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    Romance Flowered in Kimono

    Romance Flowered in Kimono (MF, work, wife-cheat)
    by Fudi (
    (Edited by Laura R. 07/31/2002)


    Sex with younger friend, husband away, partner wants to
    repay the help, use of dildo, and finally incredible


    I am Fudi from Pune, India. I'm six foot tall, fair
    completion, smart and have an athletic body. I am a
    fitness fanatic and love to trek through the Himalayas.
    I am as free as a bird and sometime that attracts
    females to me. This is another real story.

    I work in large private company in Pune. Our
    organization has infused fresh blood in the last year. A
    lot of young boys and girls have joined us during this
    phase. I come into contact with them because of the
    nature of my work. Saya is one of the girls who is
    working on a few projects that I am responsible for.

    A few days back Saya came to me for some help. She was
    to make presentation to her director on one of the
    employee policies. She was looking for vital data, which
    I provided for her within minutes. She was very happy
    and mentioned her gratitude many times. She called me on
    the third day to tell me that the presentation had gone
    well and that her director was impressed with her
    findings and that she'd got another important project.

    "What you are doing today evening? I want to give thank
    you, and I have a treat for you." She said. She had
    called my on the phone, it was Sunday, and in fact I was
    free on that evening. "Why are you thanking me? It was
    my pleasure to help you, I like helping youngsters to
    get along, you have enthusiasm and energy and I enjoying
    helping." I told her.

    "Nothing doing, you have helped me many times and its
    high time I repaid you in whatever way I can. C'mon over
    to my place this evening around 7 o'clock." Saya told
    me. I accepted her invitation without much hesitation,
    after all, she was pretty, and I was alone at the

    I had decided to go home and change clothes and then
    join Saya. But my plans went wrong. I got stuck up at
    the office and couldn't get away until 6.30 p.m. There
    was no easy transport available at the time. Our office
    is few kms away from the city. Luckily one of my friends
    was going to the city by car and he agreed to drop me.

    I changed my mind on the way and asked my friend to drop
    me near Saya's place. I didn't really want anyone from
    work to know what I was doing.

    We I showed up at her door, she let me in and said, "So
    you're late. You work too hard," Saya laughed at me. She
    was wearing a calf-length Japanese kimono, dark red with
    yellow designs on it. She looked stunning. Saya is just
    27 and had not lost her childish smile. She was not
    tall, just 5'2", a little plump, with a very fair
    completion. She had bright, sparkling eyes.

    I was busy looking at her, "You're a killer in this
    kimono," I told her.

    She looked down at herself and said, "Really? You know
    my husband is in Japan and he sent this to me. You're
    the first person to tell me that."

    She moved into the inner room, "Come, sit here." She
    helped me with my office bag. "I need to wash up, I
    didn't get a chance to stop at home, where is bathroom?"
    I asked her.

    "Why don't you take a hot bath, you could just relax a
    little bit after your hard day at work," Saya suggested
    to me.

    It was not a bad idea. I was tired as hell, but I didn't
    have any fresh clothing. She read my mind, "Don't worry,
    I have another kimono."

    I carried a towel and the kimono to bathroom. It was
    really refreshing to have a hot shower and I donned the
    kimono. I came out of the bathroom to see that Saya was
    ready with everything. There were lots of things to eat
    and a bottle of malt whiskey. I walked over to the sofa
    and sat down.

    "Would you like a whiskey with orange juice," She asked

    "Yes, thank you. I haven't tried that combination as
    yet," I said.

    We cheered each other and drank. I was looking for the
    TV remote. I got up and went to television cabinet. She
    had connected a DVD player to the TV and there were a
    heap of CDs near to it. I was about to look at the
    collection when Saya stopped me by saying that it was
    her 'private' collection.

    I had already looked at several CDs before she could
    stop me and was scanning the jackets of them. They were
    all Japanese CDs and from the cover I could make out
    that they were Asian porno. I looked over at her in
    surprise, she was hiding her face from me and blushing.

    She fumbled for words, "Y--you know I'm alone in the
    house, and well, sometime I feel horny, you know. And
    well, you know, I just watch it with myself,"
    She was bright red now.

    "No problem dear, I completely understand its okay with
    me. Which one is your favourite?" I asked her.

    "You already have in your hand, you can see the black
    man with tiny teenage girl. He has a really big one, you
    know?" She blushed again.

    I went to the player and put the CD in. Within seconds
    the movie appeared on the screen. I took the remote and
    came back to sit down next to Saya on the couch. She was
    relaxed now and she moved from her place and sat down in
    front of me on the carpet. Her back was towards me and
    she was resting herself on my legs. Her hair were
    touching my knees. I could sense her body heat.

    The movie was a typical one. It was all about a teenage
    Japanese girl having sex with a muscular black man. I
    took some sips of my whisky and put the glass down and
    casually started playing with her hair. I was gently
    massaging her scalp and moving my fingers though her
    silky brown curls.

    After a few minutes of this Saya leaned back against the
    couch with her back cradled between my legs. I brought
    my hands to her shoulder blades and casually massaged
    her shoulders with the pressure of my thumbs. She
    snuggled up to my legs still more. She liked the massage
    and closed her eyes.

    I was observing Saya for last few minutes. She has a
    strange habit of moving her knees after few minutes as
    if she was shivering. "Saya, are you okay? Are you
    feeling cold or something?" I asked her.

    She blushed, "No, I'm okay," she inserted her hand in
    the kimono and in between her thighs. When her hand
    appeared again, she was holding two metallic balls on a
    golden chain. I took then in my hand. They were all wet
    and a wonderful maddening smell was coming from them.

    "These were inside you, Saya?"

    She said, "Um, yes. They're called Ben-Wa Chinese balls,
    and inside them are solid metal balls. The solid metal
    balls are housed in sheet metal balls and when I move my
    legs they bang against each other and start vibrating
    and ringing. That sends waves of pleasure up inside my
    pussy walls and without fingering myself I can play with
    myself." She looked shyly down at the carpet.

    I took them and banged them together, and they started
    vibrating in my palm. "That's exciting, you're such a
    lovely girl, why would you need toys like this? I would
    think that you could get the real thing easy enough.
    Just rope in some young guy for time being," I teased

    Saya blushed once again.

    I looked at her for a moment, then I licked the balls.
    They tasted a little pungent but sweet. She laughed at
    me. Then she climbed up on the sofa and untied her
    kimono belt. She took my hand and guided me her pussy.
    She was all wet and her pussy was oozing with love-

    "Okay, you're for real, so get the real feeling and
    taste of me. Right from the source!" She grinned.

    I was instantly hot! My blood was surging into my dick,
    and it began twitching inside my kimono. I pushed her
    kimono aside and was surprised to see that she was
    totally naked beneath. She shaved her pussy perfectly
    clean, just like a young child's. I put my palm on her
    mound and started massaging her clit and its outer lips.
    She was very soft and silky down there.

    Saya moaned and fell on to her back. She folded up her
    legs to her chest exposing her pussy to me. In a moment
    of inspiration, I poured some whiskey on her clit and
    started licking her there.

    She shouted, "Oh my god! You have magic in your tongue,
    go deep! YES... suck me out!"

    I pushed my tongue as deep inside her as I could and
    started moving it all over the inner walls. I found her
    clitoris, it was so huge it looked like little penis. I
    bit down gently on it and sucked it very hard. She cried
    out loudly and jerked her crotch to my face, trying to
    bring her mound closer to my lips.

    I started thrusting my tongue in and out of her cunt
    with a vengeance. She was twitching on the sofa and
    unable to control herself. I rubbed my lips and chin all
    over her outer lips and started drinking her sweet

    "Come on, Fudi, eat me! Suck me hard! GOD! I can't hold
    it!" She was almost ready to come. She lasted for few
    seconds longer and then came with huge scream. Her pussy
    walls were throwing with floods of her love-juices, out
    onto my tongue.

    She'd closed her eyes tightly and was trying to control
    her orgasms now. I lifted her hips off the couch and
    made her sit on my lap. Her back was towards me and she
    was facing the TV. I opened my kimono, and my nine-inch
    dick was throbbing and ready for action.

    I quickly adjusted her from below and lifted her bottom,
    putting my dick's knotty head to her cunt lips. I
    allowed her to come down on my lap at her own speed. She
    was wet and that was enough lubrication for my shaft to
    enter in. With her weight the dick went in to the full
    hilt. My tool is long and more than two-inches thick.
    She could feel the thickness of it as it filled her
    pussy fully. Her cunt lips were pushed a part and she
    moaned happily, "Oh my god! You have giant there! You'll
    kill me with that. You'll tear me apart with that
    monster..." She was so excited with the size and
    fullness of my tool inside her.

    I started thrusting from under her. I was giving full
    strokes with power. And Saya responded by starting to
    rise and fall on my dick. She had big and heavy breasts,
    and I twisted her bold and pointed nipples and used both
    my hands to cup her breasts and massage her.

    She moaned and kept on moving up down on my shaft. She
    started grinding herself down on me. My dick was getting
    its desired fuck; she was clamping and unclamping her
    cunt muscles around my dick, forcing me closer and
    closer. She was trying to milk me.

    "Fudi, help me... I'm on the verge," she groaned. She
    was panting and moaning in obvious lust. I held her
    voluptuous bum and started pulling her down onto me. It
    hardly a moment after that when she came with a big

    I was still holding out from climaxing, wanting more
    sensations from her small plush body. I finished my
    glass and kissed her hard. She was still impaled on my
    dick, our tongues met and danced.

    After our kiss, I suggested, "Why don't you get down on
    your fours. I want to come in you from back."

    Saya didn't hesitate for a moment, she removed her
    kimono, her milky white skin glistening in the lamp
    light. She had a very sexy figure and her curvy thighs
    were inviting. Instead of getting down on the floor she
    decided to hold onto the sofa back and raised her back
    to me.

    I didn't mind the change in plans, I could see her
    inviting pussy, all wet and glistening, I bent down I
    played with her asshole and gave her good massage there,
    making her cry out, "OH YES! Fudi, put it in, put your
    tongue there!"

    I inserted my finger with ease in her asshole and moved
    it in and out. To my surprise Saya handed my something.
    She couldn't talk, all she could do was moan, but the
    hard rubbed appliance felt smooth and cool in my hand.
    She had handed me a dildo with straps attached to it?

    "I don't need that Saya, I have a real one and it's
    reliable," I told her.

    She repositioned herself and said, "I want to enjoy
    both, my sweetheart," and she gave me wide grin. I
    strapped that dildo to my waist. It was a replica of
    dog's penis I think. All red in colour and a big knot at
    the base. She indicated some gel and applied to it and
    her asshole. All the time my dick was competing with
    that dildo.

    Saya lowered her head and once again bent down, raising
    her behind to me. I first tried that dildo in her
    asshole. It went in with ease, she must have been using
    it regularly. I was holding her waist by left hand and
    her shoulder with right hand.

    Then I watched as she took my dong and guided it into
    her ever-ready pulsating pussy. In one stroke I went to
    the hilt. I had entered her at both places. I started
    moving in her, little slowly. This was my first time at
    handling such a gadget. She voluntarily pushed herself
    back at me.

    In few minutes I was at ease and relaxed and thrusting
    away. The strapped dildo has given me double power and
    enjoyment. Soon I increased my speed and strength behind
    each stroke. I was taking my dick almost out of her
    pussy and then ramming the full length and her. She was
    crying out with each stroke and moaning loudly.

    I started moving sideways to explore her pussy. The
    dildo seemed to become part of my body. I used more
    force with the dildo and tried to push the big knot into
    her ass. "No Fudi, you'll tear me open, it's too big,"
    she moaned.

    But I ignored her and gave mighty shoves and finally
    buried the red knot inside her. She was panting and
    rolling her eyes in unbridled lust." You bastard! Come
    fuck me harder, harder, HARDER! Don't stop now!" I
    brought my hand to her large swaying tits and kneaded
    them, crushing her nipples. She was writhing under my

    Saya removed one hand from the sofa and clutched my
    balls. She started squeezing them frantically. "I am
    coming Fudi! I'm coming! Oh my god this is heaven! Fudi,
    come with me, kill me, kill me!" She was talking with
    gasps now.

    I kept on ramming with full force. She crushed my nuts
    with her small hands, and the pain drove me to a
    flooding orgasm. I spurt my cum into her like a
    fountain. I kept on coming for minutes. She shouted, her
    body jerking, and came with big shedder. Then she
    collapsed onto the sofa with me still plugged in both
    holes. My head was spinning and she was gasping for.

    It took us minutes to recover. "That was simply
    fantastic Fudi, you have real power. I enjoyed it the
    very first time. I usually don't enjoy myself during the
    first fuck. Where did you learn to do all that?" She

    I just smiled.

    Finally we removed the dildo very carefully and checked
    whether she is hurt. But she seemed to be okay.

    Later over another drink, Saya was fingering her dildo
    thoughtfully. "One day I'm going to give you really big
    fuck in "your" ass with this," she showed me the dildo

    Then she looked at my dick like a little child doing
    something naughty. It was still hard and had not lost
    erection. She couldn't take her eyes off it. "I promised
    you a treat. But it looks like I got one instead. Let me
    end with this," and she bent down and took my dick in
    her mouth.

    It was wonderful. Many Indian women won't go down on a
    man, and even those who do, most times aren't all that
    good at it. Buy Sara tongued the little slit at my cock
    head and sucked my deeply. I whimpered with pleasure.

    Then she moved her mouth along the length of my shaft
    and took it in fully. I could feel myself touching the
    back of her throat. She managed my length and started
    moving, up and down on me.

    The waves of pleasure were rushing through me, I closed
    my eyes tightly. I knew that I would not last long if
    she continues like this. She was deep-throating me and
    the tightness of her throat was pushing me over. I
    violently began to fuck her throat and exploded almost
    immediately. I watched in happy amazement as she
    swallowed all cum eagerly. Her eyes glistening with

    Afterwards I gave her good bath and we kissed and
    fondled each other many times. Both of us were exhausted
    and there was no energy to carry on. The mind was
    willing, but the body was satisfyingly exhausted. We
    slept in each other's arm until mid night, when finally
    had to leave...


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    Thanks good story...hope you all enjoy it

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    Thought I'd bump this....enjoy.....:)



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