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    Joy tells about being banged at company party

    This happened during a company party. I was working in a utility plant
    and there were only three gals employed there at the time. I really
    enjoyed working there and I never wore a bra. My top buttons would stay
    undone and I had noticed a number of guys staring at my tits. Every
    year they would have a big New Years Eve party and almost everyone
    would attend.

    My hubby and I both worked at the same place so we went to the party
    together. If you read my other story "Beach Gangbang" you already know
    that I had been interduced to gangbanging before.

    Since then I have wanted to do more of it and my hubby and I would
    always talk about it when we were fucking. He would tell me about how
    he wanted me to have a lot of big dicks fucking my pussy and ass as I
    sucked on a big dick. He would say how he wanted them filling me full
    of cum in my ass and pussy and me sucking and swallowing all I could
    and them cumming on me and covering my body in cum. He said knowing I
    was getting used by so many dicks turned him on so much and it did me
    as well.

    Well back to the party, I had worn a short skirt with high heels and
    panty hose with no panties and as usual no bra under my thin blouse.
    They had hired a band and had an area cleared for dancing. A lot of the
    guys were coming over to ask me to dance due to the fact that the only
    other gals there were wives who they didn't know and the other two gals
    that also worked there. I think I was getting asked more because they
    knew I never wore a bra and wanted to see if they could get a little
    feel while we were dancing.

    As the night wore on and more drinks were consumed we all started to
    loose out inhibitions and I was letting the guys pretty much rub their
    hands all over my body. When I would come back to the table I would
    tell my hubby how they were feeling me up and he would smile and tell
    me to do whatever I wanted.

    While I was dancing with one guy he asked me if I wanted to go into
    another room. I said sure and we went into a room where the plant
    stored some cots for when we had to work some long hours and didn't
    want to drive home without resting. He took me to a cot and started to
    feel my titties and rub my ass. I could feel his dick getting so hard
    in his pants and reached down and rubbed it. We were both soon out of
    our clothes and I was sucking his dick. We were into it hot and heavy
    when the door opened and about ten guys came in.

    It turned out that the first guy and them had planned this all along.
    One of the guys said that they all wanted some of my hot pussy and I
    smiled at them and told them I was waiting. They all started getting
    out of their clothes and before I knew it there were dicks all around
    me. One slid in my pussy and started to really pound me and soon shot a
    load of cum deep in me. As soon as he pulled out another one took his
    place. In the mean time I am still sucking away and soon he shoots a
    load in my mouth and the guys couldn't believe how much I swallowed.
    They said most gals spit it out and I told them I love cum and to to
    give me another dick to suck. Before I knew it I had another big dick
    in my mouth sucking it while they were still taking turns with my pussy
    and cumming in me.

    It wasn't long before cum was running out of my pussy down around my
    ass. I was told to get on my hands and knees and when I did I felt a
    dick start pushing at my ass and I relaxed so he could slide up inside
    my ass and he began pumping me. Once he was inside my ass another guy
    slid under me and I lowered my pussy onto his dick and they started to
    really fuck me hard.

    I had a dick in my mouth and everytime they shoved their dicks in me I
    would take that dick deep in my mouth. While I was being tripled the
    door opened again and my hubby came in with some more guys and I heard
    him ask them if they wanted some of my hot pussy. They almost shouted
    yes and I heard him telling them to go fuck my pussy until I couldn't
    take anymore and to shove their big dicks up my ass and fill it full of
    cum and to get me to suck them until they shot loads of cum down my
    throat. He then told everyone there that when I couldn't fuck another
    dick. To gather around me and jackoff and cover my body in their cum.
    He said he wanted me covered from face to toe in their cum.

    Well needless to say they were only too glad to oblige. I got fucked so
    many times in both my ass and pussy and I can't tell you how many dicks
    I sucked off. I finally just couldn't take anymore and as my hubby
    wanted they got around me and rubbed their dicks on me and jacked off
    on my face and tits and pussy all over me.

    There wasn't enough room for them all to get around me so as they would
    shoot a load they moved out and some others came in and shot their
    loads over me. I think I must have had most of the guys at the party
    come in and at least jack off on me. I know a lot was sneaking in to
    try for a quickie while their wives were in the other room.

    After they all left out of the room my hubby came over and begin
    rubbing my body spreading their cum over me. Rubbing my tits and belly
    and pussy with their cum telling me how hot I looked and when we got
    home he was going to fuck me silly.

    He didn't let me rub any of the cum off me just put my clothes in my
    purse and went and got my coat and slipped it on my naked body and we
    headed home. When we got there I slipped the coat off and we fucked
    right there on the living room floor. It was fantastic. A night I will
    always remember. My hubby and I are now wondering what we can do to top
    this. I know I am ready for some more dicks

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    thanks leglvr......great story......:)

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    another good one leglvr, thanks

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    Another great one. Thanks for spreading the Joy. I'm sure many of our non reponding readers love them too.
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    thought Id give leglvr and joy a bump up

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    love it, i just love it, what a story



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