into her, and his cock-head brought a wave of searing heat as
    it fucked deep in her ass. Then the heat went away as he drew out ...
    out to where the prick-head tugged at her asshole. Then he started

    The waves of heat his cock brought with it were delightful, the way the
    heat would build up, then recede, then build up, then recede. Her hips
    soon began rocking slightly to the motion of his cock. The waves of heat
    were a nice aching pain that ran through her loins and her cunt, rising
    and falling, rising and falling.

    While stroking into her with a slow rhythm, Tommy reached under her and
    slipped a finger into her cunt. It slipped inside, and bent into a hook
    in her cunt-hole. Bringing little warm tingling ripples, his thumb
    probed at her clit.

    Her body shook with the stab of heat when he touched the sensitive
    organ. He drew his thumb away, then probed again, slower this time.

    Her hips shook, and the pulse of glowing warmth spread through her cunt,
    then it faded.

    Each time he touched her clit, her hips shook at the pulse of heat. As
    the heat faded, she braced herself, waiting for the next touch.

    "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

    Now he touched her clit each time just as his cock drew back in her ass.
    The wave of heat in her ass barely peaked and was just receding when the
    pulse of heat hit her clit. Her breath came in quick gasps. A whine
    escaped from her throat.

    His cock-strokes in her ass came slower and harder. He held a fingertip
    lightly on her clit and ran it around and around. The glowing warmth in
    her clit swelled like a tidal wave ... building higher.


    Her cunt-juice flooded over his finger, her hips jerking in quick

    Tommy stopped his cock-strokes when she reached orgasm. He hadn't come
    in her ass, although he had to be getting close.

    "Honey, don't stop!" she urged. "Keep fucking me!"

    His cock drove harder and harder. Then he fucked his cock full length up
    her ass, slamming his groin to her ass-cheeks.

    His hot cum-load spurted deep in her ass.

    He quivered against her each time he spurted cum. Each time he shot into
    her, it was less than the time before. Then all motion ceased.

    He took his finger from her cunt and squeezed her cunt-mound in one palm
    while he drew his spent cock from her ass. She let herself down on the
    bed. He lay down while she rolled onto her side, against him.

    "Well," she said, "does your old lady take care of your needs or what?"

    "All of my needs," he said.

    "You still feel like you need to go out?"

    "Not tonight, Mom."

    Chapter 6

    It was late afternoon the next day when Rita was working in the kitchen,
    preparing two snacks.

    So far, her plan had worked. Tommy's sexual cravings were satisfied. She
    had satisfied Mitzi, as well. As long as she could keep the two apart,
    the little bitch couldn't get her hooks into her son.

    As far as she could tell, Tommy was completely satisfied with her. So
    was Mitzi. There was a price, though. Rita pressed a hand against her
    sore cunt. She could still fuck like a teenager, but she couldn't bounce
    back from hard use as fast.

    She took the tray with two sandwiches and two glasses of milk into
    Tommy's bedroom, where he was studying with his friend, Bill Morrison.

    "You guys ready for a break yet?" she asked.

    "Hey, that's nice or you, Mrs. Baylor," Bill said.

    "Thanks, Mom," Tommy said, pushing back from the desk.

    "How's the cramming coming along?" Rita asked.

    "Well, Mrs. Baylor," Bill said, "

    "Rita," she interrupted. "Just call me Rita."

    "Okay, Rita. Like I was saying, I think Tommy's ready for the exam. But
    I need to bone up a little more."

    Rita glanced at her wristwatch. "Say Tommy, aren't you late for
    basketball practice?"

    "Gee, I forgot," Tommy said, swallowing the last of his sandwich. "Look,
    Mom, is it okay if Bill stays a little while to look at my notes?"

    "Sure. I might even fix him another sandwich. Have a good practice."

    When her son had left, Rita took longer than necessary to clean up the
    crumbs from their sandwiches while she sized Bill up.

    He was a good-looking guy, all right. Maybe she could steer him into
    going after Mitzi. If he could keep the little bitch satisfied, then
    Rita could devote full time to taking care of Tommy.

    "You must have a busy schedule, Bill," she said. "Keeping up with your

    "Oh, it's busy at times, all right," he said.

    "Ever take time out for girls?"

    "Not much. I guess there's time, but I'm just not much with girls."

    "Why not? There are lots of nice girls around here. For instance,
    there's Mitzi ... Mitzi ... what's her name?"

    "You must mean Mitzi Johnson. Yeah, I know her. I guess she's nice
    enough, but I just don't know how to get started."

    "Oh, that's simple enough, Bill. You just ask her to go out to the
    drive-in or something. All you have to do is be yourself."

    "Well, I don't know."

    "Look, I've fixed some coffee. Let's have it in the living room while we

    The drapes were drawn and the lighting dim in the living room. Bill sat
    on the couch, his arms out on the backrest. Rita poured the two cups
    full, set them on saucers on the cocktail table, and sat down beside

    She scooted over so her hip was against his.

    "Now, Mitzi's a nice girl and she's friendly. All you have to do is put
    your arm around her, like this." Rita took his outstretched arm and put
    it around her while she nestled her head on his shoulder. "Then, if you
    turn your head and kiss her, she'll respond."

    When Bill turned his head, Rita was on him with her lips parted. His arm
    went down around her waist. She twisted around on the couch with her
    tits against him.

    Bill drew away and sucked in his breath.

    "My gosh, Rita. You're nice!"

    "So are you, Bill. You're really nice."

    She put her lips against his and pushed her tits harder against him. Her
    skirt was riding halfway up on her thighs, and she worked her legs back
    and forth, bringing the hem even higher.

    His hand was on her lap. She took his wrist and guided his hand up
    inside her skirt. When he touched her crotch, she rolled her ass up,
    sliding her panty-clad cunt up against his fingers.

    He worked his hand inside the waistband of her panties while she spread
    her legs as wide as her hiked-up skirt would allow.

    Bill slipped a finger into her cunt-gash and probed inward. A rough nail
    scratched the tender flesh of her inner cunt-folds and she winced.

    His fingertip parted her inner cunt-flesh, making little ripples of
    warmth tingle through her pussy.

    "Oh, Bill! That's so nice. Give me some more."

    He thrust his finger in, making her jerk her hips when the rough nail
    scraped in deep.

    She had his fly open, and her hand was inside his shorts, holding his
    hard cock.

    "Oh, I like that, Bill. I like your finger, but I'd rather have this in
    me," she said as she squeezed his cock.

    He fumbled at the zipper on the side of her skirt.

    "That's it, Bill. Undress me. Take everything off but my stockings."

    He got to his feet, and she swung her legs up on the couch, holding her
    ass up while he pulled her skirt down. He drew the garment down off her
    legs and turned to her blouse. While he pulled the buttons loose on the
    front, he bent close, and she grabbed his head and drew his face against
    hers, thrusting her tongue in his mouth. He got her blouse peeled off
    her shoulders and slipped it down off her arms.

    When he jerked his mouth away from hers, he sucked in his breath. Then
    he grabbed her bra in the front and straightened the hook with one hard
    tug and ripped the straps off, letting her tits spring free.

    "I'm sorry, Rita," he said, holding the ruined garment. "I didn't mean
    to rip it off."

    "It's okay, Bill," she said, her breath coming fast. "Don't forget my

    He grabbed the waistband with both hands and peeled her panties down,
    leaving her in stockings, garters, and high-heeled shoes.

    She sprang up and opened his shirt.

    "Now it's my turn," she said.

    She peeled his shirt down off his shoulders and pulled the sleeves free
    of his arms. Then she stripped him naked quickly.

    "Christ, Rita!" Bill said, still breathing hard. "What do I do
    next--with Mitzi?"

    Rita had to smile. If he only knew how easy it was.

    "Well, if you're in the drive-in, it's a little cramped in the car. What
    kind of car do you have?"

    He looked away. "You won't believe this. It's a thirty-six La Salle."

    Rita believed it, all right. Just like her first date.

    "Really!" she said. "The kind that has leather loops to hold onto in the

    "Yeah. I didn't know anyone else had even seen one."

    "Wait here."

    Rita went to Tommy's bedroom and came back with two of his old neckties.
    The couch was as long as the back seat of that old car, and it had a
    raised armrest at each end. She tied a necktie loosely in a loop through
    each armrest.

    "You've got it made, Bill," she said, sitting in the middle of the
    couch. "Just put her feet through those two loops. Here, spread my legs
    out and put my feet through these ties."

    Bill threaded one of her feet through the cloth loop at one end of the
    couch. While he bent the other leg out, he couldn't take his eyes from
    her spreading cunt. Her legs were barely long enough to reach the ends
    of the couch. Once her feet were through the loops, she was held
    captive, her legs split straight out, her pussy spread wide.

    "God, but you're nice," he said.

    "You're not bad, yourself," she said. "Now, all you have to do is do
    what comes naturally."

    He leaned down between her legs and held the soft flesh of her hips. As
    he half-crouched in position, his cock came down close to her cunt. His
    prick wasn't as big as Tommy's, but it was plenty stiff and looked hard
    as a piece of steel as the cock-head went into her spread pussy-slot.

    Her fuck-hole, already partly open, tingled with warmth as the cock-head
    pushed against it, spreading it farther. A painful jolt went through her
    cunt and passed, and his cock fucked into her pussy.

    Rita braced her shoulders against the back of the couch, arching her
    back, thrusting her belly out, as he fucked into her cunt. The tingling
    warmth traveled deep in her cunt as he fucked her balls-deep. Then he
    drew back until the prick-head tugged at her stretched cunt-hole, making
    her gasp.

    She grabbed his shoulders, "Just don't pull back any farther than that.
    Oh, I like your cock inside me. Give it to me!"

    He fucked back into her, driving his groin against her cunt-mound, and
    then drew back.

    Again and again, he fucked his prick full length into her, sending nice
    waves of tingling warmth through her cunt.

    Then she rolled her ass out and sucked in her belly, just as he started
    another thrust. The head of his cock drove against her clit.


    The sensation made her jerk all over. Quickly, she thrust her belly out,
    and the next stroke of his cock went deeper in her cunt.

    Now she worked her belly in and out, rocking the position of her cunt.
    She took one stroke on her clit, the next deep in her fuck-hole.

    Then his cock-strokes turned harder and harder. She took each one full
    length in her cunt as his groin pounded against her pussy-mound. He
    poised, then rammed his cock home.

    "Uhhhh!" Holding her hips, he quivered against her.

    Then his cum-load shot deep in her cunt, pumping over and over. His
    breath was hot in her ear as she held the side of her face against his.

    When his cum stopped spurting, he pulled his softening cock out, and she
    smiled at him.

    "Now, get me out of this harness, and I'll do something for you," she

    It was a relief to put her legs together again. While she worked her hip
    joints, she thought of the action yet to come. The first time she ever
    gave head, it was in a car, and it was a lot of trouble. She had started
    by just getting down between the guy's legs and taking his cock in her
    mouth. When his prick turned really hard, though, it curved up against
    her throat and made her gag. She had found only one position that
    worked, and she might as well show Bill now.

    "You'd better take a blanket along to cover Mitzi's ass or she'll have
    to show it off to everyone around you. Lie down here, and let me take

    With Bill in position, Rita shoved a knee between his shoulder and the
    back of the couch. She put the other foot on the floor. Now, holding her
    ass up over him, she bent down to his limp cock.

    She ran her tongue out and touched the head of his prick. It was
    slightly salty. She licked all over the cock-head, smearing her saliva
    evenly, making it slick.

    Satisfied, she opened her mouth wide and put it over the prick-head.
    Soft as his cock still was, her lips easily fit over the cock-shaft.

    Soon his cock had swelled back as big as it was when he fucked her. It
    wasn't hard enough to thrust through the lips of her cunt, but it was
    still rigid enough to go back in her throat.

    His big balls were way below her eyes, but she had taken a bigger cock
    than his ... her Tommy's. She closed her eyes and nodded her head down.

    While her lips worked the big prick-shaft, the cock-head filled her
    throat. She kept on nodding and the cock-head slipped deeper and deeper
    back into her tight throat, until her nose touched warm flesh and she
    opened her eyes.

    His balls were huge under her nose. Her chin rested on dark crotch-hair.
    She had the whole cock in her mouth and her throat.

    She slipped her lips up the cock-shaft and breathed in through her nose,
    then thrust her mouth back down to his groin. Up and down, faster and
    faster, she ran her lips the length of his prick-shaft. His cock turned
    hard in her throat, and his hips bucked up to meet her bobbing head.

    While she worked on his cock, his hands gripped her hips, then they
    slipped into the hollows of her waist, and under his chest to cup her
    hard tits. He squeezed and kneaded the tit-flesh.

    He was groaning and writhing his hips, under her mouth. It wouldn't be
    long before he would shoot off. She guessed he would come after a few
    more strokes with her lips.

    On the first stroke, she slipped her lips down his prick to touch her
    nose against his balls and then brought her mouth back up to let his
    cock-head tug at her lips.

    The second stroke, she ran her lips down a little faster, buried her
    chin in his groin-hair, swallowed against the cock-head in her throat,
    and ran her mouth back up, drawing in a quick breath through her nose.

    On the third stroke, she poised for a moment, then zipped her lips down
    the length of his prick-shaft, letting his cock-head fuck deep into her
    throat. She swallowed hard against the cock-head while he grunted and
    shoved his hips up against her. Then she jerked her head up and her lips
    zipped back up to the bulge of his cock-head, and she breathed several
    times through her nose.

    She poised for the fourth stroke, then whipped her head down to slam her
    chin in his groin. Clutching his hips in her arms, she swallowed hard
    ... again ... again.

    His cum spurted hard, way back in her throat while he squeezed her tits
    hard. She kept her nose against his balls and swallowed hard while his
    cum pumped over and over.

    When his cum stopped, he loosened his grip on her tits. After slipping
    her lips up the slimy shaft, she drew her head up and pulled her lips
    free of his cock-head.

    Rita turned on the couch and lay down on her side against him, waiting
    for his breathing to slow. After a while, his breathing did slow.

    "Rita," he said, "you are something else. Are all girls like you?"

    "No-o-o, I don't think so," she said. "But that's just one opinion."

    "You were so nice. I'd like to do something for you."

    "Well, maybe we can do something for each other. Let's try sixty-nine."

    "What should I do?"

    "Just stay where you are ... and try to find my clit."

    Rita turned around on the couch and lay on her side. Offering her
    stocking-clad thigh for a pillow, she helped him pull one leg out as
    well and rested her head on his thigh. His soft cock was against her

    She held his limp prick in her hand and licked the tip of her tongue out
    at the prick-head. There was salty cum in the piss-slit, and she licked
    it away, spreading her saliva. She bent toward him and put his whole
    cock in her mouth, with her nose against his balls.

    He jerked his loins a little each time she licked the end. Soon the
    boy's shrunken prick filled her mouth as it expanded. Swallowing hard,
    she pulled the cock-head back in her throat, and her mouth rested in his

    She worked her mouth in and out, faster and faster, pausing only for a
    gasping breath each time the cock-head came to her lips.

    As she sucked on his cock, it grew larger and larger, harder and harder,
    just barely fitting in her throat.

    Then his hand grabbed her thighs, bringing it up over her shoulder,
    spreading her cunt. His tongue pushed hotly against her cunt-lips,
    stretching the warm flesh, forcing the tender pussy-lips to part.

    She jerked when he touched her clit ... too hard. He lapped his tongue
    over her clit each time she ran her lips the length of his cock. With
    each tongue-stroke, her clit flashed for an instant while she jerked her
    cunt against his face.

    They writhed and jerked together, faster and faster, harder and harder.
    He gripped the soft flesh of her hips and pulled her hard against him,
    her pussy now squashed against his mouth. His tongue reached way in and
    lapped the length of her pussy-slit.

    He lapped her faster than she was stroking her lips on his cock, faster
    and harder. She gasped each time she drew her lips back, and tried to go
    down on him faster. Try as she would, she couldn't keep up with his
    tongue. It drove back inside her deeper and faster.

    The flashes of heat in her clit started building, making her cunt

    While she surged toward orgasm, his hips bucked against her face, slower
    each time. His groin still hit her chin hard, but his movements turned
    slower and slower. Then his groin pounded into her face and he went
    rigid as he shot off into her throat.

    She swallowed each spurt of his creamy cum.

    While she swallowed his cum, her clit got hotter and hotter from his
    tongue-strokes. Her hips jerked against his face. Then, as though he
    knew what he was doing, his tongue strokes turned rougher.

    She poised for a moment, then slammed her cunt to his face and quivered
    against him as her cunt-cum let go. He kept his mouth on her pussy,
    receiving her cum that pumped out each time she quivered against him.

    Then all motion ceased. He held his tongue inside her cunt-gash, resting
    on her clit. She kept her mouth at his hairy groin, the head of his cock
    inside her throat.

    She needed air, and she drew her mouth back off his limp cock. He
    withdrew his tongue as well and just lay with his face against her cunt,
    his hands gripping her hips.

    Rita was glad he didn't try to talk to her. Her energy was drained to
    nothing. She kept an arm over his hip and rested her head on his thigh,
    her cheek against his limp prick.

    After a time, he stirred. She tested her legs and found some strength.
    They got untangled from each other and sat up.

    "Well, Bill," she said, "is that enough lessons?"

    "You bet," he said, pulling on his shorts. "I'll call Mitzi and try to
    make a date. I just hope it goes as well as it did with you."

    "Just be yourself. And Bill ... be gentle with her. Mitzi's a nice girl.
    I mean that."

    When Bill had left, Rita fingered her cunt. It was sore ... probably not
    so much from Bill's rough nail as from holding that damned dildo for
    Mitzi. Well, if Bill was successful with the girl, she wouldn't have to
    fuck around with her anymore. That would be worth all the wear and tear
    the boy had given her.

    Chapter 7

    Rita had finished her shower and dressed when the front door clicked. It
    had to be Tommy. She patted her hair in place and went to his room.

    "How was practice, honey?" she asked.

    "Piece of cake," he said, slowly bringing his gaze from her legs up to
    her hair, then to her tits. "Speaking of which, you're a piece of

    "Come on, now."

    "No, it's true. None of the girls in my class look as good as you."

    "Well, I doubt that, but you've got just five hours to quit talking like

    Tommy smiled and looked around the room and said, "My notes are just
    like I left them. Is Bill all ready?"

    "He's ready, all right."

    Tommy glanced at her and his nostrils flared. "Well, I'm as ready for
    that test as I'll ever be."

    "Then there's just one thing left to do."

    There was a glazed look in his eyes when he said, "Mom, you always dress
    well, but you don't want all those clothes on, do you?"

    "Not really. Your bedroom or mine?"


    He closed the door to her bedroom, and she took a step toward him.
    Taking a long stride, he met her and grabbed her around the waist. He
    kissed her and fondled her forcefully, more forcefully than he had the
    night before.

    His hands were strong and searching while he stripped her down naked.
    Her skin tingled wherever he touched her. After rolling her around on
    the bed and flexing her body while removing her clothes, he turned her
    on her back while he drew her lacy panties down off her legs and dropped

    She had only the sheer nylon stockings left, and her flimsy little
    garter belt. Her breath came in quick gasps while he stretched one of
    the garters out.

    "When you strip a lady down," she said, "you don't fool around."

    "Not when she's a special lady," he said as he unsnapped the garters
    from her stockings, lifted her ass with his hand, and slipped the belt
    down off her hips and whisked it off her legs. "There's one thing
    missing. Don't go away."

    Tommy disappeared through the doorway. She lay on her back, wondering
    what he had in mind. He barged in a moment later, carrying two large
    flat packages.

    "Tommy, what on earth?"

    He had one of the packages torn apart, and he took out a large mirror.

    "I got to thinking what a good-looking mom I have," he said, "and it's a
    shame I can't see more of her. These didn't cost much, and I can stick
    'em right to the wall ... and ceiling."

    Tommy stuck four adhesive pads to the back of the mirror and pressed the
    glass panel against the wall, past the foot of the bed. Then he
    unwrapped the other package, prepared the adhesive as before, and stood
    on the bed, a foot on either side of her waist.

    "With this mirror," he said, sticking it to the ceiling, "I can see into
    every little place in you."

    "If that's what you want to look into, I'm glad to have you do it. I
    like being looked at."

    He undressed hurriedly.

    "I think I'm about to be fucked," she said.

    "I just have this urge to eat you," he said as he pulled his shorts
    down, letting his stiff cock jut forward.

    "In that case," she said, "I think I should lie back and enjoy being

    Tommy got on his knees on the bed and took her thighs in his hands,
    spreading them. Still enjoying the flexibility he had given her, she let
    her legs split out all the way to the sides and down flat on the bed.
    Rita tucked her ass down and sucked her belly in, bringing her cunt up
    for his easy access.

    Tommy grasped a little of the short hair on each side of her cunt and
    pulled her cunt-lips wide. He put his mouth to her pussy and ran his
    warm tongue into her cunt-slit. He licked the length of her cunt-gash,
    bringing a glow to her loins.

    "Ummmm! I like it when you do that!"

    He licked through her pussy-slit two more times. Then he took his mouth
    away and put his fingers to his teeth. Putting his mouth back to her
    cunt, he resumed the licking motion.

    Her ass rolled to the warm stimulation he was giving. His tongue licked
    harder and faster. Her breath came faster, as well. Then he stopped and
    put his finger to his teeth again.

    "What's wrong, honey?" she asked. "Am I shedding?"

    "You know what I'd like to do to you, Mom?"

    She laughed. "No, but I'm sure I'll like it."

    "I'd like to shave your cunt."

    "Okay, honey," she said. "I'd like that. Get rid of the hair."

    He disappeared through the doorway and turned on the bathroom faucet.
    She lay on her back with her legs spread, looking up at the mirror. Her
    blonde cunt-hair was short and sparse. Even with her legs closed, it
    didn't quite cover the front edge of the pouting cunt-lips. Without the
    trace of furry cover, there would be no secrets from her son.

    The hiss of running water stopped, and Tommy came in with a steaming pan
    and a number of tools balanced on his arms--razor, towel, scissors,
    soap, wash cloth, shaving cream. He spilled the tools off his arms onto
    the bed and set the pan on the night stand.

    She let her knees drop all the way to the sides.

    He held her cunt-hair in tufts while he snipped it close to the skin.
    The cold steel of the scissors made her flinch when it touched her, but
    he never nicked her.

    When he put the scissors down, she ran her hand over the sides of her
    cunt. The stubble was soft and short.

    While she watched in the mirror, he wet the washcloth and worked up a
    rich lather of soap. Then he washed the soft skin with soap and sponged
    it with hot water. After he squirted a little of the shaving cream on
    his fingers, he patted it into her pussy-stubble.

    He worked the razor in long slow strokes, going toward her cunt. With
    each stroke, the razor left only smooth pink skin.

    Finally, only a little shaving cream remained along the lips of her
    cunt. He slipped two fingers inside her cunt and held the skin folds
    straight while he shaved her right up to the edge of her cunt-slit.

    She looked down, between her tits, over her bare cunt-mound to the
    mirror on the wall. All the way from her pussy mound to her asshole,
    there was nothing left but smooth pink skin.

    He took the wash cloth, dipped it in hot water, and wiped away all
    traces of cream and then took the towel and patted her tender
    pussy-flesh dry.

    He squeezed the cunt-lips together, then ran his hand over her bare

    "There, you're naked now, Mom. How do you like it?"

    Watching herself in the ceiling mirror, Rita braced her knees down
    against the bed and lifted her loins, spreading the cunt-lips. The inner
    pussy-slit was only a little darker than the pink skin all around her

    She let her ass down and closed her legs. The pouting lips of her cunt
    showed, all else was concealed. She smiled up at the mirror, and a
    pretty little blue-eyed blonde smiled back, a pink-skinned blonde with
    the bare pussy of a little girl, but with the tits and flaring hips of a

    "I like it, Tommy," she said. "I like the way you made me look. Still
    want to eat me?"

    "Yeah, but let's try a different position. Let's try it with you
    kneeling over my face," he suggested.

    With Tommy lying on his back, she got on her knees and spread her legs.
    Her cunt went down to his face. He covered her bare pussy with his mouth
    and put his tongue into her cunt-slit.

    His tongue was hot as it thrust against her inner cunt-folds, pushing
    steadily against the tender flesh. A stabbing pulse of heat shot through
    her pussy as his tongue pushed inside.

    He held his tongue inside her cunt and brought his hands up and cupped
    her tits, pinching and rotating her nipples.

    Then a wave of tingling heat welled before his tongue as it moved toward
    her clit.

    "Oh!" She sucked in her breath with a gasp.

    Her ass jerked as his tongue touched the nub of her clit and then rested
    against it.

    Just as her ass settled back, he pressed his tongue a little harder
    against her clit and worked the tip around and around on the nub.

    "Ohhhh!" She groaned as she levered her spread knees together, pinching
    his head between her thighs.

    His tongue stayed on her clit, pressing harder and working around and
    around. The waves of tingling heat flowed through her cunt as she
    helplessly let her ass rock with his tongue motions.

    Her breath came in short gasps as the waves of heat flowed together and
    built toward a peak.

    His tongue didn't leave her clit as he pressed still harder and worked
    it around the nub faster. She grabbed his head in her hands and pulled
    his face up tightly against the bare skin of her cunt.


    The well of heat burst in her clit and her cunt-cum flowed in waves. His
    mouth stayed on her cunt and he slurped up each flow of her cunt-cream.

    His tongue stayed on her clit but it pressed lighter and worked slower
    as her body gradually drained of energy. Finally, her hip gyrations
    stopped and her ass settled back on her heels.

    Feeling her energy leave her, Rita raised herself from his face and lay
    on her side. Tommy lay beside her and offered his shoulder. She nestled
    her head in the hollow of his shoulder.

    When her legs felt strong, she rolled onto her back and took his stiff
    prick in her hand.

    "Ummmm, this is still ready to go," she said. "What would you like to do


    "Bondage! You mean ... like, tie me up?"

    "Yeah, but nothing rough. I'll just tie you to the bed, so you'll feel

    "What'll you tie me up with?"

    "I dunno. There's some rope in the garage, but it's too stiff. It'd hurt

    "How about some of your neckties? You have a lot of old ones."

    He looked at her. "Why didn't I think of that?"

    She smiled to herself when he left. That feeling of helplessness when
    Bill had her legs spread on the couch and trussed in the loops had been
    delightful. Why hadn't she thought of bondage before?

    Tommy returned with a half-dozen old painted ties. She had to laugh when
    she saw them.

    "It's about time you put those to good use," she said. "I can't blame
    you for never wearing them."

    He looped one of them around her thigh, just above her knee, then he
    tied the other end down to the side of the bed frame.

    When he'd fastened the second tie to the other side of the bed, her
    thighs were spread straight out to the sides, and her knees were bent so
    that her lower legs followed the edges of the bed.

    He took two other ties and looped one around each wrist. When he'd
    fastened the other end to the head of the bed, her arms were drawn up
    over her head.

    Rita tried her bonds. Pull as she might, she was securely held in place
    on her back, legs spread, arms up over her head. The only movement she
    could make was to push down with the sides of her knees and bring her
    bare cunt up.

    Watching herself in the ceiling mirror, Rita pushed her knees down and
    levered her cunt high, spreading her cunt-slit just enough to show her
    little red clit. Her tits became hard, the nipples, pointed.

    Tommy got up on the bed and knelt between her legs. He held her hips,
    then slipped his hands into the hollows of her waist.

    "You've got the waist of a thirteen-year-old girl," he said.

    "It's the way you've got me stretched out. Makes it look slimmer than it
    is, but it's nice of you to say that. I see your cock's hard as ever.
    You ready to rape me?"

    "Is that what it feels like, Mom? The way I've got you tied up?"

    "Oh, I know you wouldn't do anything I asked you not to. Does make me
    feel helpless, though. I like the feeling. Come on. Put it in me!"

    While Tommy positioned his cock over her cunt, Rita realized just how
    helpless she was. She couldn't hold the stiff cock-shaft and guide the
    cock-head between her cunt-lips, working it up and down to spread her
    pussy-slit with a minimum of pain. Instead, she would have to rely on
    Tommy's skill and gentleness.

    His cock was warm as he slipped it in her and stopped with the cock-head
    against her cunt-mouth. While he pushed, she rocked her ass, making her
    fuck-hole part for his cock.

    A jolt of pain hit her stretched pussy and she gasped. He stopped
    pushing and looked at her. She waited silently and, when the pain
    passed, smiled and nodded. He pushed with his cock again, and she rocked
    her ass-and the head of his cock slipped through.

    He fucked into her, and she swung her ass up, raising her cunt to
    receive him. His prick brought a tingling warmth as it slipped into her
    cunt-hole. The coarse hair of his groin touched her bare pussy-mound,
    and then he drew his cock back while she let her ass back down to the
    bed. The tingling warmth in her cunt-lips left when his prick-shaft
    slipped back.

    Tommy fucked in harder, and she brought her cunt up to meet him,
    enjoying the burning wave of tingling heat. She pushed her bare
    cunt-mound up against his groin, then let her ass fall back to the bed
    while he withdrew.

    "Oh, that's so nice in me, honey," she said. "Do it a little harder."

    Harder and harder, he thrust his fucker into her. Waves of tingling heat
    flowed through her cunt-rising, falling, rising, falling. She threw her
    head to one side, then to the other, whining with the strokes of his

    His fuck-strokes became violent.

    With a groan, he shoved his hands under her back and drew her up to him
    and slammed his cock all the way in her cunt and quivered against her.

    His hot cum spurted deep in her cunt, lubricating their fucking. Then
    his cum stopped and he bent and kissed her before pushing his weight up
    off her.

    "Mom, you're the greatest," he said. "How far are you from coming?"

    "Not very far," she said. "Feel my tits."

    Still on his knees, leaning over her, he cupped his hands over her tits
    and squeezed. The tit-flesh was hard, unyielding under his hands. When
    he let go, the nipples came to sharp points.

    "I've never seen your tits that hard," he said. "Want me to use my
    finger to finish you off?"

    "I have a better idea. Untie me, and we'll do sixty-nine."

    With her legs released from their captive position, she flexed her hip
    joints while he untied her hands. Then, freed from bondage, she rolled
    to the side while he got on his back.

    Straddling his shoulders with her bare cunt over his face, Rita brought
    her face to his limp cock and took the whole cock into her mouth.

    Tommy grasped the cheeks of her ass and pulled her down. Her knees
    slipped out to the sides, and her bare cunt settled down on his mouth.
    His tongue ran through her pussy-gash and thrust against her fuck-hole
    pushing the lips apart.

    While his tongue explored inside her cunt, Rita sucked hard around the
    base of his soft cock. The cock-head went into her throat and she
    swallowed, drawing it deeper. She ran her lips up and down for the
    length of the prick-shaft.

    His prick began to swell in her lips, and the prick-head filled her

    Tommy's exploring tongue lapped deep within her inner cunt-folds. Then
    he curled his tongue just inside her clit and probed out.

    She jerked her pussy down against his face when he touched her clit. He
    drew his tongue back and probed out again. Tommy was being as gentle as
    anyone could be, but she was so hyper-sensitive, she couldn't keep from
    jerking against him again and again, each time he touched her clit.

    Rita gave full strokes with her lips on his prick. His cock was now
    fully erect. He bucked his hips up against her mouth, pushing the
    cock-head deep in her throat. Her hair spilled down on his balls and
    gathered in coils whenever she ran her chin down to his groin. She had
    to brush the blonde curls out of the way to keep from getting her hair
    into her mouth with his cock.

    The jolting flashes of heat in her clit mounted, never dying out between
    touches of his tongue. The tidal wave of heat rose higher and higher and

    She went rigid against his face as her cunt-cum flowed.

    He couldn't be far from corning as well, so she went down on him faster
    and faster, ramming her lips down to the base of his cock, pushing her
    nose against his balls.

    His body arched under her and went rigid as his cum-load shot deep in
    her throat. Rita kept her chin in his groin-hair while she swallowed
    each spurt of his cum.

    By the time Tommy's cum stopped pumping into her throat, her cunt-cum
    had stopped flowing as well. Rita drew her mouth up off the soft head of
    his cock, breathed deeply a few times, and rolled off him and turned to
    lie beside her son.

    She pressed her lips to his cheek and closed her eyes and dreamed.

    How nice it was to have Bill taking care of Mitzi. Now that he was
    taking care of the girl's sexual needs, the bitch wasn't a threat to
    Rita's son. Now she could devote full time to taking care of Tommy.

    Chapter 8

    "I just had to see you, Rita," Mitzi said. "Golly, you're pretty."

    "Well, thank you, Mitzi, and come in. I take it you're out of lotion ...
    or pills."

    "No, I still have a few more days' supply of both," the girl said as she
    sprawled on the couch. "Boy, last night was sure an experience. You know
    Bill Morrison?"

    "I've seen him with Tommy," Rita said. "What about him?"

    "Well, last night he invited me out to the drive-in."

    "That was nice of him. Did you enjoy the movie?"

    "We didn't see much of the movie. In fact, I couldn't see over the seat

    Rita smiled. "I take it the two of you had other interests."

    "Well, he was sure hot! He stripped me down naked. Then he ... you
    should've seen his old car."

    Rita smiled and waited.

    "After he undressed me, he put my feet through those little loops at the
    sides. I was so spread out, I thought I'd split wide open. Then he
    fucked me. Only it was different from you and me. I guess he wasn't
    trying to be rough, but that's the way it happened. Rough and fast."

    Rita had to smile at her description. "Honey, fast is the way it is with
    most men. You have to work on them to get it up again so they can make
    you come. This wasn't your first time, was it?"

    "No, I fucked a few times before ... once with Tommy a month ago ... a
    couple of times with other guys. But I just don't know how to ..." Her
    voice trailed off.

    Rita worked hard to suppress the urge to smile. This could have been her
    as a young teenager once.

    "Well, when he shot off in you too soon, did you do anything to get it
    up again?"

    "I tried to go down on him. He was just getting hard again when I
    gagged. I guess I ruined everything." Her eyes filled with tears when
    she looked up. "Oh, Rita, I liked doing it with you lots better."

    Rita patted the girl's shoulder. "There, now, honey, maybe you just need
    another lesson."

    Her face brightened. "Golly, Rita, I'd really like that!"

    The lights were dim in the bedroom. Rita pulled Mitzi's jeans off her,
    leaving all her attractive curves bare. Mitzi undressed Rita, the girl's
    face turning more flushed with each garment she removed. When she pulled
    Rita's panties down and dropped them, she sucked in her breath.

    Rita struck a pose, standing in her stockings, one knee bent, and said,
    "Like it?"

    "Rita! Your cunt ... it looks so ..."

    "It looks naked," Rita said. "Like it?"

    "Oh, I do!" Mitzi put a finger inside the pouting lips of Rita's shaved
    cunt. "It looks so nice and smooth."

    "Would you like for me to shave your cunt?"

    "Well, I ... yes! Make me look as nice as you, Rita."

    Mitzi was looking up at the ceiling mirror when Rita left for Tommy's
    bedroom. There, she gathered the needed shaving implements and then
    returned to her bedroom, where the girl was sprawled back on the bed,
    looking at herself in the mirrors. Mitzi's triangle of coarse black
    cunt-hair was easy to trim away with the scissors, leaving a field of
    rough stubble.

    Rita wasn't as sure with the razor as Tommy had been, so she worked
    slowly, carefully, lest she cut Mitzi's tender skin. Starting from the
    base of her thighs, she worked the blade in short strokes toward the
    lips of her cunt. Then she stretched the skin between her cunt and her
    asshole and shaved that, as well.

    Soon everywhere there was light-olive skin except for a ridge of shaving
    cream along her cunt-lips. Rita put two fingers in her cunt-slot, then
    three fingers, then four to fill the length of her cunt and hold the
    cunt-lips straight. Then she carefully shaved right up to the bare edges
    of the cunt-lips.

    When she sponged away all traces of shaving cream, there was nothing but
    smooth, soft skin and a cunt that was a little bigger than her own.

    "You have a beautiful cunt, Mitzi."

    "Thanks for making it look so nice."

    Mitzi put her hands on her knees and forced her legs to the sides and
    down almost to the bed, to have them spring back when she took her hands

    "I wish I could do things like you do, Rita. You can put your knees
    straight out and all the way down. It makes you look so cute."

    "Well, that kind of flexibility doesn't come easy," Rita said. "But I'll
    try to help you do it. Just relax and try to make your hips and legs go

    Rita bent Mitzi's left leg straight out and pushed it down until it
    wouldn't go any farther, then she reached over to her right knee and
    held it down while she worked the hip joint around and around.
    Gradually, her left thigh went lower and lower. When it finally came all
    the way down to the bed, Rita held it down and shifted her attention to
    the right leg.

    As Rita brought Mitzi's right knee down to the bed after working the hip
    joint around many times, the girl's cunt-lips opened wide.

    "We're almost there, honey," Rita said. "Raise your ass, and I'll put
    some pillows under it."

    Mitzi tore her attention from the ceiling mirror and arched her back.

    As Tommy had done while flexing her own hips, Rita worked the girl's
    knees down farther and farther. As though relaxed, Mitzi lay back with
    her body arched so her shoulders rested on the bed.

    When the sides of Mitzi's knees touched the bed at the same time, her
    pussy-slit was open and her pale-pink clit showed.

    "There," Rita said, patting her thigh. "I'll bet you've never been open
    that much before."

    Mitzi smiled a little, and tensed her legs and hips. She brought her ass
    up above the pillows, and Rita pulled them from under her.

    Mitzi let her ass down to the bed. Then, keeping her knees straight out
    to the sides, she heaved her cunt high, spreading the cunt-lips.

    After letting her ass back down, she practiced flexing her body while
    she raised her ass.

    Just watching the graceful motions of the girl, Rita got an aching
    feeling in her tits. She sat down on the bed and put her finger in
    Mitzi's cunt and pushed her fingertip into her pussy-slit.

    Mitzi rocked her ass up each time Rita fucked her finger in her cunt.
    Rita stroked into the girl, deeper and deeper.

    Mitzi started breathing fast. "Rita, how did you hold the dildo so tight
    in your cunt the other day?"

    "I just tightened my cunt-muscles," Rita said, lying beside the girl,
    all the while keeping her finger in her cunt. "Put your finger in my
    cunt. I'll show you."

    Rita's pussy tingled with warm ripples while the girl's finger slipped
    inside. Mitzi fucked her finger in and out while Rita let her ass rock
    slightly with the motions.

    Rita asked, "Does it feel loose to you now?"

    "Your cunt isn't loose, Rita, but it's easy to slip my finger in and

    Then Rita tightened the muscles in her pussy.

    "Hey!" Mitzi said, pulling her finger out more slowly. "That's really
    tight. How do you do it?"

    "It's easy," Rita said, fucking her finger in and out of Mitzi's cunt.
    "Tighten your cunt around my finger."

    "I don't know how."

    "Just pretend you're holding back from pissing."

    Mitzi tightened her cunt around Rita's finger. Rita could still slip her
    finger through the cunt-lips, but it took a lot more effort.

    "That's the way, honey," Rita said.

    "This is easy," Mitzi said. "You were right. All I had to do was think I
    had to piss and hold myself shut."

    "You learn fast. Now let's do some serious finger-fucking."

    Rita crooked her finger slightly and felt for the girl's clit. Just as
    she touched the nub, Mitzi gasped and jerked her cunt up.

    Mitzi's finger crooked in Rita's cunt and probed. Rita braced herself
    for the jolt her finger would bring when it hit her clit too hard.

    Mitzi surprised her. Her finger barely touched the sensitive organ. Rita
    sucked her breath in and rolled her ass up as the warm glow built. She
    kept her fingertip on Mitzi's clit too, and the girl groaned and tossed
    her head.

    Rita brought her finger away from Mitzi's clit, and Mitzi did, as well,
    letting Rita roll her ass down. Then, as she again approached the girl's
    clit, Mitzi followed suit, and Rita brought her ass up at the touch.

    With knees braced wide, Rita heaved her ass up and rocked it back down,
    up and down, with each touch to her clit.

    Now Rita's breath came in quick gasps, and she whined each time the
    finger touched her clit. Mitzi was fingering Rita's clit with the same
    skill. The warmth of the glow in her pussy built higher and higher.

    Mitzi stiffened against her, and the girl's cunt-juice flowed over
    Rita's finger. Rita held her finger tightly against Mitzi's clit while
    the girl quivered against her. Meantime, the heat in Rita's cunt
    continued to rise.

    Then Rita braced her knees and brought her cunt up against Mitzi's hand
    ... higher ... higher.

    "Ohhhhh!" Rita gasped.

    Rita arched her back and stiffened as her own cunt-juice let go. While
    her cunt-cum pumped out and she quivered against the girl, she turned
    her head. Mitzi was facing her, her lips parted, the tip of her tongue

    Rita brought her tongue out and gently touched its tip to Mitzi's. It
    was the tenderest feeling she had ever experienced while her cum pumped
    out of her, draining her strength.

    Rita let her ass down to the bed. Her energy was gone. Mitzi's tongue
    was sweet against hers, sweet and soft. Without moving, she closed her

    It was sweet just to dream beside this girl, this girl who tried so hard
    to please her, this girl who was so crude in one way and so
    sophisticated in another, this girl who would be delightful if she were
    her daughter.

    Rita shook her head slightly. She was there to lay the girl and satisfy
    her so she would leave Tommy alone--not to be a mother hen who took in
    lost waifs.

    She brought her lips over the tip of Mitzi's tongue and kissed it

    "Well!" Rita said, "now that you know how to clamp down with your cunt,
    let's heat up the old dildo."

    "Heat it up!" Mitzi exclaimed.

    Rita got up and went to the adjoining bathroom and turned on the
    hot-water tap.

    "Sure, we might as well bring it up to body temperature before we stick
    it in ourselves."

    Rita took the double-headed dildo out of a drawer and dropped it into
    the sink. After a few seconds in the hot water, she took it out, wiped
    it dry, and smeared a light coat of Vaseline over the long shaft and the
    two heads. Satisfied, she took it back to the bedroom and the waiting

    Rita lay down with her knees spread to the sides and worked one head of
    the fake cock into her cunt. While she pushed and twisted the shaft, the
    cock-head fucked deep in her cunt.

    "Let's have a duel," Rita said. "A duel to the finish. We'll fuck each
    other with this thing until the loser is too exhausted to fuck anymore.
    I'll give you the advantage. I'll stay on my back with my legs spread.
    You can be the man."

    Mitzi laughed. "I'll be more like the man once I get that thing in my

    While Rita lay under her, holding half the dildo in her cunt, Mitzi put
    her knees over Rita's spread thighs and lowered her cunt on the
    protruding dildo.

    Rita had to clench the fuck-shaft hard in her cunt to keep it from
    slipping deeper in her while the girl brought her cunt down around the
    cock-head, making the walls of her cunt spread wide. The head and a few
    inches of the shaft slipped into her, and Mitzi shifted her knees back
    together and settled down with her bare cunt-mound smooth against

    "Ready or not, here we go," Mitzi said.

    Rita held her cunt as tight as she could around the dildo-shaft while
    Mitzi brought her ass up, but it slipped through her cunt-lips. The
    shaft slipped out until the head tugged against the lips of her cunt,
    then the girl let her cunt slip higher on the shaft.

    Then Mitzi drove the dildo down, fucking it deep in Rita's cunt.

    "Oh!" Rita said and tried to hold the shaft from sliding back up through
    her cunt.

    Try though she did to keep Mitzi from controlling the next fuck-thrust,
    the girl drew the shaft out until the cock-head again tugged at Rita's
    cunt-lips. Then she thrust back in.

    "Oh! Oh!"

    Again and again Mitzi fucked the long dildo deep in Rita's cunt, while
    the older woman lay helplessly under her. If Rita didn't stop her, the
    young maniac would soon make her come. Then she would be helpless to
    stop her from wreaking further havoc on her family.

    Just as Mitzi pounded her groin against hers, Rita sucked in her breath,
    clenched her teeth, and followed the girl up off the bed. Clear of the
    bed, she held herself still and let the girl pull the shaft out from her
    cunt, out until the bulge of the cock-head tugged at her pussy-slit.
    Then she clenched her cunt down hard on the shaft and heaved her ass
    high, thrusting the dildo far up into Mitzi's pussy.

    "Ie-e-e!" Mitzi screamed as she drew back away from Rita.

    Rita followed the girl up. Then she pulled the fuck-shaft out of Mitzi's
    cunt until the head started to spread the lips of the girl's cunt. She
    stopped and drove back up into her, not quite so hard.

    "Oh!" the girl gasped.

    Rita gripped the girl's hips and held her, as though she were a man,
    fucking a woman kneeling over him. Then she fucked the dildo up into her
    again and again and again.

    Mitzi whined and tossed her head back and forth to Rita's fuck-strokes,
    making her hair fly out and then whip back over her shoulders.

    "Ohhhh! Ohhh!"

    Mitzi's whining grew louder. She threw her whole upper body back and
    forth in time to Rita's strokes with the dildo, firmly clutched in her
    cunt. The girl grabbed Rita's tits and squeezed them, making them ache.
    Still, Rita kept her knees braced to the sides and heaved her ass up
    again and again, fucking the shaft into the girl's cunt, held closed
    with her legs together.

    Then Mitzi stiffened and squeezed Rita's tits even harder.

    Rita rammed the dildo deep in Mitzi's cunt and held her body arched high
    against her while she wrapped her arms around the quivering girl.

    Mitzi held Rita's head in her hands and pressed her face tight against
    Rita's. As her quivering stopped, Rita pulled her down against her so
    the girl's softening tits pushed down over Rita's sharp-pointed nipples.

    After a time, Mitzi turned her face and kissed Rita. Rita enjoyed the
    soft touch of her lips. At last, Mitzi drew away.

    "Ready for round two?" Rita asked.

    Mitzi smiled slightly and shook her head. "I'm all fucked out, Rita. I
    thought I could hold this dildo in my cunt and take control. God, but
    you're strong."

    "You'll learn how, honey. When a man's fucking you, you can hold
    yourself tight around his cock. You'll both enjoy it more. After a
    while, you won't even realize you're doing it."

    Mitzi's smile broadened. "I'd like to practice again with you. Right
    now, I'd better give my cunt a rest."

    Mitzi got up on her knees and drew herself back on the rubber prick,
    still held tightly by Rita's cunt. Her pussy slipped up on the shaft,
    and then the head appeared. When Mitzi got off the bed, Rita took the
    shaft in her hand and slowly drew the rubber cock out. The head pulled
    her cunt-slit wide, then slipped out.

    When Mitzi was dressed, Rita saw her to the door.

    Chapter 9

    The knock at the door was persistent. Rita tried to tune it out and
    focus once more on the novel in her hands, but it wouldn't stop. She
    frowned as she put the book aside, put her feet into high-heeled
    slippers, rose, and fastened her robe. Tommy wasn't due for an hour or
    more. Besides, he had his own key. She opened the door.

    "Why, Bill!" she said. "Tommy isn't here just yet, but come on in."

    "Thanks, Mrs. Baylor," he said, following her in.

    "We don't need to be formal. It isn't like we didn't know each other.
    Call me Rita."

    "Okay, Rita," he said, sitting by her on the couch. "Actually, it's you
    I wanted to see."

    "Oh? What about? I thought you had a date with Mitzi last night."

    "Yeah. That's why I wanted to see you."

    "I don't understand!" she said.

    "Well, Rita ... it's just that you're so much better than Mitzi."

    His face colored. "Yeah, Mitzi tried to be good, I guess. But it's so
    much nicer when I'm with you."

    "Wouldn't you rather be with a girl your own age?"

    "Yeah ... no ... I mean, you're so pretty, and you look young. I guess
    you must be close to forty, but you're better looking than the girls in
    my class. I really like you, Rita. I like you better than any of those

    What could she say? Honest compliments didn't happen every day. She
    liked him too, and she liked it when he fucked her.

    Rita lay down on the couch with her back across his lap, looked up into
    his eyes, and said, "Strip me down, Bill. I like to have your hands on

    Bill's hands trembled while he fumbled with the sash on her robe, but he
    got the knot untied and drew the garment apart.

    "God, but you're beautiful, Rita," he said as he ran a hand down under a
    garter and inside the top of her stocking.

    "I try to take care of my body," she said, shrugging one shoulder
    slightly, then the other, letting the robe slip down off her arms, and
    then lying back on the garment. "It's all for you."

    He grasped the front of her bra and drew the two halves together,
    releasing the hook, and then pulled the cups wide. Her tits sprang free
    and stood straight out. The straps fell off her shoulders, and she
    raised herself a little, letting the bra drop from her arms.

    His breathing came faster as he slipped his hand down over her soft hips
    and into the waistband of her panties. She raised her ass while he
    peeled the yellow nylon down onto her thighs, then she raised her legs
    so he could slip the panties off.

    Rita watched his eyes while she slowly lowered her legs to the couch,
    gradually revealing her cunt. His eyes focused on the curve of her
    belly, then on her bare pussy.

    "My God, Rita! You're ..."

    "Am I naked or what?" she said as she spread her legs slightly, drawing
    her bare cunt-lips apart.

    "You look like my ..."

    "Like your what?"

    "Like my little sister," he said as he ran a hand down over her slick
    cunt-mound and pressed a finger between her pouting lips.

    "Don't tell me you've been fooling around with a little girl!"

    He colored. "No! No, but she runs around naked after a shower. Your cunt
    is as bare and smooth as hers."

    "How about the rest of me? Do I really look like her?"

    Bill grinned while he ran a hand over the swell of one hip and squeezed
    one tit, making the nipple ache and turn hard in his hand. He shook his

    "No, she isn't developed like you, Rita." He put his hands over both
    tits and squeezed them. "You have the nicest tits, better than any of
    the girls I've ever seen."

    "They're too little."

    "They are not! They stick straight out."

    Rita had to laugh. "That's because you keep squeezing them. I like your
    hands on me, but you're making them ache pretty good. Stand up, and I'll
    get you undressed."

    As Rita started to sit up, he kept his arms around her, cupping her tits
    in his hands. He pulled her back against him and pinched the nipples,
    making her toss her head back and gasp. Then he released her. She stood
    and pulled him to his feet.

    He kicked off his loafers while she opened his fly and drew his jeans
    down. Kneeling before him, she pulled off one pant leg, then the other.

    While he drew his sweat shirt off, she stayed on her knees and grabbed
    his shorts by the waistband. The cock-bulge in his shorts was big and
    hard. She brought her face nearer while she pulled the white cotton
    underwear down.

    His cock sprang free against her face, and she let his shorts fall
    around his ankles. The hard prick-shaft was hot in her hand. Rita put
    her mouth to the prick-head and parted her lips while she nodded toward
    his groin.

    Her lips stretched over his cock-head ... farther ... farther. Then her
    lips were around the shaft itself and the cock-head filled her mouth.
    She sucked the head of his cock and his groin trembled while his fingers
    touched her hair.

    Rita drew her lips off his cock-head and stood before him. He put his
    hands on her hips and looked down at her.

    She smiled. "There isn't much left of my clothes ... just the garters,
    stockings and slippers. Do you want me to take them off?"

    He was swallowing over and over, and his face was turning red. After a
    moment, he shook his head. "No, I like you dressed just the way you

    Bill reached down and scooped her up in his arms and carried her toward
    the open door to her bedroom. Turning sideways, he sidestepped through
    the doorway and then stood, looking down at her, smiling.

    "You look good enough to eat," he said. "Just like a slice of

    She curled an arm around his neck and drew his head down and kissed him.
    "I'm not sure I like the analogy, but I wouldn't mind being eaten."

    He laid her on her back and got on his knees, between her legs. Rita
    spread her thighs straight out for him as he bent forward.

    His trace of beard stubble scratched over her shaved cunt while he ran
    his mouth up and down the length of her pussy-gash. The stubble
    scratched, but it didn't hurt. It was the stamp of real manhood.

    Bill ran his tongue and down along the edges of her cunt-lips. Then he
    pushed his tongue down in her cunt-gash and licked upward, all the way
    up to where the cunt-lips joined, then back down the slit and upward

    As he licked her pussy over and over, little ripples of tingling warmth
    flowed the length of her cunt-lips. Her hips rocked to the movement of
    his tongue. She held his head in her hands, stroking his dark hair.

    Then he paused from his licking and pressed his tongue deep into her
    cunt-slit. Her breath came in little gasps while his tongue penetrated
    her pussy, pushing the pussy-lips apart.

    Then he was licking inside her, his tongue thrusting deep, bringing a
    ripple of tingling warmth down with it. He slowly licked in the folds of
    her cunt, and when his tongue was just inside her inner slit, he fucked
    it in deep, making her roll her ass up.

    What was wrong with that dumb bitch Mitzi? The girl didn't like the way
    he fucked her. This was the best anyone had ever eaten Rita's pussy.
    Maybe the little bitch just didn't know how to bring out the best in

    Now Bill gave full strokes with his tongue. Scarcely aware she was doing
    it, Rita clamped her cunt hard around his tongue. He pulled hard at her
    pussy-lips. His head bobbed on her cunt as she rocked her hips up and

    Then he drew his tongue out of her fuck-hole and raised his head.

    "If we don't start fucking," he said, "I'm gonna come outside you."

    He wasn't exaggerating. His cock, stiff as a steel rod, had a drop of
    precum on the head.

    She said, "Let's use another position. Dogstyle."

    "I never did it that way before," he said, "but I'll try."

    "You'll have to handle me a lot."

    "I'm sure I'll like it then."

    Rita turned over on her stomach and, keeping her head turned to the side
    on the pillow, brought her ass up high. She let her back sway so her
    belly was down on the bed.

    Bill's body was hot against her ass-cheeks as he came up against her
    with his arms curled around her waist and under her tits. His palms
    cupped her aching tits and his cock pushed into her crotch against the
    mound of her bald cunt. He brought his knees out, spreading her legs

    She reached back between her legs and grabbed his cock by the shaft and
    guided the cock-head between her cunt-lips and into her cunt-slit. After
    only his tongue had been inside her pussy, his cock-head felt huge
    against her tightly stretched pussy-lips.

    For the time being, he just held the head of his cock against her inner
    cunt-hole while he squeezed the tender flesh of her tits, holding the
    nipples, rotating them back and forth. The ache in her nipples spread
    through her tits and moved down through her chest to her belly.

    While she rubbed his cock-head up and down in her cunt-slot, he pushed
    harder. She gasped when the cock-head pushed her inner fuck-hole open.
    The quick stab of pain went away, then it stabbed back briefly each time
    he pushed her wider as his cock-head opened her, relentlessly.

    Finally, the pain stopped. His entire cock-head had to be buried in her
    cunt. Her cunt-lips were stretched tightly around his prick-shaft.

    He fucked into her slowly, and a wave of tingling heat followed his
    cock-head in, all the way to the depths of her cunt. The heat faded as
    he drew back and stopped, the cock-head just inside her cunt-lips. He
    bent close over her and kissed her.

    "Your cock is so nice inside me. Let's fuck!"

    While he squeezed her aching tits, he drove his cock deep in her cunt.

    "Oh!" she gasped.

    He slowly drew back until the prick-head tugged at her pussy-lips. He
    stopped, poised, and thrust into her.

    Each time his cock-head hit bottom, he pinched her nipples. The hard
    tit-flesh ached with pleasure. She writhed under him and thrashed her
    head to the side. When she opened her mouth, his lips were there,
    kissing her.

    Again and again, he fucked deep in her. The waves of heat in her cunt
    started building, higher with each stroke of his cock.

    "Ooooh! Ooooh!"

    His cock-strokes turned slower and slower. He couldn't be far from
    coming, himself. She tensed in position while he rammed into her,
    bringing the swell of heat higher and higher.

    Her cunt-cum let go and he stopped fucking into her. Bill held his rigid
    cock deep in her cunt while she quivered and pumped her cum over his
    embedded prick.

    When her quivering stopped, he asked, "Want me to wait 'til you've had
    time to recover?"

    "No. Keep fucking me, Bill, honey. I want you to come inside me now.

    He drew back and fucked into her so hard it jarred her hips. Then he
    drew back and slammed into her ... again ... again.

    Then he clutched her tits hard and tensed against her and his jism shot
    deep in her cunt. The hot cum pumped over and over.

    When his cum stopped spurting and his cock turned soft, he drew it out
    and helped her bring her knees together. She lay down and turned on her
    side while he lay against her.

    He put an arm over her hip and held an ass-cheek to draw her against
    him. She closed her eyes and dreamed with her face against his, dreamed
    while she waited for her energy to return.

    When strength returned to her legs, she kissed him and said, "We both
    started some oral business a while ago. It's still unfinished business."

    "I'm not a business-man, but I can't stand unfinished business. How
    about a sixty-nine?"

    "Okay," she said. "I'll get on top."

    Just as Rita straddled Bill's shoulders, facing his limp-cock, the front
    door clicked.

    "Jesus!" Tommy gasped.

    "Oh, my God!" Rita said. "That's Tommy and he sees our clothes all over
    the living room. I'd better talk to him. Stay here."

    Wearing her stockings and garters, Rita walked into the living room,
    closing the bedroom door behind her.

    "Hi, honey," she said. "Surprised?"

    He looked at her figure with a combination of awe and astonishment in
    his face.

    "Yeah, Mom. Surprised ... and relieved to see you're all right. At
    first, when I saw the clothes all over the place, I thought you'd been

    "No such luck," she said, smiling. "I've been giving lessons."

    "Mom! Stop that!"

    "Well, I'm sure you know your mother isn't all that pure, honey. He's a
    nice guy who needed a few pointers."

    "Anybody I know?"

    "He's a friend of yours."


    She nodded.

    Tommy grinned. "It's about time that guy came out of his shell. You
    finished with your lessons?"

    "I thought I'd give one more, you're welcome to join us."

    Rita led the way back into the bedroom after Tommy had undressed. Bill
    was lying on his back with his cock still limp, an uncertain expression
    on his face. His Adam's apple bobbed.

    "Tommy, if I'd--"

    "We've already talked it over," Rita said, "and Tommy wants to join us."

    "Gee, how do we do it?" Bill asked.

    "You and I'll do sixty-nine, just like we were going to do," Rita said,
    getting up on the bed and once more straddling his shoulders. "While
    we're eating each other, Tommy will fuck me in the ass. Got the
    Vaseline, honey?"

    Tommy held the jar in his hand.

    Rita reached back from her kneeling position and spread her ass-cheeks.
    Tommy's finger was gentle in her asshole as he spread the lubricant.
    When he'd finished twisting his greasy fingers back and forth, he gave a
    couple of playful but searing thrusts into her ass, then drew his finger

    Rita bent down to Bill's limp cock and put the cock-head in her mouth
    and sucked it, drawing the cock-shaft through her lips. Satisfied, she
    let her knees slide out to the sides. Bill's arms pushed her thighs out
    farther, and her cunt settled down on his face, and his tongue licked
    through her cunt-slot.

    Tommy's cock touched her asshole, and his arms went under her chest. He
    held her tits gently in his hands while he pushed his cock harder and
    harder against the tight ring of her asshole.

    She wiggled her hips, and her cunt-lips pushed out over Bill's mouth.
    She settled her hips down, pressing her cunt down on his face while he
    thrust his tongue up into her pussy. His tongue brought a warm wave of
    tingling heat that ran through her cunt.

    Tommy had kept pressing his cock hard against her asshole, and now the
    cock-head slipped inside, burning all the way. He fucked full length
    into her ass, the pain searing through the depths of her ass-guts.

    Bill's cock came to life in her mouth. It grew and turned hard while she
    swallowed over and over, drawing the prick-head deep in her throat. As
    his cock stiffened, she was able to slide her mouth up and down the
    length of the cock-shaft. She ran her lips full length, from the
    cock-head down to where her nose touched his balls.

    As he ass-fucked her, driving his prick full length into her again and
    again, the burning pain turned into an ache, a good ache like the ache
    in her tits from his pinching the nipples.

    While Tommy ass-fucked her, she brought her lips up on Bill's
    cock-shaft, taking the cock-head into her throat. She stopped when her
    lips pulled against the bulge of the prick-head, keeping the head inside
    her mouth. She breathed through her nose, then slipped her lips back
    down the length of the prick-shaft.

    While she ran her lips back down, Bill held her head lightly in his
    hands. His fingers caressed her face, brushed her hair. He rearranged
    the way her hair cascaded down in disarray in a big pile on his balls.

    While she went down on Bill, he curled his tongue in her cunt and
    slipped it over her clit. She recoiled at the electric flash when his
    tongue touched her clit, and her hips jerked in reaction. He ran his
    tongue over her clit again and again, making her writhe and jerk against
    his face.

    While Bill tongue-lashed her clit, she tried to hold her hips still
    while Tommy slammed cock into her ass. His cock-strokes turned faster
    and harder.

    Then he tensed against her ass-cheeks and his cum spurted deep in her
    ass-guts, burning each time it pumped.

    While Tommy's jism flowed hot in her ass, she worked on Bill's cock. She
    ran her lips up and down, faster and faster. He writhed under her mouth
    and arched his body to thrust his cock up into her mouth.

    Then he shivered and spurted his hot cum into her throat just as she
    drove her lips down to the base of his cock. She held the length of his
    cock in her throat and swallowed the creamy cum as it pumped over and

    Bill kept his tongue stroking against the stiff clit. The warmth in her
    cunt built like a huge tidal wave, higher and higher and higher. Then
    the heat burst within her and her cunt-cum let go, flowing into his
    waiting mouth.

    When her cum stopped flowing, she slipped her lips off Bill's softening
    cock and breathed the cool air. Tommy pulled his spent cock out of her

    Rita lay between Tommy and Bill. It was with mixed feelings of
    exhaustion and accomplishment that she thought of the evening's work.
    She had been fucking like a teenager, and her cunt was getting more sore
    with each fuck-session.

    But she had at least taught Bill a few pointers, and she had protected
    her son from unprincipled girls.

    What kind of bullshit was she thinking? She had fucked Bill because she
    liked to fuck. She had fucked her son because she liked to fuck. She had
    fucked Mitzi because she liked to fuck.

    Why not get smart? She had been fucking herself to death because she was
    too selfish to think of anyone else enjoying her son. All right.
    Continue enjoying him, but let other people share him.

    Rita said, "I think we all need to expand our horizons."


    "Now hear me out. You both liked our little threesome, didn't you?"

    "Yeah, sure," Bill said.

    "You know I did, Mom," Tommy said. "I always like it with you."

    "Well, a threesome was good. A foursome should be even better."

    "Mom, does that mean another guy?"

    "No. It means another girl ... and I'm going to call her right now."

    Chapter 10

    Mitzi was smiling when Rita opened the door at her knock. She was also
    looking very pretty in high heels and a dress that was several sizes too
    big, but neatly tucked in at the waist to reveal her trim figure.

    "Come in, honey," Rita said. "Sit down over here on the couch. We need
    to talk."

    Mitzi sat primly, with her feet together. Her smooth skin was glowing
    and her long dark hair had been brushed until it shone. She looked
    squarely at Rita, who was sitting across from her in the easy chair.

    "Mitzi, how long have you been living with your aunt?"

    "Oh, six ... no, seven years, off and on."

    "Off and on? What's that mean?"

    "Well, she's really nice to me except when she goes on a bender. Then
    she gets mean and slaps me around. When that happens, I find a place to
    hang out with one of the kids until she goes back on the wagon. Then I
    move back in with her."

    "And this has been going on for seven years?"

    The girl nodded.

    "Do you love your aunt?"

    Mitzi hesitated, then shook her head. "No, I guess when someone hits you
    often enough, that kills any love you might have."

    "Mitzi, I want you to think about what I have to say very carefully. I
    want you to move in here with me. I want you to be my daughter. I want
    you to be Tommy's sister ... and friend. I want you to be Bill's friend,
    too. Mitzi ... I love you."

    At first Mitzi just stared at Rita. Then her eyes pooled and, with a
    little cry, she lunged up and threw herself on her knees at Rita's feet
    and put her head on the older woman's lap, sobbing. Rita stroked the
    young girl's hair, patted her shoulder.

    When she stopped crying, Mitzi turned her head, looking up at Rita
    through red-rimmed eyes.

    "That's the first time anyone ever said 'I love you.' I love you too,

    "Well, I think we have our own special way of saying just how much we
    love each other. We'll express that love very often, every night, if you
    like. Also, Tommy will love you. The two of you can express that love as
    often as you like, too."

    Mitzi's face flushed but she smiled. "I think I'll like being in this

    "Besides the love within this family, there are close friendships, like
    with Bill. You like him, don't you?"

    She smiled and nodded.

    "Well, both Tommy and Bill are waiting naked in my bedroom. Let's take
    our clothes off and show them how much we love them."

    It was with a feeling of appreciation that Rita undressed Mitzi while
    the girl stood before her. The youngster had gone to elaborate lengths
    to make the borrowed clothing she wore fit well. This was a new girl, a
    girl who had respect for herself, a girl who valued the fact she was a

    When Rita knelt and pulled the girl's panties down, she rubbed her cheek
    over Mitzi's pussy-mound. There was no trace of stubble, Mitzi had kept
    her cunt shaved smooth.

    Finished, Rita cast off her robe and stood before her, dressed the same
    as Mitzi in stockings, little encircling garters, and high-heeled shoes.

    "Let's go to meet the boys," Rita said.

    Tommy and Bill were lying nude on the bed when Rita swung the door open
    and led Mitzi inside. They both looked up at the pair of females who
    walked in.

    Rita said, "Boys, I want you to meet my new daughter."

    "Mom! What the hell?"

    "Now, everybody stay calm. Mitzi has agreed to live with us. She's part
    of the family now. I love her, and I know you will, too."

    Tommy's frown changed to a smile. "Hi, Sis. Welcome to the family."

    Bill said, "It's a real pleasure to be a friend of this family."

    Mitzi blushed as she smiled back at the boys. "This is a family I know
    I'm going to love."

    "Speaking of love," Rita said, "we're going to find our own way of
    expressing our love for each other. Let's start by getting to know each
    other better."

    "Okay, Mom," Tommy said. "What should we do?"

    "To start, my daughter and I are going to lie across the bed while you
    guys have your way with us. Tommy, you start with your sister, and Bill,
    you start with me. I'm going to be watching the clock though. Every two
    minutes, you guys have to switch partners."

    Lying across the bed side by side, Rita and Mitzi spread their thighs
    straight out. While the boys got in position, Rita watched the
    reflections in the ceiling mirror. Mitzi's knees were slowly coming down
    to the bed, and the girl's pink cunt was spread wide. Her cunt-lips were
    spread, but her inner cunt-folds were a closed line of pink pussy-flesh,
    glistening with moisture.

    Bill blocked her view of the mirror, and she looked down. His cock was
    swollen hard and the cock-head was pushed against her exposed
    cunt-folds. He leaned down and put his mouth over her right tit and
    sucked the nipple while he pressed his cock harder.

    Rita rolled her ass up and down, working her pussy against the head of
    his cock, forcing the tender cunt-flesh to part. Trying to ignore the
    jolts of pain while her cunt-hole stretched, she resisted the impulse to
    flinch or gasp while his cock-head forced her open.

    Then the head of his cock was inside her and fucking deeper. While his
    prick-shaft rubbed her stretched cunt-lips, she glanced at Tommy and
    Mitzi. Her son's cock was disappearing into the girl's bare cunt. Mitzi
    lay back, her arms limp over her head, a blissful expression on her
    face. The girl rocked her hips up just as Tommy's groin came to rest
    against her bare pussy-mound. Then she let her breath out in a long sigh
    while Tommy drew his cock-shaft out.

    Bill was fucking Rita deeply. Whenever he drew back, he pulled his
    cock-head against her sore cunt-mound. To relieve the tension, she
    brought her ass up when he withdrew, but he just drew back farther. She
    needed to put a brake on his prick.

    As Bill drew his halfway out of her pussy, Rita clutched her
    cunt-muscles around the prick-shaft. He registered surprise, but smiled
    and pulled his cock out slowly and stopped when the cock-head tugged at
    her tight cunt, then he fucked back into her.

    Rita glanced at the bedside clock and said, "Time, everybody. Switch

    Bill was more gentle as he pulled his prick free. He paused for a moment
    and squeezed Rita's spread thighs affectionately, just above her
    stockings. Then he went to Mitzi, and Tommy approached Rita.

    Tommy's cock-head was wider than Bill's, but her son was very gentle as
    he fucked in. Her cunt-lips stretched for the intruding fucker, and
    there was no pain.

    Tommy fucked her slowly at first, bringing little waves of warmth
    through her pussy, rising and falling, rising and falling. Rita lay
    back, limp from the waist up, just rolling her ass to the strokes of his

    Then, while holding his cock just inside her pussy-lips, her son reached
    down and hooked his arms around her spread thighs and brought them up
    and back toward her shoulders. He held her that way for a moment while
    he bent down and kissed her, then he slowly drove his big cock into her

    "Oh!" she gasped.

    He slowly drew out until the prick-head touched her cunt-lips, then,
    just as slowly he fucked back in deep.

    Rita was going to suggest that Bill do the same with Mitzi, then thought
    better of it. Bill just didn't have Tommy's gentle expertise ... not
    yet. If Tommy were fucking her recklessly in the long-cock position, he
    could cause a great deal of pain. But he was careful and gentle. Maybe
    he would give Mitzi the same kind of pleasure at the next swap.

    Rita glanced at the clock and said, "Time!"

    When Tommy had brought his mother's legs back down and slowly withdrawn
    his cock, he bent and kissed her, and then went to Mitzi.

    Bill came to Rita. "Like to go doggy-style?"

    "I'd love it," Rita said, bringing her legs together and rolling over
    onto her stomach.

    Bill slipped an arm under her and drew her up against him. Rita looked
    back under her, between her tits, past the swell of her belly, past her
    shaved pussy, at the upthrust head of his cock. She reached between her
    legs and took the slippery cock-shaft in her hand and guided the
    cock-head into her cunt.

    Her warm pussy-flesh was so slippery now that her cunt-hole opened
    painlessly when he pushed. With the head of his prick inside her, she
    let her back sway down so her belly was on the bed and turned her face
    to the side, her head resting on the pillow.

    Bill's cock brought a wave of tingling warmth as he fucked into her.
    With his cock buried balls-deep, he stopped. And then he drew back. Rita
    enjoyed the little waves of tingling warmth his cock brought, while she
    watched the couple beside her.

    Tommy had Mitzi folded up into the long-cock position. The girl's legs
    were long, and they extended well past her head. Tommy's cock-head was
    inside the girl and his long cock-shaft was poised outside. He kissed
    the girl and slowly drove his cock into her pussy.

    Mitzi clutched Tommy's head in her hands, caressing his hair while he
    drew his prick out.

    "Ohhhh! Tommy, I like that!"

    Again and again, the boy fucked full length into Mitzi. The girl gasped
    and writhed under him and cried out with words of endearment.

    Rita called out, "Time!"

    Bill drew back until his cock-head tugged at the lips of her cunt. He
    stopped and Rita wiggled her ass to work her cunt free.

    Rita moved to lie down again, but Tommy stopped her with a hand on her
    ass. "Let's try it with you on top."

    While Rita straddled her son's loins, Bill said, "That's a good idea!
    Let's try it that way too, Mitzi."

    Rita lowered her cunt onto Tommy's waiting cock. Her pussy was so
    slippery it was painless to impale herself on his prick-shaft. She sank
    down on his cock until her shaved pussy-mound was mashed against his

    Now she leaned down until her tits touched his chest and rocked her ass
    back, raising her cunt on the cock-shaft until the cock-head felt big
    against her slit, then she tucked her ass down and lowered herself onto
    Tommy's hard cock.

    Then Tommy bucked his hips up, fucking deep into her, and then he drew
    back out. Rita held still on her knees, letting him fuck her stretched

    The rising and falling waves of warmth in her pussy stopped falling.
    They rose higher and higher with each fuck-stroke. She started whipping
    her body back and forth, tossing her blonde hair out over her son's
    face, then whipping it behind her.

    "Ohhh! Ooooh!"

    Mitzi was doing the same. The girl's brunette hair was longer and it
    tossed farther each time she whipped her body forward.

    Mitzi went tense beside Rita. She bent down close over Bill while he
    fucked into her cunt faster. Then he grunted and wrapped his arms around

    Rita swelled toward her peak. Tommy was slamming his fucker into her
    cunt, harder with each stroke, and now his face was red.

    Rita stiffened, and her cunt-cum started to flow.

    Tommy continued hammering up into her faster and harder each time. Rita
    bent low and took his face in her hands. He heaved himself up and put
    his arms around her as his cum-load spurted deep in her cunt. They
    quivered together while his jism pumped into her pussy.

    When their cum stopped, Rita stayed folded against him, her tits turning
    soft against his chest. Mitzi was doing the same over Bill. Bill held
    her close and caressed her tangle of dark hair.

    After a few minutes, strength returned to Rita's legs. Tommy's cock in
    her cunt was returning to life, swelling and turning hard. Rita turned
    her face to the silent couple beside her.

    "Are you two still alive?" she asked.

    Mitzi smiled. "We're still alive. Something inside me's coming back to
    life, too."

    "Good. Let's put it to good use. Everyone gets to share everything.
    Let's have a daisy chain."

    Rita brought her ass up, drawing her cunt free of Tommy's cock.

    "Let's see," Rita said, "Us girls are smaller, so we'll lie across the
    head and the foot of the bed. To start with, I'll go down on Tommy's
    cock. Mitzi, you take Bill's. We'll keep switching, like when we

    "Wait a minute," Mitzi said. "I never did this part right. Let me
    practice on you for a minute, Bill."

    While Rita and Tommy watched, Bill lay on his back and the girl
    straddled his shoulders, facing his cock, which had turned stiff. She
    took his prick into her mouth.

    With her nose halfway to his balls panic showed in her eyes, but she
    kept nodding her head, inching her lips down the cock-shaft. Finally,
    her nose touched his balls, and then she brought her mouth up the length
    of his cock, then back down to the root, then up to the cock-head and

    "I can do it! Now I know I won't throw up on anyone. Let's get started!"

    While Mitzi scooted to the foot of the bed, Rita lay on her back across
    the head of the bed, turned in the direction opposite from Mitzi. She
    twisted her body at the waist to put her face over Tommy's cock as he
    lay along the side of the bed.

    Rita had worked her lips out over the swelled head of Tommy's cock when
    strong hands gripped her thighs, pulling them apart, and she stole a
    glance. Bill had her legs spread straight out, and then he slipped his
    hands up and squeezed the soft flesh of her hips. He put his face to her
    shaved cunt.

    While Bill's tongue sent little tremors of heat through her cunt, Rita
    worked her stretched lips down the shaft of her son's big cock. The
    cock-head filled her throat by the time her mouth was halfway down the
    cock-shaft. It was still slippery with salty cum, however, and each time
    she nodded, the prick-head slipped deeper.

    Finally, her nose touched his balls just as her chin pressed into the
    curly hair on his groin. She drew her lips all the way up to the head of
    his cock, breathed through her nose, then ran her mouth back down to the

    Bill's tongue touched her clit, and the hot sensation made her rock her
    hips up. The flash of heat faded while he drew his tongue back, then he
    ventured forth again.

    Her hips bucked up again as his tongue touched her clit. Her back arched
    and she held her ass up while the pulse of heat faded. Then her ass came
    back to the bed, just as his tongue again slipped between her cunt-lips.

    While Bill's tongue kept her cunt hot, she gave full strokes with her
    lips on Tommy's cock. Soon he started heaving his loins up to meet her
    mouth each time she brought her lips down his cock-lance.

    Rita stole a glance at Mitzi. Her dark hair spilled down over her face
    and over Bill's balls while she ran her lips up and down the length of
    his prick. Her hips rocked up rhythmically under Tommy's face.

    Rita worked her lips up Tommy's cock and off the cock-head and called
    out, "Time!"

    Bill touched his tongue to her clit one more time, then brought his face
    away from her cunt. Leaving her legs spread, Rita spun on her back,
    bringing her cunt under Tommy's face, her mouth over Bill's stiff cock.

    Bill's cock was smaller and easier to take as she put the cock-head in
    her mouth and inched her lips down the cock-shaft, feeling the cock-tip
    brush down her throat. Just when her face touched Bill's crotch-hair,
    Tommy's mouth covered her cunt.

    Tommy's tongue slipped between the bare lips of her cunt and thrust
    against the tender flesh of her pussy-folds. His tongue pushed harder
    and harder, and her fuck-hole parted, and his tongue slipped inside.

    When Tommy's tongue drew back, she gave attention to Bill's cock in her
    mouth. The prick-head was way back in her throat, and she couldn't
    breathe past it. She drew her lips up to the head of his cock and took
    several breaths through her nose, then went back down and started
    fucking her face on his cock-lance. Bill's hips squirmed under her face.

    Meantime, Tommy's tongue was keeping her hips busy, jerking each time he
    touched her clit. Her son was a master of timing. Each time he touched
    her clit, her hips jerked up, then settled back while the electric jolt
    faded away. Then, just as her ass touched the bed, his tongue would be
    back on her clit, making her heave her hips up again.

    Rita drew her lips up off Bill's cock and said, "Time!"

    She had to wait while Tommy sent her hips heaving up one more time
    before he withdrew and she could spin on her back, now placing her cunt
    under Bill's mouth. Tommy turned, with his big cock under her face.

    Rita put her mouth on the cock-head and pushed down. She ran her lips
    down the length of the cock-shaft and waited with her nose against his
    balls, while Bill worked his tongue up her cunt-slit and probed,
    touching her clit, sending her ass heaving high.

    Now she slipped her mouth up Tommy's cock-shaft and breathed while she
    worked her tongue in his piss-slit. He writhed under her mouth and then
    settled his hips while she went back down.

    Bill continued running his tongue up just inside her cunt-lips to touch
    her clit lightly and withdraw. It was making the pulses of heat in her
    pussy turn to waves.

    While Rita swelled toward orgasm, she glanced at Mitzi. The girl's back
    was arched and rigid while she still gave full lip-strokes on Bill's

    While Rita sucked on Tommy's cock his body stiffened under her. She
    picked up the pace, ramming her lips up and down faster and harder until
    his hot cum spurted deep in her throat.

    Bill's tongue on Rita's clit was bringing her ass higher and higher off
    the bed as the huge wave of heat in her cunt built higher and higher and

    Then her back arched rigidly and her cunt-cum let go, flowing into
    Bill's waiting mouth.

    Mitzi was still working her mouth up and down on Bill's prick, and his
    ass was bouncing on the bed. Soon he arched and quivered all over. His
    tongue in Rita's cunt became unsteady, jerking in spasms.

    Rita slipped her lips up the cock-shaft and off the cock-head. She was
    breathing hard while she rested her face on his groin. After a moment,
    Bill drew his tongue out of her cunt.

    "Well," Rita said, "do we know how to throw a party or what?"

    "That was the greatest!" Mitzi said.

    "Yeah!" Tommy agreed.

    Bill said, "There should be a saying ... the family that lays together,
    stays together."

    "That's good, Bill," Rita said. "That reminds me, would you like to move
    in with us? I could use another son."

    "Mom!" Tommy shouted. "Bill already has a family. Stop being such a
    mother hen."

    "Oh, all right," she said. "But, Bill, I hope you'll come here for
    dinner often."

    "You can depend on it, Rita," he said. "At least for dessert."

    The End

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    good story. thanks

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    Very beatiful and classic story. Thanks



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