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    My first try at this...Wasn't really sure where to post

    I first wrote this many years ago and I preset it in it's rawest form. I, by no means, consider myself a writer. I was just putting some thought down with my keyboard, mostly to read over again later. I have a few others like this, so if you do enjoy it, please let me know and I can post some of the others!
    So without further ado.....enjoy

    " I’ve had many thoughts of my wife screwing
    someone else. These are the many fantasies I’ve had.
    My wife has nice big tits with huge suckable nipples,
    a nice ass and a pussy that taste great. There will be
    many variations to this as I brainstorm.
    Most of this started before we even got married.
    We got in an argument one night. I don’t remember what
    it was for but she had said that she could go get
    fucked by the guard at the gate. He had been hitting
    on her when she came in. Then she left. A million
    things went through my mind while she was gone. I
    could imagine her with him. At first I was mad as
    hell… but then it was kind of arousing. I thought of
    her going down on him in her car, him fondling her big
    tits, then eventually, her getting on top of him and
    riding him in the back seat until he filled her with
    is cum. I could imagine his spunk running down his
    shaft as it went in and out of her soaking wet pussy,
    mixing into her dark pubic hair. I was hot as hell!!
    Then she came back and we made up and had sex. As I
    was fucking her I thought of her pussy lubricated with
    his cum. I fucked her very hard that night and was
    almost the best sex we had up until that point. Little
    did I know that this would lead to years of
    fantasizing about my wife having sex with other
    Let me explain a few things about me before I get
    to far ahead of myself. I have been bisexual most of
    my life. I’ve only been with one person. It started
    when I was a kid with my neighbor. I think it was just
    innocent exploration at first, but then got much
    deeper. He started bribing me for sex with cigarettes
    and then later, joints. We did it a lot of places in
    many different ways. We did it in his bed, in the
    shower, at his cabin, in a sauna, in a hot tub, and
    even in the back of his car. He’d take me from behind,
    from the front like a girl, from the side, and I’d
    ride him. We did it any time we could. I even used to
    blow him and drink his seed in the front seat of his
    car on the way to school. But I was always the “girl”
    of the relationship. Maybe that’s why I would love to
    submit to my wife and a lover?? Who knows?
    Anyway, The last time we were together was the
    year just after I got married. We were out at his
    cabin cutting the grass. After we were done we decided
    to have a few beers and go for a swim. We swam around
    for a while then rested. He was sitting on the end of
    the dock when I swam up. He pulled his cock out
    jokingly, shook it at me and said, “ Suck me!”. So I
    did. I took him in my mouth and began to bob up and
    down on his cock. I swirled my tongue around the head
    and took him all the way into my mouth. After awhile,
    he was coming close and asked if I wanted to take a
    shower. I said, “ Sure”. So up we go to the cabin and
    started to shower. By this time, there was a system to
    this dance. I’d wash him, he’d wash me, then he’d get
    his hands really soapy and start to finger my ass to
    loosen it. You have to understand, he was pretty hung
    even back then. He had a very large head that would
    get purple the longer we went on and it was nice and
    thick too. He would soap me up and then turn we around
    and we would do it standing up with him behind me. He
    fucked me for about 5 minutes and I could tell he was
    about to cum when I said,” Let’s go inside where we
    can be more comfortable.” He said ok and we got out of
    the shower and dried off. We went into the cabin and
    went to the back room. I had him lay on the edge of
    the bed and I started to suck him again. I sucked his
    balls and gently ran my finger over his asshole. After
    a bit, he suggested that we 69 for a while. I was on
    top of him and we were going at it. After about 5
    minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore; I had to have him
    in me. Without saying anything, I got up and scooted
    down so I was over his cock. I grabbed it , positioned
    it, then quickly sank onto it. It was slightly
    difficult to do semi dry but I managed to sink it all
    the way to the hilt in one smooth motion. I started to
    ride up and down his cock slowly as I felt him
    stretching me out. As I loosened up, it was easier and
    easier. I was soon smashing my ass down as hard as I
    could on him. Before I could make him cum he stopped
    me. He had me lay on my back with my feet in the air.
    He grabbed his cock and rammed into me, then grabbed
    my ankles and pushed them as far back as they would
    go. He was fucking my ass mercilessly when a thought
    went through my head. I suddenly blurted that I wanted
    to eat his cum form my wife’s black pussy…. I could
    believe I said it! I guess this id the trick because
    he only grunted and pulled out of my ass. I quickly
    sat up and took him in my mouth just as he was about
    to shoot. I buried my nose in his pubic hair and felt
    the first burst hit the back of my throat. He grabbed
    the back of my head and pumped his cock in and out of
    my mouth. By the time he was through, which was about
    30 seconds, I had cum running down my chin and
    dripping onto my chest. I scooped it up with my hand
    and licked it off my hand.
    The reason I wanted to tell my background is so
    you know where I get my perversions from. With my
    experiences, I like the taste of cum. When I would
    masturbate, I would cum in my hand and lick it off. A
    lot of things changed in my life shortly after this
    happened. I felt kind of bad that I hand done this to
    my wife so one night I confessed. I told her
    everything, even that the dildo I had bought had
    really been meant for me, and that I had used it on
    myself several times. We got into a very large
    argument over it. I guess I could blame her for being
    upset. That was an awful lot to digest!! I left the
    house for awhile to cool down. When I came back, she
    was sitting on the couch with the dildo in hand. She
    said,” Your going to prove what you say is true, now
    get over here.” She stared to take off her clothes and
    laid on the couch.” Get over here and suck my pussy
    while I put this in your ass.” So, being the
    submissive one I am, I did as I was told. I got on top
    of her and buried my face in her pussy and began
    lapping at her clit. I was positioned so my legs were
    under her arms and she spread my ass. I felt the dildo
    at the entrance to my ass and protested, “ You need to
    lube that up!” She said, “ Shut up and take it!!” and
    then smacked me on my ass. She forced the rubber head
    into me. I licked at her clit even harder. She farced
    it all the way in and then pulled it out, then slammed
    it back in. She then took my cock into her mouth and
    sucked me while she fucked my ass with the dildo. I
    could take too much more and when I felt her begin to
    breathe hard like she was getting turned on, I started
    to cum. She has never let me cum in her mouth so she
    just let my cock fall out of her mouth but continued
    to punish my asshole. I continued to suck and lick her
    clit until she had cum. She told me to get off her so
    I did. She grabbed her clothes, threw the dildo on the
    couch and went into our bedroom and left me to sleep
    on the couch.
    This evening was never discussed again. But the
    fact that I “cheated” does. Every time we fight.
    Here’s some of what I’ve thought about:
    We have my friend over for dinner. We sit and talk
    and drink. We sit on the couch with him in the middle
    and start watching TV. After the kids are put in bed
    and are fast asleep, she says,” Why don’t you two show
    me what you used to do?” I look at her as if I’m
    confused, even though I know exactly what she means.
    She looks back and gets impatient. She reaches over
    and grabs his crotch. She squeezes his package and ten
    says,” Ohhh, He was right about you!” She unzips his
    pants, reaches in, and pulls his semi hard cock out.
    She looks at me and shakes his cock at me. “ Well,
    Come on…” she says and looks back down at his dick. I
    couldn’t help it. I lean over and take him in my
    mouth. She sits and watches as I give him a blowjob. I
    feel the weight shift on the couch and glance up and
    see that he has got his arm around her and is giving
    her a deep tongue kiss. I keep sucking, one hand on
    his balls. I look over to see him reaching up under
    her shirt and begin to fondle her big black tits. I
    can hear her breathe already beginning to quicken.
    Again the weight shifts and I see her getting up off
    the couch and taking off her clothes. Her nipples are
    rock hard and poking out as she pulls hr shirt over
    her head. She bends over to pull her pants down and I
    watch her heavy tits hang in the air. Then after she
    is naked, she sits back on the couch with her legs
    spread wide. I watch as he reaches between her legs
    and begins to finger her pussy as he kisses her neck.
    She slowly pushes him down so he is kissing and then
    eventually sucking her tit. “ She looks over at me and
    says,” Suck that good. Get it real wet cause I’m going
    to fuck that big thing!!” I double my efforts. I can
    hear his fingers going in and out of her now because
    she is so wet. Her hips start to meet his hand and she
    is breathing really hard.
    Suddenly I feel a hand on my head and it pushes me
    away. She tells me to move the coffee table, take my
    clothes off and go sit in the chair. I do as I’m told.
    She leans over and takes his dick down her throat and
    cups his balls. I begin to jack off as I watch her
    work. She gets up on her hand sand knees while she
    sucks him and he is able to reach under her and play
    with her big clit. She has her hands wrapped tightly
    around him cock, milking him, as her head bobs up and
    She finally stops and stands up. She looks over at
    me and says,” This is what you have been waiting to
    see.” She centers herself on him with her back to him.
    Reaching down, she grabs his cock and points in up
    towards her pussy and slowly squats down. She stops
    just before his cock enters her and rubs the fat head
    up ad down her wet slit. Getting it all wet, she is
    ready for him. She has her legs spread wide so I have
    a good view. I watch as she slowly lowers herself onto
    his tool. I see it sink deeper and deeper into her wet
    black pussy. I look and her eyes are closed as she
    takes his fat cock into her box. She finally stops
    when he is all the way in her. She opens her eyes and
    looks at me and says,” Do you like what you see?” All
    I can do is nod my head. She begins to stand and pull
    his cock out. She gets right to where the head is all
    that is left and starts back down. He reaches around
    and squeezes her tits as she starts to get into a
    rhythm. The speed picks up and I can hear the sloshing
    noise as her wet cunt engulfs his big cock.. She says
    to me,” Get over here on your hands and knees and lick
    my clit.” I jump from the chair and do as I ‘m told. I
    spread her lips and start lapping at her clit as she
    rises up and comes back down. I can see up closes that
    her pussy is stretched tightly on his dick. I see her
    juices running down his cock and balls and I can’t
    help licking it up. I hear her breath becoming
    quicker and quicker. Suddenly I feel her hand on the
    back of my head and she is pushing m hard against her
    sopping wet cunt. She starts to moan and quicken her
    pace. She moan’s, “ I’m going to cuuuuuuuummmmmmm” and
    reaches down and rubs on her clit. She keeps riding
    him as she begins to shake with orgasm. He is all
    sweaty and his cock is big and purple from the strain
    of not cumming. I lean down further and suck his heavy
    She stands up and tells me to lay in the middle of
    the couch. I lay down and she straddles my face so her
    ass is pointing towards my feet and she leans over the
    arm of the couch I start to lick her pussy again and I
    feel him kneel on the couch over me.. I watch as he
    positions his cock at the entrance to her pussy. His
    hips come forward as he sinks himself into her. I feel
    his balls hit my chin when he is all the way in. He
    then starts to fuck her mercilessly, holding her hips
    so she can’t go anywhere. His balls continue to bounce
    off my chin. I reach up and grab her tits and pinch
    her nipples. Her hips involuntarily start to thrust
    back to meet his strokes. They both get quicker and
    quicker. I hear him groan the he is ready to burst so
    I fondle his balls. This pushes him over the edge!! He
    starts to shake and groan as he shots his load into
    her pussy. He keeps stroking deep inside her as I feel
    her begin to shake also. His load has now set her over
    the edge also. With his stroking and her spasms, his
    seed starts to run form her pussy along with her cum.
    I open my mouth wide to catch it all. I have to
    swallow twice before the wave subsides. They slow down
    and she pushes him away. She instructs me to get up. I
    do. She lays so her ass is hanging over the edge of
    the couch and she orders me to fuck her. She tells him
    to come here and begins to stroke his cock as I get
    between her legs and place my cock in her cum filled
    hole. I begin to stroke but I don’t last long knowing
    that part of the warmth I feel in her is his cum. I
    dump my load into her wet cunt. She tells me to lick
    it out so I lean do and do as I’m told. She says ,”
    Now it’s your turn!” She tells him to stick it in her
    some more to get in it all wet then tells me to keep
    eating. She directs him to go behind me and he knows
    what to do. I feel him grab my ass and spread my
    cheeks. I feel his slimy cock at the entrance to my
    asshole. I then feel a splitting pain as he jams his
    cock deep into my bowls. I give a small squeal but she
    just grabs my head, holds it hard against her pussy
    and says shut up. He grabs my hips hard and begins to
    harshly fuck my hole. His balls bounce against mine as
    he takes me. She sits and watches as he does this;
    just relaxing and getting her pussy ate. This goes on
    for about 15 minutes until he starts to tire. She
    tells him not to cum in me and that she wants one more
    load. He pulls out of me and I move out of the way as
    he move up between her legs. He pushes her ankles back
    and sinks his engorged tool deep into her again. She
    reaches down and plays with her own clit as he fucks
    her well used pussy. She closes her eyes and begins to
    shake. Another orgasm has arrived. He groans as her
    pussy clasps to his cock and causes him to cum also.
    He dumps his seed deep in her canal. I lie beneath
    them and catch the droppings as they run down her ass
    cheeks. When they finally slow down, her pubic hair
    and dark skin is covered with a white froth. She tells
    him to sit next to her on the couch. I am instructed
    to clean them up. I first lick all the cum from her
    ass cheeks and work my way up. I suck the spunk fro
    her pubic hair and spread her pussy lips and lick them
    thoroughly clean. I then turn my attention to him. I
    suck his the slimy head of his cock into my mouth. I
    swirl my tongue around the head. I take his full
    length in next. I can taste her pussy on it. I milk
    his shaft to get every drop of his cum.
    After I am done, we get up, get something to drink
    and the night has turned to morning. It is time for
    him to go.

    comments are always welcome, Thanks!

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    Thanks for the addition

    Only suggestion is to break up the paragraphs a bit more, and try to double space then when you submit it, it will look single spaced.

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    Thanks for the constructive criticism...I'll keep that in mind for the future. We must crawl before we stagger....

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    nice one

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    Good story that following Dm's advice will appeal and does show some good creative talent.
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    not bad at all for a first try

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    Thanks to everyone for the kind words...I'll try to find my other writings...;shake
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