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    [LLP-163] Angie Makes Friends by Grace Wilkinson

    [LLP-163] Angie Makes Friends by Grace Wilkinson

    Chapter 1

    "All the students whose names I called will leave now and report to the
    auditorium for the sex education film for freshmen," Mrs. Hildebrande

    A banging of seats and books ensued and twenty-five of the thirty
    students in the room rose or prepared to rise.

    On his way out, Brad Harker stopped to leer at Doug Fleming and Angie
    Marlowe. "You little kiddies be good while we're gone."

    "We don't have to take courses in sex to find out what it's all about,"
    Angie retorted tartly.

    Doug looked up from his biology book and whispered composedly. "Don't
    fuck all the girls while the lights are out."

    Brad laughed confidently. "If I fucked one, that would be more than you
    ever have."

    Doug's face flushed with anger.

    "You might be surprised," Angie said, taking Doug's side.

    "Are you kidding? This retard is a dull grind," Brad said positively.
    "The local genius! Studying and research projects. That's all he's ever
    done. He's never seen a single sex education film in his life and never
    taken out a girl."

    "You don't know all the things I study or the projects I work on," Doug
    said coolly.

    "Who're you trying to put on!" Brad said unimpressed.

    "Well, you don't know," Angie said staunchly. "Doug learns a lot about
    sex from his father and I learn about it from my father. We don't need
    to go to those sex classes."

    A loud rapping interrupted the conversation.

    "Everyone out, please," Mrs. Hildebrande said crisply.

    "Get your ass in gear," Doug said in a superior tone to Brad.

    Brad looked first at Angie then at Doug, doubt flickering in his eyes.
    "If you two know so much about sex, why have you held out on the rest
    of us?"

    Doug and Angie stared at him with poker faces.

    Brad looked at them sardonically. "I'll be asking you soon. You better
    know something worth knowing." He turned and walked away.

    The two watched Brad disappear out the door, then Doug turned to Angie.
    "I didn't know you knew so much about sex."

    She flared back defensively, "I didn't know you knew so much either."

    As soon as all the students were gone, Mrs. Hildebrande tapped for
    attention again. "Because there are only a few of you left in the study
    hall, you may study, read, or talk, if you keep your voices low." She
    smiled at them graciously and then turned her attention to grading

    Doug felt that same old sinking feeling in his stomach that he'd felt
    so often lately. The harder he tried to live a peaceful, logical
    existence, the quicker he found himself entangled in an impossible
    situation. Why had he taken offense to Brad's childish words? He knew
    what a silly ass Brad was. He thought he had inured himself to the
    stigma of being left out of the sex education classes long ago, but
    here he was--upset again. He guessed he wasn't missing much anyway.
    Probably the same old anatomical diagrams his father had showed him on
    the sly. And the school board members didn't allow the teachers to talk
    about anything really interesting or exciting anyway. So why was he
    annoyed? Mainly because he wanted to know, he admitted to himself.
    Really know what sex was all about. For the past year he had been
    merely curious, but lately he had gotten obsessed with the idea of
    knowing about it. Probably had something to do with all those wet
    dreams he'd had lately. He knew he shouldn't care what the other kids
    thought of him. But he did. He couldn't stand the thought of Brad's
    face smiling triumphantly when he found out Doug didn't know anything
    about sex. Telling all the other kids.

    Angie's mind was working overtime. It wasn't her fault she didn't know
    about sex, it was her mother's fault. Any time the subject came up her
    mother reacted violently against it. Angie could never find out why.
    Her mother wouldn't tell her anything about sex. It was always 'Nice
    girls don't sit with their legs apart. Nice girls don't say those
    words. Nice girls don't ask those questions until they're old enough.'
    Hell, if sex was such a bad thing, why were adults always wanting to do
    it? Why did they think it was such a big thing? Could it really hurt
    children to know about it? Her father didn't think so. He'd wanted to
    tell her about sex several times but her mother always butted in. Then
    there'd be a big scene. Her mother would scream about getting a
    divorce, making a big scandal. Her father would end up shaking her out
    of her hysteria and her mother would shout, 'Don't touch me with your
    filthy obscene hands! Not after you've touched all your nurses.' Angie
    wondered what she meant by those words. Did her father have sex with
    his nurses? He probably didn't with her mother--she wouldn't even let
    him touch her.

    A poke in her back roused Angie from her thoughts. She turned to face

    "Tell me all you know about sex," Doug commanded.

    "Look," she retorted, "I was only trying to help you out. Brad was so

    "I didn't need your help before, I need it now."

    "Don't you know anything about sex?" Angie asked pityingly.

    Doug blushed. "Of course I do. But Brad doesn't want to know ordinary

    "What makes you think I'd know anything different?"

    "Your father is a medical doctor, isn't he?"

    "He doesn't consult me about his work," Angie said, deliberately

    "Haven't you kept your eyes and ears open and picked up a thing or

    "Mmmm," Angie said mysteriously, fluttering her eyelashes at him

    I wonder if she's been laid yet, Doug asked himself. She has a wide
    mouth. If the grandmother tales are right, she should have a large

    Angie nervously drummed her fingers on the desk. "My father does have a
    lot of medical books in his office." But I haven't read any of them,
    she finished in her mind.

    "You've read them?"

    "Well-l. Just glanced at a few," she lied. I am going to read them.
    Soon, she thought. No matter what Mom says. I've waited long enough.

    "What did they say?" Maybe he could get her into a petting session, if
    she wouldn't go all the way.

    "There were a lot of diagrams, like in the biology book." That was safe
    to say.

    "Anything new?" Doug asked hopefully. "About how it's done?" Would she
    go to bed with me? I'm not very good-looking. Would any girl?

    "Mmmm." Angie looked down at her fingernails. She wasn't going to tell
    him she didn't know anything.

    "I can tell. You didn't understand them." Girls were so dumb. On the
    other hand, that might be an asset. Would she or wouldn't she?

    "Well, at least I know where it's at," Angie said daringly. She
    laughed. I wonder if he's tried it yet? Maybe Brad's right--he's not
    interested. If he'd come over, we might try it!

    "Maybe if you could borrow one of your father's books, we could study
    it together."

    "Yes? Where would we study it?"

    "In the library?"

    Angie shook her head. "Too public."

    "At my house?"

    "I can't go out with boys. My mother won't let me until I'm sixteen."
    Her tone was martyred.

    Why in the hell is she encouraging me to ask then? Doug was outraged.
    "You could tell her you were visiting a girlfriend," he said mildly.

    A knot of sorrow caught in Angie's throat. How she wished she could!
    She'd wanted to have a close friend for so long. But the girls never
    seemed to notice her. She'd even thought of going up to one--Mary Jane
    Watson especially, she was so popular--and starting a conversation. But
    she'd never had the nerve. At the last moment, she felt cowed. Out loud
    she said, "My mother knows I don't have any girlfriends."

    "Oh." Doug felt defeated.

    Angie saw the disappointment on his face. Maybe he is ready, she
    thought. What we couldn't do together. She leaned closer to him. "But
    you could come to my house."

    Doug looked at her and blinked his eyes. She was such an illogical
    girl. Jumping from negative to positive.

    "Unless you're afraid to," she jibed.

    At last! A proposition. Loud and clear. Why not? Her parents probably
    went out a lot anyway. He smiled. "When?"


    He could re-arrange his schedule. Put off starting that new research
    project. "What time?"

    "7:30?" Will he have enough nerve to come? she asked herself.

    "Okay," Will she let me do it to her? he asked himself.

    * * *

    That night it seemed as if everyone was watching him as he walked the
    two blocks to her house. He stood uneasily on the doorstep and rang the
    bell. As soon as she opened the door, he escaped inside.

    "Come," she said.

    She had on some fancy lounging pajamas in a slinky material that moved
    sensuously with every step she took. Her smooth undulating buttocks
    fascinated him. What law of engineering did they operate under?

    The room was way in the back of the house, isolated from the other
    rooms. He felt a little shocked as he stepped into it and saw the bed.
    This was her bedroom!

    "Drinking?" She held up a bottle of wine.

    Doug nodded casually. He thought, anything you can do, I can do.

    A stereo on the wall was blaring rock-n-roll music. 'Let me, baby,
    baby, won't you let me?' the young voice sang sensually to the pounding
    beat. Doug felt his heart begin pounding.

    Angie smiled slyly as she handed him the large wine glass filled to the
    brim. She held up her glass in a toast. "To your health," she said and

    Nervously, Doug gulped the wine down, hardly tasting its sourness.
    Angie refilled his glass. Her liquid brown eyes were excited. They kept
    looking at him expectantly.

    What did she want of him? "Did you get a book?"

    "Oh, I meant to tell you," she said casually. "My mother doesn't allow
    me in the office. We'll have to break in."

    "Break in?"

    "You're supposed to be a genius," she cooed. "It isn't that hard to
    pick locks, is it?"

    "Depends on the lock. I don't have any tools with me."

    They went to the front of the house and Doug inspected the office door.
    He shook his head. "The spring is too heavy. It would take me two or
    three hours to open it."

    "Damn!" Angie said impatiently.

    "Any other openings to the office? Doors? Windows?"

    "No other doors. There are windows in two walls, the front of the house
    and the side."

    "Let's go out and look them over."

    Outside, Doug decided it would be easier and less conspicuous to climb
    the tree on the side of the house and try to open the side window. He
    climbed up the tree and walked along the branch toward the window. The
    limb was weak and every time he neared the window, he would dangle just
    out of reach of the window sill. He bounced several times before he
    finally caught the sill; then he laboriously pulled himself up until he
    had both elbows on it. Gently, he pushed at the window, hoping it was
    unlocked. It was. He pushed it open and scrambled inside.

    Angie ran inside the house and Doug let her in the office. Together
    they read the titles of the books on the shelves. Encyclopedia of
    Sexual Behavior looked promising but turned out to be a book of
    definitions. Sterility and Its Treatment contained nothing of interest
    at all, at least, what they could understand of it. The Principles and
    Practice of Gynecology had some large diagrams of female genitalia
    drawn from about every angle. However, the pictures were so detailed
    that both Doug and Angie got lost trying to understand them.

    "Doesn't your father have any easy books?" Doug asked despairingly.
    "Something for beginners?"

    "He might at the hospital. I don't know." Books, she thought
    contemptuously. How much do you learn from books? Damned little!

    "There's only one other way," Doug said, eyeing her tentatively. Will
    she or won't she? he kept asking himself.

    "What?" she asked innocently. Does he mean what I think he does? She
    didn't know him well enough to guess.

    "Try it," he said firmly. He was shaking inside, waiting for her
    explosion. Suppose she laughed at him?

    Angie stared boldly back into his eyes. "How much do you know about

    He might as well take the chance. "Nothing. How much do you?"

    "Nothing." I might as well admit it, she thought.

    "Well?" he said matter-of-factly, "are you game?"

    Her eyes recognized the challenge in his. "If you are." Can I go
    through with it? She wasn't sure.

    "Let's go back to your room."

    They carefully arranged the office as they had found it and went out
    the door, setting the handle, so it would lock behind them.

    Back in her bedroom, Angie opened a dresser drawer. "I'll put a nightie

    "You don't need one. It's better naked, they say."

    "I'd rather." She dropped her eyes and rushed past him to the bathroom
    and closed the door.

    Doug felt curiously abandoned. He undressed slowly, piece by piece, and
    waited, sitting on the bed. Time passed and he shivered. Was it
    anticipation or was it cold? His mind was racing. Was he really going
    to find out what sex was like? He hadn't thought his chance would come
    so soon. He glanced at the clock on the nightstand. 8:30. Angie had
    better start moving, he couldn't stay much longer. And he was getting

    An idea came to him. He went over to the dresser, rummaged through a
    drawer, picked out a frilly short nightgown and put it on. He knocked
    on the bathroom. "Angie? Angie?"

    No answer.

    He tried the door knob gently. It turned. He opened the door slowly and
    peeked in. Angie was sitting on the toilet, staring at the floor in
    front of her.

    Doug stepped into the bathroom, walked into her line of vision and

    Angie's eyes slowly took in the long bony feet; they followed up the
    hairy skinny legs and on up to the bony knees just below the edge of
    the ruffle. Then her eyes jumped to his face.

    Doug simpered. "When is the slumber party going to start?"

    He looked so grotesque pretending to be a girl that Angie had to laugh,
    "Now. I'll be right out," she said when she could stop laughing.

    "Hurreee," Doug said in a forced feminine falsetto. "I've got so much
    to tell you. And we've got so much to do!"

    Angie started laughing again and motioned him out.

    Doug fluttered his fingers goodbye to her and clowned like a showgirl
    before he closed the door. He grinned to himself as he slipped out of
    the nightie and climbed into bed. He laid his glasses on the
    nightstand. The price one had to pay for a woman! He felt old and

    Angie bustled into the room, avoiding his eyes. She turned down the
    stereo. "It's too light in here." She turned off the lamp; the room
    became black. Shyly, she climbed into bed beside him.

    His angular firm body felt strange and exciting to her. Each time she
    felt a part of his body touch hers--a shoulder or a leg or a hip--
    electric sparks flashed through her body and she would edge away
    nervously. She'd never felt like this before.

    The excitement of feeling Angie's softly rounded body near his erected
    his penis. He put out a hand to touch her, but she pulled away.

    "You said you would, Angie," he reminded her in a low voice.

    "It feels funny and I'm a little afraid," she whimpered in her low
    little girl voice.

    I can force her, he thought. It would be so easy. His desire demanded
    to be sated. He imagined forcing himself on her. But after the fantasy
    faded he knew he could not. I can't take it unless she gives it to me.
    Strange. As sick as he was of her virginity, he couldn't just take her.
    Damn! Why should he have to be this way? There were always catches to

    "Of course it does," he said soothingly. "It feels strange to me too.
    The first time always does."

    Doug lay there, silently cursing himself for being the way he was.
    Damn, he was burning. His penis wanted in. He sighed deeply.

    Angie heard his sigh and thought, he's thinking of Brad and all those
    kids at school. Facing them would be awful if they didn't do it. She
    slid over against him and whispered. "Go ahead, do it to me."

    Awkwardly Doug climbed onto her and gently spread her slightly
    resisting legs apart. He had to kneel to examine her pussy. Where was
    her vaginal opening? She was so nervous it made him feel nervous. She
    tensed and jumped when he touched the soft curls of her sparse young
    pubic hair. He gently parted it with his thumbs and separated her outer
    cuntal lips and felt for the inner labia. His finger explored downward
    for the vaginal opening. When he found the tiny pink mouth it was
    throbbing gently. He pressed the moist fleshy lips open and she jumped
    and tensed her body even more.

    Embarrassment swept over him. He had never imagined sex would feel as
    bad as this! But he couldn't stop now, not with her lying here with her
    legs spread so far apart for him. He lowered his body down on top of
    her and pressed his hard penis against her tight vaginal opening and
    Angie tried to wiggle away. So many strange emotions and sensations
    flowed through her body. This was too real, her mind screamed. Too
    obscene. Not beautiful and romantic as she had dreamed. Fright clutched

    Doug kept trying hard to push his hardened cock into her and she kept
    wiggling away from him until she had retreated all the way to the foot
    of the bed. Nervous and preoccupied with the mechanics of the act, Doug
    suddenly felt his penis go limp in his fingers. Humiliated, he stopped
    trying and lay breathing heavily beside her.

    Both lay there wondering what would happen next. Should they say

    After a moment or two, Doug's nervous tension lessened and his penis
    erected again. It was burning to enter her. Blindly he again fumbled
    between her legs. He tried two or three times, but each time his desire
    was destroyed by the frustration of his failure to enter her.

    Was this the sex extolled in rhyme throughout the ages? That drove men
    on to greater glories? He couldn't believe that even his father would
    put up with this with his mother every night.

    His penis erected again. Plucky Pierre! One more try, he promised
    himself. This is as bad as some of those chemical experiments that
    wouldn't turn out, he thought. This time he wormed the smooth rubbery
    head a little way in, only to slip out. His spirits rose and his desire
    with them.

    Angie was moaning with pain; tears were streaming down her cheeks.

    Oblivious to her, Doug poised his now desperately throbbing cock
    outside her vagina and gave a strong pelvic thrust.

    Angie tensed, cried out in pain, then blacked out. Losing consciousness
    caused her to relax momentarily and her vagina opened involuntarily and
    slipped like a warm, tight glove over his penis. Blood gushed out and
    felt hot on his legs.

    Doug thrashed frantically over her a few times; then he felt the cum
    bursting deep down inside her quivering little belly. A sudden intense
    feeling and then it was gone. Angie didn't react at all, as far as he
    could tell. Her legs lay limp and wide-spread out on either side of his

    He felt spent. His penis relaxed and slipped out when he moved, so he
    rolled off of her and laid alongside her. He tried to analyze what had
    happened. He'd been awfully hot outside her but as soon as he'd got in,
    he'd become instantaneously hotter. And then he couldn't recall what
    had happened. Exactly. Was that all there was to it? He was
    disappointed. He had expected more than a transient intense feeling and
    then whammo, nothing! He really hadn't felt much. Most of the
    excitement came from the knowledge that he, Douglas Fleming, had
    finally and actually had intercourse with a live girl.

    Angie felt battered physically and mentally. Pain ached between her
    legs. Her thoughts spun in a senseless whirl. Every nerve end tingled.
    Emotions flickered lightning-like throughout her body. She felt
    dirtied--raped. How animal! Repulsive! How could men like it? Did they?

    "Did you like it, Doug?" she finally managed to stammer out.

    "Well, not a lot," Doug hedged. "It happened too fast. Sudden like. Did
    you feel it?"

    "No. It hurt. I don't see how anyone enjoys it. My mother must be
    right. It's only for men to enjoy."

    "This is just the first time," Doug argue. "In science you don't build
    your theories on the first experiment. Or on negative evidence."

    "But what if that's all there is to it?"

    Doug snorted. "Highly unlikely. Why are adults always so crazy about

    "I'm sure I don't know. And I don't care to," she added petulantly.

    Doug tried to reason it out. "If adults like it so much, there must be
    a pleasurable feeling to it or they wouldn't do it. If we didn't feel
    pleasure, we mustn't have done it right. Therefore, the sex act has to
    be learned, I guess."

    "Animals don't have to learn it," Angie said.

    "Most of them live by instinct. Humans are animals too, but specialized
    animals. They differ from the lower animals in several ways. They have
    to learn lots of things--why not the sex act?"

    Angie felt cheated. She had expected so much and all she'd gotten was a
    pain between her legs! She would have loved to enjoy it to get even
    with her mother. Damnation! And here the old turd turned out to be
    right. That hurt even worse than the screwing! Now all she could do was
    go up to the old bitch and say, "Mom, you're right. Screwing is a pain
    in the ass." Wow! That'd make the old witch drop her choppers. She'd
    love to see the expression on her face!

    Doug was lost in thought. Were virgins always that hard to get into?
    That girl had a natural chastity belt! He thought he'd never make it.
    Sometimes that old try, try again routine really pays off. He chuckled
    mentally. He wouldn't mind trying it again. Right now. But he didn't
    think Angie'd go for it. He stole a sidelong glance at her. She was
    frowning. No. Better not push his luck. But there was that one moment
    there. A mind blowing feeling barely started. If he only could have
    held it longer. And longer and longer. He tried to imagine it again,
    but he couldn't. He wondered if Brad had ever felt it. He bet not. Not
    if he accused them of holding out on information. He just had to do it
    again. To see if he could recapture that feeling.

    "Let's try it again, Angie," he said enthusiastically.

    "No. No." She rolled away from him. "I don't want to!"

    "Not tonight," he reassured her. "Another night. After we've had time
    to learn how to do it right."

    "It wasn't any fun for me," she pouted.

    "But it could be," he said optimistically. "Think of all the married
    people that go to bed every night--"

    Angie interrupted. "My parents don't."

    "They don't?"

    "No, they don't," Angie said strongly. "My mother won't even let my
    father touch her. She has her own bedroom."

    "Well, where did you come from?" Doug asked. "Are you adopted?"

    "No, I'm not," she said indignantly. "My mother had a hard time when I
    was born. She told me. She doesn't really like kids--or husbands. We
    make her nervous."

    Doug looked into Angie's eyes. "She just got scared off. Before it got
    to be fun. Are you going to be like her? Quit too soon?"

    Angie looked deep into his eyes. What was his game? Did he like her at
    all? Just a little bit? He didn't just want to hurt her again? She

    Doug put his arm around her and hugged her to him. "I'm sorry I hurt
    you this time, Angie. Really. I know it was rough on you. It was partly
    the way you're made. I had to break your hymen. Before we try it next
    time, we'll learn something about it. We'll make a special project of
    it. We'll get some books. I'll study about the physiology and anatomy
    of sex and you'll study about the techniques of doing it. What do you

    Angie snuggled against his bare chest. She did like the feel of his
    naked male body and the smell of it, too. It felt comforting to be in
    his arms. And he was so eager and happy. She liked to see him smile. He
    looked different with his glasses off. A suspicion entered her mind.

    "Did you feel something I didn't?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "You know what I mean," she said impatiently.

    He stopped to consider whether he should tell her or not before he
    replied. Hell, why not? Maybe he could give her a false hope. He looked
    in to her eyes. "Well, just for a minute there, I had this intense
    feeling. But it went away before I could analyze it."

    Angie's curiosity was aroused. "An intense feeling? Do you suppose a
    girl is supposed to feel it, too?"

    "They must," Doug said positively. "All these mistresses the French
    kings had in the history books. I bet they didn't fuck just for

    Angie considered the lewd word for a moment. "Does your mother f-fuck
    with your father?"

    "Of course. And they're always feeling each other up. When they think
    I'm not looking," he added.

    They stared into each other's eyes, each weighing the idea and the
    other's reaction.

    "If it didn't hurt so much," she whined.

    "You're going to be like your mother," Doug warned.

    "No!" Angie said angrily.

    "Give yourself a chance to get used to it," Doug pleaded. "It probably
    doesn't hurt when it's done right. I'll try to help you. Come on, let
    me fuck you once more. Please?"

    Angie couldn't resist his begging eyes. "Okay. Once more. Only."

    "It'll be better next time, you'll see," he said confidently. "We'll be
    able to tell brad lots of things."

    "Not that we did it," Angie objected.

    "Not that," he agreed.

    "Are you sure we can find some good books?" she worried.

    "Lots of them. The library must be full of them."

    "I've never run across any," she said pensively.

    "If I don't find any book, I'll spy on my parents," he said grandly.

    Angie gasped in shock, "You wouldn't!"

    "Wouldn't I?" Doug said boldly. "They're always encouraging me in my
    research work,"

    A picture of Doug peeking out from a closet at his parents humping in
    bed filled Angie's mind. She started to giggle uncontrollably. Doug
    caught her hysteria. They wrapped their arms around each other and
    rolled on the bed, laughing wildly.

    Chapter 2

    Angie was lying on a down-filled bed, dreaming. Out of the darkness, a
    man's voice softly whispered in her ear. "I love you." A gentle breath
    in her ear sent thrills through her body. She turned toward him and
    held his arms out toward him. Eagerly, he came into her arms and twined
    his own about her. She delighted feeling his body against hers. His
    strong sinewy muscles were commanding and protective. They kissed and
    fires started burning within her. Their fingers began to explore each
    other. Her mind began to reel as passion consumed her.

    Suddenly, an intense light came on, so bright that it dazzled her
    closed eyes. She opened them and looked. Her lover was her father!
    Before she had time to sort out that fact, she felt a cold presence and
    looked to see her mother approaching the bed. The horrible expression
    on her mother's face struck her dumb. She couldn't breath. Waves of
    fear immobilized her. Her mother's cold eyes bore relentlessly into
    hers. She began to choke, to fight for breath ...

    And then she woke up. Startled, she looked around the room to see if
    her mother was there. She was not. With a loud sigh, she lay back and
    tried to relax--to think.

    Why did she have such an awful dream? Her own father? She loved him but
    she hadn't really thought about doing it with him before. And her
    mother. That set expression. How cruel, unforgiving. What if she did
    find out? About her and Doug? Her mother would never forgive her.

    She shouldn't do it again. It was too risky. When Doug came on Friday,
    she'd tell him. No more. Enough. He has plenty to tell Brad now. More
    than enough. He'll be satisfied.

    The argument sounded so reasonable in her mind. Surely Doug would go
    along with it. Peace flooded her mind for a time.

    She began thinking about Doug. What a funny boy. Nice, really.
    Considerate. But he had his funny little ways. The way he sat his
    glasses so precisely on the nightstand. Always trying to explain
    everything. Think things through.
    Oh, yes. Think things through. The words struck an alarm. His
    insistence on completing a project. He wouldn't want to stop until he
    felt he had found out all he could find out. How could she overcome
    that? Persuade him to stop?

    She concentrated very hard, but no ready answer came to mind. It was
    hopeless to tell him she knew all she wanted to know. But ... if she
    could tell him she knew all she wanted to know. Yes. If she could say
    she'd talked it over with her mother ... She didn't need to know any
    more, thank you very much. We can still be friends. Maybe it would

    The more she thought about it, the better the plan seemed to her.
    Cheered, she decided to ask her mother about sex at the first
    opportunity. Then she could go back to her old life. Not very exciting.
    Not exciting at all. But secure.

    The alarm on the clock-radio rang. Angie reached over and turned it
    off. She decided to dress quickly so she could get to breakfast early.
    Maybe she'd have a chance to ask her mother then.

    Angie watched her mother furtively, trying to discern her mood.

    Mrs. Marlowe bustled between the kitchen and the breakfast nook.
    Anxious lines creased her forehead; her mouth drew stern lines around
    her set jaw. No sooner had she sat down at the table and spread her
    napkin in her lap the toast popped up and she noticed the jam spoon
    wasn't on the table so she got up and bustled off to the kitchen to get

    When she returned to the table she meticulously set about buttering her
    toast. Her face was seriously intent, as if she were writhing the
    Declaration of Independence.

    Angie decided that her mother was behaving normally so she might as
    well ask her now.

    "Mom," she asked hesitantly," why couldn't I go to the sex education
    classes this year."

    Mrs. Marlowe looked at her sharply. "Why should you go this year? What
    makes it any different than any other year?"

    "Our biology teacher says everybody should know about sex by the time
    they're fourteen. And I'm fourteen now."

    "You're still a child."

    "No, I'm not. I've been menstruating for two years."

    "That doesn't matter. You're not old enough to marry. You don't need to
    know until then."

    "Does one have to be married to be able to understand sex? How come
    Maggie could get pregnant without being married?"

    Mrs. Marlowe screeched angrily. "Put that out of your mind. Maggie was
    just a maid--she was no lady."

    "How come other parents let their children learn about sex?"

    Mrs. Marlowe choked drinking her coffee. She banged her cup down on
    it's saucer. "Other people have no morals, no standards. I'm not
    responsible for what they do. They should know better, but
    unfortunately they don't. They should be made to act decently."

    Angie's heart felt cold as she listened to her mother's venomous voice.
    She felt a lecture coming on.

    Mrs. Marlowe warmed to the topic. "I'm not responsible for all the
    filth in the world. It's the other people. Flocking to see dirty movies
    and plays, buying dirty books and magazines. Corrupting their children
    and trying to corrupt decent people's children. Everywhere you turn,
    you can't escape from filth. Now they're trying to drag it into the
    schools. Filling innocent children's minds with dirty thought ..."

    Angie's mind got confused listening to her mother's tirade. The sex her
    mother ranted against couldn't be the same kind she and Doug
    experienced. Anger stirred within her. "Is sex so bad, mother? Is it? I
    thought it was a way to love another person?"

    "That's not love," her mother said scornfully. "Love is pure. You love
    someone in your mind, not with your body. Love is not physical and--
    and--dirty!" She shook with revulsive excitement.

    "How can it only be in the mind," Angie objected. "Why is it, when I
    feel love for Salome, I want to touch her. Hug her and kiss her?"

    "Salome's just a cat," her mother said coldly.

    "But can't you feel this way about people, too?" Angie insisted. "Once
    you get to know them, you want to touch them?"

    Mrs. Marlowe leaned toward Angie, her eyes glaring. "Nasty!"

    "What's nasty about it?" Angie challenged. "Shouldn't people love each
    other that way?"

    Mrs. Marlowe pulled herself back and sat up straight. Her face showed
    anger, confusion and suspicion. "You're not doing anything dirty, are

    Angie thought of the sensual love she and Doug felt together. That
    wasn't dirty. That was exciting and good. It couldn't be dirty. Her
    eyes met and held her mother's eyes. "No, I'm not doing anything dirty.
    How can I? I don't know what it is."

    "You'd better not," her mother snapped. "You'll answer to me if you

    Abruptly, Angie said, "It's getting late. I've got to go to school."

    * * *

    All the way to school, Angie's mind was in a turmoil. She felt she
    should stop having sex with Doug. Somehow, it wasn't right; she didn't
    know why. If only her mother would help her, but she was hung up on the
    subject. If they could only sit down together and talk about sex openly
    and honestly. What was it all about. What it meant. How much sex could
    she take part in at her age. Then she should know what she should do.
    Instead, her mother got embarrassed and angry. Saying stupid things and
    then accusing her of doing something wrong. Angie sighed deeply.

    What could she do? The dream scared her--it seemed so real. How she
    wished she could tell someone everything and they would comfort her and
    tell her what to do. If only she had a mother like that! Daddy was more
    like that. When he was home. Maybe he would help her. The thought gave
    her hope. She decided she'd definitely try to talk with him after
    dinner. Privately. She would feel better if she could get rid of this
    undercurrent of fear and guilt. Why should she feel guilty when she
    didn't feel it was wrong to do? Why did her mother keep insisting that
    sex was dirty and bad? Was something wrong with her mother? Or was
    something wrong with her, herself? Her troubled mind went over and over
    her problem, becoming more and more confused by it.

    * * *

    Doug finished eating his lunch and carefully put the waxed paper and
    the apple core back in the lunch bag; then he laid back on the grass
    and closed his eyes to nap in the sunshine.

    "Hey, Fleming, I've come for sex instruction," an arrogant voice said.

    Doug heard a body plop down on the grass beside him and opened his eyes
    to see Brad.

    "What do you want to know?" Doug asked calmly.

    "What do they do?"

    "That question is so general it's hard to answer. What specifically do
    you want to know?"

    "What does a male do to a female?"

    "Basically, he puts his penis in her vagina,"

    "And?" Brad prompted him to continue.

    "The woman lays on her back and the man lays on top of her on his
    stomach. The male pumps his sperm into the female."

    "How?" Brad asked avidly.

    "They get a rock-n-roll motion going. If everything's going right, they
    really get turned on," Doug added enthusiastically.

    Doug's enthusiasm raised Brad's suspicions. "How do you know all this?"
    he asked.

    "Oh, reading books--talking around," Doug said vaguely.

    "Really?" Brad asked, unconvinced. The sex education classes didn't
    have all that stuff in them."

    "Take my word for it." Doug assured him.

    "What kind of books were you reading?"

    "Oh--medical books--marriage manuals."

    "Where'd you get them?"

    "The university library."

    Brad studied his face closely. Yes, he could have got those kind of
    books at the university library. But why would he say, 'If everything's
    going right, they really get turned on?' Who's he been with lately, he
    asked himself. He searched his memory. Let's see. Hadn't he seen him
    with Angie Marlowe?

    Doug stared back at Brad, smiling enigmatically.

    "What have you been up to?" Brad said suspiciously.

    "Me?" Doug veiled his eyes with an innocent look. "Nothing. Well, I
    must be off. I'm working on a new research project. It takes up a lot
    of my time."

    Doug got up and started to walk away.

    "Not so fast. Wait for me." Brad fell into step beside him. "Come on
    now. Quit holding out on me."

    "Well, if you must know," Doug said with a patient sigh, "my dad told

    "Your dad?" Brad howled. "Don't give me that shit."

    "Well, don't believe me then," Doug said indifferently.

    "I don't," Brad assured him. "Parents don't have the guts to tell their
    kids the truth about sex."

    "Have it your way," Doug said mildly.

    "But I'd still like to know what you've been doing."

    Doug smiled easily. "A special research project."

    "On what?"

    "It's a secret."

    "Tell me."

    "Later," Doug promised, "after it's finished."

    He'd told him enough. He didn't owe him any more. Now he had to get
    back to his studies. Persistent types were a bore.

    Doug stopped walking and faced Brad. "I'm due at the language lab. See
    you around." He turned and walked away.

    Brad jumped on him from behind. They rolled on the ground, wrestling.
    Brad was heavier and had the advantage. He soon got Doug pinned down
    and sat on his back and twisted one of his arms behind his back.

    A crowd of students gathered around him. The boys, excited, shouted
    encouragement; the girls, attracted yet repulsed, called for Brad to

    Brad shifted his weight to add more pressure on Doug's arm. He panted,
    "Tell me."

    Doug moved his body to adjust to the added pressure on his arm. When he
    spoke, his voice was weak. "None-of your business."

    Brad added more pressure on Doug's arm. "I'll break your arm."

    The pain was excruciating. Doug began panting. "Sadist," he managed to
    get out.

    In the distance, Doug heard a girl's voice screaming insistently, "Let
    him go. Let him go!" Doug concentrated on not feeling the pain.

    Angie had only been walking by and hadn't intended to stop. Mary Jane
    saw her and called, "Its Doug and Brad, Angie. They're fighting."

    Doug? He was not a fighter. Angie pushed through the crowd to see. When
    she saw Doug's contorted face, she forgot herself. Brad can't hurt him.
    He can't. He can't. Frantically, she ran over to Brad and pummeled his

    "Stop, stop!" she screamed.

    Brad didn't seem to feel her blows or to hear her. She tugged at one of
    his arms ineffectually. It was hopeless. Doug would be hurt. She stood
    up and screamed, "Somebody help."

    One of the boys shouted back at her, "Stay out of it. Girls can't

    Angie stamped her foot. "He'll hurt him. Can't you see?" She began
    crying uncontrollably. She pummeled Brad's back again with her fists.

    She screamed. "Let him go! Let him go!"

    Brad ignored her.

    She pounded on his head with her fists. Ugly old ears, she thought.
    They gave her an idea. She leaned over and bit one, as hard as she

    Brad screamed and clapped a hand up to his ear. "Bitch!" he bellowed
    and began hitting her.

    Doug scrambled to his feet and started punching Brad again. The
    students cheered him on The two began wrestling again.

    Finally, a teacher rushed over and separated them. "Come with me.
    Angie, too. To the principal's office." He shouted gruffly and led them

    In the anteroom to the principal's office, Doug, Brad, and Angie
    avoided looking at each other. They straightened their clothes and
    smoothed their hair. Each stole glances at the door to the principal's
    office. They each dreaded the moment when the principal, Mr. Bailey,
    would step out.

    Brad sat hunched over in his chair, drumming his feet on the floor.
    Doug sat straight up in his chair, his arms folded across his chest,
    staring across the room at nothing. Angie sat relaxed in her chair. She
    fussed endlessly in her purse.

    Finally, Brad broke the silence. "What's with you two anyway?"

    Angie glanced at him scornfully. "Nothing."

    Doug sat unmoving and silent.

    Brad looked at Doug, then back at Angie. "You're lying," he stated

    "A lot you know," Angie said.

    Doug gave her a warning glance to shut up but she ignored him.

    "A girl doesn't try to save a boy in front of the whole school unless
    there's something between them," Brad stated confidently.

    "It makes me furious when people are cruel to each other," Angie said
    haughtily. "Why were you two fighting anyway?"

    Brad met her gaze. "Because I wanted to find out where he got all his
    information about sex."

    Angie's insides recoiled in alarm. She blinked her eyes to hide her
    feelings. She looked at Doug. He didn't look at her. Suddenly, she knew
    why they had fought and she knew Doug hadn't talked. She felt warm to
    him and wanted to help him. "He told me his father told him about it."

    Brad snorted disbelievingly. "That's what he told me, too."

    "Don't you believe him?" Angie asked. "His father is a scientist.
    Scientists have different attitudes about things than other people."

    "How stupid do you think I am?" Brad asked indignantly. "He's just a
    father like any other." He turned to Doug. "Don't worry, I'll get it
    out of you. Sooner or later."

    Doug finally spoke. "We ought to be thinking up an excuse to tell Mr.
    Bailey so we don't have to stay after school."

    "What'll you be late for?" Brad sneered.

    Doug gave him a disgusted look.

    The door to the principal's office opened and Mr. Bailey came out,
    blinking at them from behind his telescopic-lensed glasses. He rubbed
    his hands together in a repulsive ingratiating way and grinned at them

    "Well, now," he said jovially, "why were we kiddies creating a
    disturbance in the quadrangle?" He looked at each of them in turn.

    Doug's face took on a patient expression, Angie looked wary and Brad
    put on an innocent injured look.

    Right away Mr. Bailey could see that he wouldn't get any cooperation
    from the Fleming boy or the Marlowe girl. Thank God there were pliant
    people like the Harker lad. He beamed professionally in Brad's

    "What have we to say for ourselves, lad?"

    Brad cleared his throat nervously. "Well, I was just standing there
    minding my own business--" he stopped to try to think up a believable

    Doug spoke up. "Somebody hit him accidentally and he thought I did it.
    That's all there was to it."

    Mr. Bailey turned his attention from Doug to Brad. "What do you say,
    young man? Is that correct?" He hung on Brad's words.

    Brad rapidly reviewed what he should do. Damn! He should have thought
    up a story to get Doug in trouble. Serve him right. But, with old
    Bailey breathing down his neck, he didn't have time to think up a good

    "Yes, that's what happened," he said unconvincingly.

    "You're sure now?" Mr. Bailey pressed.

    Brad looked from Doug's expressionless face to Mr. Bailey's kindly
    countenance. He nodded. "Yes, I'm sure."

    Mr. Bailey turned to Angie. "And how did you get mixed up in the fight,
    my dear?"

    "It looked like Brad was going to break Doug's arm," Angie said

    "Oh?" Mr. Bailey's tone implied that he was offended to find trouble
    existing in the troublesome situation.

    "No, I wasn't," Brad protested angrily.

    "It looked like it to me," Angie insisted.

    Mr. Bailey raised his hands to signify for them to stop talking. He
    looked like he was making a benediction. He smiled oilingly at Angie.

    "Very commendable, I'm sure."

    His glance veered playfully at the boys. "We know how easily young
    ladies get upset about fisticuffs. Things look ten times worse to them
    than they really are." His demeanor said, we men share and understand
    something women will never share or understand.

    Angie read his meaning clearly. She snorted loudly in contempt.

    Doug gave her a warning look to be quiet. Brad laughed, enjoying her

    Mr. Bailey rubbed his hands together playfully. "I'm glad there's no
    trouble after all."

    Brad jumped to his feet. "Can we go now?"

    "Yes," Mr. Bailey beamed. "Don't forget to report to the office after

    "If there was no trouble," Doug objected, "why do we have to stay after

    "Misunderstanding or not," Mr. Bailey said sanctimoniously, "there was
    a Physical Disturbance and for that you have to stay after school."

    Brad escaped out of the room first with a secret smile on his lips.
    Doug followed with a cross expression on his face.

    "Any way you look at it," Angie said loudly on the way out, "it's a
    rotten deal." She gave him a sharp look as she closed the door behind

    * * *

    That evening, after dinner, Angie waited a discreet length of time
    before she followed her father into his den. He was sitting in his
    brown leather chair, puffing on his pipe and paging through a medical

    Angie stood hesitantly in the doorway. "Daddy, are you busy?"

    He turned to peer at her, then took his pipe out of his mouth and held
    his arms out to her. "Not too busy for you, pumpkin."

    Angie walked quickly over and curled up on his lap. She relaxed,
    enjoying the sensations she felt. Men had such strong, firm muscles.
    And they smelled different from women. She didn't know the words to
    describe the odors. She just knew she loved men--every part of them.

    Her father set his pipe and magazine on an end table. He caressed her
    silky hair and delighted in the feel of her rounded body and soft

    "Remember when you were little," her father said. "You used to come
    running into the room and jump up on my lap and I'd read you stories.
    Do you remember?"

    Angie nodded. "I remember. You'd read and read and I'd fall asleep.
    Then mother would come to take me off to bed and I'd wake up and cry
    because I didn't want to go."

    "Those were the good old days."

    "I used to be so warm and comfortable on your lap." She circled her
    arms about his neck and pushed her head onto his shoulder to one side
    of his chin.

    They sat still, enjoying each other's presence. Her father said, "Soon
    you'll be sitting on some young man's lap, just like this." His tone
    expressed both joy and sadness.

    Angie was quick to make use of the opening. "I'm glad you noticed I'm
    growing up. When can I find out about sex? Everybody else at school
    gets to go to sex education classes and mom won't let me go to them and
    she won't tell me about sex either." She ended with an abused tone.

    Her father looked at her with mild amusement.

    Angie defended herself. "I'm fourteen now. Old enough to know, don't
    you think?" She stared at him aggressively.

    A gleam came into his eyes. He laughed. "Fourteen is quite old enough.
    What do you want to know?"

    Angie sat up, excited. She waved her hands out wide. "Everything. How
    it's done. What it means ..." She looked piercingly at her father.
    "Especially what it means. And anything else you think I should know."
    She looked at him, waiting expectantly.

    He laughed at her enthusiasm and hugged her with one arm. "Well, let's
    see. Where to begin? Let's start with something easy. Like sex is the
    method of reproduction--to ensure the continuity of the race. But it's
    more than that. It's a physical need. A way that a man and a woman can
    express their feelings toward one another. Each one accepts the other
    and by so doing they reassure each other." He stopped and shook his
    head. "Am I making any sense to you?"

    "Oh, yes, daddy. You do!"

    "You're sure now?"

    "Yes, yes. Go on. Then sex is not bad?" Angie asked.

    "What are you telling that child?" a harsh, furious voice interrupted.
    Her mother stood in the doorway with an angry face.

    "She was asking me some questions about sex," her father said in a
    neutral tone.

    Her mother raised her voice louder. "I told her I'd tell her at the
    proper time."

    "Louise," her father objected. "She's old enough to know now. She
    should know. Times have changed since you were a girl."

    "I didn't bring a daughter into the world to be a slut," Louise
    retorted angrily.

    "Telling her won't make her a slut. It'll give her some knowledge so
    she can make good judgments about it."

    Louise's face contorted in anguish. "Judgments like yours, Stuart?"

    Stuart sat up straighter, trying to control his temper. "For God's
    sake, Louise. Leave our mess out of this!"

    "How can I? When I have to live with it day by day?"

    Stuart's voice became low and passionate. "Give me a divorce. More for
    Your own sake than my own."

    "Never," she shouted, never! I won't be pushed aside, unwanted,
    unloved, and let you marry one of those hot-pants nurses of yours."

    "Then live with me, as a wife."

    "You keep your dirty hands off me," she screeched. "And Angie, too.
    Come here, Angie," she ordered. "Don't let him touch you."

    Angie threw her arms around her father's neck. "No, no! I love daddy."

    Louise's tone took on a dangerous edge. "Stuart, send that child out of
    this room. If you don't, you'll be sorry. I'll make so much trouble for
    you, you'll never practice medicine again."

    "Louise," Stuart protested. He saw by her face that it was useless to
    protest. He took Angie's hands from behind his neck and stood her on
    the floor. Kissing her lightly on the cheek, he told her, "Go to your
    room now, Angie, darling. We'll talk another time."

    As Angie walked out of the room, her mother shouted. "Not another time!
    You won't talk together another time. If I catch you at it, you'll both
    be sorry!"

    Her father raised his voice louder. "Louise. For God's sake, not in
    front of the child."

    "That's what you always say," Louise ranted. "'Not in front of the
    child.' What do you care? What have you done to care for her? I had to
    carry her until she was born. I had to go through the pain and travail.
    I had to take care of her, day in and day out, all these years. While
    you've been chasing nurses--"

    Angie ran down the hall to escape from the angry voices. Her fears
    didn't dispel until she was safely in her room with the door closed.
    Emotions were zigzagging through her body. Her mind reeled around and
    around. She wanted to scream, to howl, to die.
    Her parents seemed so engrossed in their own problems that they didn't
    have time to be concerned with her. She felt lost, alone.
    The she remembered Doug. He liked her, cared about her. Some, at least.
    He hadn't told Brad about them. He had endured all that pain for here
    longed to comfort him. On Friday, she would accept him with her naked
    body; she would reassure him, and she giggled at the thought of the
    word, with her little pussy, whether her mother liked it or not.

    * * *

    This time, as soon as Doug stepped into the hall, Angie threw her arms
    around him and kissed him. Doug was a little surprised, but the
    demonstration stirred the protective urge within him and he responded.
    They hung onto each other as they walked to her room. They both felt
    better when they stepped inside and closed the door.

    Wordlessly, they drew together and kissed deeply, their tongues
    exploring each other's mouths. Doug's hands stole down inside her robe
    and a finger gently teased the tip of a nipple.

    Desire emanated through her body at each stroke. She caught her breath
    and a deeper, warmer desire began to burn between her legs. She
    thought, here goes, mom, too bad you've never taken this trip! She
    reached down and brazenly unzipped Doug's pants and felt around inside
    for his penis. Her fingers felt his wiry pubic hairs; they explored
    downward and touched soft and wrinkled skin. She grasped the round,
    snake-like shaft in her hand and gently slipped it through her fingers.
    She felt it grow hard in her hand. Her heart tripped a beat.
    Triumphantly, she massaged the shaft up and down faster and faster. She
    tickled the tip with butterfly touches.

    Doug groaned. He pulled away from her mouth and tore open her robe and
    dropping his head, sucked noisily on her breast. He could feel the
    nipple erect in his mouth. His lips trailed down her soft pliant belly
    and into her soft curly nest of pubic hairs. He gently parted her cunt
    lips with his thumbs and lightly tongued the head of her clitoris. The
    tiny, fleshy tip swelled and hardened under his lewd but gentle

    Angie moved softly and swayed her body, tipping her vagina upward and
    flexing her buttocks. Her eyes were closed and she dug her nails in to
    his shoulders.

    Blood racing, breathing rapidly, they tore their clothes off and Doug
    carried her over to the bed and threw himself on her. They teased each
    other with lips and fingers. They rocked their bodies together with
    mounting excitement. Their twined arms and legs held tighter and

    Angie arched her body against Doug's body; she pressed her pubic mound
    against his penis in an undulation motion--slide up, push, slide up,
    push--trying to entice his penis to enter her vagina. His cock pushed
    more frantically against her and while Doug readjusted his body weight,
    Angie spread her legs further apart and pulled her legs back. She
    arched her whole pelvis area against him, flexing her buttocks to push
    strongly up against him. Doug raised his buttocks away from her body
    for a moment and grasped his erect penis. He groaned and pressed his
    hips forward and slowly, with the tip of the round, hardened head
    parted the soft, tickling pubic hair, wormed it slowly into her gently
    pulsating cunt. The lubricated vaginal walls pressing on all sides of
    his shaft gave him a pleasure jolt. Angie felt it too. She clenched her
    buttocks together, as if to lock the hungry, throbbing penis within
    her. Doug pulled his cock up and almost out and then pressed harder in
    her. Their excitement grew with each in and out thrust. Their bodies
    fought each other, moving faster and more frantically against each
    other. His hardened rod of boy-flesh pounded deeper and deeper into
    her; her engorged vaginal walls pressed closer against the plunging
    shaft of his excited cock, lengthening the tunnel to swallow more and
    more of it deeper and deeper inside her smooth quivering belly. She
    pushed her body harder and harder against his to keep the foraging cock
    as far within her as humanly possible.

    Their writhing young naked bodies meshed, moving in and out and up and
    down, and quickened. Hearts pounding, minds spinning, breathing light
    and fast, their bodies knew only burning pleasure. Their pleasure
    heightened and grew and grew until it became unbearable and their
    bodies locked in a desperate embrace and stilled. The locked bodies
    turned off and their minds turned on. Raw emotions swirled and danced
    in their minds and emanated through their grinding, interlocked
    genitals. And then it burst ... burst for both of them at the same

    They lay quietly for several minutes.

    "I wish you'd smash into me so hard that we'd never separate," Angie
    said longingly.

    "I wouldn't want to hurt you," Doug said solicitously.

    "I want you to," Angie said fiercely. "It feels good. Love makes me
    strong. It can't hurt me."

    "Do you feel my semen squirt into you?" Doug asked shyly.


    "That's when it feels most pleasurable to me. So intense it hurts."

    "I can't tell what happens inside me when I feel the most pleasure. But
    I think it feels the greatest when we reach our orgasms together,"
    Angie said warmly.

    "I think it does too," Doug agreed. "Am I getting too heavy for you?"

    Angie hugged him harder against her. "No, I like your penis in me. I
    wish it could stay in me forever."

    Their eyes met shyly and they were both surprised to see the other's
    face bathed in an indistinct glow. Angie had never thought Doug was
    that good looking before and Doug had never thought Angie was so

    "You know what?" Doug said wonderingly. "I think I love you."

    Angie's eyes shone with pleasure. She hugged him tightly and reached up
    and kissed him virginally on his lips. "I love you, too."

    "It's odd," Doug said seriously. "I hadn't planned on it happening. Did

    "Well," Angie said blushing a little, "I thought it might happen and I
    decided I wouldn't mind falling in love with you."

    "Wow?" Doug said. He rolled from between her still spread legs onto his
    side and held his head in both hands and closed his eyes. Girls
    certainly were mysterious. How could Angie guess what the outcome might
    be? Guess that's what older men meant when they said they were trapped
    by a girl. Well, it was certainly a nice way to be trapped. He felt a
    surge of protectiveness for her. He must assume his responsibilities
    and take care of her.

    "Are you all right? Do you need anything?" he asked.

    "Huh?" Angie asked, caught unawares; then she caught on. "I'm fine, I
    don't need anything. Do you?"

    "Just to rest beside you for a while," he said.

    They cuddled together and rested for about a half hour.

    Angie stirred. "Did you want to try something new?"

    "I'd thought of trying 69, but we don't have to if you don't want to."

    "But I want to if you want to. What is it?"

    "It's oral stimulation. We arouse each other by stimulating the sex
    organs with our mouths."

    "Let's try it," Angie said.

    "You really want to?" Doug asked dubiously.

    "Yes, I do." Angie kissed him lightly on the mouth. "Tell me how it's

    "Well--" Doug sat up energetically, all enthused. "We have to lay with
    our heads in opposite directions, our bodies curved. See? Like this."

    He laid down on his side facing her with his head opposite her feet.

    "Now you take my penis in your hands and put it in your mouth. While
    you rub the shaft with your hand and caress the end with your lips and
    tongue, I'll lick your clitoris and put my tongue in your vagina."

    Angie felt a sudden fear brought on by Doug's explanation. What would
    her mother say? Intercourse was bad enough--perversion was infinitely
    worse. Now that she thought about it, she had read about it in the
    marriage manuals. She hadn't been looking forward to trying the act.

    Doug saw her reluctant expression and guessed what she was thinking.
    "You don't have to if you don't want to."

    Angie looked at him. He had that funny gleam in his eyes he always got
    when he was really interested in something. A feeling of love engulfed
    her. "No, no. I want to."

    She moved over closer to his legs and gingerly enfolded his limp penis
    in her hand. It was red and wrinkled and the forest of pubic hairs it
    sprouted from looked obscene. She fought against her feeling of
    revulsion. It was so limp it felt awful. She wanted to drop it and run
    away and hide.

    "Go ahead," Doug encouraged. "Just lick the end with your tongue to
    begin with."

    She leaned over closer to the penis and the odor of his genitals grew
    stronger. Angie started to choke.
    "You don't want to," Doug said in a disappointed voice.

    "I will--I will. Give me time," she said hurriedly.

    She stuck out her tongue and touched the shiny red end of his penis
    lightly. It felt warm and slippery. She twirled her tongue around the
    round end. She could feel Doug licking her clitoris with his tongue.
    Electrical shocks surged through her body. Her vaginal area began to
    burn. Angie began to caress the shaft with her hand while she licked
    the end. She felt triumphant when the penis hardened in her hand. She
    pushed the penis farther back into her mouth and began sucking it. The
    penis grew in her mouth, filling it. She rubbed the shaft with her
    hands faster and faster, a sudden sense of power engulfing her.

    Now she could feel Doug sticking his tongue in and out of her vagina.
    Her body began to burn and it started to undulate. Her pulse quickened.
    She began circling the penis around in her mouth, sucking it, pushing
    it in and out with loud sucking sounds. Saliva oozed out of the corner
    of her mouth.

    The end of the penis swelled and filled her mouth. Her tongue could
    feel the slippery shaft harden even more. She sucked and massaged it
    faster and faster. The distended red banana jumped into a life of its
    own. It began contracting back and forth, pushing against her throat.
    She began choking and grew frantic. She tried to twirl it out but it
    pushed faster and harder against her throat. Faster and harder, choking
    her and pushing all her breath out of her.

    Suddenly, Doug cried out. He seized her head cruelly to stop her
    movements. Semen spouted into her mouth, sprayed her throat and
    dribbled down her chin. She choked and another spurt came. She started
    swallowing and spitting for dear life. Doug let out agonized cries with
    each spurt; they frightened her. Another and another came. She
    sputtered and swallowed them in painful gulps to keep from choking.

    Finally Doug let go of her head. He lay panting heavily, and then he
    collapsed utterly weak.

    Angie spit out the rest of the semen and wiped her spattered face on a
    blanket. She laid back exhausted, too tired to think or feel. She
    regained her strength first. "Are you all right, Doug?"

    "Yeah," he said weakly.

    "You cried out so. It scared me."

    Doug shook his head in amazement. "The sensation is stronger than
    regular intercourse. The pleasure turns into unbearable pain," he
    explained in an almost clinical tone.

    "I liked the ordinary way better."

    Doug patted her head condescendingly. "So do I."

    She turned around and slid into his arms and they lay quietly and

    "We've still got a lot of other things to try," Doug said. "But I can
    wait until next Friday."

    Chapter 3

    Doug and Angie were lying on the grass in the quadrangle. Too soon the
    bell would ring and they'd have to go to classes. But for now they
    could lay close together, enjoying the nearness of their bodies.

    "You know what time I hate the most?" Angie asked.


    "Friday night."


    Angie slipped her hand down between their bodies and put it on his
    crotch. "Because I know it'll be a whole seven days before we can make
    love again.

    "Don't do that here," Doug said alarmed. He looked around to see if
    anyone was looking at them. No one seemed to be.

    "We shouldn't be ashamed of being in love," Angie protested.

    "Angie," Doug said disapprovingly. "You know how people are. They'll
    say we're too young anyway. They don't think we ought to know anything
    about it. Or to feel any desire."

    "We ought to invite them over on Friday night," Angie said playfully.
    "Can't you see Mr. Bailey and my mother watching us make love?" She
    started laughing loudly at the thought.

    "Shhh! Someone will hear," Doug cautioned.

    "No one's even near us."

    "Brad's coming over this way."

    Angie made a face. "I hope he doesn't start a fight again. Don't fight
    with him. For any reason."

    "Take it easy. No sense in looking for trouble."

    "Hi, there, you two," Brad called as he approached them. "Been having a
    lot of sex lately?"

    "Is that al you ever think of?" Doug asked.

    "Got a better topic?" Brad asked.

    "I would think an operator like you would have," Angie put in.

    "With you, it would be dishonorable to think of anything else," Brad
    said mockingly, as he flopped down on the grass beside her.

    Angie laughed scornfully. "What a line!"

    "Mamzelle, you wound me!" Brad exclaimed, melodramatically. He clapped
    a hand over his heart, threw himself flat on the grass, and pretended
    to be dead.

    Angie laughed in spite of herself.

    Mary Jane and two of her friends came over, attracted by Brad.

    "O, Angie," Mary Jane exclaimed. "Are you coming to the dance tonight?"

    "No, I'm busy Friday nights," Angie said casually.

    "Oh, you should come," Mary Jane squealed. "We had so much fun last
    time. Didn't we, girls?"

    The girls chorused the affirmative.

    A bell rang to signify the end of the lunch period and the resumption
    of classes.

    Doug got up. "Well, I must be off."

    "Bye now," Angie smiled secretively to him.

    Brad sat up. He took in Angie's smile and looked appraisingly at Doug
    as he walked away.

    "Brad, are you coming to the dance tonight?" Mary Jane gushed.

    "Not if I can find something better to do." He narrowed his eyes and
    looked at Angie.

    "She looked at him wide-eyed.

    "You've been looking good lately," Brad said to Angie. He turned to the
    other girls. "Don't you think so?"

    "She sure has," Mary Jane said. She looked enviously at Angie.

    To her chagrin, Angie blushed.

    "You do," Brad insisted. "Maybe it's because you have a boyfriend now."

    Angie's chin went up haughtily. "He's just a friend."

    "Friend or not, it's made a change in you," Brad said.

    "How?" Angie asked.

    "Ohh," Brad searched for words. "You're happier--more approachable."

    "Oh, I'm not," Angie protested.

    "I'd like to get to know you better," Brad said confidently. "When can
    I come over? Tonight?"

    "No," Angie objected. "Tonight is Friday."

    "So?" Brad smiled enigmatically. "What's so sacred about Friday?"

    "Nothing," Angie replied. "It's just that I already have plans for

    "Why can't I be included?" Brad persisted.

    "Because why should I change my plans?" Angie said mockingly.

    "Because you'd like to take pity on a poor homeless bachelor," Brad
    mocked back at her.

    Mary Jane and her friends clustered around Angie, obviously impressed
    by Brad's pursuit of her.

    Angie preened, proud to be the center of attention. "What would we do
    if you did come over?" she asked tentatively.

    "What you usually do," Brad said boldly, his face expressionless. He
    added, "We could play records."

    "Maybe you could come over for a little while," Angie said carelessly,
    with a guarded glance at the girls. She was rewarded with envious
    expressions on their faces.

    "What time?"

    "7:30," Angie said. Then she thought for a moment. "No, better make it

    Brad studied her face. "Not 7:30. 8."

    * * *

    That afternoon, after school, Angie went straight home and went to her
    bedroom and laid on her bed and began to worry about what she had done.
    What if Brad found out about what she and Doug were doing? He'd
    probably tell and then she'd be in a mess. Her mother would die from
    the shock. It was dangerous to let him come. Maybe she should call him
    and tell him not to come? The envious faces of Mary Jane and her
    girlfriends came into her memory. Their avid glances and rapt attention
    to her verbal tongue-of-war with Brad pleased her all over again. They
    had walked with her to her classroom afterwards, chatting with her like
    old friends. Her dreams of friendship were coming true.

    Her mind was rationalizing. Why not let Brad come? It would be a joke
    on Doug. They would talk and play records for a while and then they'd
    send him home early. She and Doug could make love afterwards. She could
    have the best of everything.

    Finally, she heard her name being called.


    It was her mother calling! What did she want?


    "Yes, Mother."

    "Open you r door."

    Angie swung off the bed, padded to the door and opened it a crack.

    "Yes?" Angie asked.

    "Aren't you going to let me in?" he mother asked, somewhat uncertainly.

    Angie stepped back and opened the door wider. Now what? she asked
    herself. The occasions her mother visited her room were in frequent.
    Angie stood, waiting.

    Mr. Marlowe seemed uneasy. She kept prowling about the room, seemingly
    unable to settle down. The silence grew strained. Embarrassing. Angie
    determined not t o break it. Let her. She invaded my room. I didn't ask
    her to come.

    "Well," Mrs. Marlowe said nervously. She cleared her throat loudly.
    "I've--I've been thinking. About what you asked me. And--and I think
    it's time you did know-some things," she ended lamely. She stopped,
    confused, and look at the floor.

    Angie watched her mother with clear eyes. She supposed she should feel
    sorry for her but all she could feel was indifference and, yes, pity.
    If she could only see what a pitiful spectacle she was making of

    Mrs. Marlowe looked up at Angie, couldn't bear to look in her probing
    eyes, and looked out the window.

    "It's hard to explain," she started again hesitantly. "Especially to a
    younger girl. Only married women really need to know."

    Angie's eyes met hers unflinchingly. Her mother looked away quickly

    "But, girls should be aware--they should watch out for compromising
    situations. Like, you should never stay alone in a room with any boy-or
    man. And don't let them touch you. Anywhere. Men are animals. It's
    their nature. A girl has to protect herself."

    "From what?" Angie asked innocently.

    The simple question threw her mother in a tizzy. Her face turned red,
    her mouth opened involuntarily and hung open, bereft of words.
    Obviously, her mind was confused and shame filled her body.

    "What happens, mother?" Angie asked stubbornly.

    Her mother concentrated on a spot on the floor. "They touch you. It
    doesn't feel good. And you'll probably get pregnant right away." She
    frowned, searching for words. "It's better to put all thought of sex
    out of your mind now." She straightened up. "And now you've been

    "Warned against what?" Angie asked, disgusted.

    "About getting pregnant."

    "I wasn't wanting to," Angie said. "I just wanted to know how it

    Her mother looked at her silently for a long moment. "You don't have to
    worry about it until you're married." She added with a playful smile,
    "And that's several years in the future."

    "Where do babies come from?" Angie asked point blank.

    "From love," Mrs. Marlowe said, embarrassed.

    "Then where did I come from?"

    "What do you mean?" her mother asked, confused.

    "You don't love daddy."

    Mrs. Marlowe turned white with an almost rising anger. She sat in agony
    for a few moments, trying to control herself. Finally, she said, "It
    has nothing to do with you."

    Angie looked directly at her. "Yet, it has. I might have had a sister
    or a brother."

    Mrs. Marlowe jumped up. "Impudent!" she screamed.

    "Isn't it true?" Angie persisted.

    "You're just as bad as your father--always getting off the subject."
    Mrs. Marlowe rushed out of the room.

    It's just as well, Angie thought as she lay back on her bed. She can't
    tell a straight story anyway.

    But an idea kept popping into her mind and bothering her. Something
    must be wrong with me because I enjoy sex. There must be some good
    reason why mom is uptight about it. I must be a pervert of some kind. A

    She got up and turned on the stereo as loud as it would go,
    subconsciously wishing to drown her thoughts in noise.

    She poked through her clothes closet. I must dress up tonight. Brad's
    coming. I hope Doug won't be mad at me. We'll get rid of Brad some way.
    Then we can have it out. I can't go on. Shame engulfed her. I must
    stop. It must be wrong to enjoy sex. Why, I don't know. It seems so
    natural, once you get the hang of it. I wish I had a mother who could
    help me. Tears filled her eyes, her vision became blurry. She had
    difficulty seeing the dresses. The tears silently rolled down both
    cheeks and dropped on the floor.

    * * *

    When the doorbell rang at 7:30, Angie was waiting. She'd had second
    thoughts about surprising Doug and bad decided to tell him Brad was

    "Oh, Doug--" she said as she opened the door.

    Brad stepped in. "I hope you're not disappointed that it's me," he said
    with a confident smirk on his young face.

    "I told you to come at eight," Angie said angrily.

    Brad hit his palm against his forehead in simulated distress. "Did you?
    You told me two times--seven-thirty and eight. And I kept thinking ,not
    eight, seven-thirty.' I must have turned them around."

    "You're not welcome until eight," Angie said coldly.

    "I have nowhere to go," Brad said self-pityingly.

    "Walk around the block a few times," Angie said, unmoved.

    "You wouldn't throw me out," Brad protested lightly, with a dangerous
    tone in his voice.

    Angie could see that he had no intention of leaving and she knew she
    wasn't strong enough to throw him out alone. She decided it would be
    smarter to play along with him.

    "You can look over the records in the rumpus room while I get a bottle
    of wine," she said, leading him to the rumpus room.

    Brad looked approvingly at the elaborate stereo set built into the wall
    and the shelves filled with records.

    "Make yourself at home," Angie said, turning to go. "I'll be right

    She hurried up to the kitchen and rushed into the breakfast nook and
    dialed Doug's phone number.

    "Who're you calling?" Brad asked behind her.

    Angie jumped in surprise. She turned to see Brad lounging in the
    doorway, grinning at her in an oppressive way.

    "Hello," Doug's voice said in the phone, "hello."

    Angie hung up the receiver. "My mother told me to call her at the
    dinner party they're at. But no one answers."

    She smiled appealingly at Brad and slipped past him to the kitchen. "I
    put a bottle of wine to cool in the refrigerator. Do you like port?"

    "I can take it or leave it," Brad said pompously, following her.

    With the wine and three glasses on a tray, she led him back down to the
    rumpus room. She set the tray on a table.

    "Would you like some now or shall we wait until Doug comes?" she asked.

    "Why not now?" Brad asked, playing a sophisticated man-of-the-world

    "You pick out a record while I open the wine," Angie directed.

    Good gosh, he was hard to talk to! And he kept looking at her in that
    insinuating way. She must reach the front door first to warn Doug. She
    kept hoping the doorbell would ring soon.

    Brad pretended to look for a record. Is she nervous! he thought. Those
    two must have been up to something. I'm going to be there when old
    Douggie boy steps in the door. He put a record on and turned the volume
    down low so he could hear the doorbell.

    Angie poured wine into two glasses. "Turn the volume up, I can't hear
    it," she told him innocently.

    Brad turned it up a little bit. They smiled at each other sincerely.

    Angie handed him his glass of wine. They continued to measure each
    other with their eyes. Panic began to gain possession of Angie. Doug
    should get here any minute, she kept thinking. I've got to be upstairs
    when he comes! She tried to think of an excuse to leave.

    "Oh, dear!" she said. "I forgot the coasters. Mother'll be so mad. Wait
    here. I'll run up and get them."

    She dashed upstairs. Brad followed at a discreet distance. She went
    into the kitchen. Brad watched her open a drawer and take some coasters
    out. Then she stood uncertainly, not wanting to leave. The doorbell
    rang. Brad watched her dash down the hall and open the door.

    In a high voice, Angie said, "Doug! I've got to tell you--"

    Doug, stepped in the door saying, "Hi, baby!" and grabbed her and
    kissed her soundly.

    Angie struggled to get him to stop but Doug responded by bending her
    body backward and running his hand up her skirt to the crotch band of
    her panties. Angie tried to pull his hands away. In vain.

    "Well, hello, you love birds," Brad said in an amused tone.

    Doug and Angie pulled apart guiltily.

    "Just as I thought," Brad said happily. "There's nothing like learning
    from experience, is there?"

    "What's he doing here?" Doug asked Angie angrily.

    "She invited me," Brad answered quickly.

    "Why?" Doug asked Angie, humiliation and, rage colored his tone.

    Angie was devastated by the quick turn of events. "I--I--," she
    faltered. She hadn't anticipated such a disastrous end.

    "Why not?" Brad sneered. "You're not going to be selfish and keep all
    the experiences for yourself?"

    Doug glared angrily at Brad; then he looked at Angie. She just stood
    looking back at him, with dumb black eyes. She's not even sorry for
    what she's done, he thought, enraged.

    "Let's show him what we can do. That's what you wanted, wasn't it?"
    Doug shouted at her. And before she could make a protest, he picked her
    up and ran with her down the hall to her bedroom. Brad ran after them.
    Doug tore her clothes off and tore his own off and threw her on the
    bed. He began manipulating her naked young body. His kisses bruised her
    lips. She tried to keep her teeth closed but when she gasped in pain at
    his brutal caresses, his tongue drove in deep. It filled her mouth and
    she choked and fought back now he swirled his tongue around and around
    and in and out. And ... in spite of her revulsion of another boy
    watching, she could feel her body begin to get hot when he played with
    her breast, lightly touching the nipple.

    No, no, she thought. I don't want to. Not like this! But he moved his
    hand down between her legs and lightly brushed up the smooth inner
    softness of her thighs. Desire flamed in her and her body voluntarily
    opened her legs. Gently he caressed her clitoris and it erected. Her
    excited body ignored her mind. It began writhing in answer to his
    touches. Her buttocks began flexing, rocking her body back and forth.
    She pushed her pelvis up against Doug's pelvis and felt his hardened
    cock slip wetly into her open vagina.

    All this time, Brad watched them fascinated. He saw Doug sink his
    hardened rod of quivering flesh deep inside her soft hair-lined pussy.
    He watched it pump up and down, in and out, making an exciting wet
    sucking noise as it probed faster and faster. Their bodies banged into
    each other; their faces began to look tortured. He had never imagined
    anything like this! Contorted muscles, wild breathing. His cock erected
    and his body began to burn. He began undressing so that he would be
    ready to fuck this wild young chick when his time came.

    Caught up in her passion, Angie pulled her legs farther back and began
    to grind her young excited cunt more and more wildly up against Doug's
    pelvis. She could feel her orgasm coming; and then Doug's body locked
    on hers. While her body burned in frustration, he jerked and emptied
    great gushing streams of hot, white cum deep up into her wildly
    clasping cuntal passage.

    Doug collapsed on her and then rolled off, a limp heap on the bed.

    "I want to try it," Brad said eagerly, grabbing the helpless girl's
    ankles and spreading them far apart. He looked at her vagina to see
    where he should ram his cock in. It was all red, open and surrounded by
    a tantalizing ring of soft curly pubic hair. My God, he didn't think a
    girl that small could have such a big hole! He dropped down between her
    open thighs and his large hard penis slipped in easily; an electric
    thrill shot through him when he felt it close wetly and snugly around
    the shaft. He began rocking back and forth like he'd seen Doug doing.
    His penis got more and more excited. He pushed harder and harder and
    faster and faster in her. He felt like pushing his hardened penis all
    the way through her until it reached up and came out of her mouth.

    Angie hadn't had time to think between the time Doug had rolled off of
    her and the time Brad had got on. Her vagina felt full again with a
    penis. Passion had dulled her senses. She couldn't fight back. Naked
    desire ran through her body again. She began pushing up and down
    against Brad. She could feel his penis push in and pull out, sliding up
    and down against the wet, slippery sides of her vagina. The walls were
    engorged with blood and formed a warm tight fitting tunnel around the
    swollen shaft of his penis. She strained her vaginal muscles hard
    against Brad's impaling cock, enclosing it tightly. The walls tried to
    lock it in her; not to let it out. To make it go deeper and deeper into
    her. To swallow it. To squeeze all the pleasure and life-giving sperm
    completely out of it.

    Brad began panting heavier and heavier. His enlarged prick banged
    harder and faster into her; banging into her cervix. His excitement
    became delirious. He could feel the semen coming; it spurted out. Each
    spurt sent an exquisite pleasure-pain through him. His mind became
    maelstrom, and then he collapsed, exhausted, over Angie.

    After his breathing subsided, his mind began to work. Man! He'd never
    been turned on like that before. Kee-rystos. He wanted another ride on
    that spinning wheel.

    Brad rolled off Angie onto the bed. He saw Doug sitting cross-legged on
    the floor. His penis arched upward, strong and hard.

    "Keep her warm," Brad said. "Man, I wanna fuck that little pussy 'til
    she can't walk!"

    But he was too tired to do anything now; he couldn't wait for that
    feeling to pass and he wanted another joy ride between those long hot

    Doug didn't say anything. When he'd recovered from his orgasm, he'd
    found himself watching Brad working over Angie, his slim muscular
    buttocks pumping hard between her widespread thighs. The sight had
    sickened and repelled him. He'd tried to turn away, not to look, but
    he'd found he wasn't strong enough. The sight of the tortured faces,
    the sweating, straining bodies, the hardened flesh of Brad's cock
    sinking into the soft, hair-lined mouth of her cunt, fascinated him.
    He'd felt his own excitement return again; his penis erected. When Brad
    told him to keep Angie warm he thought, why not? What's done is done.
    No sense going home burning.

    Doug got up and climbed onto the bed. He could see Angie's whole naked
    crotch and thighs glistening with male sperm and sexual fluids. Her
    vulvar lips were grossly swollen; the inner lips were bright red. Her
    vagina was engorged; the hole open and dark. What strange forbidden
    pleasures lurked there!

    He slid his penis into the lubricated tunnel; he could feel the vaginal
    walls close around it like warm, melted butter. His penis felt hotter.
    As his passion mounted, his mind turned off, killing his conscience.
    His mind told him he shouldn't do this but his body wouldn't stop. His
    penis felt too excited to stop. He began slooping his hardened,
    slightly curved shaft in and out of her. She lay unresisting under him,
    moaning all the while. His passion mounted and he fucked her harder and
    he felt her body respond. They rocked together wildly, pushing against
    each other harder and harder, straining muscles, fighting for breath.

    Angie's body burned with unreleased tension. The boys had reached their
    orgasms but they hadn't waited for her to reach hers. Maybe she would
    this time. She pulled back her legs and pushed her naked pubic mound
    hard up against Doug. His cock sunk all the way into her cunt,
    pinioning her cervix. The semen began to burn within his shaft and then
    without warning, exploded! Like volcanic tongues of searing pleasure it
    spewed from his penis, erupting in the hungrily milking walls of her
    vagina. His mind tripped out. He tried to hold the pleasure-pain--to
    make it last--but too soon it burned out in short sputtering jets of
    cum. He collapsed, panting.

    "Get off. I'm ready," Brad ordered.

    Brad stood by the bed, avidly watching them, a cruel smile playing on
    his lips. His distended penis engorged with blood, pointing in the air.

    Weakly, Doug rolled off Angie's body. "Can't you let her rest a moment?
    She looks tired."

    "I'll be easy on her," Brad said.

    He enjoyed looking at Angie's inert naked body spread out obscenely on
    the bed. Her head was thrown back, her arms and legs spread-eagled. Her
    fists were clenched. Her vulvar lips and vagina abnormally swollen; her
    vagina flowered open and oozing white, trickling semen. He shoved Doug
    aside and threw himself between her legs. His monstrous penis squeezed
    into the waiting pink cunt; the tight fit gave his penis an exquisite
    jolt of pleasure. His body began to undulate on top of her. His
    excitement mounted and he strained and fucked into her brutally.

    By this time Angie's mind had long ago turned off. She could no longer
    think, only feel. And her body felt only one thing--a burning sexual
    excitement that was never satisfied. The burning had lost all of its
    pain; it had only pleasure left. Her vulvar area burned and burned and
    burned, but she couldn't reach an orgasm.

    For a moment her body felt light and free and her vagina unpressured.
    Then she felt a leaden penis worm its way inside again and tease up and
    down against her throbbing vaginal walls. Her vagina felt too full. The
    huge penis pulled the soft fleshy walls in and out with it. Each push
    and pull was beautiful. The movements began to go faster and faster,
    turning each little individual moan into one long scream. She cried out
    helplessly for fulfillment. Her mind became blurry, but she was aware
    that the ejaculate was spraying her vagina and she was sorry that the
    penis would shrivel and become soft and disappear.

    Brad cried out in ecstasy and his body went limp and heavy on hers too
    soon. He rolled off.

    "Your turn," Brad said to Doug.

    "Let's stop now. She really looks out of it." Doug objected.

    "I don't care whether you want to or not," Brad said savagely. "Just
    keep her hot for me. I want to fuck her again."

    Doug felt pity for Angie in such a distorted position. Her face had a
    dreamy, almost unconscious smile. She kept her legs pulled back, her
    pelvis arched upward, displaying her tight, hair-lined cuntal lips, her
    red, gaping vaginal opening, waiting for the next hardened cock.

    Doug could see that Brad meant what he said and was afraid of what Brad
    would do to Angie if he didn't fuck her now.

    Doug crawled between her legs and slid his partly-erect penis into the
    waiting vagina. It's slipping warm walls pressed tightly against his
    cock, as if to squeeze out the semen, and stimulated his penis to a
    full erection. A breath caught in his throat when his penis started
    burning. Automatically, his whole body started working over her,
    pushing in and out. He could feel his penis pull the walls out and push
    them back in. He pressed deeper and deeper, faster and faster, trying
    to stimulate the trigger that would shoot the semen into her.

    Brad sat close by, fondling his slippery flaccid penis in his hands.
    Angie's tortured face stirred his desire but Doug's exertions, the
    flexing muscles in his buttocks, his penis pulling in and out of sight,
    his loud gasping pants, his contorted face, fed his sexual excitement
    even more. Gently he tickled the head of his penis as he watched Doug's
    body writhe grotesquely over Angie's body. Soon he felt his penis perk
    up in his hands. He cupped a hand over the shaft and rubbed back and
    forth, sliding it faster and faster. Gradually his penis enlarged and
    hardened in his hands. He was ready for the next trip. He could hardly
    wait for Doug to stop.

    Brad could see that Doug was near his climax. His long body pushes
    shortened and quickened. His penis pulled out of the vagina less and
    less. He could see Doug's body make the last anguished push into her
    and his whole body stiffened and held. Doug had her pinned down to the
    mattress like a butterfly and Brad could imagine the feel of his semen
    squirting into her--each spurt a delicious agony.

    He stood up ready to go. When Doug's body collapsed, he pushed it off
    of Angie's body. A triumphant feeling rose in him as he surveyed her
    exhausted, but still unfulfilled body. Her arched pelvis, glistening of
    semen and sexual lubrication, excited him. He ran his fingers lightly
    up her inner thighs and wormed a finger deep up in her vagina.

    Angie groaned and tried to pull her legs back further to accommodate
    the entering penis.

    "Good girl," he said gloatingly. He climbed onto her body and rammed
    his engorged penis into her. The tunnel felt smaller than the last
    time, but the tighter pressure of the walls on his penis stimulated him
    more. Each push of his cock was doubly exciting because of the
    pressure. He pushed into her as hard as he could. He couldn't wait for
    involuntary rhythm to start. He pounded into her unmercifully, yanking
    his penis all the way out only to push it in harder and deeper. The
    shaft brushed sensuously against her abnormally distended vaginal

    Angie moaned at each forward thrust. His penis felt like a rock,
    pounding into her, brushing her walls with each push and scraping her
    with each pull.

    Brad paid no attention to her exhausted moans. He rode her as hard as
    he could: beating his penis against her cervix. His buttocks flexed and
    forcibly pressed his penis straighter and deeper into her vagina. The
    loud wet sucking sounds emitted when he pulled his cock out spurred him
    on. He pressed faster and deeper, his body pounding on top of hers. The
    end of his penis hardened and burned. It strove to fuse with her belly.
    Brad ground his body down harder and harder between Angie's widespread

    Now Angie was groaning continually.

    At last his climax came--he could feel the ejaculate coming. His body
    contracted regularly and fast and the exquisite sensations as the
    ejaculate spurted into her. His mind whirled in the sensation; it
    encompassed his whole body, and then it melted away.

    Brad rolled off Angie's body and flopped limply on the bed beside her.
    After he had recovered somewhat he was surprised to see Doug dressed,
    sitting on a chair, observing him.

    "Giving up?" Brad taunted.

    "Yes," Doug said firmly. "and you are, too."

    Brad turned his head to look at Angie. She was lying inert beside him,
    her body still spread-eagled open, ready for intercourse. "Well, she's
    not much good now anyway. Didn't help at all the last time," he

    "Get up and get dressed," Doug said. "We'll go."

    While Brad dressed, Doug went over to help Angie. He straightened her
    exhausted body and maneuvered it underneath the blankets. He got a
    washcloth and a glass of water from the bathroom. Gently, he wiped her
    face and held her head up to force a little water into her mouth.

    "Are you ready, nurse?" Brad asked impatiently.

    Doug disappeared into the bathroom and put the washcloth and glass
    back. "Coming," he said.

    Brad took one last greedy look at Angie, lying on the bed. "Get plenty
    of rest, baby," he said with a snicker. "I'll be back with more
    ammunition. We'll have a fucking good time."

    Chapter 4

    Doug couldn't put the degrading sight of Angie out of his mind. He
    tried and tried but the sight of her lying on the bed, head thrown
    back, legs parted and pulled back unnaturally, and pelvis pushed up
    with the bright red swollen lips hooded over her gaping vagina haunted
    his mind in psychedelic colors. No matter what he did--read his
    lessons, measured chemical ingredients for an experiment, or repaired
    the lawn mower--that obscene vision of her would come back and fill his
    mind, cutting off his logical thoughts. What bothered him even more was
    that when he thought of her that way his penis swelled and burned. He
    would find himself remembering the exquisite sensation of her hot pussy
    caressing his engorged penis. He felt confused. Not in his wildest
    imagination had he ever imagined that their harmless experiment would
    end that way. Unable to work, he wandered around his home, pale,
    shaken, forlorn.

    His mother noticed his condition right away. "Due you feel ill, dear?"
    she asked anxiously.

    "No," Doug said crossly.

    "Then something's troubling you."

    "No!" Doug said violently.

    His mother felt hurt. They had always been close in the past, sharing
    thoughts and secrets. She knew something was bothering him. Why
    wouldn't he tell her?

    She tried another tact. "Don't you have anything to do? You're pacing
    up and down like a wild beast."

    "No," Doug said gloomily.

    "What happened to the research project you were working on?" she asked,
    too casually.

    Doug didn't notice her tone. "I gave it up," he said listlessly.

    Immediately his mother's sixth sense buzzed her alarm. Things must be
    even worse than she'd imagined. "Gave it up?" she asked worriedly.
    "That's not like you."

    Only then did Doug notice her reaction and realize how he'd revealed
    himself to her. "Oh," he said hurriedly, "it was just a small project.
    Of no real consequence."

    His mother studied his face slowly. If the project was of no
    consequence, then what was? She decided to talk the situation over with
    B.C. at the first opportunity.

    Doug turned on the TV and pretended to watch it. His mother sat
    quietly, industriously working at her needlepoint and watching Doug.
    She was thankful when she heard the car drive into the garage. Soon her
    husband stepped into the rumpus room.

    "Home early, B.C.? How was the lecture?"

    Mr. Fleming bent over and lightly kissed her cheek. "Just what you'd
    expect of old Buckner. All theory and no fact."

    "If he'd change at his time of life, he'd be a god, not a scientist."

    "He's already a god by definition," Mr. Fleming said jocularly. "Only a
    god performs miracles and he performed one tonight. He seemed to have
    most of the audience believing him, especially the graduate students."

    Husband and wife laughed together.

    "You must be tired, dear," Mrs. Fleming said. "Would you like some

    Mr. Fleming heaved a deep sigh and relaxed in his chair. "You're
    reading my mind."

    "Would you like some, Doug?" his mother asked.

    "No, thanks, Mom."

    Out of the corner of his eye, Doug watched his parents act out their
    little ritual. Coming-home-from-a-late-lecture was a routine they acted
    out at least twice a month. The moves were always the same. He analyzed
    their conversation and their actions. His mother sharing her husband's
    interests, anticipating his needs; both of them sharing "in" jokes and
    touching each other. That must be the stable kind of love--having
    respect and consideration for the other person. If you felt that way
    about a person, then the physical love was an added attraction.

    Reviewing the past two weeks with Angie at school was painful. How
    comforting it was to have her lying near him in the quadrangle. The sun
    shining on a blowaway strand of her black hair and turning it red. The
    possessive and protective feeling he'd had when he held her hand in
    his. The sound of her laughter rang in his memory. How much he'd taken
    all of these things for granted! Only by losing them did he become
    aware of their value. Somehow it didn't seem fair. There should be some
    way that a person could know beforehand. So the person could recognize
    that he was in love so he could protect the relationship.

    Doug sighed deeply. Their sex experiment must stop. That was certain.
    He'd tell Angie on Monday at school. But how to stop Brad from trying
    to continue them? Reason meant nothing to him; arguments had no
    interest for him. Brad didn't love Angie like he did, and after
    yesterday night, he probably didn't have any respect for her. That left
    fighting. The only thing that would make an impression on Brad's
    Neanderthal brain. If he could manage to beat Brad up, he'd probably
    leave Angie alone.

    Doug sighed deeply again. Well, that's what he'd have to try to do.
    He'd tell Angie on Monday.

    * * *

    The memory of Friday night haunted Angie's mind all weekend. The
    cruelty and the degradation grew more awful in her mind each succeeding
    day. She could feel the heavy bodies lying on hers. Hear their mouths
    panting and gasping in her ears. Feel their hard throbbing cocks slide
    into her vagina; the bodies begin to pound on top of hers. Then her own
    blood would begin to race--her heart to pound, breath quicken. Her body
    would answer theirs--pound rhythmically with them. And then she'd feel
    the hot, scalding semen spurt into her, spraying her womb. Oh, God.
    Could she ever forget it? The fear of being found out preyed on her
    conscience until she began to feel that other people could tell just by
    looking at her what had happened on Friday night.

    She dreaded Monday, when she'd have to go to school. She was sure she
    couldn't go. When Monday morning dawned, she considered feigning
    sickness but she knew her father would be able to tell that nothing was
    wrong with her. And then her mother would give her the third-degree,
    trying to find out what she was up to. She couldn't take that. Not now.

    Apprehensively she trudged to school. Keeping a sharp eye out for
    anyone she knew, she managed to avoid meeting Doug and Brad and her
    other friends all morning. However, at lunch time, Doug managed to
    catch her hiding behind a book in the quadrangle.

    "Angie, I've been trying to find you all morning," Doug said, thankful
    he had found her. He added contritely. "I'm sorry about last Friday.
    Really. I'd give anything if it hadn't happened. And--I wanted to tell
    you that I think our experiments had better stop."

    Angie's face flushed red with shame. "You're damned right the
    experiments had better stop," she snapped. "I don't ever want to see
    you again."

    "Why not?" Doug asked, disturbed. "It wasn't my fault it happened."

    "it was too," Angie said hotly. "If you hadn't kissed me at the door,
    Brad wouldn't have guessed."

    "Look," Doug's voice rose under the stress, "I didn't know Brad was
    there. I didn't invite him to come. You did. Why didn't you tell me you

    "I tried to. Only he wouldn't leave me alone. He kept following me."

    The two looked at each other hopelessly.

    "What's done is done," Doug said. "We've got to figure out what to do

    Doug's calm acceptance of the situation angered Angie who was still
    trying to pretend it hadn't happened. "That's easy for you to say. Who
    started the whole thing?" She asked passionately. "Who?"

    "Angie! Be reasonable--"

    Angie remembered the boys' shameful and degrading treatment of her
    helpless, naked body. How could he talk about reason? She turned and
    started to run away. Doug ran after her and caught her arm.

    He pleaded, "Let's not quarrel about it. I'll make it up to you in some
    way. I promise. Let's try to stop it before it gets worse. I'll beat up
    Brad so he won't tell anyone. So he'll stop."

    Angie let out a wild peal of hysterical laughter. When she could speak,
    she coated each word with venom. "You! Beat up Brad!" She started
    laughing crazily again.

    It was Doug's turn o blush a deep red. Embarrassed, he stammered. "H-he
    j-jumped me from behind the other t-time--" Then he stopped. What was
    the use? Angie hated him. It was finished between them. Done. Misery
    rose and caught in his throat as he watched her run away.

    Angie ran blindly. She could barely see through her tear-filled eyes.
    Where could she hide where no one could bother her? She slowed to a
    walk and dabbed her eyes with a Kleenex. The language lab didn't have a
    teacher there all the time. She could hide in the gym but if Miss
    Blodgett found her she'd be nosy and try to force her to tell why she
    was crying. Probably the best place to go was the library. She knew a
    dark corner there among the bookshelves where she could hide.

    When she entered the library, Angie was relieved to see few people
    there. The day was sunny and warm outside so only the most ardent
    scholars were studying today. She walked past the shelves of books
    toward the dark corner. She didn't see Brad come in the door behind

    Brad had just glimpsed Angie stepping into the library door. He went in
    after her and saw her disappearing behind a bookshelf. He guessed where
    she was heading. A smile brightened his face. Swiftly he followed after
    her. He found her just where he hoped to--in a dark alcove shielded by
    a shelf of books. He stepped in, blocking her exit.

    "Hi! I've been looking all over for you," Brad whispered gaily.

    Frightened, Angie cringed against the wall. "I want to be alone."

    "Baby! Don't be selfish." Brad pulled her to him. "Just a little kiss."

    Brad's mouth smothered hers. His hands slid down her sides and up her
    light sweater. His fingers felt her breasts and began kneading her soft
    mounds of flesh and brushing tantalizingly across the tips of her

    Angie groaned, and in spite of her hate for the boy, felt her body
    tingling into desire. Her vagina burned. Good God, not here! In the
    library. She twisted her body around in Brad's arms until her back and
    the softness of her buttocks faced him. She did it so suddenly, he
    couldn't stop her but his hands slid around the front of her body and
    greedily continued kneading her young firm breasts.

    Angie tried to pull his hands away but they were too strong for her.
    She could feel her soft nipples turn hard and erect. Brad's mouth was
    breathing gently in her ear, sending searing electric shocks of
    unwanted desire down between her legs. Brad's body pushed hers hard
    against the wall. His middle finger slipped under the leg band of her
    panties and probed into her moist lips. Frantically she tried to cross
    her legs to protect herself. Too late. A finger gently caressed her
    clitoris. Sensual waves seared through her body. She gasped and moaned

    "No. Not here. Please don't do it to me here!"

    But her body ignored her words. Her vagina felt wet and open. It began
    to press back against Brad's hard penis which poked against her
    yielding buttocks.

    Still teasing her clitoris with one hand, Brad took his other hand away
    from her breast. "Burn, baby, burn," he crooned in her ear.

    Angie heard him unzip his fly. She felt his hardening penis pop out of
    his pants and graze down under the soft yielding crevice of her
    buttocks. Her body trembled. "Oooh!" she groaned softly, in ecstasy.
    Her pelvis involuntarily swung back to rub against his penis. Her
    insides convulsed. Her vagina dripped in anticipation.

    "That's it, baby. Swing it! Swing it!" Brad said hoarsely.

    With one hand he tore her panties down; the her hand pulled her
    buttocks out from the wall so she was half-bending over. Brad pushed
    her miniskirt up. In the dim light the soft white moons of her buttocks
    shone sensuously. He pushed down on her back until she was bending over
    more. The dark crease of her buttocks widened. He slid his fingers down
    the wide stretched crevice, feeling her tiny puckered anus, her vaginal
    hole, the soft ridges of her vaginal lips, the warm nest of her pubic

    "Reach back and feel me, Angie, feel me!" he said urgently.

    Angie could feel his engorged member stretching like a pole between her
    legs. Without thinking, her right hand reached back under her spread
    legs and firmly grasped the fleshy shaft. She rubbed her hand up and
    down it. It was hard and hot in her palm. She touched a finger lightly
    on its leaden slippery head. It slavered liquid, greedy to get in her.
    She could feel Brad's finger circle around her vagina lips, softly at
    the sparse young hair surrounding them. She moaned with pleasure. Her
    buttocks flexed. Lubricant oozed from her open little pussy and dripped
    down her thigh. She felt his finger slide into her moistened vagina
    easily. Her warm, fleshy walls crushed down on it, trying to keep it
    in. The finger moved out. Her pelvis rotated backwards, trying to
    recapture it. The finger moved back in, causing a burning trail where
    it touched the smooth throbbing flesh of her cuntal passage.

    Their bodies began to push and gyrate against each other. Minds
    whirling, hearts palpitating, their bodies began to heat up hotter and

    Brad's eyes were glued to Angie's opalescent bottom. The muscles dented
    each cheek as she flexed them. The dark slit narrowed and widened as
    she moaned softly and moved her pelvis. Her soft moist vaginal walls
    convulsed on his finger. Lubrication squirted on his finger and
    dribbled out over his hand. Her pelvis arched back farther and faster.
    His genitals burned. He couldn't wait much longer. I've got to hold it,
    he told himself. Little bitch! Let her fight for me this time!

    Soft moans escaped Angie's lips. Her body was wracked with hungry
    desire. Oh God, why doesn't he take me? she thought helplessly through
    her building passion. She pushed her buttocks harder back against him.
    Her whole body burned at white heat.

    "Take me, take me," she begged softly, not aware she was saying the
    words out loud.

    But still she didn't feel the delicious rod push in her. Maddened by
    passion, without thinking, her left hand pulled Brad's finger out of
    her vagina and her right hand rammed the hardened shaft of his cock in
    hard. She gasped in delight when she felt her vaginal walls close
    around it. Mysterious cosmic impulses permeated her being. She was
    impaled! Her whole reason for living was happening. She worked her
    pelvis harder and faster to bring the driving cock deeper and deeper
    into her.

    Brad's triumph was complete. My God, what a hot little whore dug into
    her, deeper and deeper. An unbelievable fire rose in his vitals. It
    singed through his shaft in delicious agony. His mind turned into a
    whirling kaleidoscope. "Mmm, mmm." He tried to swallow his cries of

    Their bodies ground to a halt and locked, cumming in short jerky spasms
    against each other. They stood still. Knowing nothing. Feeling
    everything with their bodies. An out-of-this-world feeling enveloped
    them as their orgasms jerked on. Too soon, the pleasure ebbed away,
    leaving them stranded in the every day world.

    Brad's flaccid penis slipped out of her soft, satisfied womb. It was
    dripping with secretions. Her vaginal opening looked dark and cavernous
    and shone wetly. He watched his now small organ slip ignobly back into
    his pants.

    Angie stood up slowly, shakily. Her muscles ached. Her stomach felt
    filled with the hot wetness of his sperm. She stared at the wall in
    front of her, afraid to face Brad.

    "Don't forget your panties," he said, holding them up to her.

    She turned her head and their eyes met. His eyes showed neither cruelty
    nor laughter.

    "Thanks,' she whispered.

    She looked at them. They were ripped down one side. She wiped her wet
    vaginal area and her thighs with them, then folded them and put them in
    her purse.

    "You hair ribbon is falling out," Brad whispered.

    Giggling, they helped each other dress and repair pair the damages.
    Before the left, Brad kissed her long and hard on the lips. Angie
    kissed him back hungrily.

    "That's thanks for this time," Brad whispered. "Shall we have more on

    "Oh, yes!" Angie whispered back. "I like it now!"

    * * *

    Brad paid court to Angie all week. Always smiling, always gracious,
    always humble. They had long discussions in the quadrangle at lunch
    times. He carried her books between classes. He flattered her in front
    of the other students. Mary Jane and her crowd were green with envy at
    the attention she was getting.

    Angie felt like a queen, what with Brad and his friends and Mary Jane
    and her friends all paying court to her. All thought of Doug went out
    of her mind. Now he seemed pitiful to her, walking around all hunched
    over, his eyes lonely and grieved. Brad and how this situation was
    going to end, she wasn't going to. Brad would never tell on her as long
    as he got repeat performances. And she intended to oblige him, Why not?
    They turned each other on like Roman candles. Why not enjoy each other?

    On Friday afternoon after school, when she stepped inside the front
    door of her home, she heard her mother's voice. It sounded like it was
    coming from the direction of the kitchen. Angie tiptoed nearer to
    eavesdrop. She peeked and saw her mother talking into the telephone.

    "--you're absolutely right!" her mother said, "they say teaching sex in
    the classroom will lessen ignorance of sex, reduce the numbers of
    illegitimate pregnancies, and reduce the incidence of venereal
    diseases. But I don't agree. I think teaching sex in the classroom will
    give the children more knowledge than they can handle. They'll get all
    excited about it and want to try it. It's too dangerous, teaching sex
    without teaching morality too. It just can't be done."

    Her mother paused to listen momentarily.

    "Oh, Moira! Did I tell you? I had the most wonderful experience last
    week. Angie and I had a very private discussion." She paused to giggle
    girlishly, "You guessed it! I told her all about it. It was such a
    memorable experience! Just think, I wouldn't have had it if I had let
    Angie go to those sex classes at school. I'd have been cheated out of

    If she only knew, Angie thought as she tiptoed away. What would she do
    to her? She couldn't imagine. Maybe I should quit, she thought. Play it
    safe. But, oh, how she'd hate to give up Brad, now that he was so hot
    for her.

    Angie banged things about in her room, thoroughly annoyed with her
    mother. If she would only stop talking about sex, Angie thought
    angrily. She doesn't know anything about it. Why does she have to go
    and on? She makes me feel sick. I don't want to talk about it or hear
    about it or do it. Ever again.

    That evening, Angie curled up on her bed with a good book, some
    chocolates, good resolutions, and Salome as she had planned. She even
    turned the stereo down to a medium rumble so she could concentrate on
    her reading. Even so, when the doorbell rang, she heard it immediately.

    "I'm not going to answer it," she said out loud to Salome. She cuddled
    the cat closer to her and petted it immediately.

    Salome began to purr loudly.

    The doorbell continued to ring at intervals. Then Angie could hear loud
    knocks on the door.

    I don't care who it is. Let them go hang, she thought. Especially her
    mother and Doug and even Brad.

    But the ringing doorbell and the knocks began to jangle her nerves. She
    endured it patiently as long as she could; then she became upset.
    "Whoever it is has no right to bother me. I'll call the police," Angie
    told Salome. "I'm going to tell them."

    She marched down the hall righteously. "Hey!" she shouted. "Stop
    banging on this door. Stop ringing the doorbell. Or I'll call the

    "Let me in," a boy's voice called. "Please. I just want to talk to

    "Who is it?" Angie called. She tiptoed to a living room window and
    peeked around a curtain. It was Brad. And he had two friends with him!
    How dare he bring his friends! Who did he think he was! She tiptoed
    back to the door.

    "Me!" the voice said.

    "Who's me?" Angie called out.

    "Can't you recognize my voice?"

    "Don't you know your name?" Angie countered. "Or does it begin with B?"


    "Yes. B for bastard."

    "Open up; I'll surprise you."

    "Get lost, Brad," Angie said impatiently. "I know it's you. I saw you
    through the curtain. You'd better leave or I'll call the police."

    Angie stood behind the door and listened. The footsteps moved around on
    the porch a little, then they seemed to walk away. She smiled to
    herself and went back to her room.

    The excitement at the door had spoiled her contented mood. The book and
    the chocolates and Salome had lost their appeal. Her mind strayed
    hopelessly. The slightest sound interrupted her reading. The wind
    sighed in the trees and sounded ineffably sad. The house creaked.
    Loneliness seemed to creep out of its gloomy corners and sit watching

    "My parents have been going out Friday nights for a long time," Angie
    told Salome. "I've never felt this frightened before."

    She hugged the cat to her and listened for the next noises.

    When she heard the doorbell ring again, she felt almost relieved. She
    padded down the hall to the front door.

    Angie called out. "I'm going to count to ten. If you're not gone by
    then, I'll call the police, Brad."

    "I'm not Brad," a muffled voice called back.

    "Who is it?" Angie sneaked around to the window but the person was
    standing close to the front door and out of her range of vision.

    "Doug," the voice said indistinctly.

    "Who?" Angie called. The voice didn't sound like him.

    "Doug," the voice said a little clearer.

    The tone was funny. Maybe he's been smoking pot, Angie thought. Or
    maybe he's been drinking. The desire to tell him off good overcame her.

    "You don't think I've forgiven you already, do you?" Angie ranted.

    The second she opened the door a foot stepped in the crack. Angie
    looked up into Brad's grinning face.

    "But you have already forgiven me, remember?" Brad said laughing.

    Angie threw her body against the door violently, hoping to crush the

    "Angie, what's the matter with you?"

    "I've changed my mind," she shouted angrily. "Go away."

    Brad pushed the door open wider. He stepped inside and grabbed her. She
    kicked and scratched and bit him.

    "No, you're not changing your mind," Brad said decisively. He struggled
    with her down the hallway to her bedroom. He threw her on the floor and
    held her down. He pulled off his pants and shorts. With one hand he
    grabbed a handful of her long black hair and pulled it hard until tears
    started in her eyes.

    "Now kneel," he commanded, "we're going to take a little ride."

    Brad pushed her body forward. Angie's weight fell on her forearms; her
    buttocks swung high in the air. Brad threw her robe and nightie over
    her head. His eyes drank in the sight of her ivory-colored fleshy
    cheeks, with the dark slit in the middle. Like a peach, he thought, as
    he ran his hands over the soft skin on each side. So soft. He slid a
    finger lightly down the slit, past the pink puckered anus, and felt her
    slightly open vaginal mouth.

    No, no, no! Angie's mind screamed. I don't want to anymore. What if
    mother finds out? Doug was right. Why hadn't she listened to him? She
    should stop having sex. It was too dangerous.

    "Please," Angie begged. "Let me go, Brad. I don't want to anymore. My
    mother'll kill me if she finds out."

    "You enjoy it," Brad said. "You were made for it. Besides, I need it

    Brad's hands played over her warm, soft buttocks. He leaned over and
    licked her vaginal opening with soft light butterfly touches. He could
    feel it convulse under his touches. He kept licking faster.

    Angie gasped loudly. Excitement ran through her blood. She could feel
    her vagina begin to burn with desire. I don't want to, she thought. But
    her heated young body ignored her mind. Her hips rocked involuntarily.

    "Oh, please stop!" she begged. All the while she plead, her body swayed
    with desire. Pleasure, beginning in her vagina, traveled through her
    body and erupted from her mouth as groans of delight. "Mmmmm! Mmmm."
    Her groans turned into incoherent sounds of animal-like pleasure. It's
    wrong of me to love this, she told herself. But I can't help myself!
    Something must be wrong with me, to enjoy it so much. Why can't my body
    listen to my mind and stop? But it didn't. It smoldered with desire.
    Her body rocked back and forth.

    "Can't wait, huh?" Brad said with satisfaction. "Don't worry. I'll give
    you the fuck of your life."

    Bitch! Trying to keep him out. Go back on her word. He'd get even.
    You're going to be rocking those hips out of joint, pleading for me, he
    thought. His hand cupped her soft, hair covered loins.

    The pressure of his hand over her sensitive vaginal lips and the
    hotness of his hand generated more heat which passed into her body and,
    in turn, generated sensual heat. Angie closed her legs tightly around
    his arm and wiggled her body, trying to get rid of the torturing hand.

    Above the sound of his heavy breathing, Angie heard footsteps. Her
    parents! Omigod! She wanted to scream but no noise came. She couldn't
    think. She couldn't get up out of this degrading position. They'd see
    her! What would they say? What would they do? A heavy weight grew in
    her heart.

    The bedroom door flung open and two boys ran in. She recognized Jim and
    Scott, two friends of Brad's. Quick relief that it wasn't her parents
    was followed by shame that two boys she knew at school should see her
    like this. Her naked buttocks waving sensuously in the air. See her
    private parts.

    "Hey! Look at that!" Jim pointed a finger right at Angie and burst out

    Angie closed her eyes tightly, humiliated. Tears streamed from her eyes
    and dripped onto the floor. She wished she'd die. She felt herself
    fainting. Her body began to relax.

    "Hey, you fucking bitch! Come alive," Brad screeched angrily. He
    slapped her hard on one of her buttocks.

    The stinging slap brought her to. Confused thoughts fought for
    possession of Angie's will. She shouldn't do this. This hateful mockery
    of sex. Yet she had to. Because she wasn't strong enough to resist. To
    get away.

    Brad laughed. He uncupped his hand over her vaginal lips and his
    fingers probed them to get inside, to find her clitoris. The slippery
    flesh of her rubbery lips began to turn more solid. His fingers found
    the little pronged clitoris. Lightly, like butterfly wings, his fingers
    stroked the limp hook. She felt it harden under his touch.

    Angie's body twitched fretfully, searing electric shocks coursed
    through her body at his touches. Her vaginal area began to burn. She
    tried to remember that the two other boys were watching. That she
    didn't want to get hot and lose all control, but her mind began
    whirling. She couldn't remember. All she was aware of was the fingers,
    leaving hot trails of desire behind them. Her engorged clitoris,
    sending hot trails of passion through her body. The burning sensation
    deepened, penetrated her vagina. The walls shuddered, eager for action,
    and dripped with lubrication. The vagina was ready and waiting.

    Brad's penis arched proudly erect. It's engorged head flamed. Purposely
    he pressed it against her buttocks as he leaned over her and began
    teasing her pink nipples with his fingers. They were already hard and
    erect. He kneaded her soft, jello-y breasts until they turned firm
    under his touch.

    By this time, Angie was breathing heavily. Long, helplessly pleasurable
    moans came from her open mouth. Her pelvis undulated rhythmically in
    front of Brad's face. The muscles in her buttocks flexed and unflexed,
    making dimples in her cheeks then unmaking them. Her mother was
    forgotten. The boys. Her resolution. Her whole body writhed sensually.
    Her whole body wanted to. Overwhelming desire to be filled and to be
    released. Her buttocks began pushing backwards against Brad's penis,
    demanding fulfillment.

    Jim and Scott watched Brad manipulating Angie's body. Excitement raced
    through their young waiting cocks when they saw her body respond.

    Jim stuck an elbow into Scott's ribs. "Wow! Get a load of that!"

    Scott's eyes couldn't pop out of his head anymore than they already
    were. "I'm ready. I'm ready." He tore his pants and shorts down; his
    penis stood up like a tree trunk.

    Brad's pleasure mounted as he watched her flexing buttocks first hide
    then reveal her open, already wet vagina. He could see the vaginal
    muscles press outward. The soft, hair lined vaginal lips were flowered
    open and flaming red. The sight of them excited him; his hardened penis
    engorged even more. The head flamed a dull purplish-red. It felt like
    it was ready to burst. He held the shaft horizontally and teased her
    vaginal opening with his large leaden head. At the first touch, Angie's
    lusty open vagina lunged backwards greedily and impaled itself on the
    hardened cock, swallowing it all at once.

    The soft, smothering grip of her vaginal walls on his penis shook Brad
    to the core. Turbulent passion whipped through him. Both their bodies
    swung into action. Uncontrollably they flailed against each other,
    uttering incoherent cries. Neither heard Scott shout, "Save a little
    for me!"

    Angie pounded her buttocks hard against Brad. She felt his hard rod
    pound deeper and deeper into her. She wanted it. She wanted more of it!
    Her body fought against his. To be stuck together. Permanently. Her
    vaginal walls hardened and clasped his whole penis, straining to keep
    it. The walls ravished themselves and they ravished the penis.

    Their bodies locked hard into position. Brad felt his penis jerk into
    life and pump his burning semen deep into her wildly quivering belly.
    Brad's mind fragmented. He let out anguished cries of joy.

    Angie gasped when the pressurized semen beat against her uterus,
    spewing the hot, boiling sperm all over the walls. Unbearable pleasure
    staccatoed back and forth with delicious pain. She couldn't bear it!
    She uttered loud cries. Then her mind sank down, down, down. She passed
    out momentarily.

    Brad's penis deflated and slipped out of her vagina. He dropped his
    body wearily beside hers. He was sated.

    Angie's body had collapsed in a heap like a rag doll. Scott ran to her,
    concerned. "Don't give out on me, baby!" He straightened her body,
    pulling her legs apart.

    Angie was only half aware of what he was doing to her. She felt an arm
    slip under her stomach. It tried to lift her but she was too relaxed
    for him to get a good grip. She felt the two hands exploring her
    nakedness. They seemed far away at first; gradually they left nerve-
    tingling trails in their wake. A hand cupped a breast, tantalizing a
    nipple. Burning sensations whipped down to her vagina and clogged
    there, re-activating her passion. When she felt the hard head of a
    penis rub against her thighs, her pelvis started working up and down.

    "Hey, look at this, you guys," Scott ceased tormenting her body to gaze
    in appreciation at her sensual body. It shone with sweat. The dim lamp
    light reflected off her pert firm breasts, her rounded hips. "She's

    Angie's pelvis stopped flexing. Scott leaned over and slipped his big
    cock between her buttocks. It disappeared into her wet, slippery vagina
    easily. The vaginal walls covered it like a glove, giving him a
    pleasurable jolt. His body crushed full length over hers. Each of his
    hands slipped under her hips and pressed her pelvis up against his as
    he see-sawed across her body. Her soft buttocks jiggled against his
    energetic penis. His body slapped loudly down on hers.

    Jim watched Scott's penis pop in and out of sight, making loud sucking
    sounds in her open vagina. His own penis, already standing stiff, began
    to burn.

    "Screw her, man!" he urged Scott excitedly.

    Angie's body came to life again. Excitement drove her to bang her body
    back against Scott's. She angled her pelvis off the floor, straining to
    enclose his long, lust-hardened cock. Excited animal-like cries escaped
    from her lips. Their bodies rocked back and forth madly. Faster and
    faster until they rocked to a standstill. She uttered a sharp cry like
    a wounded bird. The pressure of his semen spurting against her uterus
    sent her into ecstasy. She pressed her vaginal walls hard against his
    penis, trying to hold it.

    "Oooo. Oooo. It's so good," she moaned passionately.

    When Scott relaxed his exhausted body on hers, his limp penis slipped
    out. He rolled his body onto the floor and curled up and rested.

    "Now it's my turn!" Jim cried.

    Angie rolled over on her back. Ohh, that floor was so hard! Her muscles
    ached all over. She held her arms out to Jim. "Not here. On the bed."

    Jim's eyes appreciated the firm bouncing breasts, the soft belly, and
    the hairy delta at the junction of her thighs.

    "Anything to make it easier," he said enthusiastically.

    He lifted her off the floor, carried her in his arms over to the bed.
    He threw himself down on the mattress, still holding her in his arms.
    They rolled around laughing, feeling each other up. Teasing each
    other's bodies. Angie wrestled with him enticingly, caressing his penis
    fleetingly. Their wild cries, heavy breathing, and warm breath on their
    skin excited them. Jim clamped his mouth on hers and kissed her
    soundly. Their tongue explored each other's mouths.

    Angie felt happy and free. Mom doesn't know what she's talking about.
    Sex is fun. The most exciting game I know of. As long as I relax and
    kid these guys along. Take each one as he comes, everything will turn
    out al right. Thank heavens they don't dip their wick, cum, and get
    out. Boom, boom, boom is no fun. You've got to take time. Play around.
    Burn a little before you light the fuse. Then you really get a bang!
    Ah, I waited so long for my life to begin. Now it has. I love it.
    Fucking is fun!

    Jim's tongue filled her mouth, poking far in and stirring up excitement
    deep within her body. Angie threw her arms around his neck and held him
    tightly to her. She ran her hands down his back.

    Jim pulled away. He kissed hungrily down her throat onto a breast. He
    sucked noisily on a tit.

    Desire raced through her body again. Her body moved fretfully, wiggling
    and arching against his. She slid her body under him, pressing her
    pelvis against his. She felt his heavy penis pressing against her legs,
    then flopping against her stomach. Her body undulated sensuously.

    She breathed deeply. "It's sooo good. So good!"

    Jim enjoyed tantalizing her. How long should he wait to go in? He
    hadn't had enough experience to know. She couldn't be ready so soon!

    Angie flipped completely. She couldn't wait. She could feel the fleshy
    rod of hardened flesh flopping between their bodies. She reached down,
    grabbed it, and pushed it down her to vagina. It sloshed inside, making
    wet sucking noises. She pushed her body up against its hard length,
    lifting her pelvis completely off the mattress. Her pelvis ground
    savagely against his. Her pleasure grew.

    She gasped, "Uh, uh, uh."

    Jim screwed deep into her. God, he thought. He'd drown in her. What a
    hot little wench! She could take on an army. He pounded her body into
    the mattress as hard as he could. His penis burned to go deep and
    deeper into her. His body moved faster, more rhythmically. He caught
    his breath. It was coming! He couldn't hold it! Uncontrollable spurts.
    Two, three rapturous spurts far, far up into her squirming little

    Their bodies locked together in a rigid embrace. She wrapped her legs
    tightly over his back, jealously holding him in. Preserving the passion
    between them. Too soon it ebbed. Emptied of its load the limp penis
    slipped out. Their minds stopped whirling and their bodies relaxed.

    The excitement past, Jim kissed Angie delicately on the cheek. "Thanks,
    baby." he whispered in her ear.

    "Come on, Romeo," Brad demanded, slapping Jim hard on his naked ass.
    "It's my turn."

    Reluctantly Jim rolled off of Angie.

    Angie felt it was degrading to be used like this, passed from boy to
    boy. As Brad was settling between her thighs her lust-dazed mind tried
    to form a protest. But as soon as Brad's stiff cock slipped into her
    swollen vagina, filled her deliciously, and began to stroke excitingly,
    all thought of protest vanished. Her pelvis pushed up, eager for
    stimulation. She groaned aloud with pleasure as Brad's initial thrust
    sank his stiff cock balls-deep, and, in only a moment, the two bodies
    were churning in unison.

    The night wore on but the four sensualists didn't tire of their games.
    They played with each other, exciting and re-exciting themselves. Their
    young bodies, so lethargic when it came to carrying out the garbage,
    were bursting with sexual energy and re-heated time and time again.
    They couldn't seem to get sated.

    When they finally left, they left because the hour was late and Angie's
    parents would be coming home.

    "See you next week," Angie said at the door with a dreamy smile. "All
    of you!"

    "See you," they called back happily.

    Chapter 5

    Angie went to school warily the next Monday. Would the boys have
    talked, spoiling her reputation? Would everyone be laughing at her,
    pointing their fingers at her? You could depend on one boy to keep his
    mouth shut, but could you depend on three? She kept watching everybody
    critically, waiting to be put down. However, Mary Jane and her friends
    were just as friendly to her as ever. Her teachers seemed to be acting
    normally. She couldn't believe no one would say anything to her about
    Friday night, but no one did.

    As soon as Brad, Jim and Scott saw her at school, they came rushing
    over chattering happily. They escorted her to classes, they carried her

    Later on, she happened to be in the girl's lavatory combing her hair
    when Mary Jane came in.

    "Angie! What a darling dress. Is it new?" Without waiting for an answer
    she rattled on. "I do like your hair that way. Brad and his friends
    must like it too. Is brad as nice as he seems to be?"

    Angie murmured, "Guess so."

    "He certainly seems to like you a lot," Mary Jane said enviously. Half-
    jokingly she asked, "What have you got that I haven't got?"

    Mary Jane leaned toward the mirror and studied her pretty face
    anxiously, trying to find the flaw.

    Angie felt a kind of triumph. Now Mary Jane was wishing for what she,
    Angie, had, and not the other way around. Angie smiled secretively. She
    gave a last pat to her hair as she moved to go out.

    "Ask, Brad, why don't you?" she told Mary Jane brightly.

    Angie gave Mary Jane a brilliant smile and closed the door behind her.

    As the week wore on Angie became lees concerned about her reputation.
    She reasoned the boys wouldn't want their parents to know what they
    were doing. And they didn't want to stop doing it, so they wouldn't
    tell their parents on her. It was as simple as that. Only one person
    might tell--Doug. He'd been awfully upset about her and Brad. What
    would he think if he heard about Jim and Scott? Well, she comforted
    herself, he probably won't find out. I won't tell him and the boys
    can't afford to unless they want to take a chance on getting caught.

    The week passed quickly. Angie basked in her new popularity. She looked
    forward to Friday evening too. Several times during the week she got
    hot and it was no fun burning she decided. What a wonderful thing sex
    was--to turn you on so high and give you release at the same time. No
    wonder her mother was such a crab. Burning all the time and never
    getting it put to her. She ought to let herself go and enjoy her body
    naturally, not try to live by unnatural rules.

    That evening, when she opened the door, there were six boys on the
    doorstep. "Oh, no!" she thought. She was stunned but she hid her
    feelings. What could she do but go along with them?

    "You know everybody, don't you Angie?" Brad said easily.

    Angie nodded, giving them all a weak smile. Could she satisfy them all?
    She wondered. She could tell by the new boy's uneasy glances that they
    knew about the sex marathon and without doubt expected to take part in
    it. It really wasn't fair. Brad should have told her he was bringing
    more boys.

    Brad confidently started down the hall toward her bedroom. The other
    boys clattered after him in a bunch. Angie followed behind. She
    couldn't help feeling disturbed. Things were getting out of hand.

    The boys looked approvingly around her bedroom. The stereo blared out a
    sexy African beat. A small lamp on her desk in the corner shone dimly,
    otherwise the room was dark. A bottle of wine and some glasses were
    laid out on the desk.

    "Wow! This is neat!" Keith exclaimed. He grabbed Angie's arm and pulled
    her in front of him. "Let's dance."

    Keith started wiggling his hips and waving his arms in time to the sexy
    pounding beat.

    Angie was glad of the diversion. Her eyes lighted up, gleaming in the
    dusky room. Her body weaved back and forth gracefully; her young little
    breasts jiggled and her cute little bottom rotated seductively.

    The boys eyes gleamed watching her sheer gown swirl about her body now
    hiding and now highlighting the mounds of her breasts, the swooping
    curve of her narrow waist, and the rounded mass of her buttocks
    bouncing tantalizingly. Their mouths fell open, mesmerized by that
    bouncing bottom.

    "Sweetest little ass I ever saw," a voice said seriously.

    Angie heard the remark. She felt more and more anxious. What would
    happen when they found out? How could she tell them? Their eyes kept
    looking at her expectantly. Undressing her body. Ravishing it. She
    could feel it. She could feel a hand run down her buttock. She swung
    away, out of range. They'll be mad when they find out. She knew. A
    different hand grazed her breast, igniting a flare of passion within
    her. If she could only think of something to do! But there was nothing.
    Nothing. Another hand ran up her inner thigh, lightly hitting her
    private parts. A streak of desire flamed in her. Fear gripped her too.
    What would they do when they found out?

    Two arms grasped her strongly from behind. A face buried itself in her
    wriggling bottom. Wet lips kissed down her mysterious crack. The hands
    dug into her fleshy hips. She could hear his rough breathing. She
    screamed and struggled to free herself, beating her hands ineffectively
    on his head. But the arms were like a vise.

    "No, no!" she kept shouting.

    Her body was pulled down. Hands were feeling all over her. Warming her
    up. Uselessly her body rolled from side to side, her arms flailing. Hot
    breath from the panting mouth erupted thrills in her breast, bringing
    her body to life. The hot wet mouth sucked hungrily on a hard nipple.

    "Oh, oh, ooh," Angie moaned, her mind whirling, her body burning all

    The hot breathe and wet lips left a trail of slather down her soft
    belly and headed straight down between her legs ... Frantically, Angie
    put her hands there, covering her secret parts. They were ripped away.
    The mouth moved downward.

    "Hey!" a surprised voice shouted. "Look at this. She's got the rag on!"

    "Yeah?" several voices exclaimed.

    Frightened, Angie lay still and silent. Her mind turned off, too scared
    of the consequences. Fingers pulled down her napkin, exposing her
    blood-stained pubic hairs, moistly wet vaginal lips, and stained inner
    thighs. Wondering faces with curious eyes stared attentively.

    "By god, she is! What do we do now?"

    "Fuck her anyway!"

    "We can't," Robbie objected. "We shouldn't."

    "Why not?" Scott asked. "No difference unless you're squeamish."

    "We'll get our baptism in blood!" Glen said excitedly.

    "Man! I've always wanted to try it," Brad said exuberantly.

    Angie's eyes looked like those of a trapped animal. Knowing there was
    no use resisting.

    "Where's an old sheet or something?" Jim asked. "To put on the bed so
    her parents won't find out."

    A sheet was found and was folded in fourths to provide padding and was
    carefully spread on the bed.

    "I want to finish what I started," Glen said.

    The other boys didn't object. They wished they'd had the nerve to do
    what he'd done.

    Wordlessly, Angie let Glen help her pull her dress off over her head.
    The other boys swallowed nervously when they saw her pink tits staring
    openly at them. Angie laid back on the bed docilely and spread her legs
    apart. Six pairs of eyes studied every curve of her body, from her pink
    erect little tits down to her blood-smeared black pubic hairs.

    Glen's body crushed down on hers, pushing her breath out. She gasped
    and readjusted her body, waiting to be sacrificed. If her mother could
    see her now. She'd really kill her! She'd thought the boys would let
    her alone this time. After all. But no. They were more intrigued by her
    body. They had to have her. Whatever her condition. They didn't care
    how she felt. What would it do to her? She'd always heard people didn't
    do it when the woman was bleeding. Would it hurt? She felt frightened.

    Glen's mouth clamped hard on hers, bruising her lips. Caught of-guard,
    her mouth opened to let in air. His tongue crowded in, swirling around
    inside her mouth, pushing down her throat. Gasping, in self-defense,
    she pushed her tongue back at him to push his tongue out. Their tongues
    snaked in and out of first one mouth, then the other. She felt her body
    heat up; her mind turn on. Their tongues circled inside each other's
    mouths, filling them. Low moans started deep in her throat. She clamped
    her arms tightly around his neck, pulling his mouth fiercely down on
    her own. Their bodies rocked spasmodically. Excitement raced through
    every nerve. Her pelvis rubbed his sensually. She felt his big hot
    penis press lengthwise against her soft firm belly. Her mind started
    spinning. Their bodies began undulating up and down, up and down. She
    grabbed one of his hands and put it over one of her breasts. More,
    more, her mind cried. Turn me on more! His fingers worked over it,
    cupping and squeezing it in time with their moving hips. The tit caught
    between two fingers which squeezed it rhythmically too. Their breaths
    came faster, became hoarse.

    Five pairs of eyes watched the naked bodies humping back and forth,
    back and forth. Watched the light reflecting off her breasts as the
    flattened and rounded alternately, off her hips flexing strongly.

    "Get her! Get her!" Brad said hoarsely, his penis burning him.

    Angie's legs opened wider. She pulled her hips back and pushed her
    pelvis up hard against his body. Glen began panting loudly, emitting
    animal-like cries and squeals.

    The watchers saw him pull up his hips, hips huge red penis hung free
    between their bodies. Angie's vagina was bloodied but open for it. They
    saw purplish-red blood ooze out of it and trickle down her white
    buttocks. They held their breath, waiting.

    "Stick her. Stick her!" Jim croaked.

    Angie pushed her pelvis up higher; her hips lifted off the bed. Glen's
    fingers pressed his erect penis downward and he lunged it into her.
    Their pelvises hung suspended for a moment; then began grinding against
    each other. Humping up and down, up and down.

    The boys watching sighed and watched keenly to see what would happen

    Waves of emotion washed through Angie's body. She pushed and grunted,
    pushing harder and harder. Her fingernails tore into the flesh on
    Glen's back, leaving bloody scratches. She spread her legs further
    apart and pulled them back, raising her pelvis up straighter. She
    wanted him sinking in, deeper and deeper.

    The boys saw the bloody penis pulling in and out like a piston. Saw
    Angie's blood squirting up and spraying Glen's pubic hairs and hips and
    then falling down on her own hips. Heard their panting bodies knocking
    together. Glen's engorged balls slapping against her tiny exposed anus.
    More blood fountained up; its wetness caught the light and sparkled for
    a moment and then it fell and dried a dull red-brown.

    Their bodies worked frenziedly, pumping their feelings high, higher.
    Their groans issued from deep within them.

    Angie strained against Glen, desiring his penis more and more. Her
    vaginal walls contracted around it, squeezing it, inflaming it.

    "Push harder, deeper," she begged. "Fuck me hard!"

    She felt the blood spray out of her vagina. Heard the penis make loud
    sucking sounds as it jackhammered into her. Her breathing quickened;
    her desire heightened. The penis ground deeper and deeper into her.
    Body a-fire, her mind orbited. Their bodies furiously ground to a stop.
    Both cried out piteously. Their bodies clung together, glued by

    Passion energized the whole room. The very air palpitated with desire.
    All the boys stopped breathing. Time stopped. Hung suspended. Then the
    two bodies on the bed relaxed. The spell was broken.

    "Out of sight," an awed voice breathed.

    A great feeling of satisfaction filled Angie's body. She enjoyed
    feeling the hardened cock in her. Completing her. She liked feeling the
    body weigh down on hers. Commanding hers. She felt content. Fulfilled.
    Her mind drifted peacefully.

    Robbie let out a deep sigh. "Make war, not love."

    "Best thing I've ever seen," Keith breathed.

    The boys laughed nervously to break the spell, then a clamor started.

    "Come on, Glen. Get off of her. It's our turn."

    "Come on, Glen. Get off her. It's our turn."

    "I want to be next."

    "No, me. I'm hurting."

    "Whoever's biggest should be next."

    "I am."

    "No, I am."

    "Look at me," Brad said. "I'm loaded."

    He pulled his pants down and his big thick penis stood up proudly.

    "Everybody take your pants down." someone said authoritatively. "Let's
    see who's biggest."

    They all skinned their clothes off.

    "Robbie's the longest," Jim said. "He's got a regular fishing pole."

    Robbie turned red when he saw all the eyes stare at his long huge shaft
    standing almost straight up against his body. He was a tall boy, close
    to six foot four. His penis looked more than a foot long. Its shiny
    head was a deep purplish-red. Underneath hung his large engorged balls;
    overhead fringed a semi-circle of curly brown pubic hairs.

    "Too much," Keith said, shaking his head in admiration. His own balls
    were pretty large.

    "But mine's the thickest," Brad argued.

    "Tough shit. His length is proportionately longer than your radius. It
    would multiply out to a greater volume."

    "Well, all right," Brad conceded reluctantly.

    "Come on, Robbie boy," Keith teased. "Let's see what you can do with

    Robbie turned even redder than before. He was the youngest there and he
    was a virgin.

    "Can't I rest a minute?" Angie moaned. Her body was feeling too
    peaceful to move. She lay languidly on the bed.

    "Why doesn't she start him out easy?" Scott asked. "Take him in her

    Angie looked at the enormous organ. "No. Its too much. You want him to
    choke me?"

    "We won't let him."

    "He's just a poor inexperienced boy. Don't turn him down. You'll give
    him a complex."

    "You said you wanted to rest," Brad reminded her.

    Hands pushed the hesitant Robbie over toward the bed.

    "Come on now, Robbie. Don't chicken out."

    "There you go, Angie. Our nation's finest."

    "And toughest. Help yourself."

    Robbie's penis was pushed up to her face. It looked even more monstrous
    close up. Angie cringed backwards.

    "Come on. Be a sport."

    Keith lifted her up and Jim put her right hand on the penis.

    "Turn him on. Let's see if it gets any bigger!"

    At her first touch, Robbie trembled. He was shy and scared. He rolled
    his eyes up at the ceiling, as if in supplication.

    Angie sensed his feeling. She pitied him and didn't want to humiliate
    him. At the same time she felt cornered. Could she even get that big
    thing in her mouth? She ran her hand nervously down the shaft. The
    purplish-red head stared at her dumbly.

    "Come on now," Brad said impatiently. "You can do better than that."

    Reluctantly she ran her hand up and down the full length, her fingers
    and thumb enclosing it. Robbie let out a deep sigh. She felt the heavy
    instrument harden more in her hand. Robbie closed his eyes tightly.

    Angie noticed the other boys stare critically at Robbie. Brad's face
    had a cruel smile on it. She knew the boys would tease Robbie
    unmercifully if he didn't reach an orgasm. He reminded her of Doug,
    sweet and unassuming, eager to please. Her sympathy went out to him.
    She rubbed the young excited cock lightly between her two hands and
    blew her breath gently against the angry-red head.

    Robbie's tall body swayed. Ohhhh, it burned down there.

    Still rubbing, her pink tongue snaked out, titillating the purplish-red
    tip. The head was so engorged the skin on it felt like plastic. Her
    tongue swirled in little circles on its tip. The circles widened. The
    penis moved slowly between her lips. She swirled it around the cavern
    of her warm, saliva filled mouth. Massaging the shaft with one hand,
    tickling his testicles with the other, she worked faster and faster.

    Robbie had been trying to control himself. Not to show his building
    passion. Suddenly a loud groan burst from deep within him and shook his
    lanky frame. His hands reached out blindly for support caught her
    shoulder, the other tangled in her hair. He held on with all his might.
    Desire he'd never dreamed of began boiling in his vitals.

    Angie sucked on his penis. Its head swelled larger in her mouth. She
    pushed the penis in and out of her mouth. She pushed it in, deeper and

    He began groaning continuously. His fingers dug into Angie's hair and
    into her shoulder. His sex organs felt white-hot. The pressure in his
    penis grew and grew. Uncontrollably, it jumped into action on its own,
    contracting wildly in and out of her mouth. It pulled her cheeks in and
    out with it. He leaned forward, pushing it farther into her mouth,
    filling her throat. His breathing quickened, his mind whirled. A live
    feeling filled his lust-hardened cock. He couldn't stand it. Couldn't
    stand it!

    Angie choked. The penis stuttered in her mouth, pounding in and out,
    plugging her throat. It seemed to heat up in her hands and mouth. She
    struggled to breath. Her cheeks tired of being stretched outward and
    being pushed inward. She started to pull away from it.

    Blind passion took over Robbie. He grabbed Angie's head in both hands.
    Then clenched it in a death grip and pulled it toward him, forcing his
    penis harder into her mouth. It's unleashed head machine-gunned at her
    throat cruelly. His groans rose. His body was a mass of turned on

    Suddenly he felt it coming. He gripped Angie's head harder. To still
    it. It was coming, coming. He cried out. Loudly. A frightened animal
    cry. And another. And another. Again and again. Ejaculate sprayed her
    throat powerfully, flooding both her throat and her mouth. Her cheeks
    bulged. Her Adam's apple rose and fell as she gulped painfully to
    swallow. Another pressurized squirt burned through his penis. Robbie's
    mind spiraled. His whole being turned on.

    Angie's eyes rolled. Her cheeks pouched out like a squirrels' cheeks
    full of nuts. Painful gulps wracked her body. She couldn't. She
    couldn't swallow. No more. She struggled to open her mouth. To breath.
    Her skin turned white.

    "Man! Look at that," Keith said in awe.

    Robbie's penis spurted again and again. Four big ones. A fearful
    grimace of pleasure froze on his face. Angie gulped. The semen gurgled
    down her throat. She was sure each time she couldn't swallow again.
    Pain filled her mind. Her agonized face was dead-white.

    "Shouldn't we pull him out?" Jim asked anxiously.

    "Would you want to be?" Brad asked him.

    Nobody said anything. They knew the answer. Hell, no. The boys stared,
    hypnotized by the sight.

    The last little spurts came. Robbie's rigid body relaxed. His monstrous
    organ became flaccid. His hands loosened on her head. The limp penis
    slid out of her mouth.

    Angie fell back on the bed exhausted. Rasping breaths shook her whole
    body. Color began coming back to her cheeks. Angry thought raced in her

    The other boys crowded around Robbie, pounding him affectionately.

    "Hey, man, you really turned on."

    "Helluva trip for the first one."

    "Sure you haven't been fucking your mother?"

    "Go on! He's probably been screwing that fat-assed sister of yours."

    "Don't say anything about my sister!"

    "Don't get uptight. He's just kidding."

    "How'd you like it? Something, huh?"

    "You're a real man."

    Robbie beamed self-consciously. He'd never imagined it could be so
    good. But now he felt real tired. Bone-weary.

    "I wanna sit down,' he said, a small whine in his voice.

    Willing hands held him up. "Here. Sit over here. It's the most
    comfortable chair." They escorted him to the easy chair.

    Robbie plopped himself down. His lanky frame hung all over it, dangling
    arms and legs onto the floor. He laid back and closed his eyes. He'd
    never felt so content.

    "God damn it, you guys! You should have helped me," Angie raged.

    Brad waved his arms helplessly. "What could we do?"

    "Pull him out."

    "Right at his orgasm?" Scott said aghast.

    "He damned near choked me to death," Angie said defensively.

    "Would you like it?" Glen asked. "To stop on the brink?"

    "I would if I were choking to death," Angie asserted.

    "But you weren't," Jim said.

    "It sure as hell felt like it," Angie insisted.

    "But he was having a ball!" Jim said.

    "It was no ball for me," Angie stated positively.

    Everybody stopped talking to consider her last words. Suddenly Glen
    started laughing.

    "Ball!" Glen gasped.

    The other boys looked at him, laughing hysterically. Then they caught
    on to the joke. They started laughing too.

    "What's so goddamned funny?" Angie asked suspiciously.

    The boys laughed even harder, throwing themselves on the floor and
    rolling around.

    Angie stared at them, a puzzled frown on her face. "What is it?"

    "No balls for me," Scott told her, tears streaming down his face.

    Angie caught on. She began laughing too. Balls! She caught the hysteria
    and began laughing harder. She began rolling back and forth on the bed,
    her arms holding her sides, laughing madly.

    Brad recovered first, his eyes attracted to the ivory-colored moons of
    her soft, shimmering buttocks reflecting the light. Unconsciously his
    mouth dropped open as he drank in the sensuous curves of her smooth
    white bottom rolling from side to side so titillatingly, His laughter
    died in his throat; he was aware of his hot penis burning between his
    legs. He stood up then jumped on her moving body on the bed.

    The other boys were quick to notice Brad's action. They jumped up and
    in ones and twos tackled the two tangled bodies on the bed. The mass of
    electric arms and legs wildly flashing in the dim light beat on each
    other half in fun and half in earnest.

    Hands grazed at every part of Angie's body all at once. At her yielding
    breasts, her curvy back, her soft firm tummy, her rounded buttocks, her
    hair covered vaginal lips, her blood-streaked inner thighs. She twisted
    her body to and fro, screaming happily, excited by the lightning-
    powered fingers rousing her flesh. Her hysteria rose. Her laughter
    turned into a long screech of joy. She flopped her body about, enjoying
    the crushing weight on her, the stinging slaps, the grazing fingers.

    "Eeee, eeee, eeee!" Her cries rose higher and higher until they
    stopped. Her body shook silently with the excitement. She gasped for

    The tumbling bodies frolicked happily about, beating and tickling each
    other. Their energy soared for a while and then waned. The bruises on
    their bodies began to hurt.

    "Get your finger outta my eye."

    "Quit kicking my dick!"

    "Jab your own ass."

    Pairs of boys began fighting each other in earnest.

    Brad took advantage of the situation and hung onto a breast of Angie's,
    sucking away for dear life, while his left hand played with her blood-
    stained thighs and sperm-soaked vagina.

    Scott was the first to notice. "Hey, you guys. Quit being asses. Brad's
    making time."
    Instantly the fighting stopped. They all stared at Brad and Angie.

    "Whose turn was it?" Jim asked.

    "Shoulda been mine as much as his," Keith said bitterly.

    "I was just as big," Scott said aggrieved.

    "No, you weren't," Keith shouted.

    "Hell I wasn't," Scott retorted.

    "Cool off, you guys," Glen intervened. "You're letting Brad shaft you."

    Jim grabbed one of Brad's legs and started pulling it. "He shouldn't
    start until we all agree to it."

    All pounced on Brad, trying to pull him off of Angie. Slowly they
    dragged his body backwards.

    Brad had poked his third finger in her vagina so her hips were dragged
    too. And Brad's mouth had developed such a suction on her breast that
    the rubbery breast stretched thinly between Angie's chest and his mouth
    pulling away.

    Angie screamed in pain. Her hands beat on Brad's head, trying to make
    him open his jaw.

    Jim struck at Brad's head too. "Let go, Brad."

    Ignoring the blows, Brad clamped his teeth down harder on the nipple.

    Angie's screams rose higher with a frightened note in it.

    "Christ, Brad," Keith implored. "Let go."

    Brad kept his jaw clamped tightly over the overextended nipple. Angie
    kept screaming and screaming. The other boys became frightened at her

    "Hell, let him go," Scott said, sitting back.

    The other boys let go of Brad too and got up and moved away.

    "Shows what a bastard he is," Glen muttered.

    He moved off to the bathroom to wash his bloodied body. His penis was
    coated with Angie's menstrual blood, his stomach spattered and his
    thighs streaked.

    Brad continued sucking vigorously at Angie's tit while he snaked his
    body onto hers.

    Angie's cheeks were wet with desire. She breathed loudly through her
    open mouth, recovering from the pain. All her desire was gone; pain
    replaced it. Her breast ached and Brad's sucking mouth kept it hurting.

    "Leave me 'lone, Brad," she moaned, trying to push his mouth off her

    Brad just sucked harder.

    The steady pain bore through her. Her patience snapped. She screamed as
    loud as she could, "You're hurting me!"

    Angie started to lash around at his hardened penis and balls, trying to
    hurt him so he'd stop.

    Brad easily fended off her blows but her attempt to hurt him angered
    him. He stopped sucking and looked down at her. "You really want to get
    it, don't you?"

    He raised his hips, felt around her hole with the end of his penis,
    then rammed it into her hard. The big, fat organ scraped inside her,
    hurting all the way. Blood whooshed out, covering their bodies and the

    Thoroughly out of the mood and unready, Angie screamed. Frantically she
    rolled her body back and forth sideways, trying to get the penis out.
    She only managed to hurt herself. The penis stuck in fast because it
    was so thick and hard.

    Brad settled his body weight heavily down on hers, pinning her body
    beneath his. "Little bitch, you really want it, don't you?"

    He slapped his pelvis hard at her, shoving his penis in farther. Angie
    stopped in mid-scream, her breath knocked out of her. The warm soft
    touch of her vaginal walls enclosing his cock on all sides intimidated
    it, giving his desire a breath-taking jolt. He began working over her,
    pounding into her.

    "No, no, no, no," Angie moaned, still shaking her body sideways.

    Brad's hardened rod of flesh pulled all the way out of her.
    Unknowingly, he pounded it against her ass. Stars danced behind his
    eyeballs. Hastily he grabbed the bloody shaft and stuck it into her
    again, pushing it in brutally. Whore! Thinking she could stop him. He'd
    get her good so she couldn't get away. While his penis worked up and
    down, squirting blood out of her, he wiggled his right hand third
    finger into her crack and groped around for her anus. The finger felt
    the puckered opening and it wiggled against the tight hole, trying to
    force it's way in.

    Angie felt the finger probing her anus. Her mind reeled. Yelling, she
    jerked her pelvis up off the bed, trying to escape. Her ass fell down
    heavily on the finger and it was pushed inside. Searing pain engulfed
    her. She yelled louder. She tried to pull herself off but she was
    skewered on both sides! While the penis pounded in her front side, the
    finger wiggled in her backside. She groaned loudly, arching her body in

    "What the hell's he doing to her?" Robbie asked innocently.

    Scott grinned. "Goosed her."

    Robbie looked uncomprehendingly at him. "Goosed her?" he repeated.

    "You know," Scott said impatiently.

    Robbie's face still looked scandalized.

    Scoot jeered. "Haven't you ever heard of that?"

    Robbie looked at him blankly, not wanting to admit his ignorance.

    With her body anchored in one place. Brad pounded freely into her. His
    shaft pulled out, shining with her bright purplish-red blood. It
    disappeared all the way in, making loud sucking sounds. His heavy balls
    slapped sharply against her buttocks. His finger wiggled in her anus,
    feeling the movement of his penis through its thin walls.

    Desire began to fight the pain in Angie's body. Her vagina began to
    burn. Repulsion against the finger worming around in her rectum faded
    away. Her feeling of fullness was augmented by having both the penis
    and the finger in her. Her vaginal walls began to contract around the
    penis, pulled out with it and being pushed in by it. Her mind began
    psyching out, colors flashing. Brad had pounded his rhythm into her
    body. It responded. She pushed her pelvis hard against his. Eagerly she
    pulled her legs back so her could fuck farther into her vagina. Pound
    into her uterus.

    The boys watching saw her response. They all began to burn. Their
    breaths caught in their throats, waiting for the orgasm.

    Keith was sitting on the floor, shaking his body back and forth with
    Brad's rhythm, holding his cock in his hands.

    Triumphantly, Brad felt Angie's body respond to his. He tore harder
    into her, pounding with all his might. His mind started turning on,
    higher and higher. He knew he'd be cumming soon. The heavy smell of her
    sexual excitement filled his nostrils. The sharp sucking sounds died
    away as his huge shaft began to move faster and pulled out of her less
    and less. His penis began contracting wildly. Its head touched against
    her uterus, deep inside.

    Angie could feel that Brad was reaching his orgasm. She strained to
    catch up with him. She wiggled her bottom in circles, feeling the penis
    and his finger skewer her insides. Her passion rose. She could feel
    Brad gather strength for his last great push. Her mind began to circle
    and fly off into space. She gathered her strength to push back. Their
    bodies jarred suddenly against each other and held. She could feel the
    hot, jetting stream inside her. Overwhelming pleasure drowned her
    senses. She drifted off into unconsciousness.

    The boys watched the bodies turn into statues. Not a person breathed.
    Each lost in his own paradise. The long moment passed. The bodies
    relaxed. The boys avoided looking at each other. Each pretended to be
    absorbed in some personal thing, like scratching an ear. Or else the
    boy pretended he hadn't been caught up in the emotions of the fucking.

    Brad lay languidly on Angie, feeling completely washed out. Hesitantly,
    he whispered in her ear. "Ange."

    Angie's mind was still drifting in her paradise.

    "Ange," Brad whispered again.

    She stirred her body beneath his.

    "You're still the best fuck I ever had," he whispered. "I'm sorry if I
    hurt you."

    Angie heard. Happiness pervaded her being. High praise for the ignorant
    daughter of a frigid mother! She tightened her arms around his neck in

    Brad understood that she heard and forgave him. He hugged her back.
    They lay together quietly a few minutes longer.

    "Well, what do the rest of us do, play with ourselves?" Scott asked

    Brad rolled off Angie slowly, luxuriously. "You can have what's left,"
    he said grandly.

    The rest of the evening passed away happily. Each boy took his turn in
    orderly fashion, each doing his own thing. When they were through, they
    all crowded into the shower to wash the blood off. Angie too. She was
    in the middle, laughing and pinching the boys' bottoms in retaliation.

    Everyone agreed this had been the most exciting night so far. The boys
    hated for it to end. Sure there was next Friday. But they had a good
    thing going now. Be crazy to walk away from it. Angie got more
    insistent and upset so they finally left.

    As they walked home in the dark, they bragged about their sexual
    prowess. Their bodies felt free because their sexual energy was used up
    temporarily. The stars had never shone brighter nor the air smell
    sweeter. They lingered together, not wanting to breakup the group and
    to break the spell.

    Chapter 6

    The sun shone in the window of the classroom. Angie dropped her English
    book on her desk and sat down noisily. Mr. Thornton stopped writing
    sentences on the blackboard and turned around to look.

    "Feeling frustrated today, Angie?" he asked, kindly.

    Every time Angie saw Mr. Thornton lately, he disturbed her. He turned
    her on and that bothered her. He was too good-looking to be just a high
    school English teacher. And he wasn't that much older than she--fresh
    out of collage.

    "It's too good a day to stay inside," she replied grumpily.

    "The afternoon will soon be over," he said soothingly. He turned back
    to the blackboard and began writing again.

    Angie hunched over her desk, resting her head on her hands. She stared
    at his right arm moving up and down as it wrote. He had nice long arms,
    Mr. Thornton. She wondered how they'd feel wrapped around her neck.
    They'd be strong and sure, she just knew. And the smell of Lime
    aftershave lotion would be strong. Her eyes crossed a little as she sat
    lost in her daydream.

    A poke in her ribs awakened her rudely. "Hey, Ange. Why are you staring
    at Mr. Thornton so funny?" Keith asked nosily.

    Angie's face burned bright red. "I wasn't even looking at him," she
    said haughtily. "I was just looking straight ahead."

    "I saw ya!" Keith looked at her slyly out of the corners of his eyes.
    "You were too."

    "Oh, leave me alone," Angie said shortly.

    "Don't get uptight," Keith said appeasingly. "I didn't mean anything by

    "You're the one who made something of it," Angie retorted.

    Keith tried to appease her. "It's too nice outdoors to stay inside."

    "Yeah," Angie agreed. "Same way I feel."

    The tardy bell rang. The late students clattered in, banging books on
    their desks, banging their bodies against everything. A short, heavy-
    set boy banged his body against Angie's desk purposely, gave her a
    knowing look, and sat down in the seat across the aisle from her.

    Angie knew who he was--Sonny Van Dozen--but she only knew him by sight.
    His father was a mechanic or something so he'd never been invited to
    the same she'd been. She gave him a dirty look and haughtily turned her
    head away.

    Sonny kept looking at her all during the class. Angie tried to ignore
    him. To concentrate on Mr. Thornton who was talking away. He was so
    handsome. She wished she had been old enough to go to collage with him.
    He had such lovely eyes with long curly brown eyelashes. And those
    lips! When he smiled he made her melt inside. She sighed and stared at
    him hungrily, not hearing a word he said.

    Suddenly she heard a soft noise and felt a sharp sting on the side of
    her head. "OW!" she said loudly, clapping a hand over the spot. She
    looked around to see what had hit her. A big spitwad lay in the aisle.
    When she looked up, her eyes met Sonny's. He grinned familiarly at her.

    "Bastard!" she whispered. She stuck her tongue out at him and made a
    dirty sign with her fingers at him.

    Mr. Thornton eyed her sternly. "Miss Marlowe, how do you spell

    Angie straightened up guiltily. She looked at him anxiously, not
    wanting to make a mistake. "A-g-r-a-v-a-t-e?"

    Mr. Thornton's look was disapproving. His manner said plainer than
    words, "You've not been listening." His glance surveyed the class.

    "A-g-g-r-a-v-a-t-e, aggravate!" Ellen said smugly, giving Angie a
    triumphant look.

    "Thank you, Ellen," Mr. Thornton said, smiling at her.

    Humiliation filled Angie's soul. She looked down at her desk and bit
    her lips to choke off the rising sob. How could Mr. Thornton treat her
    so cruelly? Smiling at that slob, Ellen. A heavy depression settled on

    Somehow Angie managed to get through the rest of her classes. The clock
    freed her of school at three o'clock and she was happy to leave. She
    looked forward to closing herself in her room with only Salome for
    company. They would listen to rock-n-roll records and not think about
    the terrible time she'd had in her English class.

    She walked along briskly, not paying attention to anybody around her.
    The running feet she heard behind her, she ignored. But when they
    caught up to her and her arm was grabbed, she looked around surprised,
    Sonny Van Dozen? What did he want with her?

    He grinned at her in an insulting manner. "You sure walk fast for a
    girl," he said cheerily. "I was afraid I wouldn't catch up with ya."

    Angie recoiled from his familiarity. It made her heart feel cold.
    Everything about him repelled her--his short stocky body, his pale
    freckled skin, those clowning grinning teeth. I wish you hadn't caught
    up with me, she thought. Out loud she said, "What do you want?"

    Sonny was taken aback by her directness. He didn't have an answer. He
    turned red and started giggling uncontrollably.

    Angie looked at him disgusted. "Well?" she said impatiently.

    "Duhh," Sonny tried to think of something to say.

    "My mother expects me to go right home," Angie said. "Go home and think
    of what you wanted to ask me. You can ask me at school tomorrow."

    She turned and hurried away.

    Sonny stared at her open-mouthed. She sure was a fast thinker! He
    licked his lips. He knew what he wanted from her all right. He just
    didn't know how to tell her. He trotted off after her, following a
    short distance behind. How was he going to work it?

    Angie heard his steps following after her. She speeded up her pace, he
    speeded up. She slowed her pace, he slowed his. Damn him! She war,
    nearing a small park that was only a block from her house. Quickly she
    looked around to see if anyone, else was near. No one was. She felt

    She stopped and faced Sonny. "You leave me alone," she shouted.

    Sonny had seen her looking around. He had seen there wasn't a soul in
    the park besides them also. The inane grin reappeared on his moonface.
    He walked faster towards her.

    Terrified, Angie dropped her books and started running. If only someone
    would come walking in the park! But no one did. She began to pant,
    partly from her exertions and partly from her fears. She heard Sonny's
    running steps get louder behind her. Desperately she tried to speed up.
    The running feet got closer and closer. She was beginning to wheeze.
    Her sides ached but she kept running, A strong hand gripped her arm.
    She cried out and struggled to free herself. Two hands imprisoned her
    arms in a vise-like grip.

    "You are a fast one, ain't ya?" Sonny sneered.

    "Oh, please! Let me go," Angie begged. "What do you want with me?"

    "I've heard about you," Sonny sneered. "A real pussy swinger they say."

    Shock immobilized her. The boys. They'd been talking. How could they?
    After all she'd done for them!

    "They're lies. All lies," Angie screamed. "I've never done anything.
    Really I haven't."

    "Not from what I heard," Sonny said jovially. "And I aim to get me a
    piece of what you bee throwin' around too!"

    He started pushing Angie off the path toward some bushes.

    Angie refused to pick up her feet. She held her legs stiff so he
    couldn't make her walk.

    "No, no," she wailed piteously.

    Roughly Sonny dragged her behind the bushes He pushed her down on her
    knees in front of him.

    "You can't, you can't," Angie kept repeating.

    Holding her tightly with one hand, he used the other to unzip his fly
    and to pull his still flaccid penis out. It hung outside his pants like
    an obscene banana. Stealthily, he looked around to be sure no one was

    Angie was quick to notice. "A policeman goes by here every hour. He
    should be here any minute."

    "You're just trying to scare me," he said. He pinched her arm cruelly
    in his grasp. All the same, he worried. Maybe she was telling the
    truth. She lived near here; he didn't. He didn't' know this park
    because it was too far from his home. He hesitated.

    Angie made a move to get up. Why didn't someone come to save her?

    Sonny shoved her back down brutally. "Not so fast. We won't take time
    to ball today. Save that for another time. We'll take a quicker trip."

    At first Angie didn't know what he meant. Quicker trip? Sonny didn't
    waste his time explaining. He stepped up close to her, put his left
    foot on her right calf lying on the ground, anchoring it there. His
    wrinkled penis dangled in her front of her face. His stale body odors
    sickened her. Oh no! Not that dirty thing. Her stomach convulsed,
    wanting to vomit. Turning her head away from him, she pulled her lips
    inside her mouth and held her jaw tightly closed. Please, God, send
    someone to save me!

    Sonny's eyes gleamed. That little whore, thinking she was too fine for
    him. Her hoity-toity manners. Throwing her little ass around in front
    of every boy at school. He'd show her. He knew about all that balling
    she'd been doing. Overheard Brad and his gang bragging about it. Well,
    he'd take his too. It was only fair.

    "Open up," he ordered. He pushed his half-erect penis against her
    cheek, her ear, her chin, her forehead.

    Angie cringed away from the probing organ. She leaned over, holding her
    head close to the ground. This couldn't be happening to her! Raped by
    the worst boy in school!

    Sonny smiled sadistically. "Want some persuading, huh?" He stepped down
    hard on her right leg. Angie cried out. Quickly he let go of her arm
    and grabbed her shiny black hair. He jerked her head up, pulling hard
    on her hair until he saw tears come to her eyes.

    "Please," Angie begged. "P-please." If only someone would come!

    Sonny laughed at the pain he saw in her eyes

    "You want a broken leg?" He shifted more weight on her leg. The heel of
    his shoe smashed painfully into her calf, making an angry red welt.
    Angie whimpered.

    "You want no hair?" He yanked her head back.

    Angie's necked ached at the unnatural angle he was forcing it into.

    He pressed his penis against her infolded mouth. "Take it!"

    Angie's eyes clouded with pain. She could see he meant it. The shoe cut
    deeper into her leg. A scream started deep in her throat and forced its
    way out. Sonny watched her mouth opening and held his penis ready to
    ram it in. Before the sound could escape, it was cut off by his slowly
    hardening cock. Angie felt its length slither across her tongue. She
    tasted its stale sweat. It palpitated in her mouth softly as though it
    were already going to explode. No, no, no! Don't let it happen to her!

    Sonny began sliding the big prick in and out. Her warm wet mouth gave
    it a pleasing jolt. He kept moving it in and out, feeling his desire
    rise in it.

    Angie could feel each hair ache at its root. And the pain in her leg
    was steady. This couldn't be happening to her! This obscene rape of her
    mouth. She closed her eyes. Her brain wouldn't work. She couldn't think
    straight. She felt helpless. Like a robot she watched the long yellow
    cock move in and out of her wide stretched lips. The picture of his
    yellowed stump protruding from the brownish nest of pubic hair above
    and the big engorged balls below seared deep into her mind. Please save
    me, somebody, was all she could think.

    "Start sucking, gang fucker," she heard him order above her head.
    Fearfully, nervously, she began moving her tongue and lips. The taste
    in her mouth, the smell in her nostrils overwhelmed her. Her whole body
    shuddered, trying to retch. Her mouth convulsed open wider, preparing
    to vomit. The bodily juices hung in her throat.

    Sonny jammed his thick shaft in harder, filling her throat. The foul
    spittle hung at the top of her throat with the vomit. She couldn't
    swallow them. She mustn't. The penis worked in and out of her mouth,
    cutting off her breath. She tried not to breathe. Choking and gagging,
    the spittle and the vomit fell down into her stomach. Aaagh! She could
    taste it all the way down. She tried not to think of what she was
    doing. But she couldn't. Not with that thing in her mouth and his
    testicles slapping her chin. His repulsive body odors polluted the air
    around her head.

    Sonny watched his big dick slide into her pretty little mouth and slide
    out. Lightning sensations shot up his spine. He gloated. Now he had her
    Pretty haughty face just where he wanted it. Lapping up at his balls.
    He gloried in watching her lick and suck his prick as if it were a
    yellow lollipop. Watching her beautiful red lips move stirred his
    excitement deep within him. Her bobbing head inspired his penis with
    its rhythm. His hips writhed and strained as if he were in the
    spasmodic throes of death.

    Angle could no longer fight against the hardened shaft thrusting in and
    out of her mouth. Weakened from pain and lack of oxygen, she let it
    move into her mouth without resistance. She felt it stretching and
    expanding more and more. The thought of what was coming repelled her.
    Futilely she tried to twist her body away. To pull her mouth away from
    his hideous bloated organ. In vain. Where was somebody? To save her.

    Sonny's eyes began rolling in his head. Swaying his body rhythmically,
    he gathered his strength for a last effort, then sunk his shaft deep
    down her throat hard.

    "Lick it, baby," he crooned. "For all you're worth."

    Hopelessly, she fought to breathe. She heard him crooning and swearing
    and groaning with delight as his semen burst out of his penis,
    showering in her mouth and filled it. Her cheek swelled outward,
    painfully full. The raging rush seemed to last forever. She tried to
    open her aching jaws wider to let it pour out of her mouth. Some
    dripped out, but not fast enough. She mustn't swallow it. Not a drop.
    But her mouth filled quickly and it put pressure on her cheeks. She
    strained to hold it but her overtired cheek muscles relaxed and she
    swallowed. Her face turned deathly pale with her effort. The lack of
    oxygen weakened her body. She felt herself begin to sway. Her mind
    turned off. It seemed to far away. A swift realization streaked through
    her mind--you're fainting. Her body relaxed. Semen poured down her
    throat and down her chin. Her crumpled body dangled from Sonny's hand
    still clutching her hair. She swallowed the pungent liquid desperately
    to keep from choking.

    Relief pervaded Sonny's body. He looked down at Angie. At her tangled
    black hair, her semen-spattered face. The bitch had been spitting it

    "One last thrill, baby." He pulled her face into his loins.

    Half-aroused, Angie glimpsed his obnoxious penis rushing toward her
    eyes. She shut them tightly. The round rubbery hose pressed into the
    side of her nose, smearing the remainder of his sperm across her lips
    and chin. The disgusting smell emanating from his wiry pubic hair was
    even stronger.

    Sonny held her there a long moment, sadistically enjoying the tears
    squeezing out of her closed eyelids.

    "That'll take care of you," he said in a mean tone.

    He pushed her down on the ground, looked around to see if anyone was in
    sight, and then stalked off, zipping his fly as he went, without a
    backward glance at Angie.

    Angie lay crumpled on the grass like a battered rag doll. She lay there
    stupefied for several minutes. Slowly her mind cleared. Oh, why hadn't
    someone come to the park and saved her? Why had she had to undergo such
    a horrible rape? Too unspeakable to think about. Hatred welled up in
    her. Hatred for all men. Especially Sonny. And Brad, who had also used
    her. And Doug, who had started her on sex. She cursed the day she first
    tried it. Why had she thought it was so great,? It sure as hell wasn't
    all the time. Wearily, she sat up, straightened her clothing, and
    smoothed her hair. She had to go back and pick up her books. She hoped
    her mother didn't see her come in the door.

    As soon as she got home she took a shower. A long one. She kept rinsing
    her mouth with water and spitting it out. She soaped herself two or
    three times, trying to wash away the obscene act that she had been
    forced to endure. She was a very subdued Angie as she stood there,
    washing her sins away. Conflicting emotions about sex arose in her. How
    could she both hate it and love it? Desire it and be repelled by it?
    She decided sex was a very personal thing. You had to like a person
    before you could enjoy it. Of course, she really hadn't liked Robbie
    all that much but she did sympathize with him. Probably that was why
    she hadn't minded with him. But that Sonny. Yetch! She'd never let him
    get close to her again. Not even in class. No matter how much her body
    wanted to, she would never consent to having sex with Sonny. Under any
    circumstances. Those foul odors of his! Good God! Last Friday. She
    really hadn't had that much fun. Too many boys, She wished Brad
    wouldn't bring any more guys than there already was. There was a limit.
    Word was getting around. She might get caught. Her parents find out.
    Her mind contemplated that thought for a long moment. If she could only
    go back! Back to being just a girl again. Unsexed. Ignorant. Well, not
    ignorant. She had been very curious. If she had known more about it,
    she might not have tried it. Wouldn't have been so curious. Knowing but
    inexperienced. That was the best. For girls her age. Fourteen. She
    wondered if Mary Jane had tried it. Probably not. She was such a ninny.
    But prudish. She wished she could go back again. To innocence. But the
    boys wouldn't let her. Nor her body. Once it was aroused. Innocence
    could be lost only once.

    That night when she laid down to sleep, disturbed thoughts flickered in
    her mind. Trouble had gone to bed with her and wouldn't let her sleep.
    Her body was tense, keyed up. The more she thought about her fears the
    more formidable and real they became. What if someone had seen her in
    the park with Sonny? And just stood and watched them? They might tell
    her mother. Maybe the boys were talking too much and too often about
    the Friday nights. Maybe someone was calling up her mother right now.
    Her body shivered under the warm covers.

    It seemed to her that she didn't fall asleep all night. Anxiety and
    fear lurked in her brain, playing games with her emotions. She watched
    the dusk turn to darkness. Safe in the blackness, she reviewed the
    humiliations she had undergone that day. They had started in English
    class. When Mr. Thornton had been angry with her. All over again she
    felt the sting of rejection. Tears flooded out of her eyes and rolled
    down her cheeks. A stream flowed into her mouth and she swallowed them
    until she began to dislike their salty taste.

    Mr. Thornton shouldn't have done that to me, she thought. She imagined
    going up to him and saying, "Mr. Thornton, you're my favorite teacher.
    I try very hard to please you."

    Then what would he say? "Miss Marlowe, I've been so busy I hadn't
    noticed. But I will from now on. If I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry.

    "Well, you did a little," Angie would say.

    "I want to make it up to you. It's 3:30. Almost cocktail time. Let me
    buy you a drink at the Adobe Inn."

    "Mr. Thornton! I'm too young to go there."

    "Well, then, how about my place?"

    "Just a quick one. My mother doesn't like me to, you know."

    "What will you have?"

    "Uh-h-h. Scotch."

    "On the rocks? Or?"

    "Oh, just some orange juice."

    "That's an odd combination. Sure you want it?"

    "Of course. I always drink it."

    "Here you are. Skol."

    They raised their glasses and toasted each other. Then Angie tipped her
    glass and took a big swallow. Yuck! It tasted awful. But she couldn't
    let on to Mr. Thornton that she didn't know how to drink. She smiled at

    Mr. Thornton smacked his lips. "I needed that." He cocked his head to
    one side and stared at her. "You know. You have lovely lips."

    "Oh, Mr. Thornton!"

    "You do," he said seriously. He moved closer to her. "Just a little

    Angie remembered. She mustn't. She'd given up sex. She ran away from
    him. "No, Mr. Thornton. No, no!"

    Mr. Thornton turned half-crazed with passion. "I must have you!" he

    Angie felt like a bird in a cage. Her heart pounding wildly, she beat
    on the doors and windows of the room trying to get out. Mr. Thornton
    lunged at her. He caught her sleeve. Savagely he pulled at it. A loud
    sound of cloth ripping. He was tearing her dress off! She threw her
    arms across her chest to cover her naked breasts.

    He'd already seen them. Her pert ivory mounds with their pink erect
    tips pointing at him. He slavered at the mouth. He grabbed for them
    with both hands. Oh, to squeeze the softness out of them!

    Angie ran wildly about the room, barely escaping his grasp, bumping
    into furniture--chairs and end tables. Goose pimples popped up all over
    her half-naked body. She had only a half-slip and panties on.

    Mr. Thornton tackled her from behind. Their flying bodies crashed onto
    the floor. Angie's breath was knocked out of her. Stars danced before
    her eyes. She half-passed out. She felt Mr. Thornton tearing at her
    half-slip. He was ripping it off. Oh, no! She screamed with fright. She
    felt his hands on her hips. Laughing wickedly, he pulled off her bikini

    Waving them excitedly in the air, he danced around the room crying,
    "Beautiful! Beautiful!" Then he hung them up on the chandelier. "Run
    them up on the mast," he shouted crazily, "so everyone can see."

    Angie stood naked in the middle of the room. She posed her arms and
    legs. She was pretending to be the statue of Venus. Mr. Thornton ran
    all around the room looking for her. But he couldn't. Even though she
    was right there. In plain sight! Not finding her, he took out a big
    bull whip and began flicking it about the room. C-c-rack! C-crack! The
    leather tip swung by her ears, barely missing them. Then it flicked by
    her face, hissing like a snake. It cracked at her feet. She began
    dancing to escape the tip. Then she began running. The leather wished
    across her back, leaving a diagonal cut. Blood poured out at one end.

    "Come on, tigress," Mr. Thornton shouted, "fight with me." Abruptly, he
    lunged at her, grabbing a breast in each hand and pushed her down on a

    Angie felt herself falling. She screamed. Her arms and legs whipped
    outward to stop herself falling. She fell and fell. She could see Mr.
    Thornton's naked body falling too. He would land right on top of her!
    She saw his broad white shoulders. Brown hair on his furry chest. His
    big desire-hardened cock protruding from his wiry brown pubic hair. The
    cock grew bigger and bigger. It was pointed straight at her. Straight
    at the hot, hungry little hole between her legs! Her body hit bottom
    and lay spread-eagled.

    Mr. Thornton's eyes bugged out when he saw her widespread legs. Her red
    vaginal lips open and ready for him. His penis shot into her vagina
    like an arrow, disappearing up to the hilt. He ground it around deep up
    in her quivering little belly for the pleasure of it. A big smile on
    his face.

    Angie screeched in pain. She felt his giant cock throb inside the moist
    softness of her throbbing cuntal passage for a few seconds. She had
    lost her virginity again! Oh, how deep he had penetrated her! Setting
    her insides on fire. Against her will. His wildly rotating cock
    skewered her to the floor.

    A deep-throated groan reverberated throughout his body. His animal lust
    flared. He began to fuck her savagely with long hard strokes. His giant
    prick pulled all the way out--poised glistening with lubrication--and
    pushed deep back in her. All the way.

    Angie was helplessly impaled on his monstrous shaft. It tore viciously
    at her insides at each stroke. She groaned and writhed her body under
    the driving force of it. His rotating hips pounded down on hers. The
    weight of his heavy body crushed hers to the floor.

    "Mr. Thornton," she cried. "Stop! My mother doesn't like me to fuck!"

    "Weird," he said. "Does she want to keep all the fun for herself?"

    "No. She's frigid."

    "Good! Then you can make up for her to the world," he said as he
    plunged his rigid white shaft deeper and deeper into her. The muscles
    of his body flexed and tightened at the command of the living cock
    pumping madly up and down, sliding around in circles inside her rapidly
    expanding soft void. He muttered unintelligible obscenities as he
    kneaded and tore at the soft yielding flesh of her buttocks, thighs,
    back, and neck. Raising red welt. Hurting her.

    In wild excitement, his hands grabbed her calves and thrust her legs up
    viciously until her thighs were bent clear back to her shoulders. Her
    buttocks cracked open revealing her tight, puckered little anus. Above
    it, her vagina gaped open, seeping warm colorless sexual lubrication.
    Her erect clitoris poked its hard head out from her bright-red engorged
    vaginal lips. He ground his teeth at the sight. Sadistic list contorted
    his face into a mask of cruelty. His excited cock battered into her, up
    and down, up and down. He worked over her body feverishly. Riding the
    waves of passion.

    Angie's legs ached from being pushed so far back. Her anus stung every
    time his heavy balls slapped against it. A tunnel of pain was blazed
    into her by his huge devilish penis. She realized now. She was just
    another piece of female flesh to Mr. Thornton. To be fucked at will.
    How could someone nice be so mean? He had always seemed nice to her.
    Sweet and smiling. Not this wild beast energetically desecrating her
    young body. It couldn't be him. She closed her eyes to shut out the
    sight of this bestial animal ravishing her tender loins. Her innocent
    ivory-skinned body. 99% pure. Her pleas for mercy settled into helpless
    muffled groans. She was pinioned under him and there was nothing she
    could do about it.

    He fucked her vigorously. His passion mounted and he rode her with a
    sadistic delight, smashing madly into the softness of her body. He
    wanted to smash it flat. To beat it into submission. A bestial cry
    grated out from deep within him. With fast short strokes, his painfully
    hardened penis contracted deep within her. And then his penis went off
    like a steam whistle, spurting sperm all over inside her. She could
    feel the pressure of it beating steadily against her walls. His penis
    and his sperm filled her up tightly. Can he get it out of me? she
    worried. What if it's stuck in me? We'll have to stick together
    forever. The idea was too horrible to think about.

    Finally, his raping machine stopped firing. She felt it become soft and
    small inside her. Mr. Thornton's heavy body collapsed on hers. She felt
    his now-little penis tickle around in her. So little and harmless now,
    the former wild, raging beast. She began to laugh. She laughed and
    laughed until she choked.

    Angie opened her eyes, feeling horribly depressed. Where was Mr.
    Thornton? Her mother mustn't find him here! She'd tell the School Board
    on him if he wouldn't go. She sat up in bed and stared around her. Why,
    she was in her room. Alone. There was no one here. She had been
    dreaming. And it had seemed so real! Realer than Friday nights. She
    laid back down to consider it. She couldn't go on this way. Thinking
    about sex all the time. Day and night. Even dreaming it. She couldn't
    study. She couldn't do anything else.

    She laid there thinking what a mess she'd made of her life. It had
    started all in fun. But now the fun was gone and only the bitter
    reality remained. She was caught between her lust and that of the boys
    and her mother's orders. Unless she was very lucky it would just be a
    matter of time before she was caught and her secret spread all over.
    When her mother found out, then what? She couldn't imagine.

    At school the next day, she felt really weird in Mr. Thornton's class.
    As if she shouldn't be there because of what happened in her dream. She
    studied his shoulders to see if they were as wide as the ones he had in
    her dreams. They looked about the same size. Her glance traveled down
    to his crotch. What did it look like? Would it be as big as it had been
    in her dream? Big enough to get stuck in her? She couldn't tell a thing
    from his flat crotch. He must be wearing awfully tight jockey shorts,
    she decided. If she grazed it with a finger--accidentally--she bet she
    could bring it to life. She could just feel his hard shaft push up
    inside her ...

    "Miss Marlowe!" she heard his voice say sternly.

    She jerked to attention. "Yes?"

    "Will you please stop daydreaming on class time?"

    "Yes, Mr. Thornton," she answered automatically. If you only knew the
    night dream, she thought to herself.

    * * *

    When it came time to go home, she really got scared. She couldn't see
    Sonny anymore. Maybe he was already in the park, hiding behind some
    bushes. Waiting for her. I just can't go home alone, she thought. She
    looked over the crowd of kids around her, trying to see someone she
    knew. Only one popped into view--Doug. Dammit, she thought just when I
    need them, Brad and the others, they aren't around. She didn't want to
    talk to Doug. It would be too embarrassing. They were strangers now.
    But when she thought alternative--Sonny lying in wait in the park--
    well, Doug seemed pretty harmless by comparison. She let herself be
    mixed up in the crowd of kids and swept toward Doug.

    "Oh, hi!" she said, surprised to see him.

    He looked at her somberly. "Hi."

    "Mind if I talk with you?" she asked innocently.

    Doug shrugged his shoulders.

    "How have you been?" she asked curiously?"

    "Fine," he said shortly.

    They were away from the crows now and near the park. Angie looked
    around her warily. Today the park had five people in it. Where had they
    been yesterday?

    "What have you been doing?" Doug asked, groping for something to say.

    "Nothing much," Angie said diffidently.

    Doug considered her answer silently for a moment. Should he tell her?
    Probably better not. None of his business anymore. Instead, Doug said,
    "I'm sorry I did it in front of Brad."

    "You were sorry," Angie said understandingly.

    "That's no excuse. I shouldn't have. No matter how I felt." he said

    A tender rush of feeling for him flooded her heart. "It's done now,"
    she said neutrally.

    "No matter how you look at it, it's wrong for girls to mate with boys
    in quantities," Doug said seriously. He'd obviously given the subject a
    lot of thought. "It's unnatural. Against nature. A boy can mate with
    several girls serially, but the reverse isn't true. The law of
    commutations doesn't apply here. It's just so. Because humans are like
    other animals. One male can have a harem of females, but one female
    never has a harem of Males. It's biologically unnecessary. Bees don't
    count. They're an exception. Maybe it's that way because a female can
    be impregnated by one man at a time; then she has to take nine months
    off to have a baby. In that length of time, one male can impregnate a
    finite number of females, depending on their availability."

    "Doesn't seem fair," Angie objected.

    "A male and female aren't equal--they're opposites. Fairness is

    "But women should be able to play around as much as men!" Angie said

    "No. That's not the way things are set up," Doug insisted.

    Angie had been nervous all through the park but now they were stopped
    in front of her home she felt at ease again. She said stubbornly,
    "Women ought to be able to make their own rules."

    "If they are adaptable to the biological facts of man," Doug qualified.

    "And one woman and several men together is wrong?" Angie asked.

    She was practically admitting her guilt, Doug thought. He said
    delicately, "Angie, you should stop. It's too dangerous. Some are

    Angie looked at him. She knew he would let her stop if he still came
    around. But Brad and the other boys? She shook her head. "Even if I
    wanted to--" She choked on her emotions. Hell, yes, she wanted to stop.
    But it was too late now. Too late. Misery clouded her eyes.

    Doug looked down at her pityingly. "If I can ever help you--"

    Angie stubbed her toe in the dirt. Looking up at him, she flashed a big
    smile. "You have helped me."

    Chapter 7

    On Friday evening, Angie still didn't know what she wanted to do. Her
    parents wanted her to visit a relative with them. They'd be leaving in
    a few minutes. Should she go? What would the boys do when they found
    her gone? Would they tell on her or get even some other way? Might be
    good to test them so they wouldn't take her for granted. On the other
    hand--well--oh, hell, might as well admit it. She needed someone. She'd
    been burning all day, off and on. The slightest thing turned her on.
    Even the goddamned fat g's Mr. Thornton wrote on the blackboard. She'd
    stared at them and felt herself get a hot ass. After Sonny--yuck--she'd
    thought that would be it. No one could tempt her back to bed. Here she
    was turned on so high she'd be ready to jump in bed with almost anyone.
    Except Sonny. She was annoyed with her body making problems for her.

    She heard footsteps coming down the hall. A light knock; then the door
    opened. Her mother walked in. "Angie, are you ready?"

    Angie frowned. "Mom, I don't want to go."

    "Why not?"

    "I don't know. I just don't feel like it."

    "We don't go to visit Aunt Helen that often," her mother said

    "I don't care," Angie whined. "I don't feel like sitting around being
    polite." Should I tell her I need to be fucked before I go? she thought

    Mrs. Marlowe stood undecided for a moment, clearly angry. "We'll see
    what you father says about this." She turned around and went back down
    the hall.

    Angie pulled off her dress, kicked off her shoes, and slipped under the
    bedcovers. She pinched her cheeks to make them appear redder. She heard
    her father's footsteps in the hall. She opened one eye weakly when he
    stepped into the room.

    "Angel, don't you feel well?"

    "I really don't daddy. Can't I stay home? Please?"

    Her father had his finger on her wrist taking her pulse.

    "Oh, daddy," Angie explained. "I'm not really sick. But I don't feel
    well enough to sit around visiting all night. I've got a headache and
    the sniffles and I feel rather feverish--" she stopped to catch her

    Her father murmured comforting sounds and pushed one of her eyelids
    back to look at her eyeball. Having satisfied himself that she was not
    seriously ill, he said jokingly, "You're sure now that you're not sick
    of relatives?"

    "I like Aunt Helen and Cousin Erica," Angie protested vehemently. "Its
    just that I don't feel up to sitting around being polite all night. If
    we'd gone yesterday or if we went tomorrow, I'd go in a flash. It's
    just today."

    "If you feel that strongly about it," her father said. "You can just
    stay home. Get plenty of rest. Have you taken some aspirin?"

    "I did an hour ago."

    "All right," her father said cheerily. "We'll try to hurry home."

    "Don't do it," Angie stopped herself abruptly, then rushed on, "You
    mustn't on my account. Stay as long as you like."

    "Well, we'll see," her father said amiably. "I was hoping to come home
    early anyway. I have an operation early tomorrow.

    "Truly, Daddy, don't worry about me. I'll be all right."

    Her father looked at her fondly. "Good girl." He kissed her lightly on
    the forehead. "I'll stop by to see you when I come in."

    "Daddy, you don't need to. I'm a big girl now." She smiled and waved to

    * * *

    That night six boys came. Some were drunk and some were high on pot.
    They turned the stereo up as high as it would go and crashed around her
    room, singing, swearing, fighting, drinking, dancing, and smoking. A
    new young-looking boy called Mel, sucking on a bottle of vodka kept
    yelling to the room at large, "I want to be first, I'll have beginners'
    luck." No one paid any attention to him.

    Angie circulated among the smiling boys, puffing on their cigarettes
    and drinking from their bottles.

    "You're the hotpants we've come to lay?" a tall boy asked half-
    humorously, half-contemptuously, looking down at her from his great

    "Think you can fill 'em up?" Angie asked sarcastically.

    His eyebrows popped up in surprise. "Hell, yes! What're we waitin'
    for?" He reached for her.

    Angie ducked out of his reach and ran screaming happily away. She
    bumped into Keith; he grabbed her around the waist and they spun around
    and around in circles. The pitch of Angie's screams grew higher and

    Brad was lounging in the easy chair. "Oh, it's good to be back!" He
    looked around the room, bright eyed.

    The whirling Angie bumped into his legs. For a split-second he saw her
    cute little ass in full sight, automatically his arm jerked toward it
    and he goosed her.

    Angie felt the finger suddenly poked in her crack. She yelled, half-
    frightened. The other boys turned to look and laughed at her holding
    her hands protectively over her bottom.

    "Damn you!" she shouted, stamping her foot.

    A handsome boy with long curly brown hair stood at one side of her. He
    smiled. "You're cute."

    Angie gaped at him, taking him in. Like a Greek god, she thought.
    Galvanized into action, she rushed up to him, throwing her arms around
    his neck. "Help me."

    "Sure I will, baby," he said. One arm was around her neck; his other
    hand ran up and down her long shiny black hair. Her cheek felt so soft
    against his. He smelled her mother's perfume that she'd lavished behind
    her ears.

    "Who are you?" Angie murmured in his ear.

    "Chuck Dillion."

    "Where are you from?"

    "New York."

    "What are you doing here?"

    "Just visiting. I'm Scott's cousin."

    Tentatively his lips brushed down her cheek to her mouth. Would she
    object? Her mouth turned to meet his.

    "Contact!" someone shouted.

    Loud whistles pierced the air.

    The two paid no attention. Their tongues played hide and seek, drilling
    inside of one mouth, then the other. One of Chuck's hands slithered
    down under her silky blouse. It cupped the soft mound of her breast.
    Gently his fingers caressed its tauntingly tender rounded contour.
    Delicately a finger teased the nipple to erect.

    "Mmmm!" Angie's whole body felt alive. Lusty trails of desire flashed
    down to her vagina. Ohhh, it felt so good! She remembered that time.
    With Doug. When they'd first made it. This would be like that. Only
    better. A pleasurable groan shook her body. She lifted up her right leg
    and twined it around Chuck's leg. She felt his body tremble with
    passion, pressed into her inner thigh. She rubbed her body against it.
    Softly. He began breathing sentoriously. His arm reached under her left
    leg, lifted it up and holding her in his arms, he ran with her to the
    bed. He threw them both down. Still kissing they awkwardly pulled their
    pants off.

    Lying close to each other on their sides, they both explored the
    other's body. Angie reached for his penis, cupping it in her hand and
    caressing it. It felt hot and hard to her touch. She felt his fingers
    trail up her inner thigh. She began breathing louder. The light fingers
    moved up, circling her vulva, playing with her soft curly pubic hairs.
    Then they moved into her vaginal lips. His gentle strokes awoke a fiery
    passion in her vagina. Her pelvis swung upward, reaching for him ...
    She was moaning passionately, brushing her top leg over his body.

    He felt the openness between her legs beckon him, desire him. Her hips
    were wiggling sensually against him ... The leg rubbing his body,
    pulling it nearer ... A groan escaped from deep within him. Angie's
    hand directed his waiting cock to her shadowy regions. She circled its
    end around in circles, outlining her vaginal opening.

    Both began panting; their hips undulated toward each other. Neither
    knew exactly when his penis entered her vagina. All of a sudden their
    tension heightened. Chuck rolled on top of her.

    She loved the crushing weight of his body on hers. She loved his penis,
    lighting fire in her. She pulled her legs further back and hungrily
    thrust her pelvis up against him. Their bodies rocking wildly together,
    she clamped her legs across his back and worked them up toward his
    neck, shoving his eager shaft deeper and deeper inside her. Her vaginal
    walls throbbed and convulsed around it ...

    She dug her fingernails into his shoulders. She couldn't stand it.
    Couldn't stand it. Her passion rose to a feverish pitch. A heavy
    orgasmic wave shuddered through her body. A Primeval force energized it
    and blanked out her mind. The surging shook her from head to toe. All
    words, all pictures disappeared from her mind. Only feeling, a white-
    hot passion, remained, glowing. Her body hung suspended on a balance
    between the mundane and the cosmic worlds. Then the passion soared to a
    fantastic height, filling every cell. She felt a keen awareness of
    feeling in every cell. Of conquering the height of meaning. Of being.
    Her body shuddered with the immensity of the passion, quaking
    incessantly. Her breath fluttered. Her heart fibrilated. Her body
    trembled rapidly at an intense pitch. She was doing what she was made
    for. Orgasm rapidly followed orgasm. She felt Chuck reach his too. His
    ejaculate squirted in her. Her body shook like a hummingbird's wing,
    holding the fantastic pitch, quivering steadily, one minute, two,
    three. Passion completely consumed her, then it subsided and passed
    away. Sweat bathed her whole body. A languorous feeling possessed her.
    Her heartbeat and breathing returned to normal. Simple thoughts came
    slowly to her mind.

    "Christ a'mighty! What were you doing?" Chuck asked astounded.

    Angie looked at him blankly, not comprehending his words.

    "What happened to you?" he demanded.

    She smiled. "Status orgasmus. It's never happened to me before." She
    felt blissful. Her body curled up into a ball; her limbs felt fairy-

    "Status or-what-mus?" Scott asked.

    "Status orgasmus," Angie repeated. "It's when a woman has one orgasm
    after another very fast. It can last five minutes or more."

    "Wow!" Jim exclaimed, shaking his head wonderingly. "You must be the
    hottest girl alive."

    Angie smirked. I probably am, she thought to herself, pleased.

    "Hey, let's keep this show on the road," Scott said.

    "Yeah, whose turn is it?" Jim agreed.

    "Let me choose," Angie cried.

    "What do you think?" Jim asked Brad.

    Brad tried to think. He was still tripping. He couldn't concentrate. He
    gave up. "Why don't we let her?" he mumbled.

    Angie looked at their faces. Who to choose. All looked eager. Who?
    "Take off your pants," she said.

    "What?" Scott asked surprised.

    Angie looked at him calmly. "Take off your pants. You're going to have
    to later anyway."

    "Wow-ee!" Keith shouted.

    Laughing, they pulled their pants off.

    "Shorts, too?" Brad asked daringly.

    "Shorts, too," Angie replied.

    With more shouting and horseplay they pulled their shorts off. Angie
    stared at all the passion-hardened penises.

    "Choose, choose," the boys began to chant.

    Angie grabbed Jim's cock in her hand.

    He leaned toward her, grinning. "I'm ready. I'm ready."

    "Not yet," Angie said.

    She went down the row of penises, holding each one in turn. When she
    touched Glen's, he held back. I don't think she's going to choose me,
    he thought. He closed his eyes and tried to control his eager penis.
    The touch of her hand burned into him.

    Angie watched him control himself. "This one."

    Surprised, Glen opened his eyes and stood there.

    "Well, don't you want to?" she jeered softly.

    "Crazy," he said. "I was thinking. Let's try something different."

    "What?" she asked.

    "I'll show you," Glen laid down on the bed beside her, turned her over
    on her stomach. He pushed his shaft against her anal opening. Her tight
    opening held. He pushed harder.

    Frantically, Angie pleaded, "Glen, get off of me. It hurts."

    "Give it a chance." Damn the hole, he thought. It wa so tight. He
    pushed harder, forcing his penis slowly inside her. Sweat poured from
    his brow and his penis felt racked.

    The watching boys saw the tight brown ring strain open. The penis
    squeezed through, forcing its way in. They watched the length of it
    disappear into her anus.

    Angie yelped like a bitch in heat. Her body flopped around under his,
    trying to escape. She felt his penis scrape all the way in her. Omigod!
    What would happen next? She could feel the huge length of it stretched
    in her intestine. The glans throbbed inside her. Palpitating with
    ejaculate. She felt all of it. All of it. She waited. He was still. The
    pain. It was gone. There was none. The penis filled her. It began to
    feel good.

    "How is it?" Glen asked.

    "Tight," Angie answered.

    "Let's start slow," Glen said. The tight fit stimulated his cock beyond
    anything he had ever felt before. At his first thrust forward, he felt
    his desire rise. Slowly he pushed forward and pulled back. God, it
    began to feel good! So good. He began to get excited. He pulled back
    and up. Angie's tight anal ring cut painfully like an elastic band
    around his penis. She cried out painfully. He began to become inured to
    the pain. The pleasure was mounting. He started to fuck into her
    faster, deeper.

    Angie's face twisted in pain. "Stop, Glen. For God's sake!" She
    bellowed like a stuck pig.

    Glen paid no attention. He kept rocking and rolling in her. On and on.
    Angie's fright passed. She began to get used to the unnatural invasion.
    Even the pain began to feel normal. The fullness in her started sensual
    cravings. She began rocking her body back and forth, in his rhythm. Her
    groans became colored with delight.

    Brad watched her tortured face; her rocking body. The hypnotic humping
    bodies. His penis began to burn feverishly. Oh, he couldn't stand it.
    He needed to cum. Quickly, he jumped up and shoved his penis into her
    open mouth. He didn't have far to go. He pushed it in and out rapidly,
    pushing hard down her throat.

    Angie gasped at his unexpected attack. She lost track of her feelings.
    What was going on deep up in her ass. All she knew was she couldn't
    breathe. Her body humped along without her, instinctively. Still
    desiring. Still wanting to devour the penis. She tried to see who it
    was. Just his rotating hips were in view. Black pubic hair. Heavy,
    sperm-engorged balls hitting her chin. Colored lights danced in her
    brain. Muffled moans accompanied her undulations. Automatically, she
    began twirling her tongue around his glans, licking and sucking the
    penis. She knew it'd cum soon. It was so big. So hard.

    The audience attention was divided between Brad at Angie's head, and
    Glen riding on her back. Their heads moved back and forth trying to
    keep track of both penises. Brad's face was in agony. His penis was
    contracting madly. Ready to cum. Glen's penis was still pulling in and
    out. They saw her ivory cheeks flatten every time he beat down on them.
    His heavy balls swung and slapped down against her pubic hair. They saw
    her buttocks push up to reach him. Their own balls were burning ...

    * * *

    No one noticed the door open or saw Dr. Marlow step in. There was too
    much noise with the stereo going full blast and Angie's, Brad's, and
    Glen's erotic moans and groans. No one heard him shout, "What the
    hell's going on here?"

    Dr. Marlowe stepped closer to the group. He couldn't see well in the
    shadowy room. He stared at the writhing threesome. As soon as he
    recognized Angie, he turned white. He sputtered, at a loss for words.
    Remembering his wife was outside the door, he rushed back to stop her
    from coming in.

    She was already in, just a foot or two, like difficult wives always
    are. Mrs. Marlow stared bewildered around the dimly-lighted smoky room.
    At the twisting bodies.

    The watching boys hurriedly jumped up and pulled their pants on. They
    grabbed their other bits of clothing in their hands and headed for a
    window. They could hear Mrs. Marlow say, "What are they doing, Stuart?

    Hastily, Dr. Marlow spun her around and forcefully pulled her out of
    the room. He closed the door behind them. He pushed her down the hall.

    He said urgently, "Run upstairs, Louise. I'll take care of this."

    Mrs. Marlow caught her husband's feeling of alarm. She worried about
    the incomprehensible scene she had just witnessed. She couldn't
    understand it.

    "Was Angelica dancing?" she asked fretfully. "She should be resting."

    "Go upstairs," he thundered. "Take a sleeping pill and go to bed."

    Mrs. Marlow became frightened of the serious look on his face. "Yes,
    Stuart, yes." She turned and ran toward the stairs.

    Grimly Dr. Marlowe opened the door again. The stereo was still blasting
    and the room was a shambles but not a boy was in sight. He saw Angie's
    body still lying on the bed. A cool breeze flapped the curtains in and
    out of the open window.

    He turned on a bright light and Angie's lust glazed eyes finally
    recognized him. "Daddy?" Her bloated features registered fear and

    He sat on the bed and carefully examined her. There were no physical
    injuries and her pulse was a little high, normal for her activity.

    Tenderly he picked up her limp body and carried it to the bathroom.
    After bathing and drying her, he laid her in her bed and tucked her
    under the covers.

    He pulled a chair over to her bed and sat down. All night he kept a
    constant vigilance. His eyes studied her charming, innocent childish
    face that looked so angelic in repose. How could a face like that take
    part in degrading acts? Why? So sex was the second major drive of man,
    second only to self-preservation. Why should Angie, so young--only
    fourteen--need to experience so much of sex at such an early age?

    He recalled their conversation about sex. How oddly insistent she'd
    been, wanting answers. Especially about the meaning of sex. Poor child!
    If she'd only told him. Then he reflected that she had. Or tried to.
    Would he have told her if Louise had not interfered? He worried whether
    he would have done the right thing.

    He groaned. How could he have imagined she'd go this far? He should
    have remembered how curious about sex he had been as a child. All
    children were. From the days they first opened their eyes. Children had
    a right to know how their own bodies worked. Especially about sex. It
    was so easy to foul oneself up. To ruin one's life by making the wrong
    sexual moves. He was an authority on that.

    Physically, the sex probably had not really harmed her, but
    psychologically, had she been harmed? All night long he examined his
    uneasy conscience. But he knew the answer was a foregone conclusion.
    When Louise found out--and she would--that would be the end. It was
    just a matter of time. So he sat and admired the beauty and the
    innocence of his daughter until morning. With the first streaks of
    dawn, he said goodbye to her in his heart and left the room, closing
    the door softly so as not to disturb her.

    * * *

    Mrs. Fleming rapped lightly on her son's bedroom door. "Douglas. It's
    such a lovely day. Won't you play badminton with me?"

    "No, thanks, mom," Doug called back.

    Mrs. Fleming turned to leave, then hesitated. He'd hardly left his room
    the past two weeks. Went in there and laid on his back looking up at
    the ceiling. Ever since that scandal about the Marlowe girl. Did he
    have anything to do with it? Not for a minute could she take her
    question seriously. Her son wouldn't do awful things like that. And
    yet. Why was he acting so unlike himself? And what had been that
    special research project that he'd mentioned once or twice before.
    Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. She knew it in her bones.

    Decisively she turned and rapped on the door again. "Douglas. I'm
    coming in."

    She opened the door and saw he was lying on his bed, as usual looking
    up at the ceiling. She sat on the foot of his bed and looked at him.
    "You've been acting strange lately. Not like yourself at all." She
    pleaded, "Can't you tell me what's wrong?"

    Douglas jerked his body away from her and turned his face to the wall.
    "There's nothing wrong, mother."

    She looked at him. "But I know there is."

    "Leave me alone," Douglas muttered.

    "What did you say?" his mother asked.

    He turned his head toward her and said coldly and very distinctly,
    "Leave me alone."

    Quick tears sprang into her eyes. That her own son should ever treat
    her so meanly. That he should keep her out of his life. She, who had
    always tried to do her best for him. To teach him independence and
    self-reliance and to be considerate of all living things.

    Maybe B.C. and I did too good a job, she thought sadly. He already
    wants to shut us out of his life at the age of only fourteen. But she
    couldn't shake off the feeling that he was fighting a desperate
    problem. That he needed help or comfort.

    She looked at him compassionately, patting his ankle with a hand. "You
    know your father and I are always ready to help you, Douglas."

    Doug didn't respond in any way.

    She leaned over to look at his face. "You do trust us, don't you?" she
    asked insistently.

    "Yes," he said wearily.

    They both sat quietly for several minutes, absorbed in their own

    Finally his mother spoke. "If it has anything to do with the Marlowe
    girl, you should tell us."

    Doug's body tensed but he said nothing.

    "You know, Douglas," she said in a conversational tone, "We didn't let
    you go to the sex classes at school because we thought we could tell
    you about sex better than the teachers could. We wanted you to develop
    a healthy attitude about it. To see it as a natural part of life, not
    as something dirty or nasty. We answered your questions honestly when
    you were a little boy, though some of the answers were incomplete. I
    don't think we've been too prudish. Some things small children don't
    understand. We've tried to satisfy your curiosity as you grew up. But,
    in the past year, you've grown up a lot and you've stopped asking us

    She looked at him, waiting for a response but he gave none.

    She made up her mind to be nosy. "I want to know one thing, Douglas,"
    she said in a no-nonsense tone. "Were you one of the boys in Angie's
    room when her parents came home?"

    After a pause, Doug said quietly, "No."

    A welcome feeling of relief passed over her, but her curiosity wouldn't
    let her stop. "Were you ever in her room?"

    She held her breath, waiting for him to reply. The answer was along
    time coming.

    His voice hoarsely croaked, "Yes."

    His mother's mind went racing, trying to figure out all that his
    admission implied. Could he have been one of the gang of boys? No! Not
    her boy. What was he doing there then? Did he go there alone? She
    looked at him out of the corner of her eye. She said quietly. "If there
    is anything you want to tell your father or me, or both of us, please
    feel free to confide in us anytime."

    Doug lay still and didn't reply.

    Mrs. Fleming got up and started to leave. "You want to be alone so I'll
    go now," she said, half in anger and half in sorrow.

    That evening, after her husband had eaten and rested, she brought up
    the subject with him privately. "B.C., I'm afraid Doug is mixed up with
    that Marlowe girl scandal."

    "Did he say so?"

    "No. Not in so many words," she admitted. Then she explained her fears
    to him and recounted her conversation with Doug that afternoon.

    Mr. Fleming puffed on his pipe. "So he admitted he had been in her room
    at some time," he said speculatively.

    After thinking over the problem for awhile, he told her his decision.
    "If Doug is mixed up in the sorry business, his conscience will punish
    him more than any punishment we could inflict on him. There is only one
    thing. I think he should attend the trial. Whatever happens there, he
    will have to live with." He sighed deeply and after a moment asked, "Do
    you want to tell him or should I?"

    "I started it," his wife said reasonably, "let me finish it."

    * * *

    The jailer herded the boys into a medium-sized room. They saw Angie
    sitting, listening to an excitable dark-haired young man. They went
    down to join them.

    "Ah, here we all are," the young man said, rubbing his hands together.
    "My name is Klein. I'm the lawyer your parents retained to defend you.
    Got that?"

    Everyone nodded.

    "As soon as we get the preliminaries over," he went on, "identify each
    other, we can get down to particulars." When he had satisfied himself
    as to who each one was, he moved on to other questions. "I want you to
    tell me, in your own words exactly, what happened on that particular
    Friday night that you were interrupted by Dr. Marlowe. One at a time."

    The boys took turns giving their stories. Chuck ended. "It was the
    first time I'd been there. I don't even live in this town."

    "First time, eh?" Mr. Klein asked. "Who else was there for the first

    The other boys identified themselves.

    "Who's been there from the first?" he asked.

    Brad, Jim, and Scott raised their hands.

    "You were the ones who began these games?" Klein asked.

    They all shook their heads. "No, sir."

    Amazed, he asked, "Then who did?"

    Both Jim and Scott pointed at Brad. "He told us about it. Took us

    Brad turned red. "I didn't start it. Doug Fleming did."

    "Did he take you there?". Mr. Klein asked.

    "No, sir," Brad replied. "Angie invited me. I came by myself. Then Doug
    came. He showed me what they'd been doing."

    "Then what did you do?" Mr. Klein asked.

    Reluctantly, Brad added, "Then I tried it."

    "Why isn't Doug Fleming here?" Klein asked. All the kids looked at each
    other questioningly. Finally Scott said.

    "I've never seen him at the Marlowe's house."

    "Anyone else seen him there?" Klein asked. The boys mumbled that they

    Brad insisted. "But he was the one who showed me how!"

    "How about it, Miss Marlowe," Mr. Klein asked her. "Did this Doug
    Fleming do as Brad accuses?"

    Angie looked at the lawyer; she swung her eyes over to Brad. He was
    brooding unhappily. Just like that day we had to go to the principal's
    office, flashed through her mind. She recalled how vindictive he'd been
    then. Fighting Doug unfairly. Then making up those lies to tell Mr.
    Bailey. Angie looked back at Mr. Klein. "No," Angie said softly.

    "Are you denying Doug ever came to your house?" Mr. Klein asked,

    "Yes," she said stoically.

    Brad broke in indignantly. "She's lying." He looked hard at Angie. "Why
    are you doing this?"

    Angie's eyes met his. Her eyes were inscrutable.

    "It's not fair," Brad kept insisting, "Doug started it. He should have
    to pay too."

    "You're sure now?" Mr. Klein questioned Angie. "Tell the truth. It has
    to stand up in the witness box."

    Angie looked at him without changing her expression.

    "All right, then," Mr. Klein went on. "No one else saw Doug there
    except you," he told Brad. "It's your word against his."

    "But he did!" Brad was beside himself.

    Mr. Klein looked at Angie. He could see she was lost in thought. The
    tense expression had relaxed to an enigmatic smile. Brad's probably
    right, he thought. That Fleming kid probably did start the orgies. But
    evidently, after that first time with Brad, he didn't go back. And she
    intends to protect him.

    * * *

    The courtroom was crowded. Every kid in town was there except for the
    ones who were forcibly detained at home by their parents. Doug was
    there, growing more uneasy by the minute. Did he belong on the stand
    with the others? Or did he belong here in the audience? He didn't know.
    Yet he felt guilty.

    The prosecutor was questioning Brad.

    "Were you the instigator of these--ah--games?"

    "No, sir."

    "Who was?"

    Brad kept his eyes glued to the prosecutor. "Douglas Fleming."

    A wave of emotion swept through the audience. Several people turned
    around to stare at Doug. Others exclaimed or giggled.

    Doug sat perfectly upright in his chair and looked straight forward. He
    managed to conceal his emotions but he was a cauldron of indecision

    "How do you know this?" the prosecutor asked Brad.

    "The first night I was at Angie's house, he was there. He showed me
    how. He did it first."

    "You would say the person responsible for starting the games was
    Douglas Fleming?" the prosecutor asked.

    "Yes, sir," Brad said. He stared straight at the prosecutor, unable to
    meet Doug's eyes, even across the courtroom.

    "Thank you, Mr. Harker. You may step down."

    Brad bounced out of the chair as if it were a hot seat.

    "I am told that this boy, Douglas Fleming, is now present in the
    court," the prosecutor announced. "I ask that a special deposition be
    made out to call him to the stand."

    Before the judge could reply, the defense attorney jumped to his feet.
    "Your honor, before another witness is called, my client, Angelica
    Marlowe, would like to speak."

    "Permission granted," the judge said.

    Angie rose from her chair and walked to the witness box for the second

    "Angelica Marlowe, you have already sworn to tell the truth, the whole
    truth, and nothing but the truth. You understand that?" Mr. Klein

    "Yes, sir," Angie said quietly.

    "Now, regarding the statements made by Bradford Harker, will you tell
    us if Douglas Fleming was the ringleader of the games?"

    "Yes, sir," Angie said quietly.

    "Now, regarding the statements made by Brad Harker. Will you tell us if
    Douglas Fleming was the ringleader of the games?"

    Angie's glance swung to Doug, sitting in the audience.

    At the mention of his name, Doug had risen from his seat and stood
    conspicuously in the seated audience, staring fixedly at Angie.

    Poor Doug, Angie thought. He looks so wretched. Of all the boys, he was
    the only one who didn't use me heartlessly.

    Angie's voice rang out clearly. "No, he was not."

    "He did not come to your house and participate in your games?"

    Angie looked straight at Doug. "He did not," she replied clearly.

    The judge looked at Angie seated on the stand, then he looked at Doug
    standing guiltily in the audience. There was a connection, he thought.
    Brad is probably partly right. She is lying. I wonder why she's
    protecting him. He looks like a fine boy. It would be a shame to
    implicate him in this sorry business.

    In the end, Doug was never called to the stand. He sat in the audience
    sweating. Never had he felt so miserable in his life. From now on he
    intended to restrict his experiments to things that he knew about.

    The judge was ending his summation of the case. "We have here a girl
    who experimented with sex. Why did she? She says because she wanted to
    find out about sex. Her mother didn't allow her to go to the sexual
    education classes at her school. Her father, in spite of the fact that
    he was a doctor, neglected his responsibility of telling her. Her
    mother told her lies and fiction. There comes a time in a person's
    life, when they feel they are ready for knowledge. If this knowledge
    isn't available formally to the person when he asks for it, then he
    will seek it in informal ways. Angelica Marlowe wanted to satisfy her
    curiosity about sex. The only avenue left open to her to do so was
    experiment. Her action was a sad indictment of her parents' prejudiced
    attitude about a natural act. Nevertheless this girl and these boys
    have broken the law. They have engaged in lewd and immoral conduct."

    Angie sat as if in a dream. In the background she heard the judge
    sentence her to several years in reform school as a morally depraved
    youth. The boys got similar sentences. All because I was curious about
    sex, she thought wistfully, and who was really acting immorally.

    The End

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