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    [IPB-139] An Unholy Lust by Author Unknown

    [IPB-139] An Unholy Lust by Author Unknown

    Chapter 1

    Julie Moore looked around the Argon Gallery on 52nd Street in New York
    City and realized that if she was accepted by this gallery, if in fact
    her next one woman show was to be presented there ... she would be made
    in the art scene. All the greats of the new movement were represented
    in this gallery, Larry Rutherford, Andrew Wylan, Georgia Morris, just
    to name a few and she Julie Moore hoped to join their ranks.

    She caught sight of herself in a long baroque mirror on the far wall of
    the main gallery, not bad, not bad she mused to herself as she took in
    her tall lithe figure, her shapely legs extending from her mini skirt,
    her large firm breasts amply displayed in her stretch knit top. She was
    glad that she had worn her long blonde hair down, she flailed it around
    a little the way her model friend Carole did when she was goofing
    around in her studio, and flashed her mischievous green eyes at
    herself. She had heard that Philip Randolph was quite susceptible to
    women and she intended to pull a little at his heart strings ... not
    that she wanted more than that, she was too loyal to her husband Randy
    ... still she didn't mind a little flirtation here and there, it was
    good for the Soul! Besides, of late she had seen so little of Randy
    that she needed a little flirtation to stop her from getting too horny.
    She had noticed consistently that when she was preparing for a new show
    she needed all the male energy she could get, it was almost as if she
    fed upon it during those times and with Randy around she had been
    lacking in that direction. Not that David, her beloved, faithful fellow
    artist, didn't give her a lot of love, it just was different. They had
    known each other for so long she just couldn't imagine being his lover,
    although before she had met her husband Randy they had had a mad affair
    but it hadn't lasted for too long.

    "Mrs. Moore, Mr. Randolph will see you now," the receptionist at the
    desk purred.

    Julie allowed herself to be led into a sumptuous office, full of
    antiques and oriental carpets and lots of plants. Umm ... she thought
    to herself, this man has taste, that's for sure. She gasped to herself
    as she looked around the walls of his office at the dearth of famous
    artists represented ... hope I'll be there one day she thought strongly
    to herself.

    "Mrs. Moore, good to see you," Philip Randolph beamed from behind his
    desk. "Ever since Larry's party I've been longing to chat with you. You
    know Larry is nuts about your work, he thinks that you are the best
    thing since him!"

    Julie smiled shyly, she wasn't used to such compliments from such
    famous artists, still she liked it. It was true, the famous Larry
    Rutherford had been the one who had prompted her to move to New York
    City. The West Coast is alright, he had told her when he had seen her
    work in San Francisco but if you really want to make the art scene,
    you've got to move to New York ... it's the only place. I promise you
    if you come to the city I'll do whatever I can in my power to help you.

    "Mrs. Moore," she heard Philip Randolph talking to her again, "tell me
    a little about yourself, where did you grow up, what kind of art
    training did you have, where do you derive your inspiration from ... in
    short my dear everything about you."

    For the next half hour Julie expounded upon her life, her work, her
    marriage to Randy, her source of inspiration and Philip Randolph
    listened attentively. If Julie could at that moment have read the
    Gallery owner's mind she probably would have left the building ... but
    then again she might not have done, she was a very ambitious and
    determined young woman. Philip Randolph was studying Julie, he liked
    what he saw, he was extremely fond of women, especially beautiful women
    and Julie was certainly a luscious piece of femininity. He caught his
    breath inwardly everytime she crossed and uncrossed her legs wondering
    if she realized that when she did so he could see clearly up to her
    flimsy panties, he almost thought one time that he caught sight of her
    darling little pussy, he could see blonde pussy hairs for sure curling
    around the black panties and the rest he could well imagine. Her
    breasts too were large and firm and he could see that she wasn't
    wearing any kind of brassiere, her nipples would at various times
    harden and press again her tight sweater and Philip Randolph at one
    point thought he would go out of his mind with desire. However, he knew
    that he had to play his cards correctly and anyway he didn't have to
    worry, he had the ace up his sleeve.

    "Well Julie, that's fascinating," he smiled now as the young woman
    finished her story, "yes Al Cortini told me a little about you."

    "Al Cortini," Julie caught her breath sharply at the mention of the
    gallery owner who had given her her first big show in San Francisco ...
    and lots more besides that!

    "Yes, why are you so surprised Julie, all we big art dealers in the
    country know each other, some of us quite intimately. Al and I have
    been friends for years, we've shared quite a few things in our time ...
    do you know what I mean Julie?"

    "I'm not sure Mr. Randolph," Julie said slowly knowing now full well
    what he was aiming at. Oh curse, thought the young artist to herself, I
    thought that would be the last time I'd have to fuck a gallery owner to
    get my work exhibited ... Damn! Why does life catch up with you.

    "I think you do Julie. Let's put it this way, you go home, think about
    it. If you want to give me what I want then I'll give you a one woman
    show and believe me Julie, you'll be made here in New York City after
    that, there'll be no need of favors after that for you my dear, believe
    me ... but ... for your first show, you'll have to give a little
    something more than your art work. Call me tomorrow."

    Julie realized that her interview was over, she was stunned. It was
    true a show had been offered her but the terms were a little steep, she
    would have to think about it ... she would have to think about it a

    Julie Moore let herself into the studio she had newly rented on West
    11th Street with her husband Randy. The first thing she did was to pour
    herself a stiff brandy and sit down in her comfortable chair to think
    things over. Her head had been reeling all the way downtown from the
    gallery ... Al Cortini had actually told Philip Randolph of his triumph
    over her ... what a bastard and he had promised not to ever tell
    anyone. Obviously she had been a fool to trust him.

    She remembered now the first time she had taken her artwork to his
    gallery, it had been 5:00 p.m. almost closing time and by the end of
    her interview she had realized that she was now alone in the gallery
    with Al Cortini. Somehow or other, she recalled now, she had known
    something was going to happen. She shuddered a little as she thought of
    his thick paunchy Italian body, his balding head and his watery,
    slightly bloodshot brown eyes. He wasn't exactly God's gift to women,
    she remembered. She didn't drink much then but she had accepted a
    scotch and soda and then another and she recalled now how before she
    knew what was happening she was sitting on his couch and he was
    fondling her breasts.

    "Please Mr. Cortini," she protested in an anguished voice noticing for
    the first time the obvious bulge in his pants ... yes that was how it
    had all begun ... she leaned back now in her chair in her studio on
    West 11th Street and fully allowed herself to disappear into the memory
    of that fateful evening.

    "Come off it baby," Al Cortini sneered, "don't tell me you didn't know
    I would want a little piece of your ass for a show. You've wiggled it
    at me enough by this time to excite me."

    Then, as he massaged at the tender softness of her breasts, he pulled
    her back against him until she felt the hardness of his erect penis
    grinding into the small of her back.

    "Mr. Cortini," please stop she pleaded and yet already she realized
    that she wasn't resisting him as much as she could have done, already
    there were delicious sensations spreading from her tingling breasts,
    warming her belly and deep in her loins, a tiny flame of arousal seared
    her. She could hardly believe that it was happening to her, she was
    quite contented with her husband Randy even though he was away a little
    more on business than she cared for ... still she had never dreamed of
    being unfaithful to him.

    "Stop!" she shouted out now, jumping up from the couch and running to
    the door only to find that it had been locked.

    Turning back to the gallery owner now she gasped in amazement as he
    pulled the couch out into a double bed and she shuddered as she
    realized that soon she would be on her back on it. Her eyes traveled to
    Al Cortini now as he began to strip off his clothes, revealing his
    stubby body and paunchy belly to her horrified gaze. Her eyes were
    drawn like a magnet to his monster cock-shaft, standing out at an acute
    angle from his loins. She could see the throbbing beat of his heart in
    it; below his testicles hung free in the sagging sac of his scrotum,
    but even as she watched, she saw the slow contractions as it was drawn
    up and became more wrinkled and tight, pulling his balls tip closer to
    his body. Julie knew that his penis was much too large, that it would
    never be able to fit into the petite opening of her vagina. God! she
    thought, he'll tear me apart. She remembered how painful it had been
    the first time that Randy had made love to her and his cock was no-
    where near the size of Al Cortini's.

    "Strip baby," she heard him growl. Julie made a snap decision there and
    then, she wanted a one woman show, she would do whatever it took to get
    one, even this lewd act. She unzipped her mini skirt and let it fall to
    the floor, then she pulled off her tight cotton knit top revealing her
    luscious white tits trembling before his lascivious gaze.

    "Damn! You're a lovely piece!" Cortini told her, his jaw going slack
    and his lecherous eyes widening with salacious desire as he gaped at
    her, seeing the curvaceous shapeliness of her legs, her smoothly
    tapered thighs and her flimsy black panties. She had not been able to
    tear her eyes away from the hardened, thick length of his cock, and as
    she watched, she saw his hand grip it. With a lewd leer, he stroked his
    cock-shaft, withdrawing the loose and heavy foreskin, the blood-filled
    head seeming to slide out like some Primeval serpent monster wriggling
    out of its lair.

    "Like it baby," he grinned lewdly. "Just wait till I shove it in that
    tight little cunt of yours. Then you'll know that you've really been

    "No! No! No!" she screamed wildly thinking of a way to escape from his
    evil clutches.

    "You're trapped baby and I'm going to fuck you." His mouth came down on
    hers savagely, his thick wet tongue bursting furiously between her lips
    to bore deep into her mouth probingly.

    Julie struggled in the circle of his arms, still torn between the
    desire to escape and the desire to have her show. She felt his hands
    now tearing at her panties and she knew that her doom was sealed. She
    knew that she would have to take command of the situation soon
    otherwise he would rape her, she would rather give herself to him than
    allow herself to be brutally raped.

    She felt herself being pulled back now onto the bed and she watched
    with frozen horror as he stroked the soft, inner sides of her thighs
    with deliberate and obvious enjoyment. Then, his hands were there on
    either side of her almost unused pussy. Placing a thumb on either side
    of her coral-pink cuntal slit, he slowly, torturously, drew the
    glistening lips apart to lay bare her most secret portal. Then, he
    lowered his head down between her fear-trembling thighs to see better.

    "Damn it, you're tight baby," he groaned, "I can hardly wait to plunder
    that pussy of yours." With a grunt of sheer pleasure, Al Cortini
    dropped his bald head between her thighs, feeling her quiver like an
    aspen, uncontrollably, and his long, pink, pointed tongue shot moistly
    into that deliciously inviting hole, the tip of worming through the
    tight slit into the warm depths of her pussy.

    Julie's body jerked convulsively and her buttocks ground down on the
    bed. "My God!" she screamed, "what are you doing to me?"

    Julie began to sob now, it was one thing to allow this vile man to fuck
    her but now he was about to suck her pussy and she had never even
    allowed her husband Randy to do that, although he had wanted to do it
    many times. She felt his tongue pressing upward and she felt the full
    erotic effect of it as he began licking teasingly up and down the
    short, spikily turgid length of her clitoris. Despite herself, Julie
    was beginning to feel wonderfully ecstatic and delicious sensations
    whirling through her body, she hadn't wanted to give in to him but now
    she felt that she couldn't help it as instinctively her hips began to
    undulate in tiny circles up to his mouth. "Please? D-don't do that ...
    to me!"

    Al Cortini stopped and looked up at the tormented girl now, his lips
    glistening from the viscid moisture of her pussy, and as she stared at
    him, not understanding she saw him run his tongue over his lips
    savoring the flavor of her.

    "Baby," he said, "I'd like to eat your cunt until you're climbing the
    walls ... but I can't wait much longer!"

    His muscular body moved up over her, and he lowered his lips to suck up
    a ruby nipple, his mouth opening to take the coned-out hardness of it
    completely inside his mouth, including the darker pink of its aureola
    and a generous portion of the soft, white flesh of her breast. She
    mewled softly now as the erotic sensations started to sear up her spine
    ... I can't hold out, she groaned to herself, I've got to give in to

    "Oh baby, you're ripe to fuck," he growled, "and I'm going to fuck the
    living hell out of you." He ground the shaft of his turgid cock against
    her, moving it up and down in her cuntal slit and making sure that her
    clitoris came in for its share of teasing arousal. His hand moved down
    now to grasp the thick length of his menacing penis; she whimpered, her
    breath catching in her throat as once more she gazed at the thickness
    and length of his turgid shaft. Her head rolled from side to side in
    agony now as the rubbery tip of his cock pushed hard against her
    tightly resisting hole. "Oooooooooohhhhhh! My Godddddddddd!"

    "Aaaaaaggghhhhhh! Ooooooooooooooo!" she screamed as suddenly his
    massive cock-head slipped into her tiny, cuntal opening, and she felt
    the tissues stretched cruelly, excruciatingly.

    She knew that everything was going to give way, rip apart and that she
    was going to be fucked like she had never been fucked before in her

    Al Cortini was in ecstasy. Christ! She's tight! He loved to feel her
    tiny opening wrapped around his turgid cock-head.

    Julie screamed futilely, writhing her hips recoilingly in an attempt to
    rid her tortured vagina of his huge, presence. Then, his heavy chest
    came down on her, his avid mouth capturing hers, his teeth chewing at
    her lips and tongue. She gasped with pain while below he began to pound
    his hard cock in and out of her with feral abandon, until she was sure
    she would go insane. On and on he pounded and Julie moaned in desperate
    anguish, suddenly she felt his hot white cum spurted into her as lie
    dashed himself against her writhing body. "Aaaaaaghhhhhhhhh!
    Yessssss!!!!" he grimaced between gritted teeth as the full throes of
    his orgasm hit him. Julie was relieved, it was all over and as Al
    Cortini's now deflating prick pulled out of her she breathed a sigh of

    "Oh baby," he groaned, "you're something. Don't turn away I haven't
    finished with you yet." As he spoke he spread her tightly clenched
    thighs and staring lasciviously at her defenselessly exposed cuntal
    plane, he could see her coral-hued cuntal lips and the sparse blonde
    hair lining them. Then the gallery owner lowered his head until it was
    only an inch away from her brutally ravaged young pussy. He savored her
    moistly heated vagina and his hungry eyes devoured the delectable pink
    feast awaiting him.

    "Now I can suck you baby."

    "Oh No!" sobbed Julie, "please leave me alone now!" But even as the
    poor girl moaned in desperate anguish, the older man dropped his head
    relentlessly downward, and, with a loud moan of hunger, his hot mouth
    found her sensitive pussy flesh and began licking at it greedily. With
    a convulsive shudder, he buried his face deeper in her warmly performed
    flesh, flicking his tongue up and down the full length of her hair-
    lined slit.

    Despite her determination to remain aloof from his merciless attack on
    her young body, the despairing young woman gasped with sudden passion
    as his prodding tongue lashed into the tiny bud of her clitoris. A
    shower of forbidden pleasure shot through her naked body like flashes
    of molten lightning. "Oh noooooo," she moaned frantically, "stop!" It
    was bad enough that he was forcing her to accept his unwanted advances,
    but she couldn't allow herself to enjoy it ... that was too much!
    "Stop!" she cried again, desperately trying to push his burrowing head
    out of the vee of her wide-splayed thighs. She was almost sobbing with
    despair now as his invading tongue darted into her sensitive cuntal

    And then she thrashed like a fish on a hook as he nipped at the
    throbbing bud of her clitoris with his teeth, gently massaging it into
    full erection with the softness of his moistly heated lips. And then
    her quivering asscheeks were shamelessly pumping up and down as she
    thrust her wet, wide open cunt up against his face, suddenly wanting
    that ecstatically plunging tongue deeper up inside her fiery little

    The older Gallery owner's eyes were slitted as he stared up into the
    lust-contorted face of this lovely young artist. He felt that he had
    never tongue-raped a sweeter pussy than hers. And the fact that he was
    finally turning her on made his thick throbbing cock grow harder and
    swell to even greater proportions.

    Julie moaned with incoherent desire as she ground her hips wantonly up
    off the bed, writhing and breathing hard in mindless passion,
    unintelligible guttural sounds escaping her lust-constricted throat.
    Oh, God, she moaned to herself. I never imagined anything could be this

    She arched her back upward forcing her hotly throbbing cunt up into his
    face as his tongue plunged deeper up into her welcoming vaginal furrow.
    His mouth made wet slurping noises as he licked upward again through
    the tiny fleshy slit to a point where he was able to nip at her
    throbbing little clitoris with his teeth, and then, downward again to
    thrust his flickering tongue all the way up into her hotly clasping
    pussy, while Julie put the back of her hand to her lips to choke back a
    scream of rapture.

    "Aaaaaaggghhhhhh ..." she shrieked, and her tingling body shuddered
    into spasming jolts. Her entire voluptuous body writhed out of control
    now as she felt the blazing flashes of orgasm searing ecstatically
    through her pulsing cunt and spread like wildfire throughout her body.
    Nothing in all her experience had prepared her for the terrifying
    pleasure she now felt coursing through her ravished loins and she
    opened her mouth and let out a long moaning wail. "Eeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh
    ... oooooohhhhhh, God!" she groaned as her first orgasm of her entire
    life surged relentlessly through her tender flesh.

    Later, after Al had given her body an entire massage, they had fucked
    again, this time more gently and Julie had come to realize that there
    was more to a man than his looks. Certainly she would never have gone
    for a man like Al Cortini and yet he was by far the best lover she had
    ever had. She hadn't intended for their relationship to continue either
    and yet it had, their constant meetings to discuss her show and Randy's
    constant absence from home had allowed their lovemaking to develop into
    a delightful affair. Finally, however she had eased off the
    relationship and she knew that Al had other ladies in his life, it had
    been a wonderful interlude after the first brutal session. She never
    had thought for one moment, however, that it would catch up with her
    present life, she was shocked.

    Julie Moore came back from her reverie now and shook her head, she
    could hardly believe that Al had talked about her that way to Philip
    Randolph, she was hurt, she had always thought it was their little
    secret and she had never thought she would have to pay with her body
    for another show ... how wrong she had been ... how very wrong!

    Chapter 2

    Julie Moore awoke the following morning, clear in her thinking, knowing
    full well what she was going to do. She had spent most of the previous
    evening mulling over her problems, thinking about how hard it would be
    to get started in New York City without a gallery, not wanting to rely
    on her husband's salary forever to sustain her. It was good that Randy
    had always earned enough money to take care of the rent and all their
    expenses but Julie felt that she wanted to be able to support herself,
    buy her own art supplies, have a little money to buy clothes with when
    she wanted them, even travel a little. She had already accepted the
    fact that Randy would be away from home a lot and knew that she too
    wanted to travel with or without him.

    She thought now of her handsome young husband and as she did so an
    excited tingle ran throughout her entire body, oh God! she wanted him
    ... why wasn't he here? At 28, Randy Moore was already one of the most
    sought after literary agents in the country. First he set up business
    in San Francisco, that was good but since they had moved to New York
    City his career had catapulted. He spent his time now flying between
    Hollywood, London and Paris. Julie often wondered if he had other women
    on his travels, several times she had hinted at the subject but Randy
    had always assured her that he was faithful to her, although of late
    she had noticed that he had become more and more evasive on the
    subject. He always teased her about being so jealous and yet she
    couldn't help it, he was such a handsome man. She wondered what he
    would have done if he had ever found out that she had made love with Al
    Cortini and now about to make love with Philip Randolph ... would he
    understand, she thought disturbedly to herself? She didn't know ... but
    she would take that chance ... she had to have her one-woman show!

    * * * *

    "Mr. Randolph will see you now Mrs. Moore," the secretary purred once
    again flipping on the intercom switch to her bosses' office, "do you
    need me further Mr. Randolph?" she asked.

    "No, no, Silvia, you can go for the evening."

    "Thank you Mr. Randolph, see you in the morning."

    "Yes, yes Silvia, show Mrs. Moore in please."

    Julie Moore had decided ... she knew how the cards were stacked. She
    was coming to Philip Randolph's office for one thing and one thing
    only, to allow him to fuck her so that she could get her show.

    "Ah Julie, how lovely you look," the older man smiled as the young
    woman seated herself.

    "Thank you Mr. Randolph," she purred.

    "How about a drink, scotch and soda?"

    "Yes please."

    "You know Julie, I have to tell you, if I were your husband I'd be
    loathe to leave you alone for long periods of time."

    Julie Moore didn't know what to say to the older man, it was true,
    Randy did leave her alone a lot and recently more than ever ... now
    that Mr. Randolph mentioned the matter, she thought about it, yes, he
    had been away almost all of the previous month and practically all of
    this one!

    "Oh by the way, Julie, please call me Philip, everyone does, besides we
    are going to get acquainted, aren't we ... what have you decided, or is
    it too early in the evening for that subject?" he chuckled, a slightly
    lecherous expression on his face.

    Julie Moore blushed, in truth she wasn't quite sure how to handle the
    whole situation, making the decision to allow him to fuck her was one
    thing, carrying it out was another!

    "Do you trust your husband, Julie?" Philip inquired.

    "Of course I do," Julie said quickly, wondering if Philip knew
    something about Randy that she didn't know. "Why do you ask."

    "Oh nothing really, only Al Cortini mentioned to me that every time
    he's in San Francisco he has a different lady on his arm."

    "Al Cortini ... how does he know?"

    "Well ... apparently there's rather a famous club in San Francisco,
    noted for its nude acts, Al Cortini is a regular there and so is your
    husband by all accounts."

    Julie could hardly believe her ears, Randy in a nude club, it was
    unthinkable, she had never known him to go to such a place. "I'm sure
    he's mistaken Philip, it can't be true," Julie said defensively,
    secretly thinking to herself that somehow or other she would
    investigate the matter, it was true there had been something shifty
    about Randy for months now ... she just hadn't wanted to admit to it.

    Philip Randolph was leaning close to the young woman now and Julie had
    to move away from him quickly to prevent him planting a kiss on her
    neck. Now, suddenly, she wasn't sure that she wanted to go through with
    the venture. However, she didn't stand a chance, Philip snatched the
    glass out of her hand and planted his mouth firmly on hers, his tongue
    going sinuously into her mouth between her protesting lips and teeth.
    It probed deeply, erotically, and his arms went around her to crush her
    lusciously curvaceous body to his own.

    Squirmingly, she writhed and fought for release, while his hand cupped
    up the fullness of one of her breasts, his fingers squeezing hard into
    its resilient softness. Slowly, his tongue moved in and out of her
    mouth, suggesting copulation. He did it several times and then suddenly
    she was kissing him back.

    He tested her. He began to withdraw his tongue from her mouth, but she
    held it, sucking on it and drawing it back into her oral cavern,
    refusing to let it get away from her as she felt the flaming tingle of
    arousal in her loins. Fiercely, she thought about Randy now, her mind
    imagining all sorts of lewd and perverse actions that he could be
    involved in. For the first time in her life she began to really think
    about her husband and how elusive he had always been with her about the
    times he was away. She greedily sucked on the gallery owner's tongue
    now in an effort to pay Randy back for his imagined infidelities.

    Then, he was taking her hand in his. Firmly, he guided it to the
    throbbing erection that pulsed jerkingly inside his pants. Curling her
    fingers around it and holding her hand in place, he probed his tongue
    deeply into her mouth, running it in and out, smoothly. He was
    overjoyed when he felt her response, her body relax against him, her
    mouth sucking on his tongue, while below, her hand tightened around the
    thick length of his cock. No! she suddenly panicked, I can't do it! She
    let go of his hardened penis as though it were a red-hot poker.
    Desperately, she twisted her head aside to break the erotic, deep-
    probing kiss and gasped. "No Philip, I've changed my mind, I just can't
    do it!"

    "That's a piece of crap!" he shot back. "You're hot for it ... so why
    don't you relax and enjoy it! Just admit that you need to be screwed
    ... because your husband obviously hasn't been taking care of you!"

    "Listen I'm not that kind of woman!" she spat out.

    "That's not what I hear from Al," he chuckled. His strong-fingered
    hands came down now to grasp her softly pliant buttock cheeks and
    pulled her loins in hard against his own.

    "All right Philip, you want to fuck, maybe I do but how do I know
    you'll keep it to yourself."

    "You'll just have to trust me my dear," he said sincerely enough to
    convince her that he would keep their secret.

    Suddenly Julie threw all caution to the wind, she wanted her show and
    she wanted this attractive man to fuck her. "Let's do it," she gasped.
    "I'm getting hot ... and I want you."

    Philip Randolph could hardly believe his luck but he certainly wasn't
    going to give her any opportunity to change her mind. Quickly he began
    to disrobe, Julie following suit until he was completely naked, and she
    was standing in bra and panties. Julie gasped as she looked at Philip's
    long thick cock spearing out from a thicket of brown hair.

    She saw the raw desire in Philip's face and she realized that it had
    been a long time since Randy had desired her this way. In school, where
    they had first met they had been ardent lovers and in their early days
    in Berkeley too. It had only been since her career as an artist had
    started to bloom that Randy's love-making prowess had tapered off. At
    times it had almost seemed to her that they were in competition to see
    who could make it in their prospective fields the first. She didn't
    have time however to think about Randy any further, Philip was already
    pulling off her brassiere, digging his fingers into her breasts and
    kneading her nipples. Then before she realized what was happening she
    was being pushed back onto the floor, his mouth seeking hers for a
    brief moment and then his lips were moving down to her beautiful firm

    He kissed one, then the other, his tongue flicking out to lick at the
    hardened nipples before taking one into his mouth to suck slaveringly,
    almost like a child. He felt it lengthen and grow even more erect.
    Shifting then to the twin, he worked at it, while below his naked cock
    was insinuating itself down between her still nylon pantie-clad thighs.

    Barely able to lie there and accept his homage to her luscious breasts,
    Julie's loins undulated up against the hardness of his erect penis. His
    sucking, teasing and biting of her nipples was sending ecstatic
    sensations through her, and she wanted him to take her. God! she wanted
    him ... wanted him to push into her, ram the whole length of his thick
    cock into her searing cunt and fuck her, right then! ... but she knew
    she would have to be patient, to wait for him to lead the way.

    ... Then she was holding her breath in expectant anticipation. Philip
    was leaving her breasts, all tingling and aroused, and was slithering
    down her body, his mouth trailing down over the soft, white flatness of
    her belly, his tongue dripping briefly into the dimple of her navel.
    Her hands were on his head now, pressing him gently downward.

    In a moment he had stripped her panties from her, his strong hands
    pulling her legs apart. Then his mouth was dipping down between her
    softly tapered white thighs; at the same time his thumbs were spreading
    the tender pink and moist lips of her cunt wide apart. With an animal
    like grunt of lustful joy, his tongue shot out to probe all around
    them, licking her just inside the moistly heated opening. His reward as
    quick in coming. Her hands on his head pressed him in tight against the
    hot flesh of her cunt, and her hips writhed up to him with feral

    "Oooooooooh!" Julie expelled her long-held breath, her groan a heartful
    relief ... but she wished for something else. God! Why doesn't he
    concentrate on my clitoris instead?

    Over and over, Philip worked his long tongue in and out of her warmly
    palpitating vaginal mouth. He heard her groan from deep in her chest
    that ended in a constant mewl of anticipation, and he knew that she was
    aroused ... ready for anything. There's only one way to find out!

    Briefly, his mouth left her searing flesh as he hauled her straight,
    then he was swiftly reversing his body until his knees were straddling
    her head. His hands went under her hips, cupping up the softness of
    them and pulling them apart as her legs involuntarily splayed wide to
    give him ready access to her loins. He said nothing ... but his message
    was eloquent.

    Again, he dropped his head down between her lovely white thighs, his
    tongue this time going unerringly to the spiky hardness of her
    ecstatically throbbing clitoris.

    Philip's joy knew no bounds when he felt her soft hands move
    caressingly over his buttocks then slide back to cup all his balls,
    kneading them in their sac and almost causing him to cry out with the
    pleasure of it. Then he felt her fingers close around the lust-hardened
    shaft of his massive cock.

    The knowing way in which she handled him told him that she was
    certainly no stranger to oral sex. In an instant he knew for sure. He
    felt the rubbery, blood-bloated head of his cock probed at by her
    moistly pink tongue. Restraining his wild desire to sink his aching
    cock straight into her mouth, he waited while at the same time keeping
    his teasing tongue busy on her clitoris. Up and down the short length
    of it, she licked, paying special attention to the sensitively
    throbbing head of the miniature phallus.

    With a long drawn-out moan, her loins bucked up against his mouth and
    undulated circlingly; at the same time, he felt her tight, ovaled lips
    slip over the pulsating mushroom-shaped head of his cock, sucking it
    into her hot mouth willingly. Only then did he begin to lower his hips,
    spreading his knees a little wider and allowing his thick length penis
    to push slowly and surely into the depths of her mouth. In a few
    moments she had absorbed almost all it, and he felt her lips nibbling
    at the shaft. It drove him wild with desire. In the next instant, he
    had shoved the full turgid length of it deep into her mouth and part
    way down her throat.

    Julie wasn't particularly surprised when Philip switched to the sixty-
    nine position and his heavy, pulsating erect cock had come down to
    poise just over her mouth. She loved to have her pussy licked and
    sucked. Reciprocally, she had also learned to suck cock. She remembered
    the first time she had been introduced to it by Al Cortini, it had made
    her gag the first time but after that she had loved it!

    She didn't hesitate now, though. She ran her hands over Philip's
    buttocks and fondled his testicles, enjoying the soft feel of them in
    her hands. Then she had licked at the spongy head of his pulsing cock,
    paying special attention to the connecting tissue on its underside.
    When she had finally ovaled her lips and had sucked it into her mouth,
    she felt an electric shock shuddering through her body. It pleased her
    to know that she was giving him as much pleasure as he was her, but in
    the back of her mind she knew that she was doing this calculated act to
    hurt her husband even though he might never know of it.

    Only half of his erect length was in her mouth, and she had begun to
    suck nibbingly on it when suddenly he had plunged it deeply in, his
    pubic hair tickling against her nose and chin. Desperately, she
    accommodated him, taking all of it into the moistly heated confines of
    her mouth and throat. Then he was nipping at her clitoris with his
    teeth. It caused tiny shooting pains of pleasure to surge ecstatically
    through her, consuming her cunt and belly with a raging, uncontrolled
    fire of sexual need.

    Then, intertwined on the oral copulation, her arms wrapped around his
    hips and pulling him down into her mouth with rhythmic regularity,
    allowing him to push in and out of her mouth and throat as though her
    oral cavern were a substitute cunt as she sucked and nibbled at the
    great shaft while at the same time his taunting tongue performed
    arabesques up and down the short, hardened length of her clitoris, they
    rose together to the heights of erotic arousal, both wishing that it
    could last forever.

    Never in his wildest dreams could Philip have imagined that this girl
    could be so terrific. He loved the way her cunt ground up at his mouth
    and the way she kept mewling and moaning, almost as though she couldn't
    get enough of it ... and the way she's sucking my cock is really
    something else!

    She knows what she's doing ... Al Cortini was right about her!

    Slavering, he increased his teasing arousal of her pussy, licking and
    biting alternatively at her clitoris then pressuring downward to slide
    his long, pink tongue in and out of her vaginal opening for long
    moments before returning again to the pulsating shaft of her hardened
    sex bud. As he slaved away he felt it building in her body, heard it in
    the deep tones coming from her chest as she moaned in an agony of
    imminent orgasm, and he felt it in himself, the tightening of his
    scrotal sac, the expanding lurch of his rock-hard cock as it moved
    smoothly between her lips and plunged deep into her throat, producing
    that familiar feeling of searing preparedness, almost like a volcano
    ready to blow itself apart. God! it felt good!

    He lashed at her with his tongue, probing and withdrawing, dancing
    tauntingly against her and working deep into the pliant softness of her
    cuntal passage. He felt the contracting palpitations and knew that she
    was ready ... that she would be exploding into orgasm soon ... and then
    his extended middle finger was probing at her anus. He pushed it in to
    the first knuckle and felt the smooth sponginess of the passage, and
    then he was punishing her there, working his outstretched finger in
    deep and swirling it around inside her rectum. All the while his hips
    were rising and falling as he drove his demanding cock deep down into
    her mouth and throat. Suddenly, his body was jerking, and he pounded
    his spewing cock into her mouth, the white hot sperm racing the turgid
    length of him to splash into the back of tier throat, forcing her to
    swallow the life-liquid with desperate greed. Almost simultaneously,
    her body spasmed shudderingly, her muscles tensing as she pushed her
    loins up even harder against his mouth.

    He ground his plundering tongue up into her and plunged his hammering
    cock all the way down her swallowing throat as he, too, poised tensely
    while the searing stream of his semen continued to spurt from the tip
    of his cock with satisfying intensity. Then, tremblingly, she sagged
    back against the floor. She would have screamed for pure joy but she
    could only moan to herself, OOOOOOH! God! It's wonderful!

    Slowly, the satiated relaxing euphoria overcame them, Philip rolled
    away to his side, the glistening shaft of his penis coming out of her
    mouth, still softly lurching with the final involuntary movements of

    "Oh my Julie, you really are something. Baby, you have the sweetest
    mouth in the world."

    "Ummmmmm ...!" Julie murmured, "you felt so good in my mouth Philip. At
    first I wasn't sure but now I'm glad we did it," the young girl's hand
    now playfully dropped down to Philip's deflated cock and began to
    squeeze it softly between her fingers. "Oh poor baby, all crumpled."

    "Not for long baby, if you keep that up," grinned Philip Randolph

    Deftly now Julie retracted the foreskin. The soft tube of flesh lurched
    in her hand. It felt wonderful. The returning power of his expanding
    cock thrilled her as she caressed it to erect hardness; then he was
    kissing her again, gently this time, without the urgent demand of the
    first time. His mouth and tongue began to arouse her, and after a
    little while he was kissing her shoulders and her breasts.

    She came alive slowly, languorously, as below, she felt the preparatory
    fluids beginning to bedew the inner petals of her pussy.

    Then his hand was playing there, his finger tantalizing her clitoris to
    throbbing hardness and pushing into the mouth of her cunt.

    "Do you want it?" he asked her.

    "Yes! Yes, I do!" she gasped.

    "What do you want, Julie?"

    "You! You in me!"

    "Then, tell me baby! Tell me you want to be fucked!"

    "Yes! Do it!" she breathed. "Fuck me! Oh God! Fuck me quick!" the lewd
    words excited her. God! It's been so long ... since I said that ...
    it's been since Al Cortini really ... Randy hasn't really desired me,
    nor caused me to desire him in a really long time ... I really need

    The gallery owner levered himself up above on strong arms, bracing
    himself on his knees as he wedged his hips down between her
    automatically wide-spreading thighs.

    "Put it in!" he told her.

    Frantically, her hand stabbed down between them, her nails digging into
    the side of his fully hardened cock, and she unerringly guided the
    blood-swollen head of his cock to her waiting, anticipating cuntal

    Julie moaned softly. Philip's hips flexed slightly, just enough to slip
    the bulbous head of his throbbing cock into her, where he pushed it up
    against the sensitive flesh of her cunt's mouth, teasing her as he
    withheld the massive length of his rod. He was kissing her again, his
    tongue probing deep into her mouth. She sucked his tongue hungrily and
    wished that he would shove his huge cock up into her, fill her with
    it... and fuck her, hard and deep.

    Then he eased another couple of inches into her. She felt it stretch
    her searingly. God! He is big! She groaned partly in pain but mostly
    with frustration. He's teasing me!

    With an undulant, upward thrust of her hips, she captured the thick
    length of him, felt his cock-shaft slide all the way up into her
    expectant belly; then she was clasping him tight, using the interior
    muscles of her vagina to milk at his invading cock.

    Oooooooooh! That's more like it!

    Philip's feeling of triumph knew no bounds as he felt Julie writhe
    under him and force his aching cock all the way up into her warmly
    moist and tight cuntal passage. He knew then that she was his and that
    he could fuck her now anytime he wanted her. He'd make her his mistress
    for as long as she pleased him ... and the way she was going after his
    cock he might keep her for quite a long while. He thought of how he had
    tricked her into fucking him, she was such a good artist that he would
    have given her a show without fucking but she had fallen for his threat
    ... just like Al Cortini said she would. His friend had told him that
    basically he thought she wasn't getting enough cock from her husband so
    that underneath her together exterior she was really horny and lonely.

    Slowly then, he pulled out of her until just the bloated head of his
    cock remained in her, just inside the wide-stretched mouth of her cunt.
    It ignited a thousand little brushfires inside her, inflamed by the
    vacuum his withdrawal had left within her. Julie's hands came up his
    back and caressed downward to his muscular hips. With desperate
    strength she tried to pull him deep up into her needful cuntal sheath.

    He eased his solid length down into her again, pushing it deep into her
    soft belly and feeling the heat of her envelop him as she undulated
    passionately beneath him. Inside, her cunt walls squeezed and milked at
    his turgid cock; it drove him wild, but he was determined not to hurry.
    He was going to bring her slowly to the apogee of her orgasm ... fuck
    her so skillfully that she would go almost insane with desire ... and
    keep her coming back for more.

    Patiently he began to swing his hips from side to side, wedging into
    her grindingly while at the same time making sure that there was
    maximum contact as his pubic bone swept back and forth across her
    sensitively hardened clitoris. He did nothing more than that for the
    time being, his tongue lashing in and out between her lips with
    suggestive eroticism. Additionally, his hands caressed and kneaded at
    her flanks, breasts, hips and buttocks, playing on her body like a
    master organist who draws the most from his instrument in terms of fine
    nuances of sound, and beneath him her arousal grew by leaps and bounds
    to a power so uncontrollably ecstatic that she was sure she would not
    be able to contain it.

    Julie's pleasure was indescribable. The blonde haired young woman loved
    the relentless way his burgeoning cock pushed into her, teasing her and
    making her arousal so complete, and now as he began to thrust in and
    out of her searingly needful cunt with a slow, steady tempo his hands
    and mouth busy constantly, she sucked at his tongue and moaned with
    delicious rapture. Within her, ecstatic sensations surged to and fro,
    and she began to move under him, countering his every deep-thrusting
    upward plunge deep into the soft and tender confines of her cuntal
    sheath, fucking back at the joy-giving shaft of maleness with which he
    drove her in order to help satisfy her own rapidly increasing lust.

    Beneath him, Philip felt her writhing undulantly up against him, and
    her breathing began to come in shorter sighing gasps of pure pleasure.
    He increased his speed ever so slightly, and now he was also swinging
    his hips from side to side, knowing that it would make her feel even
    more filled with cock than his massive hardened already did.

    Suddenly she bucked under him and twisted her head aside breaking the
    deep tongue-jousting kiss. "Oh God... Philip! Fuck me! she groaned.

    "You like it?" he leered down into her face.

    "Yes! God ... yessss!"

    "How do you want it, then?"

    "Deep! Deep and hard! she begged. "Fuck me ... hard! Shove your cock
    all the way inside my cunt ... and fuck me!" Julie cried, skewering her
    searing cunt up the full, turgid length of his plunging cock.

    Slipping his hands down over her undulating buttocks, he locked them
    under her knees and leaned back slightly; then he moved up over her,
    raising her legs high and widespread, almost to his shoulders. Hard and
    deliberately then, he leaned down over her and drove his thundering
    cock deep up into her splayed cunt-flesh.

    "Oooooohhh!" she moaned beneath his pounding cock, every nook and
    crevice of her vaginal sheath feeling filled to overflowing with his
    hard man-flesh.

    Still she wanted more. Abjectly she begged him. "Fuck me ... Philip!
    Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! FUCK MEEEEE!

    Philip rewarded her by grinding deeply into her, emphatically, each
    time she uttered the shrieking obscenity. He could feel his own build-
    up to ejaculative orgasm now and knew that she likewise was within an
    extremely short period of time before her explosive climax would rock
    her. He bored up into her and felt the clasping walls of her vagina
    milk and suck at him while back behind the root of his slaving cock
    there was that familiar acid-burning, heralding the release of his

    Suddenly, her eyes were swimming, sight-dimmed, in their sockets and
    her head rolled from side to side uncontrollably as though it were on
    oiled ball-bearings, her lovely blonde hair becoming mussed. Below, her
    desperate loins thrust up at him even though he was holding her thighs
    widespread with his massive cock goring in and out of her, practically
    pinning her to the floor.

    He ground into her ferally, his hands tearing at her, now massagingly
    and again his fingers digging deep into her flesh only to change to a
    gently, smoothing caress.

    ... Then she shuddered convulsively.

    From deep in her chest an unearthly moaning scream came tumbling.
    "OooOOaugh!" Myy Godddd! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!

    Holding himself in abeyance until that moment, Philip now allowed
    himself to piston into her like a runaway pile-driver. He slammed into
    her with fury, ramming deep up into her, his pubic bone smashing hard
    into hers, which heightened her orgasm already in progress.

    Spewingly, he came. The load of liquid semen gushing from the head of
    his slitted cock with a wonderfully satisfying sensation. "Aaaugghhh!"
    he grunted with obvious relish. "What a fuck! What a marvelous cunt!

    With a sigh he released himself on top of her, his cock still buried up
    to the hilt of her, stiff, jerking and shooting his cum, his breath
    coming in ragged gasps as he fully enjoyed the immensely erotic
    sensations that were rampaging through his satiated body.

    Julie Moore was ecstatic, it had been too long she now realized, too
    long since Randy had really fucked her, now with Philip Randolph's cock
    still in her she knew that she had to have this, she had been
    repressing her desires ever since her affair with Al. She realized now
    that she was a fully sensual woman with strong needs and desires, and
    her husband had definitely not been fulfilling her in months. Whenever
    they had made love of late he had seemed indifferent to her, he hadn't
    aroused her or caressed her body he had just plunged into her and
    fucked, seemingly not caring whether she had an orgasm or not,
    something was really wrong between them, now having experienced the joy
    of sexual union again she could acknowledge this. She looked up at
    Philip, still collapsed on her sweat-soaked body and sighed a
    tremendous sigh of relief rather as if some tremendous weight had been
    lifted from her shoulders. All these months she had been afraid to face
    the fact that her relationship with her husband was practically non-
    existent and yet his rejection of her had caused her to cease believing
    in herself as a woman. Philip had re-lit those fires of self awareness,
    now she began to be aware once again of her beautiful body and it's
    sensuality. She would no longer deny herself sexual fulfillment, she
    had to have it and if Randy wasn't there to give it to her then she
    would get it where she could and right now, Philip Randolph was
    providing that possibility. She would use him just as he was using her!

    Chapter 3

    It was almost 9:00PM when Julie Moore finally left Philip Randolph's
    gallery, having been wined and dined by the amorous older man. She felt
    very precious and cared for, it had been a long time since any man had
    paid her that kind of attention and she liked it. Occasionally she and
    Randy went out for dinner but mostly along with several of their
    friends, nothing romantic or candlelit for them. On odd occasions her
    closest friend David would take her out for dinner when Randy was out
    of town but they were really like brother and sister, although at times
    Julie had suspected David of being secretly in love with her and
    desirous of her body. She had never allowed that possibility to
    manifest however, and good friends they had always remained.

    Now Philip Randolph was turning out to be something entirely different,
    a man of culture and refinement he really knew how to treat a woman.
    She was no longer angry with him for having trapped her into making
    love with him ... in truth she was having too good of a time, it had
    been too long since she had felt cared for and she really liked it.

    She knew that Philip had just separated from his wife and from the
    number of telephone calls he had received that night at the gallery,
    she was well aware that he was in demand. It felt good to be with a man
    of class and elegance, she liked the feeling it gave her, she was
    already aware that if Philip wanted to see a lot of her she would
    readily agree ... she would enjoy going to the theater with him, after
    all, Randy was away so much of the time he could hardly resent her
    having a little fun, especially with owner of the gallery that would
    give her her first one-woman show in New York City.

    Philip had put her in a cab and given the cabby five dollars, ample
    money to see her home. She was surprised as she pulled her in front of
    the studio to see that the lights were all on. She had left earlier
    when it was light and she hadn't left the lights on ... could it be
    possible that Randy was home? He wasn't supposed to be home for a few
    days! Well, hopefully it was him, she prayed that it wasn't a burglar!

    * * * *

    She let herself into her studio cautiously and was immediately relieved
    to see Randy sitting in a chair reading some manuscripts.

    "Oh, so you're home," he said a little coldly.

    "Yes Randy, surprise, surprise, didn't expect you for a few days," she
    replied with equal distance.

    "Where have you been?" he demanded, exercising his husbandly rights.

    "I had dinner with Philip Randolph, the owner of The Argon Gallery."

    "How cozy," Randy replied sarcastically.

    Well ... thought Julie to herself, everything is true to form, Randy is
    his usual weird self and I'm reacting in my patterned responsive way
    ... so well, what else is new.

    "How did your trip go?" she asked curiously.

    "Great ... great, got Sam Smithers a fabulous contract with Universal
    Studios, quite a break for him. They loved the script ... that means I
    get my cut and maybe can buy a new car. I'm sick of that beat-up old
    piece of junk!"

    "What kind of car were you thinking of Randy?"

    "A Porsche ... what else?"

    Julie felt sick when she thought of how stingy her husband was with
    her, never really giving her any money for clothes or fun and yet the
    first bit of cash he got, he was going to spend it all on himself, a
    Porsche was one of the more expensive toys on the market. She would be
    really happy when her artwork really began to sell, at least then she
    wouldn't have to rely on him so much.

    Suddenly Philip's remarks from earlier on in the evening began to float
    back into her mind ... Al Cortini said he had seen Randy on more than
    one occasion in a Nude Club with various women ... just how true could
    that be, Julie mused to herself. Certainly she and Randy were not
    having the greatest time in the whole world together, was he fucking
    other women? She started a little when she thought of this and realized
    how jealous it made her, she knew that she had allowed Philip to fuck
    her earlier on because she had felt in some way that she was getting
    her own back at Randy. Not that she hadn't ended up enjoying herself,
    however, and not that she wouldn't allow him to fuck her again ...
    still, she would really like to know what was going on with Randy and
    yet she dared not confront him with the situation.

    Julie was in truth a little afraid of Randy, he had a violent temper
    that she hadn't really discovered until after they were married, not
    that her mother hadn't warned her. People with red hair have bad
    tempers, she had told her but Julie had only laughed it off saying that
    Randy was an angel. How wrong I was, she mused now. She looked across
    at her husband slyly ... not that he isn't handsome, she thought and
    not that he doesn't have a great body ... it's just that he's so
    strange and distant these days.
    Julie changed into a comfortable flowing caftan that buttoned down the
    front, it was slightly diaphanous so that when she passed underneath
    the light her beautiful form could be seen through it. She was still
    drenched in the powerful memories of the fucking session she had had
    with Philip and she had worn her caftan instinctively not thinking of
    the effect it would have on Randy.

    For an instant, as Randy looked at Julie, he felt desire flooding his
    body. He took in the curve of her upthrust breasts and the long, svelte
    line of her tapering thighs. Christ! he felt horny, he was surprised
    too, it had only been an hour since he had stashed his latest
    girlfriend in the Chelsea Hotel, having fucked her almost to death as
    soon as they hit the room. I wonder if I could get it up again, he

    Randy Moore was pretty proud of himself, for the past year he had
    managed to have a series of mistresses without his wife having the
    slightest idea of what was going on. He had covered his tracks pretty
    well so far and had no reason to feel paranoid or nervous. It wasn't
    that Julie wasn't one hell of a beautiful woman, it was just that she
    was so wrapped up in her art work she didn't remember to have fun.
    Randy had discovered after their marriage that Julie liked to go to bed
    early and rise early, she liked the morning light for painting. She
    didn't particularly like to drink or to go into bars, both of which
    were a favorite pastime of his. Suddenly, after their marriage, he had
    realized that they were quite different ... he liked good-time girls
    and although he appreciated all of Julie's wonderful virtues or still
    desired a woman with a little more worldliness. He liked what society
    would call "bad women" they really knew how to please a man!

    Now however as he looked at Julie he couldn't help but feel aroused, it
    seemed to him that she was challenging him as she stood under the
    light, the soft curve of her hips blending into the longer line of her
    thighs, her legs spread slightly in an almost combative stance. He
    didn't know why but he sensed that Julie was brooding over something,
    she was angry with him about something he knew, yet even in her
    defiance she was desirable. He felt the familiar stirrings of his
    blood-engorged penis and he knew that he wanted to take her! He stood
    up quickly and grabbing Julie, enfolded her in his arms, quickly
    sliding his hands down her back to the rounded fullness of her

    Julie didn't know what was happening to her but the moment that Randy
    touched her she went rigid. She felt the hard bulge of his erection
    against the warm flesh of her loins and she was repulsed. She had never
    felt quite like this before when Randy had touched her but now with the
    memory of Philip's cock still inside her and the knowledge that perhaps
    Randy was double-crossing her, she felt totally unresponsive to his

    "Leave me alone Randy," she cried out.

    "What! ... hey Julie what's going on, you're my wife you know!"

    "What does that mean Randy?" she sneered.

    "It means that if I want to exercise my husbandly rights and fuck you,
    I can do it."

    "Haven't you been getting enough elsewhere Randy?" she spat out boldly.

    "How's that?"

    "I think you know what I mean Randy."

    "Come on, spit it out Julie, what are you getting at," Randy commanded,
    not realizing that Julie knew anything of his double life.

    "Alright, if that's the way you want it," she said defiantly, "you've
    been seen out in San Francisco with several woman over the past year,
    so God knows what you do in Los Angeles, London and Paris."

    "Who told you that," he asked, creasing his brow in an effort to
    remember if he had ever seen any of their mutual friends when he had
    been with another woman.

    "Never mind who, but obviously you've had other women Randy."

    "Well, you're so tied up with your painting baby, a man has to have
    some fun."

    "Are you jealous of my art Randy?"

    "You spend so much goddamned time on it baby, at least when I'm home
    you could spend a little time with me, any other women would be happy
    to take care of me, do all the things a wife should do."

    "Oh God! I just can't believe you're saying this," Julie said.

    "Well I am baby, I'm sick and tired of playing second fiddle. You're
    just not desirable to me any more."

    Suddenly something split inside Julie as she heard Randy's last
    remarks, she wanted to hurt him, to really hurt him to pay him back for
    all the women he had had when she had thought he was being a faithful
    husband to her. She didn't care anymore ... she just wanted to strike
    back at him to pay him back for her own pain. "You bastard," she
    screamed, "that's not true, ask Philip Randolph he fucked me tonight
    and he seemed to be very satisfied."

    "You bitch," screamed Randy swinging at her with his fist, hitting her
    mouth and causing a thin trickle of blood to run down her chin.

    "That's it, now you've done it," yelled Julie, "get out of here you
    rotten bastard, get out of here, I never want to see you again!"

    "Don't worry I'm leaving, there are other women around who want me!"

    Randy grabbed his jacket and briefcase and stormed out of the studio
    before Julie could stop him, as she watched him leave she collapsed on
    the floor, sobbing, she hadn't meant to tell him about Philip and now
    she felt really ashamed.

    Oh God! Julie thought to herself as she realized fully what she had
    done. She hadn't meant for things to turn out this way, she loved Randy
    despite his infidelities and now she had totally ruined everything, she
    had probably lost Randy for ever. Oh God! sobbed Julie, I just want to
    die, I really want to die!

    Chapter 4

    Julie could hardly wait to talk to Philip, she sipped her coffee in her
    apartment and looked impatiently at the clock. Probably the gallery
    wouldn't open until 10:00AM damn it, she really wanted to talk to
    someone. Suddenly Julie Moore felt very lonely, she realized now that
    she didn't know anyone in New York and it was a big place. She thought
    of calling Larry Rutherford, he had been so good to her he would
    probably give her a shoulder to cry on ... still she felt silly, she
    didn't really know him either. The only person she felt intimate with
    was Philip, she would just have to wait until she could talk to him.

    The clock seemed to go very slowly but finally it was 10:15AM Julie
    picked up the telephone and dialed the gallery. "Good morning, Argon
    Gallery," she heard the receptionist purr. "Good morning, could I speak
    to Mr. Randolph?" Julie said firmly. "Who shall I say is calling?" the
    receptionist inquired. "Julie Moore," Julie could sense a strange
    silence at the other end of the telephone, she wondered vaguely if
    Philip's receptionist was aware of what was going on, could it be that
    she desires him herself, she wondered. "Just a moment, I'll connect
    you," she heard her finally say.

    "Good morning Julie my dear, what can I do for you," she heard Philip's
    soothing tones.

    Immediately Julie began to sob uncontrollably, it took her several
    minutes to actually explain to Philip what had happened and to tell him
    how miserable she was.

    Philip Randolph was very sympathetic, he had lived enough years to have
    lived through several such similar scenes himself, "I've got a good
    idea," he said after a while, "look you're tired, a little run down,
    why don't you go out to my house on Fire Island for a few days, rest up
    a little. When you get back you can get in touch with Randy via his
    company ... how about it, I'll even try to get out to the Island to
    meet you."

    "Are you sure?" Julie hesitated, not at all certain that she wanted to
    be alone for a few days.

    "Quite sure, in fact I'll take you out there today but I won't be able
    to stay, too much business to attend to at the moment.

    "Alright Philip, thank you," murmured Julie.

    "Quite alright my dear, the sea-air will do you a world of good, always

    Julie Moore hung up the telephone and started to look around her
    studio, she would take her sketchbook with her, do some studies of the
    ocean and the wildlife, anything to take her mind off of her problems.
    Oh Randy, she thought ... I do love you!

    * * * *

    Julie had been on the Island for a couple of days before she began to
    realize that she was being studied. Two men in particular always seemed
    to be on the beach when she was, at first she had thought it
    coincidence but now she was convinced that they were after something.
    She was a little frightened, after all she thought to herself, I am
    alone at the house, anything could happen! She made a mental note to
    call Philip when she got back to the day, perhaps he would come out to
    the Island later on. She lay back on the sand, pulling her sunhat down
    over her face just enough to cover the sun from her eyes but not enough
    to block the two young men from her view. She. was curious now ... who
    were they?

    Idly now she began to study them, both of them looked around 25, they
    were both fairly tall, the only difference being that one was rather
    stocky with his height and the other quite slim. The slim man had dark
    black hair and was really quite handsome, the stocky one had sandy
    colored hair and wasn't as good looking although he was attractive.
    Suddenly she became aware that they were walking towards her ... oh
    God! what should she do? Should she get up quickly and rush into the
    house? No time, they were almost at her side.

    "Hi, I'm Pete Howard," the slim dark-haired young man said smoothly and
    "I'm Tim Black," the sandy-haired man said quickly following.

    "Oh ... hello," Julie said shyly, "I'm Julie Moore."

    "Hope you don't mind our pushing ourselves upon you, we noticed you
    yesterday, aren't too many people here during the week."

    "Is that so?" Julie said.

    "Sure, this place is mobbed on weekends. New Yorkers' pile out here
    like ants, you won't believe it, that is if you're here then. How long
    are you staying?"

    "I'm not sure, I'm in my friend's house and he may come out tonight to
    take me back to the City," Julie said quickly, anxious to let the young
    men know that there was someone in her life that she wasn't open game.

    The two young men were so charming however that Julie's fears were
    quickly dispelled, they chatted for a long while, went into the ocean
    together and before she really knew what she was doing, Julie found
    herself inviting them both back to the house for a drink.

    "Love to," they both echoed.

    Julie was beginning to discover a sense of power with her new freedom.
    Ever since Randy had walked out on her she had become increasingly
    aware of how much of the outside world she had closed off, particularly
    in the direction of men. She had even ceased to think of herself as
    being really attractive until recently, in fact until Philip Randolph
    had paid her so much attention. Now, with two attractive young men at
    her feet she was really beginning to feel beautiful. The fact of the
    matter was that she was lonely and whether she knew it or not, she was
    also vulnerable, and her ego was being lifted by their very presence.
    She would have read the danger signs in their boldly moving eyes and in
    the persistent tingling excitement beginning to course through her own
    body, but she ignored the warnings. After all, neither of the young men
    had said a single thing out of order.

    "What would you like to drink," Julie asked them now back at the house.

    "I'll take a scotch and soda," Pete said quickly his gray blue eyes
    lingering on her breasts for a quick moment.

    "Me too," Tim said grinning a little at Pete's audacity.

    "Here's to friendship," Pete said, his eyes devouring Julie with sheer
    desire. The young woman caught his glance and suddenly wondered if
    maybe she had made a mistake inviting them both up to the house. She
    was apprehensive as she became aware of his salacious gaze, how could I
    have been so stupid?

    A tingling warmth keened through her to stab at her belly without
    warning. It was completely unwanted and now she recognized the danger
    signals within herself. She had no intention of playing around with a
    couple of men she hardly knew. They had gotten into her house, but that
    didn't mean they had to stay there. She was amazed at what was
    happening down between her legs, she felt the seeping moistness and the
    turgid warmth in her genitals ... it had been three days now since
    Philip had made love to her and she realized that she was quite horny.
    It was almost as if the fucking session with Philip had reawakened
    desire in her and now here she was with a couple of men she hardly knew
    quivering violently and wondering if they were going to rape her. I
    must be going mad, she thought to herself

    Immediately that Julie realized what was happening, the moment she
    sensed the mental communication that was going on between the two men
    she realized that the best thing for her to do would be to simply leave
    the house, they wouldn't dare do anything to her on the beach and
    surely they wouldn't have the nerve to wait in the house until she came

    She glanced around the room, then quickly she headed for the door. Pete
    had been watching her intently however, realizing that his lecherous
    glances had frightened her and he was in front of her before she knew
    what was happening. "Going somewhere Julie?" he inquired casually.
    "We're nice men, you're not going to leave us alone are you?"

    Tim was standing behind her now, too close for her comfort. "Are you
    nervous about something," he grinned lewdly behind her head.

    Julie gasped inwardly when she saw the huge bulge of Pete's erection.
    It lurched, the movement catching her eye and causing her to shiver
    with unwanted expectancy.

    Pete's now leering eyes followed her apprehensive gaze, and he expanded
    his fully erect penis again, purposefully, causing its hard length to
    be outlined against the cloth of his swimming trunks.

    "Interested?" he grinned.

    "No I'm not," Julie said firmly trying to get out of the house, a
    tingle of fear running up and down her spine.

    Behind her Tim's arms encircled her pinioning her own arms to her
    sides, as his hands covered and held the soft globes of her breasts,
    his fingers kneading deep into the tender flesh through her
    cover-up and the scanty bikini top. Instantly, she was aware that her
    nipples had come up hard and throbbing against his hands.

    "Take your hands off me you dirty bastard!" she screamed.

    "Naughty, naughty, such language for a lady," sneered Tim, "not a
    chance though," he murmured in her ear, his loins thrusting against her
    so that she could feel the equally huge bulge of his fully erect cock
    against the small of her back. He kissed the nape of her neck.

    Tiny wavelets of rising passion cascaded through her tense body. God!
    How was she to cope with two men intent upon seducing her ... or raping
    her? "I'll scream," she threatened.

    "Why would you want to do that?" Pete seemed surprised. Then quickly he
    pressed in close to her, his strong hands holding her head in a vise-
    like grip as he lowered his lips to hers, capturing their softness, his
    tongue probing between them, while below, the hard length of his
    erection bulging inside his swimming suit group up firmly against her
    rapidly inflamed loins, which were encased only in her scanty bikini
    bottoms. Thrilling sensations sang along her nerve endings,
    concentrated there between her legs, the soaring melodies of her
    passion gaining in constant crescendo until with a sizzling crash she
    knew that she was lost. She actually wanted this, something weird and
    perverse inside of her wanted them to take her, it was almost as if
    another side of her nature was now being released within her, she who
    had spent so much time devoting her energies to her artwork was now
    actually craving and drawing to her men, men whose sole intention was
    her body, they didn't care about her soul or her art, they just wanted
    to ravage her body!

    Momentarily, she had resisted Pete's kiss, keeping her teeth clamped
    tightly shut but when it happened to her, her churning belly defying
    voice of reason and answering only to the primal rhythm of the two
    massive cocks grinding against her and the moist warmth of Pete's
    inquiring tongue and lips against her mouth, she melted against them,
    her jaws opening slightly to allow his oral member to slide between the
    barrier of her teeth to taste the sweetness of her. At the same time,
    her hips began an almost imperceptible undulation of their own,
    seemingly directed by pure instinct, as she sought closer contact with
    the delicious warmth of those two tempting cocks. And, Tim, standing
    there behind her was now working open the buttons of her cover-up.
    There remained little doubt in her mind, now. They were going to make
    love to her. It was what they had planned all along. She knew that,
    now. God! She also knew though that she wouldn't really resist them, in
    her heart she realized that she wanted them, she felt weak in the knees
    now and knew that she could no longer hold up. She felt Tim's warm
    hands caressing her breasts through the cloth of her bikini bra.
    Wildly, her body wanted it all, wanted her naked breasts to be handled,
    massaged and caressed, wanted the hardness of their cocks in her own
    hands ... and then wanted them thrusting deep up into her pussy. She
    could almost feel it already. It would be so marvelous ... so naughty,
    yet so nice.

    Suddenly however, something snapped inside of her, what was she
    thinking about, what would Philip think, how could she allow these
    young animals to ravage her body ... she must be mad!

    Julie twisted her head aside, freeing it from Pete's strong-fingered
    grasp and breaking the deep kiss, as she realized that she had begun to
    kiss him back, her own tongue entertwining with his and sliding
    momentarily into his mouth.

    "No!" she gasped. Please ... I-I can't . I can't ..."

    "Baby, you're going to get yourself good and fucked!" Tim leered
    behind her.

    "No ... no, please let me go," she pleaded, "I don't even know you."

    "Pretty soon you'll know us though," Pete grinned, reaching down to
    untie the lacing at the side of her bikini bottoms.

    "No," she screamed thrusting her hand down to her side to stop him.

    Pete pushed her hand aside and continued to untie her bikini, "Don't
    tell me you don't want it baby, it's obvious, it's written all over
    your face, you're hot baby, hot to fuck, really hot to fuck!"

    Pushing her bikini bottoms down over her hips, he stripped the tiny
    garment down over the sveltely curved columns of her legs. The blonde
    hair of her pussy was revealed curling softly at the apex of her
    thighs, which she clamped tightly together, her hand moving down
    instinctively to cover the nakedness of her loins. Julie blushed, and
    her eyes dropped down to see her only material defense draped around
    her ankles.

    "Ooooooh, my God!" she groaned. "Oh, no!"

    Tim was now deftly removing her short white cover-up pulling it off of
    her with firm hands. Not quite realizing what was happening, Julie
    desperately tried to cover her nakedness as she was finally stripped.

    She felt confused, her head was swirling, it was almost as if her body
    wanted them to fuck her and yet her head didn't. She couldn't quite
    understand what was happening and yet her body felt like a traitor to

    Then, Pete, who was still standing in front of her was loosening the
    tie of his swim trunks, and with excruciating slowness began to lower
    them over his slim muscular hips. She watched hypnotically, unaware
    that Tim was already unfastening the single snap of her bikini top and
    pushing the shoulder straps down over her upper arms. Then, almost
    instantly, Tim's hands captured her smooth globular white breasts, his
    fingers digging into the tender flesh to knead and massage. A tiny moan
    escaped her lips as her aching breasts quivered in the palms of his
    greedy hands, their coral-pink nipples distended and hard with wanting,
    while just at that moment Pete freed the long thick length of his cock,
    exposing it fully to her rapt gaze. She couldn't help but gasp with
    surprise at the size of it.

    Quickly, Pete stepped out of the bathing trunks and kicked them aside,
    then with a top-sided leer, he reached down to grasp the throbbing
    length of his penis. As he slowly retracted the heavy foreskin, he
    chortled. "How would you like to have this shoved all the way up into
    your cute little cunt?"

    "I-I wouldn't!" she cried out but she couldn't look away from it as a
    fiery bolt of lightning flashed in her loins, searing her with a
    demanding desire she couldn't ignore.

    Pete came close to her then and plucked away the bikini top that still
    dangled by its shoulder straps from her elbows. Julie let him do it.
    Why she did she didn't know but the next instant she had stepped out of
    her bottoms also and now she was shamefully naked before the two
    lusting men.

    Her body had won over, her traitorous body was willing to give itself
    to these two brutes, she thought shamefully to herself ... I'll never
    be the same again.

    "And she said she didn't want it," sneered Tim behind her, "she wants
    it alright, she's so hot for it she can't stand it."

    "I'll say she wants it, she can't keep her eyes off my cock," sneered
    Pete as he stood close to her and guided the blood-filled head of his
    cock into the tiny crease of her pussy showing faintly through its soft
    covering of blonde hair at the angle of her thighs. "Isn't that right

    "N-no! It's just that it's so huge ... I've never seen one so big," she

    Pete began to enfold her in his arms now while at the same time Tim
    released the ripe melons of her breasts and stepped back from her. She
    was crushed against Pete's muscular chest now, his hips pushed hard
    against her to insinuate the bloated head of his penis against the
    pulsing bud of her clitoris.

    Suddenly, Julie knew she could stand no longer. Her knees were
    beginning to collapse. Deep in her belly a roaring furnace door was
    opened as the moist warmth of his cock-head touched the key to her
    sexuality, and involuntarily her tightly clamped thighs relaxed to
    allow that monster cudgel to bore in between her legs. It felt to her
    as though she were rising a huge log as his thick hard and long cock
    seemed to be making contact with every square centimeter of her
    inflamed cunt flesh. Moaning uncontrollably she slumped against him. Oh
    God! I can't hold out any longer, she groaned inwardly to herself, I'm
    going to give myself to him.

    "Okay baby," Pete growled now, "there's no turning back now, you're
    going to give yourself to both of us."

    "No!" her voice gasped with the last vestige of reason as her body
    tingled with a new expectancy for something she had never experienced.
    Two potently virile men fucking her at the same time. Two! Two men ...
    at the s-same time! "Oooooooooh!" her mewling moan contained a new tone
    of excitement, muffled against Pete's broad hairy chest.

    "Come on Pete!" It was Tim's voice off somewhere behind her. "Let's get
    her into the bedroom ... I've got everything ready."

    Dumbly Julie allowed herself to be led to the bed, like a cow to the
    slaughter, into the bedroom with it's queen-sized bed where Tim waited
    them, naked now too and stretched out on the bed, his fully erect penis
    reaching upward above his hairy loins like a fleshy pylon.

    She gasped. Unbelieving, she stared at it. The slightly shorter more
    compact Tim, broad-shouldered, his torso narrowing to slim hips and
    muscular legs bore a veritable monster cock in his loins. It reared
    above him like a jackknife, seeming to be firmly embedded in a
    foundation of tufting sandy hair.

    Smiling at her surprise, Tim grinned up at her, his hazel eyes filled
    with a lust she had never seen before. "What's the matter Julie baby?
    Haven't you ever seen a cock before?"

    "Y-yes... but ..." her gaze switched to Pete standing beside her then
    back again to Tim on the bed.

    But what?" Pete asked pushing her toward the bed firmly.

    "I-I can't! I w-won't! You're both so ... so ...

    "Ready to fuck you?" Tim smiled, showing white even teeth. He reached
    out for her, grasped one of her hands and pulled her down to the soft
    mattress beside him.

    Pete lay down beside her to sandwich her sensation-ridden body between
    the two virile men as real fear mixed with perverse anticipation
    caromed around inside her skull. It was all so real to her, yet there
    was a tinge of fantasy to it. God! They're so big! Both of them! How
    can I possibly l-let them d-do it to m-me? Even as she questioned it,
    her body yearned for them ... both of them, huge as they were ... more
    huge than she had ever imagined a man's sex organ could be.

    Now, she was enfolded between them, the men's warm and muscularly hard
    bodies pressed tight against her, both long and hardened cocks
    pressuring into the soft smooth flesh of her thighs on either side. She
    could plainly feel the heat of them against her quivering skin.

    Before she could answer with an objection, Tim had smothered her mouth
    with his, his tongue surging out to burst into her oral cavern. For a
    desperate moment, Julie tried to twist away from him to break his
    slavering kiss, her tongue skirmishing with his, but when Pete's lips
    captured one of her spikily distended nipples sucking it up into the
    warmth of his mouth, his teeth grazing it slightly as he toyed with it,
    all of her reservations her shaky resolve, dissolved in a long
    shuddering moan of desire. Her jaw relaxed, her mouth opening wide, and
    she sucked Tim's lingual member deep into her own mouth. At that point,
    she knew that she was truly lost. She was beyond the point of no
    return. It was going to happen and nothing in heaven or hell could or
    would stop it.

    Her body keened shiveringly as delightfully sensual things happened to
    her. She kissed Tim back with fierce passion, her own tongue now
    slipping searchingly into his mouth to probe and taste, while his hand
    massaged carressingly at her other aching breast, his thumb and
    forefinger rolling her sensitively erect nipple to even greater
    hardness. At the same time, Pete sucked hard at its twin, taking the
    entire aureola deep into the warm moistness of his mouth, and his hand,
    too, was busy as it smoothed down over the white plane of her belly to
    the soft blonde hair of her pubic mound, his extended middle finger
    searching for and finding the fleshly folds of her pussy, then going
    down into it straight to the hardened bud of her fully erect clitoris.

    His touch down there was like an electric probe. Her breath was quickly
    indrawn, muffled by Tim's mouth covering hers in a deep soul kiss, but
    each of the men felt it in her body, the quivering desire in her
    communicated to them through every fiber of her being. Her gasp was
    followed by a long shuddering moan deep in her throat that sounded
    guttural and animalistic. Involuntarily, instinctively, her thighs
    parted in invitation to Pete's salaciously teasing finger. She was
    ready right then ... ready for anything and everything, as she had
    never been before in her life. Unhesitatingly, Pete's whole hand went
    in between her thighs to cup her entire pussy. He massaged caressingly,
    feeling the viscous moisture gathered on the tiny peeping petals of her
    inner lips soak into the palm of his hand. Above, a satisfied smile
    split Pete's face as he nuzzled into the velvet-like skin of her softly
    swelling breast. Damn! She's hot! A real pushover! ... and I'm really
    going to dig her! Man! She's really something else! He never would have
    believed that their plan could have worked out so easily had Tim not
    encouraged him ... and now it was all working out so perfectly. Now,
    his probing middle finger sought the tiny moist opening of her vagina,
    slipping it easily up inside her, and he was rewarded by the
    unmistakable undulation of her hips up against his hand, a mute signal
    on her part in body language, meaning: More! More! MORE!

    Then, her own hands were stealing down on either side, finding and
    grasping the thick hardness of a cock with each, her delicate fingers
    trying to encircle them and finding it impossible. She settled for
    using her thumbs to rub around the silky tips, spreading the thick
    moisture that seeped from the tiny slits of them all around their
    exposed, spongily bloated heads, and try as she might, Julie could not
    distinguish between them. Each of the long hard cocks she caressed
    seemed equal in every way to the other. Slowly, her hands moved up and
    down each of the huge rods of flesh in an attempt to stroke them to
    even greater hardness. It was sensually thrilling in the extreme when
    she felt first Pete's then Tim's massive hands, seeming to expand and
    move much as she imagined they would.

    Down between her quivering ready thighs, widespread now to Pete's
    titillating hand, she felt a second invading finger buried alongside
    the first deep up inside her searing cunt, while his palm massaged
    slowly and vigorously up and down the short hard length of her
    sensation-filled clitoris. She was close to exploding orgasm already,
    yet neither of the two men's long hard cocks had entered her. She
    seemed to hang in delicious anticipation, a delirious expectancy that
    seemed to go on and on, for now Pete's mouth, which had sucked hard and
    long on her breast's sensation-ridden nipple, causing intense surges of
    heated sensuality to stab at her needful loins, moved away from her
    breast, leaving it wet and turgid, and it pushed downward across her
    belly, his tongue dipping momentarily into the shallow dimple of her
    navel before moving on downward, ever downward, kissing her moistly all
    the way, until he was there at the softly curling upper fringe of her
    pubic hair.

    It was then that Pete's lust inciting fingers came out of her heated
    cuntal opening, while at the same time, Tim withdrew his mouth from
    her's and momentarily sucked her lower lip into his mouth before moving
    on down to capture her other nipple. His hands mauled and massaged the
    tender aching flesh of its twin, which Pete had just deserted. Now,
    continuous mewling moans emitted from her lips rising from deep in her
    chest, and her breath came in uncontrolled gasps of pleasure as below
    she felt Pete's strong hands splaying wide her thighs. Now! It's going
    to happen ... n-now! He's going to shove it in ... a-and do it ... to
    m-me! It was what she wanted, but vaguely there was a tiny lingering
    doubt.... But, it's so big! God! It'll tear me apart! Pete's body was
    shifting then, and reluctantly she was forced to let go of his huge
    hardened rod of pulsing man-flesh. She felt him down there between her
    quivering thighs, as he held her wide open to him, and she knew that in
    only a moment or two his cock would cleave her and bring her to
    ecstatic orgasm.

    "Oh," she groaned, "do it, Pete! Hurry! "Do what, baby?" he grinned
    lewdly down into her face. "Do you want to be fucked ... now?"

    "Yes! Ooooooooooh, yes!" she breathed.

    "Then why don't you say it?"

    "All right, damn you! Fuck me!" Julie spat. "Fuck m-me ... right now!"

    "Did you hear that Tim? She wants to be fucked! Do you think I ought to
    fuck her now?"

    Tim lifted his head from her breast, "I don't know Pete. Do you think
    she's ready?"

    "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! I-I'm more than ready!" Julie said, feeling
    frustrated now as they teased her.

    "No, man! She's not really ready, yet! I think she needs something else
    ... before she gets it!"

    "No! God, I want you! I want you t-to shove your cock into my cunt ...
    and fuck me ... now!" Julie babbled, her hips gyrating up at Pete

    "Not yet," Pete told her, his eyes devouring the flowered open hole of
    her vagina, seeing it moist and pink and clasping with involuntary
    contractions of desire. "I'm going to lick that cute little cunt of
    yours ... until you flip right out of your skull."

    "And, while he's doing that, you can take care of me!" Tim added,
    looking down into her face with a twisted smile of lewd anticipation.

    "D-do you mean ...?"

    "Exactly! You're going to suck my cock!"

    Tim, too, was moving then, forcing her to relax her grip on the
    hardened length of his penis, as he straddled her chest with a knee at
    either side of her head. The velvet tip of his blood-filled cockhead,
    showing bright scarlet with his throbbing passion, brushed lightly
    across her lips.

    "Please ... n-no!"

    Just then, below, Julie felt Pete's warm breath wash over the exposed
    moistness of her cuntal furrow.

    "You have a choice?" Tim rasped out at her.

    Julie knew that it was a rhetorical question. She would like to think
    she had a choice. Below, Pete's warmly moist tongue made electrically
    charge contact with the hard bud of her sensitive clitoris. She moaned,
    and her loins undulated up against Pete's face. "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!"

    Her mouth was open, her lips rounded, and on the instant, Tim, kneeling
    above her, guided the pulsing head of his cock between her lips. There
    was no choice for her. Inexorably, it pressured its way into her mouth,
    forcing her to widen her jaws to the limit to accept the whole of its
    bloated head.

    Then, Julie was floating in a half-real world, seemingly bounded on all
    sides with delicious sex sensations, her whole body swimming in
    ecstasy, as now Pete's tongue stabbed deep into her vaginal opening to
    run in probing circles just inside the overheated portal, inciting her
    to even greater heights of desire, while at the same time her own mouth
    was busy, her lips turned in around the thick circumference of Tim's
    warmly throbbing cock and her tongue swirling in delightful circles all
    around its expanded head. She didn't know how long she could stand the
    torture of being so stimulated. Her nerve endings were sensitively raw,
    her whole body responding to the two men, who were evidently in no rush
    to bring her to the orgasmic heights she craved ... the way she wanted
    it, with hard cock-flesh thrusting deeply into her moistly demanding

    Deeper into her mouth and throat, Tim shoved the massive length of his
    cock, sawing it in and out slowly between her eagerly sucking lips,
    until finally the sandy curling hair of his loins was being pressed
    against her nose. Julie wanted it that way, after only a few moments.
    She wanted to suck his cock ... wanted to take the whole of it deep
    into her throat ... wanted to give pleasure in return, for now Pete was
    concentrating on her clitoris, his tongue, pointed and hard, drumming a
    rapid tattoo up and down its short, turgid length.

    Suddenly, she was rising on swift wings of passion toward release, her
    body convulsing, loins gyrating crazily up to Pete's slaving lips and
    tongue that drove her absolutely wild. She wanted to open her own mouth
    and scream out her delirious pleasure, but it was filled completely
    with the huge mass of Tim's throbbing, deeply thrusting cock. Her
    scream gurgled in her throat as she came. OOOOOooooooooooh!
    Godddddddddd! I'm cummmmmiiiiinnnnng! Already! AAAAAaaaaauuuuuggghhh!"

    With animal desperation, she tried to free her mouth of Tim's thick
    length, her head twisting from side to side, but now his hands on
    either side of her head held her securely in place. Her orgasm washed
    surgingly through her body for several moments before she finally
    relaxed, her hips settling back into the soft mattress ... but still it
    went on and on.

    "Hey, man, she came already!" Tim grunted.

    Pete lifted his face from between her still widespread but now quieted
    thighs, his lips glistening moistly from the viscous dew of her pussy
    and said, "Yeah, I know ... she really climbed the walls didn't she?"

    "Well, hell, Pete ... if you're not going to fuck her, let a real man
    get a shot at that hot little cunt!"

    "Be my guest, I'm saving the best for last! Anyway, she's just getting
    warmed up. I think the little bitch'll keep cumming all morning!"

    Julie heard but didn't understand all that they were saying. Her senses
    were attuned to the delicious workings of her orgasm-scorched body;
    however, somehow she knew that it was only the beginning, knew that the
    two potently virile men had only been toying with her, for now they
    were shifting and re-positioning themselves. For an anxious moment she
    worried, not knowing what they were going to do next. As Tim raised
    himself above her to pull the hardened length of his penis from her
    still nibbling lips, he looked down at her through lust-filled liquid
    eyes and told her. "Now, you'll really get it, baby ... get exactly
    what you've been asking for!"

    Staring up at him through swimming eyes, she murmured. "Oh, I-I hope so

    "See what I mean? She loves it!" Pete chortled. "You really dig it
    don't you, Julie?" Pete loomed above her, replacing Tim's image, as the
    shorter swarthy-skinned man slid away to crawl in between her
    expectantly excited thighs ... Especially the two for one deal you're

    "I-I didn't want it ... but now I can't help myself. I-I just don't
    understand ... why ..."

    "Why? For fun! It is fun isn't it ... having both of us tucking you?"

    "Y-yes... but ..."

    Just then, she felt Tim picking up her hand and guiding it to the shaft
    of his saliva-moistened cock. "Here you go, baby. Why don't you put my
    cock in that hot little cunt of yours?"

    Greedily, her hand tightened on it, and she felt again its enormous
    girth and length. Her hand trembled with both fear and excitement. She
    did it. She obeyed the implicit command in Tim's question. Her fingers
    directed the lust-filled head of his cock to the fully flowered opening
    of her palpitating vagina, the contact of its tip with the coral-hued
    flesh of her tender cunt sending lightning flashes of new-born sex
    sensations crowding into her desperately hungering loins.

    Pete, kneeling beside her, leaned in closer to watch as his friend
    flexed his hips and forced the blood-swollen head of his cock into her
    tiny cunt's mouth. He saw her stretched cruelly, and grinned to himself
    as she gasped out in anguish, "Oh God! Its t-too big!"

    "Not really!" Pete Howard laughed. "Go on, Tim! Give it to her! Shove
    it all the way in!"

    With delight Tim did it. He flexed his legs powerfully, digging his
    toes into the mattress, and slammed the ponderous shaft of his
    demanding cudgel deep up into her blazing pussy, his hard pubic bone
    crashing painfully into hers, as the massive head of his cock was
    blunted against the far back wall of her vagina. It was all there up
    inside of her, filling her, stretching her. It hurt! God! It hurt! "OOO
    oooooo aaaa hhhhhhh!" she groaned, tears flooding into her eyes.
    "You're tearing me ... in two!"

    "Really?" Tim grinned, pleased. He expanded it deep inside her a couple
    of times before beginning a slow in and out fucking motion that brought
    his hardened cock out of her until only the head nestled at her cuntal
    opening, and on the inward up-stroke all of its massiveness was buried
    far lip in her rapidly palpitating channel.

    Pete watched gleefully. "Beautiful!" he murmured, reaching out to
    fondle the softly resilient mounds of her breasts one by one.

    At first, Julie felt as though she had been invaded by a huge rough-
    barked log. Every bit of her still overheated cunt was filled with
    hardened man-flesh and when Tim began to plunge it back and forth, ever
    so slowly, deep into her clasping sensate vaginal canal, it was only a
    very few moments before she was riding an accelerating rocket toward
    another orgasm. She couldn't believe it ... couldn't believe the
    marvelous sensations being created in her by his magnificent cock
    working in her.

    "Oh, fuck me, Tim! Fuck me! Hard!" she groaned.

    Instinctively, she pulled her knees back until her thighs were mashing
    hard against the tender aching globes of her breasts, at the same time,
    she splayed them wider to offer up to him the whole plane of her pussy,
    asking mutely that he give her absolutely all of his lengthy hardness.
    Then, her hips were rising to meet him counteringly to absorb his cock
    to the fullest, longest, hardest, deepest extent.

    Julie was in a seventh heaven of sex, completely oblivious to
    everything else, her whole being focused only upon the sensual
    excitement of it all, and her hands went up and around to Tim's
    buttocks, straining to pull him deeper and faster into her searingly
    wanting pussy.

    "Deeper! Harder! Faster!" she mewled, her lips parted now as her breath
    came short and fast in her laboring lungs.

    Then, as the young man above her began to drive into her at a faster
    pace, every plumbing thrust going deeper, her own blood pumped faster
    and every fiber of her sex-stimulated body strove for a second
    fulfilling orgasm.

    Suddenly, she was aware of something else. Pete, kneeling there beside
    her ... who up till then had been content to watch, saving himself ...
    saving the best for last -- she remembered him saying ... was caressing
    her softly rounded ass-cheeks, his hands massaging the straining flesh.
    The something else was like a rocket booster to her passion; his
    fingers grazed lightly over the brownish puckered flesh of her anus.
    Tentatively, the pad of his probing middle finger pushed at the
    sensitive flesh. Her first reaction was a moaning request for him to
    stop, but then when without warning his middle finger thrust into her
    rear passage up to the first joint, she knew that it was something she
    wanted -- perverse as that desire might be.

    "Y-yes!" OOOOO oooo hhhh, God ... yes! Shove your finger up my ass,
    Pete! Shove it the way," she screamed.

    His finger went in all the way to his palm, deep into the soft
    sponginess of her rectum, and he could feel the huge bulge of his
    buddy's cock, as it moved in and out of her vagina, through the thin
    partition of flesh, while at the same time Tim's hairy, tightly drawn-
    up scrotal sac swept across the back of his hand.

    No sooner had he plunged his outstretched middle finger up into her
    anus than she was convulsing in orgasm under the dual invasion of her

    "OOOOO hhhhh aaaaa hhhhh! I'm mmmmm cummmmm iiiii nnnnnn ggggg! Oh,
    God! Yes! AAAAA aaaaa uuuuu ggggg hhhhh!"

    Above her, Tim grinned his pleasure at the sound of her scream of
    ecstasy and continued to pound deeply into her clasping and unclasping
    cuntal canal. Then, she sank down into the mattress and was still, her
    thighs flopping wide and uncontrolled on either side of her. Her eyes
    were closed, her face contorted with the intensity of her emotional

    "Hey, Tim, she came already!" Pete said excitedly; then noticing the
    stillness of her body, he went on. "Do you think she's fainted on us?"

    "No man, nothing like that. You ought to feel the way her cunt's
    milking my cock! Wow! That's something else!" Inexorably, Tim continued
    his plundering thrusts deep and hard up into her satiated vaginal

    Julie heard them thinly through the blood pounding in her ears, and her
    eyes fluttered open. She moaned, as she realized that Tim, poised above
    her and still thrusting the enormous rod of his cock deep into her, had
    not cum ... yet. It was to go on and on ... and on, endlessly.

    "All right, Tim, time to change!" Pete grinned, ripping his finger from
    her anus with a slight hiss.

    "Hell! I haven't cum, yet!"

    "Let her suck you off, buddy! I've waited long enough!"

    ... But it's just starting to get good, man!" Tim objected.

    "Crawl off, Tim! I'm taking over, now!" Pete said, steel in his voice,
    now. "You seem to forget our agreement."

    With some reluctance, Tim pulled the hard pulsing length of his penis
    from the liquid depths of her pussy. "O.K. have it your way!" he
    grumbled ... "but I want to shift her around."

    Momentarily, Julie felt abandoned as together the two men moved her
    around in the big bed under Tim's direction. "There ... just like

    It was a slightly uncomfortable position. They had placed her at the
    foot of the bed, her shoulders on the edge of the mattress and her head
    hanging down over the end. She was on her back, her legs still splayed;
    no sooner was she in place to suit Tim than she felt Pete's hips wedge
    themselves down between her trembling thighs and the full hardened
    length of his cock replaced Tim's in her overheated cuntal channel.

    And, there was no telling them apart. Pete's was just as long, it's
    great girth stretching her just as cruelly, it's hard shaft punishing
    her loins just as effectively. And he did take over where Tim left off,
    going into her with bone-jarring power, his powerful thrusts bringing
    her quickly up to that same plateau of imminent orgasm again.

    She found out within moments why Tim had positioned her as he had, for
    now he was kneeling on the piled up pillows, his rangy cock lurching
    with his desire, as he held it in one hand and guided its bloated head
    toward her lips. "Open your mouth, again, doll! You're going to suck me
    off ... all the way this time!"

    Looking at him upside down, Julie could only moan out her
    understanding, her lips rounded automatically to accept the lust-filled
    cock-head he offered her. Deep into her mouth she took it, tasting the
    moist tang of her own cunt, and she began sucking greedily on the
    massive rod that had been giving her so much pleasure ... that had
    brought her to the second of her soul-searing releases just moments
    before. God! ... And, I'm going to cum ... again, in just a little

    The three were attuned to each other now it seemed. Above her, Pete
    Howard fucked deep into her demanding cunt, and the blonde girl in
    turn, her thighs spread wide and pulled up hard against her chest,
    fucked him back, her loins undulating up to him hungrily. Completing
    the trio, the sandy-haired Tim knelt on the pillows at the foot of the
    bed with his hard cock-flesh buried deep in Julie's desperately
    sucking, upside down mouth, as her head hung back and down over the
    edge of the mattress. Savagely, Tim's hips drove in and out of her oral
    cavern his sandy-hair covered loins bruising her tender lips.

    Luckily, for her, it was Tim who came first. He stiffened and held
    himself rigid as he felt the fiery liquid race through the hardened
    tube of his cock to explode in a cascade deep into her throat. Somehow,
    she managed to swallow it, her throat working desperately.

    "AAAAA aaaaa uuuuu ggggg hhhhh!" Tim groaned. "That's it baby! Keep on

    She did. She sucked and swallowed greedily until every last drop of his
    hot white semen had disappeared down her throat; finally, he sat back
    on his heels and pulled the glistening rod of his satiated and now
    deflating penis from between her wet lips with an appreciative grin.
    "Wow! You're out of sight!"

    Just as her mouth was clear, Julie wailed. "Put me back up on the bed!"

    Pete stopped only long enough to rear back, walk backward on his knees,
    grasp her by the hips and haul her bodily toward the middle of the bed;
    then, he thrust back into her, his hands forcing her knees back until
    they framed her now contorting face. Strands of her mussed blonde hair
    strung out across her face, as her head swung from side to side in
    helpless response to yet another earth-shaking orgasm.

    "00000 oooo hhhhh I'm mmmmm cuuuu mmmmm uuu nnnn gg! aaaaa ggg hhhhhh
    iiiii nnnnn Aaaaaa uuuuu ggg hhhhhh!"

    She convulsed under him as great molten flows of lava enveloped her
    body, her legs going limp, eyes sightless and her ears stopped, her
    whole being concentrating only on the deliciously sensual sensations of
    her orgasm.

    ... But still Pete pounded deep up into her, his speed faster, the
    enormous length and girth of his cock rousing her once again and
    bringing her to the heights of yet another and more profound release,
    before he himself finally came to end it all. It was only after she had
    again wailed out her ecstasy, that the black-haired man suddenly began
    a jackhammering pace and then reared back and let out a deep agonized
    groan. "Ohhhhh," he rasped. "God! AAAAARGGHHH ... I'm cummiinnnggg!"

    And the helplessly pinioned girl could feel his cock stiffening even
    more, and then it spewed out spurt after spurt of white-hot viscous cum
    which jetted against the still quivering walls of her eagerly sucking

    Julie was left in a euphoric coma of sexual satisfaction, she had never
    before been transported to such heights of sensual bliss and she almost
    didn't want it to end, she felt that she could have gone on and on
    traveling in the universe, stars bursting behind her closed eyes.
    Never, in her wildest imagination could she have imagined such absolute
    satisfaction, Pete and Tim had fulfilled her, had satiated her totally.
    She knew that she wanted to see them both again and again ... she
    wouldn't allow them to slip away from her ... not for a long, long

    Chapter 5

    Julie was surprised to awaken the following morning to the smiling face
    of Philip Randolph bending over her bed, she looked around hastily,
    good, no tell-tale signs of Pete or Tim were visible.

    "How did you get here Philip," she gasped, being fully aware that the
    ferry didn't get in until the middle of the day.

    "Oh easy Julie, with money you can do anything you want, I just hired a
    fishing boat to bring us across the sound, simple. How are you my dear,
    the sea-air seems to be agreeing with you I must say," he leered, his
    lascivious eyes greedily lapping up Julie's firm white melon-like
    breasts, fully visible from beneath the sheets.

    "Fine, oh fine," Julie answered, pulling the sheet up over her
    quivering breasts, not fully understanding why she didn't want him to
    look at her, having been only too happy to be fucked by him just a few
    days earlier. Could it be that the experience with Pete and Tim has
    turned me off sex with Philip, she wondered.

    Suddenly Julie heard a clanging sound out in the kitchen, "Who's that?"
    she questioned Philip.

    "Oh that, it's Sylvia, my secretary, she came with me to the house to
    do some work. You don't mind do you my dear?"

    "No ... not at all," Julie replied, a little hesitantly.

    "Well ... I thought you'd probably be out sunning on the beach most of
    the time and we wouldn't disturb you."

    "Oh, it's fine," Julie replied, not fully understanding why she was
    feeling so strange about another woman being in the house. I don't know
    what it is, she mused to herself, but there's something different about
    Philip, unless I'm mistaken, he's been making love to his secretary,
    he's nervous about something that's for sure!

    Julie hoped that she would get out onto the beach before Pete and Rick
    stopped by the house, they had arranged to meet the following morning
    and Julie didn't want Philip prying into her affairs. She hoped that if
    Rick and Pete did come to the house, they'd be cool at least ... but
    she needn't have worried, neither of the young men came to the house.

    After a rather strained, silent breakfast, Julie announced that she was
    going out onto the beach. "I'm taking some lunch with me, so don't
    expect me back until early afternoon," she called to Philip and Sylvia
    as she left the house. Julie was convinced by now that Philip and
    Sylvia had been making love, it was so obvious from the sly glances
    they gave each other. Obviously Philip's regretting he ever invited me
    to his house, she fumed. Well ... I'll come back in a little while and
    check up on what's going on ... unless I'm very much mistaken, I'm
    going to catch them fucking.

    Julie had been on the beach only about fifteen minutes when Pete and
    Rick turned up, "Hello beautiful, you look sad," grinned Pete rubbing
    her back affectionately, "what's wrong, doll?"

    "Nothing really, except that Philip's here, you know the man that owns
    the house and he has his secretary with him."

    "Ummmmmm, is she as beautiful as you," Tim drooled.

    "Lay off it Tim," Pete insisted. "Listen doll, if you want to go back
    to the mainland today you could go with us, I've got some business to
    attend to in town. Want to come with us?"

    "Yes," said Julie immediately, not wanting to lose touch with either of
    the men. "Look I've got to go back to the house now, why don't I meet
    you at the dock at noon, there is a ferry then, isn't there?"

    "Sure, it's settled then, you'll come back with us ... good, baby,
    because believe me, Tim and I have definitely decided not to let you
    slip away from us, you luscious sexy piece of womanhood," Pete growled,
    cupping Julie's breast with his large hand and squeezing it sensually.

    "Oh stop," giggled Julie, "save it for later."

    "You are a minx, a sexy minx," Rick grinned lewdly.

    "It's taken you two to bring it out believe me," Julie said seriously,
    "I was beginning to think I'd sort of shriveled up and died sexually.
    First Philip Randolph melted the ice and then you two practically blew
    a volcano under me. No wonder I've been so miserable lately, it's
    because my husband hasn't been making love to me."

    "Well just you let me talk to your dumb husband, baby, and I'll set him
    straight, one thing is true, give a woman a good fuck every day of her
    life and she'll be your devoted slave."

    "Oh you male egotist," grinned Julie. "It's true isn't it?"

    "I'm ashamed to admit, it is," Julie sighed, "at least I feel
    completely different since you two made such beautiful love to me ...
    well, see you later."

    Pete and Tan watched Julie scramble up over the dune and then disappear
    in the direction of the house. "Now, there goes one hell of a woman,"
    sighed Pete.

    "Whew, you can say that again," grinned Tim.

    "Now, there goes one hell of a woman," Pete smiled broadly.

    "Oh shut up, you mad-man, I didn't mean it that way."

    "Nonetheless, it's true. Say, what are we going to do about seeing her
    in Manhattan?"

    "Don't worry, leave everything to me, that little lady is certainly not
    going to slip out of our grasp. I wonder if she'd go for a fully
    fledged orgy. Maybe we have a stag party when we get back, say half a
    dozen men and Julie ... how does that sound?

    "Terrific," grinned Pete Howard, "really terrific!"

    * * * *

    Julie crept up by the side of the house and slipped in by the kitchen
    door. She couldn't hear the sound of a typewriter, in fact at first she
    couldn't hear a thing ... then slowly she began to hear soft sounds
    coming from the bedroom.

    Just as I thought, she fumed to herself, something is going on with
    those two. She tiptoed to the bedroom, it was unmistakable, the sounds
    coming from within and she felt her stomach knot up with anger, even
    though she knew she had no right to be angry. She and Philip had no
    agreements with each other, still, he had been her lover only days

    The bedroom door was slightly open and quietly Julie moved towards it
    and peered around the edge of the door. A debauched, orgiastic scene
    confronted her. Philip was there on the bed with Sylvia and they were
    both entirely naked!

    "Allright Sylvia baby, move your cute little ass," she heard Philip

    He was on his back, kneeling over his torso, facing toward his feet was
    Sylvia, her long chestnut hair hanging down over one shoulder and she
    craned her neck to see the long hardened cock of the man beneath her
    lancing straight up into her tiny vagina. Her breasts, Julie saw, were
    small and firm, high on her chest and well-spaced and as she watched,
    Philip's hands came around under her arms and clutched at them greedily
    while at the same time, he guided her up and down on the huge rod of
    his penis.

    Completely spellbound, unable to tear herself away, Julie watched as
    that marvelous cock -- the same one that had brought her so much
    pleasure, disappeared upward into his secretary's cunt, except for a
    tiny stretch of it visible above his tightly drawn up scrotal sac. At
    that moment, Julie could have scratched the little bitch's eyes out ...
    but what good would that do?

    Then Julie noticed Sylvia's hand, slide back through the white curving
    columns of her thighs, the fingers searching for and finding the short,
    hardened bud of her clitoris. Eagerly, the finger rubbed caressingly,
    and as she watched, Julie became aware of the moisture seeping down
    into her own panties, the warmth being generated down there permeating
    her whole belly. It was completely unwanted, and she toyed briefly with
    the idea of throwing all pride aside, tearing off her own clothing and
    joining them on the bed. But she couldn't do it ... she wanted to leave
    and she wanted to stay. Her eyes widened as she watched thrust going
    deeper, her own blood pumped faster and every fiber of her sex-
    stimulated body strove for a second fulfilling orgasm.

    Suddenly, she was aware of something else. Pete, kneeling there beside
    her ... who up till then had been content to watch, saving himself ...
    saving the best for last-she remembered him saying ... was caressing
    her softly rounded ass-cheeks, his hands massaging the straining flesh.
    The something else was like a rocket booster to her passion; his
    fingers grazed lightly over the brownish puckered flesh of her anus.
    Tentatively, the pad of his probing middle finger pushed at the
    sensitive flesh. Her first reaction was a moaning request to stop, but
    then when without warning his middle finger thrust into her rear
    passage up to the first joint, she knew that it was something she
    wanted-perverse as that desire might be.

    "Y-yes! OOOooooooooooh, God ... yes!

    Shove your finger up my ass, Pete! Shove it in all Philip's cock
    plunging in and out of the girl's quivering vagina. "Philip, make me
    cum," sobbed Sylvia, "oh baby, make me cum!"

    "Uuuuuugggggghhhhhh!" groaned Philip, his lust-contorted face grinning
    sadistically. "Make you cum again baby, like last night, you want to
    cum like that again?"

    Oh thought Julie, so it's true, they've been lovers before, no wonder
    she was so uptight with me the first day I went into the gallery, and
    the second time come to think of it. Oh God! I've got to get out of
    here now, I can't wait until noon, I'll just pack my things up and wait
    at the restaurant until the ferry comes. I never want to see Philip
    Randolph again as long as I live!

    Chapter 6

    Julie, Pete and Tim took the noon ferry back to Long Island, picked up
    Pete's car and on a whim decided that instead of hitting the island
    early in the afternoon, they would drive out to Amagansett, visit a
    friend, have a leisurely dinner, then hit town later in the evening.

    It was almost 9:00PM when Pete's car swung into the West 11th Street,
    they were all rather tired and Julie had intended to tell them both
    that she was exhausted and would rather leave it to another day to
    visit. She knew that both of them wanted to fuck her, it was obvious
    from their lewd remarks, although most of them were made in jest, Julie
    knew they were both horny. She was a little horny too, but most of all
    she was exhausted. She was still suffering from hurt pride, it had
    upset her more than she thought it would seeing Philip Randolph fucking
    his secretary. She knew it was unreasonable of her, after all she
    hardly knew Philip and she herself had been fucked by both Pete and Tim
    ... still, she didn't care if it was unreasonable, she was hurt,

    She was about to say goodnight to the two men when she noticed that
    almost all the lights were on in the studio, one of the windows was
    open and loud, blaring rock and roll music could be heard blasting
    through it. Randy must be home, she thought to herself, damn! I'm just
    not ready for a scene.

    "Pete and Tim, it seems my husband is home and is having some kind of a
    party up there, would you mind coming upstairs with me, I don't want a
    scene. Somehow I'd feel a lot safer if you two were with me."

    "Sure, we don't mind," the two young men echoed. "Besides we're always
    in the mood for the party."

    As soon as Julie opened the door to her studio she was appalled, there
    were bodies everywhere. Her artwork had all been pushed into one comer
    and there were people fucking everywhere. She stood at the doorway for
    a moment, before Randy, her husband saw her.

    "Well surprise, surprise ... listen everyone, I'd like you to meet my
    wife, the famous artist Julie Moore."

    One or two heads turned to look at her but then continued to fuck once

    "How dare you do this in my studio," hissed Julie.

    "Oh come on baby, don't be such an old stick-in-the mud, didn't you
    know, orgies are the latest thing. Who are these side-kicks anyway?"

    Before Julie could answer, Pete had introduced himself and Tim, "Listen
    buddy," she heard him say, "this is our kind of a party, if you know
    what I mean. Mind if we stay?"

    "Not at all, the more the merrier," grinned Randy lewdly. "How about a
    drink for everyone?"

    "Sure ... scotch and soda."

    Both Pete and Tim took Julie firmly by the arm now and led her to the
    couch. After Julie had sat down she realized that a couple were on the
    mat in front of her, the girl was almost naked and she saw the black-
    haired man with her plunging his hand into her panties and thrusting
    his fingers up into her warmly palpitating vagina. Julie felt totally
    grossed out and looked away but it was no use, everywhere she looked
    she saw copulating couples.

    Suddenly she realized that Tim was fumbling with the buttons of her
    blouse, she glanced down at his crotch and saw that he already had a
    huge bulge pounding against the tightness of his jeans. She knew now
    that she couldn't escape this nightmare ... somehow or other she, had
    walked into the lion's den, it was almost as if Pete and Tim were in
    cohorts with Randy and yet she knew that that was impossible, it was
    just that they were of a like mind. Seeing what was going on, obviously
    the two of them had decided to join in. It wasn't that she didn't want
    either of them, she just didn't want them in public. Then she saw her
    husband Randy moving towards them with a tray of drinks.

    Julie could hardly believe that Randy had had the nerve to come back to
    the studio in the first place, she knew that she should have been very
    angry with him but somehow she couldn't ... she couldn't remember now
    what they had quarreled about in the first place, something about his
    having other women, oh yes, that was it. Well now, I'm no better than
    he is, she thought sadly to herself, I've had three men in the past
    week and thoroughly enjoyed myself and yet I can't deny that Randy can
    still twist my heartstrings ... oh God! she groaned inwardly, what's it
    all about anyway, this loving?

    Randy motioned Pete out of the seat next to Julie and sat down next to
    her. He handed her her drink and then whispered into her ear, "Hope
    you're ready baby, but we've got a skin flick coming up. Get the lights
    Frank," he called to a tall greasy looking youth in the
    corner of the room.

    "A skin flick, in my studio," gasped Julie.

    "Shut up and watch," growled Randy, "and drink up, there's lots more."

    Mutely Julie obeyed, wondering why she had never seen this side of
    Randy's character before. She glanced up at the screen and saw a girl,
    totally naked, her legs spread-eagled towards the camera, stroking her
    clitoris gently with one hand and caressing her breast with the other.
    She was disgusted, she couldn't imagine any decent, respectable woman
    doing that to herself! Despite herself however, Julie was becoming
    aroused by the lewd display before her widened eyes. She felt Randy now
    fumbling with the rest of her blouse buttons and she vaguely thought
    about resisting him but something perverse inside of her told her to be

    "You are going to get it good from me tonight baby. I've been thinking
    about this since you left, so I had other women but it didn't mean that
    I didn't want you a lot of the time ... hell what could I do, you with
    a fucking paint brush always in your hand. Oh Randy, my work, my work,
    shit, that's all I heard for months. Well, baby, a man gets sick and
    tired of that bullshit." She felt his hungry hands unhooking her
    brassiere now, his hot greedy hands clutching and pummeling at her

    Desperately Julie cast her eyes around the room, she couldn't believe
    that Randy was fondling her this way in front of everyone. Yet, no-one
    seemed to notice, they were all too busily engaged in their own sexual
    pursuits. Most of the girls were completely naked now, she could see
    lots of erect penises and one girl even had her mouth plunged over the
    man of her choice. Julie was repulsed and pulled her eyes away. She
    looked into Randy's face now and read raw-desire. She looked at Tim and
    his face was contorted with the same kind of Just. Oh no ... she
    thought not a gangbang, not me!

    Randy and Tim pulled her to her feet now, her skirt was pulled off,
    Randy hooked his fingers into the waistband of her sheer panties and
    pulled them down over her hips.

    "Man, thanks for letting us join in," grinned Tim.

    "Don't mention it buddy, I told you the more the merrier!" grinned
    Randy lewdly.

    Julie was beside herself now and tried to cover her body with her hands
    but to no avail. "Randy please, why are you doing this?" she pleaded.

    "To teach you a lesson baby. If you had given me a little more time
    instead of your fucking canvases, we wouldn't have drifted so far
    apart. A man wants his woman at home, ready and willing to fuck
    whenever he wants it!"

    The lights were suddenly turned up in the room and the movie was over
    so that Julie could be seen clearly crouching on the floor. She looked
    up to see that Pete was already stripped to his shorts. Then she looked
    back to her husband as he lowered his shorts to expose the massively
    solid length of his cock. "Okay baby, you can suck me off for a start,"
    he growled. "You've never done it for me baby and I want it."

    Julie thought she would die, yet she knew that she was trapped. Her
    husband's blood-bloated cock wavered in front of her face, she felt her
    body begin to quiver in spite of herself. Oh God! no, she thought to
    herself, can it be that I actually want this kind of humiliation? Am I
    trying to punish myself for some reason?

    "Randy can't we do this alone," she sobbed.

    "No ...!" screamed Randy, "I want you to do it in front of everyone."

    "Oh God! thought Julie to herself. He's sick, he must be deranged!

    "I said NOW Julie, start sucking my cock!" He grasped the hardened
    shaft of his penis and pressed it against Julie's lips. "Start sucking,

    At that moment Julie felt Tim and Pete's hands begin to caress and
    fondle her body, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples, sliding
    down her flanks and over the round smoothness of her buttocks. Then she
    felt Pete's hand creep down over the flat plane of her belly and down
    to the lighting curling blonde hair of her pussy. Then, his
    outstretched middle finger was going down into the rapidly heating
    furrow of her cunt. His finger made lewdly stimulating contact with the
    hardening bud of her clitoris, and unwanted sparks of passion began to
    kindle in her ... and, always there was the softly caressing hands of
    Tim upon her breasts.

    Julie mewled moaningly, the sound coming from deep in her chest as the
    fire in her loins spread, making her feel as though her whole body were
    engulfed in flames of desire, as below, Pete stimulated her pussy, his
    fingers sliding into her moistly heated vaginal opening. In her mouth
    she could feel her husband's thick cock lurch expandingly against her
    sucking lips.

    "Allright baby, that's enough!" she heard Randy mutter. "Get down on
    all fours now!"

    Abjectly, she obeyed. Pete's fingers came out of her cuntal orifice, as
    she moved into the new obscene position. Her husband was kneeling
    behind her now, his hands reaching down to spread the white globes of
    her smoothly rounded buttocks wide apart. She was sure that he was only
    going to enter her from the rear, fuck her dog fashion. They had done
    that many times.

    "Now," she heard him grunt, "I'm going to do something I've always
    wanted to do ... and you'd never let me!"

    "Wh-what ...?" she twisted her head to look around at him, saw the lewd
    smile on his face as he gazed raptly at her exposed anal opening.

    "You're going to get fucked in the ass!"

    "N-no! Oh God, noooooo!"

    She jerked forward away from him, trying desperately to rise to her

    "Hold her, damn it," Randy commanded to Tim and Pete.

    They grabbed her and forced her to kneel quietly on hands and knees
    while her husband came in behind her again, his now cruel hands
    grasping at her ass-cheeks and spreading them wide.

    She shivered with chilling fear as she felt the hot bloated head of her
    husband's penis slide into the crevice of her ass to press against the
    undefended and vulnerable opening of her anus. There was some
    excruciating pressure against the virginal orifice. It hurt. It hurt
    like hell! She moaned again like a trapped animal. "Nooooooo!"

    Behind her, Randy shoved hard, and sweat popped out on his brow. It
    hurt him, too, but he was determined. He was going to fuck his smart-
    ass wife right in the ass. He was going to have this victory over her
    ... for once in their life he was going to take the limelight!

    "Ooooooooooh, God, Randy, you're splitting me apart," she groaned
    through tear-dimmed eyes.

    "First time always hurts baby, after that I'll be able to fuck you in
    the ass at the drop of a hat!"

    Randy flexed his legs powerfully, and the mushroom shaped tip of his
    brutalizing cock slipped part way into the dry, stoutly resisting hole
    of her anus. "Aaaaaaaiiiiigh!"

    Suddenly, his stiffened rod popped through the sphincter muscles, and
    the whole of his cock-head disappeared inside her rectum, stretching it
    with agonizing pain that made her want to retch.

    Her mouth opened in a tormented scream as the almost unbearable agony
    of it permeated her loins. Just at that moment a man she didn't even
    know guided the lust-swollen head of his cock into her wide-open mouth.
    Her scream was muffled in her throat, and when she closed her jaws it
    was around the surprising presence of hardened man-flesh. Her first
    reaction was one of revulsion. She wanted to bite it off. Her teeth did
    nip at it, but the man held her head between his hands and groused at
    her. "Careful, baby-doll! Just suck at Jim's cock nice and easy!"
    Carefully, she covered her teeth with her lips and tentatively ran her
    tongue around the glans of his bloated penis, tasting its tangy flavor
    in spite of her pain.

    She froze then, afraid to move, as behind her, her husband shoved
    harder, and at least another two inches of his cock slid up into the
    spongy flesh of her anal opening. At the same time, one of the men
    kneeling beside her -- was it Tim? -- slid his hand up the curvaceous
    softness of her inner thighs, his hands massaging at her rapidly
    stimulating pussy. Then, only moments later, she felt his finger on the
    short, hard and sensitive bud of her sexual being, caressing up and
    down the miniature phallus. Surprisingly the fiery glow in her loins
    had not been killed by the agonizing pain in her backside; on the
    contrary, everything was heightened. Sex thrills sped along her nerve
    endings ... even in tortured tissues of her rectum. God! How she longed
    to have the thick hardness of just one of those cocks surrounding her
    pounding up into the hot depths of her cunt. Then another hand slid its
    way over the soft cringing moons of a buttock, it was Pete, she was
    pretty sure of that. His extended middle finger toyed there at the now
    hungrily opening entrance to her vagina before going into her vaginal
    orifice to revolve around and around in great circles just inside the
    coral mouth. Then there were two fingers and finally three that sawed
    in and out of her pussy like a thick, substitute cock.

    Then, automatically her loins were moving against the inciting fingers
    inside her cuntal passage, but every move only served to bury her
    husband's punishing cudgel all the deeper up into her resisting rear
    passage. All of a sudden with a loud smack, Randy had thrust with all
    his might to bury the whole turgid length of his cock up inside her
    warm, soft and completely defenseless rectum. He remained motionless as
    he expanded it deep inside her. it still hurt ... but now there was
    something else happening to her. Her anal muscles were relaxing,
    accommodating the unnatural presence, and the pain was being replaced
    with an unbelievably intense desire, a desire for all to go on and on.

    Behind her, gloating in his carnal victory over her, Randy mumbled,
    "Now Julie, you're going to get what's coming to you!" Lewdly, he began
    to saw in and out of her, his cock boring deep up into the smooth
    sponginess of her now fully relaxed rectum.

    Randy's fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her back and forth, his
    hard, expanding cock going in and out of her like a powerful piston.
    Already, she felt raw and tender back there, however, it seemed to be
    bearable only because of Pete's fingers fucking in and out of her
    inflamed pussy. God! why doesn't he use his cock? She had to have it
    ... had to have Pete's long, rock-hard penis in her cunt, fucking her
    the right way. And obviously, Randy didn't seem to mind either Pete or
    Tim, in fact they were behaving like the oldest of friends.

    Desperately, she twisted her head aside and cleared her mouth of Jim's
    thick rod of flesh. Mewingly, she gasped, "Oh God ... fuck me! Fuck me
    the right way! In my cunt ... t-too."

    "No, baby! You're going to get it like this, first!" Randy grunted.

    "Hey man, you heard her. She wants a cock in her cunt, too!" It was
    Tim's voice.

    "Back off Tim, this is my show," Randy growled.

    "Not anymore, buddy," Pete sneered, withdrawing his hand now from his
    titillation of her clitoris.

    "Turn her over. I'm going to fuck her in the cunt!" Pete's voice was

    "Like hell you will!"

    "We will ... even if we have to pull you off your own wife!"

    "You wouldn't dare!"

    "Oh, wouldn't we? Just try us!"

    Suddenly alarmed, Randy realized that he didn't really know the two men
    he was fighting with, perhaps they were tougher than he was, besides
    there were two of them. Maybe he'd better go a little easier.

    "A-all right, you win ..." Randy said, "She'll get it double."

    "Triple!" Jim added.

    "That's right. Triple!" It was Tim speaking. "Only, I'm the third one!
    Move your ass out of there!"

    For the first time Julie realized what was going to happen to her. She
    had wanted a cock in her cunt but she hadn't anticipated this! They
    going to f-fuck me in every one of my openings ... at the same time!

    Her husband wrapped his arms around her torso and rolled heavily to his
    side, taking her with him; then as he went on over to his back, hands
    grasped her and straightened her out on top of him, her smooth hollowed
    back pressing down against his belly and chest, her legs splayed out
    obscenely on the outside of his own while his huge, pulsing cock still
    lay deeply imbedded far up in the heated confines of her anus. She was
    hopelessly skewered and completely helpless to resist as Pete crawled
    between her widespread thighs and grinned down into her face, lewd
    desire for her in his eyes. His legs spread hers even farther apart,
    and as she looked down through the deep valley between her soft mounded
    breasts, she saw that he was, indeed, aiming his hard, pulse-throbbing
    cock at the moist, pressure-stretched mouth of her open cunt.

    "Ooooooh! M-myyyyy Godddd!" Julie groaned as she felt the enormous
    shaft of his cock go deeply into her in a rush, thrusting until his
    sperm-bloated testicles slapped up hard against the cruelly stretched
    cheeks of her buttocks where her husband's thick rod was buried equally
    as deeply in the dark channel of her backside. She winced now, not so
    much with the pain, which was subsiding but with a deep sense of
    humiliation, sandwiched as she was between two virile men who skewered
    her without mercy in both of the openings of her loins. It wasn't what
    she wanted ... what she had asked for!

    Now, both heated cocks were pounding into her, Pete from above,
    slamming down into her cunt and Randy stretched out beneath her, boring
    deep up into her rectum. She could feel them each plainly as they
    filled her to capacity with fiery man-flesh.

    Momentarily, she had forgotten about Tim, but now he was there at her
    side, curled around hers and Randy's heads on his side, and he was
    turning her head where it rested in the hollow of her husband's

    "Here you are Julie," Tim grunted. "This'll make it three at once!"

    Julie resisted for a moment, trying to turn her face away from him, but
    his fingers entwined in her hair to pull her head back into the
    position he wanted while his other hand probed at her lips to force her
    mouth open. The smooth rubbery tip, all shiny red and pulsing with his
    lewd desire, teased against her lips. Resigned now to the inevitable,
    she rounded her lips and allowed him to slide the massively turgid
    length of his cock into the moist warm saliva of her mouth. It went
    into her oral cavern the full length, filling her cheeks completely
    with its fleshy hardness. She gasped for breath as its tip probed deep
    into her throat.

    Tim held her face firmly in place by his tight grip on her hair and
    began to fuck brutally into her mouth, choking her and bruising her
    lips as the full length of him dove in and out between her tightening
    lips. She struggled to breathe and found that she could barely get a
    gasping breath only on the outstrokes. Dimly, she was aware of faces
    around her, faces showing salacious desire, their eyes watching the
    lewd use to which she was being put. There were mumbled remarks and
    observations, most of them involving what he, or she would do when his
    or her turn came. Julie realized with horror that almost everyone had
    stopped their own fucking sessions to witness hers!

    She moaned around Tim's hard-driving cock with the realization that she
    was being used like some cheap, street-walking whore ... that she was
    being humiliated, debased and debauched, and it seemed as if it had
    been going on for eons of time already. However, the very thought of
    three men -- one of them her husband, Randy, fucking her so brutally at
    each of her bodily openings began to excite her even more lewdly. There
    was a strange hunger in her. It surged through her body and mind, an
    incongruous delight with what was happening to her.

    Again, she groaned, her lips tightening hungrily around Tim's throbbing
    cock fucking deep into her mouth and throat, her cheeks hollowing as
    she sucked at it with salacious delight, her tongue swirling around and
    around it, touching the rigid shaft with increased pleasure and lapping
    voraciously at the pulsing head while below, her loins worked on oiled
    bearings, her buttocks moving up and down against her husband's cock
    pounding up into her nakedly defenseless anus. From above, she absorbed
    Pete Howard's deeply gouging penis into the fire-scorched channel of
    her pussy. All she wanted then was more, more and more of it!

    Nothing else mattered. Her mind was a blank to everything but those
    marvelously long, thick and hard cocks fucking her, and she was
    enveloped in a wild ecstasy she had never before known. Crazily, she
    moved with them, wanting it to go on and on, yet wanting it to end of
    the most wonderful orgasm of her life. Th-three cocks ... all at one
    time ... and they're going to c-cum in me! Oh dear God! Oooooh!

    Yes! That's what she wanted. She wanted Tim's cum to jet into her mouth
    ... dribble down her throat in never-ending streams. She could almost
    taste the cum already ... and below, Pete's cock would explode in her
    cunt, flooding her, filling her with white-hot semen while beneath her,
    her husband's obscene fucking of her anus would result in his hosing
    hot streams of cum deep up into her rectum. Idly, she wondered just how
    that would feel. Instinctively, she knew that it would be soon.

    Already, she could feel Tim's cock bloating in her mouth, and she
    sucked and tongued at it with wild, ecstatic abandon. Oh, cum ... cum
    ... cum Tim!

    He did. His cock burst like a hose under too much pressure, shooting
    hot streams of creamy white semen deep into her throat. Her cheeks
    bloated, and she swallowed desperately to keep from gagging as
    continuing jets of his cum spewed endlessly into her mouth. She heard
    Tim's moaning gasp of pleasure, and she gulped and swallowed
    voraciously, not wanting to waste even a drop of his precious life-
    liquid. Even as she swallowed though, several tiny droplets of his
    white viscous cum dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

    Julie felt an acute disappointment when Tim rolled away from her,
    releasing his grip on her hair as his deflating cock pulled limply,
    moistly from between her still sucking lips. Thin sticky filaments of
    his warm, white semen stretched and finally broke as they trailed from
    her lips to the head of his rapidly shrinking penis. Avidly she watched
    it; then just beyond Tim's collapsed form she saw Jim and the girl with
    whom he had been sprawling on the mattress earlier. She was on her
    knees, facing Julie, her face a picture of lust, as kneeling behind
    her, Jim also watching, was thrusting his cock deep into her tight
    little pussy, fucking her animal-like. His face too was reflecting the
    fact that he was going to cum almost any moment

    Jim caught her gaze. He blurted. "Christ! I couldn't wait any longer!"
    His hair covered loins slap-slapped up against the girl's raised
    obscenely rotating buttocks.

    Sandwiched between Pete and her husband, Julie was crazed now with a
    feral wildness she never suspected in herself as she fucked back at the
    two cocks jackhammering into her ever faster and faster.

    "Fuck me ... hard!" she gasped. "Fuuucccckkk meeeee! Split me in two!
    Oh God! Keep it up ... just like this. Forever ... and ever!"

    She was in an uncontrolled frenzy now. Nothing else meant anything
    except the lustful rapture of it all, and she knew that within moments
    it would all explode inside her.

    "Come on! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Cum! Cum!" she chanted,
    the moist slippery wails of her contracting cunt and rectum both
    squeezing and contracting rhythmically like the sucking mouths of babes
    around the twin battering rams ravishing her loins.

    Then Pete slaving above her began to mouth obscenities, his cock
    slamming up into her with bone-crushing power, and she knew that he was

    "Aaaaaauuuugggghhh! Christ! I'm going to fill your hot little cunt with
    cum, baby! Oh baby! That's it! UUUUUggghhh!"

    ... And suddenly, Julie convulsed between them, her body writhing
    uncontrollably as her own orgasm culminated in her, all of her senses
    deadened to all but the wonderfully ecstatic sensations that surged
    through her body, and she felt the expanding shaft of Pete's cock as it
    began to spurt his hot white semen deep up into the clasping channel of
    her cunt. Then he stiffened over her, his cock jerking in the moistness
    of her pussy as it flooded his semen into her. She felt every
    delightful lurch and was aware of her own involuntary milking muscles.

    As from a great distance, she heard her own bansee waiI of completion.
    Aaaaaauuuuuggghhh! I'm cummmmminnnnng!"

    Beneath her, Randy was only seconds behind them. Now, his massive rod
    was exploding deep in the forever-stretched passage of her anus. Gushes
    of his semen flooded hotly up into her belly. Then all three were
    quiet, relaxed, collapsed in on each other, and there was no sound in
    the room except the tortured breathing of three sets of lungs. Silently
    and with a certain sense of awe at what they had just witnessed, the
    circle of lust-incited men and women moved in on her as Pete heaved
    himself from on top of her and rolled away completely satiated.

    They lifted her from on top of her husband, Randy, and before she knew
    what was happening, two strange men had stretched out on either side of
    her, their hands caressing her, cupping up the velvety smooth mounds of
    her soft breasts and tweaking the still hard nipples with their thumbs
    and forefingers.

    Someone trailed caressing hands down over her belly. Groggily, Julie
    looked down to see that it was one of the girls, her breasts hanging
    down like full ripe pears from her chest, as she crawled on all fours
    up between Julie's white curving thighs, her eyes locked on the blonde
    hair-covered pussy that only moments before was filled with the
    enormous mass of Pete's penis.

    The red-head pried Julie's thighs apart gently, "Mmmmmmmmnn! That's
    nice!" she mewled deep in her throat. "Now I'm going to lick you all
    hot again."

    Julie didn't object, didn't resist as her thighs were splayed wide and
    the hot, electric contact of the girl's tongue sent new sensations
    thrilling through her.

    "Oooooooh, yes! Oh God, yes! Do it! Lick my cunt! God!" she moaned. "I
    want everything! Everything!"

    She got it.

    Julie actually lost count, there was no way that she could keep count.
    She was stimulated and fucked, and fucked again by every young virile
    man there as well as having engaged in several lesbian acts, licking
    and being licked. It went on and on until Julie had no idea of time or
    space ... all there were in her universe were cocks and cunts and cocks
    and cunts.

    She felt strangely alive and different now, it was almost as if she
    were filled with superhuman strength, she felt that she could go on and
    on forever, that she would never tire, her pussy seemed to have an
    endless source of delight locked away in it, no sooner had one man
    finished stimulating her than another would come and it would begin all
    over again.

    And then she was suddenly back again at the beginning, everyone seemed
    to have faded away and the familiar faces of her husband Randy, and her
    lovers Pete and Tan loomed before her satiated eyes.

    "Ready for us again, baby," Randy grinned. "Pete, Tim and I have been
    talking and we've decided that we make it good together, how about
    another roll?"

    Julie looked proudly at her husband, now she had no anger in her heart
    for him she realized that she had been so involved in her own artistic
    career that she had sadly neglected him. She didn't blame him at all
    any longer for the orgy, she was happy she felt that she had learned a
    truly meaningful lesson. From now on she would always share and always
    be available for her husband, no matter what he wanted to do with her.
    She was his, his entirely and she was Pete's too as well as Tim's
    woman. Obviously Randy didn't care, he probably would be introducing
    her soon to his other girlfriends, why couldn't they share that way, it
    would make them closer as a couple and they could only grow from their
    loving, She felt freed, liberated from her old ideas of sexual
    morality, it hadn't made either she or Randy very happy and she
    suspected it hadn't made many of the other people in the room happy
    either. It was all too confining, this business of one and one together
    for ever, without any other energy along the way ... it was too easy
    for love to become stale that way, much too easy. She would never let
    that happen to she and Randy again, she would always make sure that he
    got what he wanted ... always!

    "Yes," she grinned lewdly at her three favourite sexual partners, "I'm
    ready, I'm really good and ready!"

    The End

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