Where I work we have "Casual Fridays" which means jeans,
sweatshirts, etc.

I wear tall-size golf shirts and on C-F I just wear them out
instead of tucked in, and they come halfway down to my
knees. Oh, and they are always red shirts! That is my way of
celebrating Friday. Anyway, a few weeks ago I discovered
that the shirt hangs down far enough to hide the fact that
my fly is open. That discovery was quite accidental, but it
opened up a lot of possibilities!

Since I discovered that, I quite regularly unfasten my pants
and pull them apart several inches in the front. My belt
holds them up and open. Since I go commando on Fridays this
exposes my penis and testicles under my shirt and is quite
exciting. It also helps me keep cool, but I often have to
force myself to not lift my shirt and expose myself to some
tender young thing in the hallway!

I have a lot of free time on Fridays because there are so
few people at work. So, I spend a lot of time reading and
writing porn and looking at "feelthy peekshures." Throw in a
fantasy or two concerning the various young women that pass
by the office door and I have a good sized hardon most of
the day!

On one memorable Friday this past Summer I discovered yet
another way to celebrate Fridays.

Like most guys I can't resist playing with my cock when it
gets hard, so I reach under the desk and play with it while
I am engaging in my usual Friday activities. Also, playing
with my cock does not do anything to decrease the intensity
of my erection. Quite the opposite!

The first couple of Fridays I would stop stroking my cock
and do some sort of real work whenever I felt cum pressure
building at the base of my cock. Then after the urge faded I
would go back to amusing my self and abusing myself and
repeat the cycle as the spirit moved me.

Then one morning it dawned on me that I could shoot off and
it wouldn't make any difference. My shirt hung low enough
that nothing would show, even if I did spray cum all over

After I came back with my 10 o'clock coffee, my three office
mates were gone, either on break or in a rare Friday morning
meeting. And, as luck would have it, I found a particularly
juicy set of mpeg files. XXX rated, of course! One of the
featured gals looked a lot like my office mate (female) so
that made the fantasy especially exciting!

My cock got hard enough to drill concrete with and I had to
sit up on the edge of my chair to get clearance to do a
properly satisfying jerk off. And now when I felt the cum
rising to my cock I kept on jacking. The video I was
watching was near the end and the gal was holding her feet
and spreading her legs wide while her lover was banging her
drooling pussy with a cock as big as my forearm. I had my
headphones on so I could hear her especially well. I
fantasized that I was filling that lovely cunt and causing
her screams of passion.

Great stereo sound and a big screen monitor put me right in
the action, and all three of us came at the same time. Mine
was very real! It felt like I was shooting jism by the quart
as I fought to be quiet enough that I wouldn't draw
attention to my activities.

I did shoot cum all over my hand and on the carpet under my
desk, but it cleaned up OK, and I wiped my cock off with my
fingers as much as I could and licked it off. I repeated
that routine three more times before I went home. There's
something about sex activity in the workplace that makes it
especially exciting!

I jerk off that way every casual Friday, although it is
never as intense as the first time, and I don't think I've
made it four times again either.

And my wife even enjoys it, indirectly, although she doesn't
know it. We usually spend an hour or two on Saturday morning
rolling around in the hay and several times now, the morning
after casual Friday, she has remarked about my staying
power! She doesn't know that the hardest thing I did the day
before was to beat off two or three times!