I thought that today was going to be a normal day, but I thought way wrong… First I’ll say a little bit about myself… My name is Gary, I am almost 16 and I’m about 6”1 and I have about a 7 inch dick. I’m still a virgin but I’ve fantasized about girls since I was like eleven.

After I got everything ready for school I did my daily jack-off. I always think about fucking my science teacher Mrs. Hunt in the ass with her screaming how much it hurt and telling me to fuck her harder and harder. That always gets me off in a couple of minutes. After I was done with that I picked up my stuff and started off to school.

On my way to school I noticed this care that had been slowly following me for a couple of blocks now. After a while it started to piss me off so I turned around and said, “What the fuck is your problem you fucking stalker?” Right when I said that I noticed the hottest chick I’ve ever seen in the car staring at me. She motioned her hand for me to come over to her window in the car. Obviously I went to she what she wanted.

“What’s up?”

“Not much… I seen you walking and thought that you were pretty cute so I’d follow you for a little while… What’s your name?”

“I’m Gary… You?”

“I’m Melissa.”

“Nice to meet you. I hate to cut this short but I can’t be tardy to school or I’ll get bitched out again.

“Well actually I wanted to ask you something real quick… How old are you?”

“I’m 15, almost 16... Why?”

“How about I make you an offer?”

“What type of offer?”

“I would be willing to give you 1 grand if you would be my sex slave for the rest of today.. What do you say?”

I had to think for a few seconds… I would get out of school, loose my virginity, bang the hottest chick I’ve ever freaking seen, and get a thousand bucks…

“Ok ya I’m in!”

“Yay! Hop in and I can give you a ride back to my place so we can get started!”

I jumped in her car and I automatically noticed how perfect her tits were. I could see her nipples perfectly and oh my God I can’t wait!

“Ok… First, we go over the rules, or you get no money. Number 1, you will always refer to me as mommy or mistress… Number 2, no matter what I tell you to do, do it or you will be punished. Got it?”

Now I was kinda freaking out a bit…

“Got it…”

“Good, now let’s get started!”

She locked the doors on the car and slowly started to drive off. The highway wasn’t that bust today, so we were going pretty slow, like 40mph. I noticed she started to unzip her jeans and pull them down, and then her panties. Then I seen it… FUCK! She was a freaking shemale! I knew this was to freaking good to be true! Well… I guess it isn’t that bad because I have fantasized about shemales before…

“Suck it now bitch!”

“Ye-yes mistress.”

I slowly moved my head down to her dick while she was still driving. I started to lick all over her pubeless balls, then go up to her cock and lick it all over and suck on its head. I slid my tongue into her piss hole every now and then too, this made her moan really loud. Then I started to take her cock down my mouth bobbing up and down on it. It was still freaking growing! It finally stopped at like 8½ inches, at least. All of a sudden she started pushing my head down on her cock ramming all of it down my throat.

“Ohhh yeah bitch suck mommy’s cock you little cock sucker! Fuck yes bitch suck mommy’s cock! Ohh fuck yes! Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit! Oh fuck I’m cuuuummiiinnnggg! Ohhh fuck yes! Swallow all of my cum you dirty fuck!”

I started swallowing load after load being shot down my throat until finally she stopped Cumming and it actually tasted good!
We’re here. We pulled up to her house and she pulled up her jeans and we both got out of her car. When we walked up to her front door I couldn’t stop staring at her ass, it was so freaking perfect! When we got in her house we walked in the living room first and immediately I seen a shit load of toys all over her coffee table. She had everything! Dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, handcuffs, rope, butt plugs, mouth gags, etc.
“Alright, we’re here. Now, take off all your cloths.”

“Yes mistress”

As soon as I started to undress she did the same thing. She looked fucking hot! After she was done she sat on the couch and stuck out her leg.

“Greet your mother bitch!”

I crawled on the floor over to her and began kissing her foot and suck on her toes. I started moving up and kissing her leg going farther and farther up until I reached her cock. I only got to get a couple of licks in on it and then she turned over and stuck her ass in my face. I think I knew what she wanted…

“Greet mommy some more my slave.”

I started licking up and down on her ass sliding my tongue in a little and I also stuck my finger in her ass every now and then, she must have liked it too because she squirmed a little every time I did.

“Oh fuck yes slave mmm lick mommy’s ass! Ugh yeeees lick it deeper and deeper fuuuck yes! Stick your tongue in mommy’s ass you nasty little whore!”

I kept licking and kept licking and kept sticking my tongue in her ass deeper and deeper.

“Oh my God yes, you like licking mommy’s ass you slave? Ohh fuuuck yes itch, I wanna hear you beg to suck mommy’s ass!”

She kept shoving her ass in my face harder and harder waiting for me to beg for her.

“Oh yeees mommy your ass tastes sooo good! Please don’t make me stop eating your ass mommy it’s sooo delicious!”

“Mmmm good slave. Now, let’s get to the more fun stuff.”

She has the biggest grin I’ve ever seen on her face. She went over to the coffee table and grabbed a butt plug.

“Bend over slave.”

I did as she told me. When I bent over she spread my ass and gave me a quick lick that made my dick twitch. She started fingering my ass while she was licking it. It kinda hurt at first but I got over it. She kept fingering me for a couple of minutes and I swear it was going to make me cum!

“Does that feel good slave? Yeah I bet you like it when mommy stickers her finger in your ass don’t you?”

“Ooh fuck yes mommy please don’t stop!”

“That’s what I thought, yeah you’re a good boy, take mommy’s finger down your ass. Beg for mommy to finger your ass you little slut!”

She kept licking my ass and shoving her finger down my ass herder and harder with each pump.

“Ohh my God mommy it feels so gooood! Finger me harder mommy please finger me harder!”

She gave me a couple more thrusts and licks and then she stopped. She started sliding the butt plug in my ass after she stopped fingering me.

“And now we’ll wait, but in the mean time, sit up against the wall over there slave.”

I did as she told me.

“Open your mouth, and drink it all or you will be punished bitch!”

I didn’t know what she was really talking about at first, but after a couple seconds I figured it out… She started pissing down my throat!

“That’s a good boy fuck yes drink mommy’s piss, drink it all up you fucking slut!”

I drunk every bit of her stream that she shot down my throat and waited for what was to come next.

As soon as I got done drinking her piss the door bell rang.

“You stay right here and I’ll be right back slave”

While she was gone I took a look around her house. It all looked pretty normal and not out of the ordinary. I also noticed the clock… 10:30 A.M!! That’s all?! It feels like 3 P.M! When I started thinking about how in the hell it is so early my mistress came back, with another chick! Well, I think so anyway. She could be another shemale for all I know. And she was just as hot if not hotter than Mistress Melissa!

“Slave, I want you to meet Stacy. She is going to be helping me make you our little play toy. So the same rules apply to her as me, got it?”

“Yes mommy I understand…”

“Good boy. Now please Mistress Stacy like you please Mommy”

Mistress Stacy began undressing as mommy sat down on the couch and began rubbing on her cock. Mistress Stacy was a shemale! I knew it! Anyway, she sat on the corner of the bed naked now and stuck out her leg.

“Greet me slave”

Wow, d? vu… I began kissing and sucking on Mistress Stacy’s toes and foot moving farther and farther up her leg. As soon as I got to her 9 inch cock I bobbed some of it down my throat and continued kissing on her body. When I got to her tits I began alternating between them suck and biting on her nipples, and they tasted great!

“Oooh yeees bitch suck on my nipples you little slut”

She pulled me up to her face and we started making out in the some-what passionate-like kiss. All I could feel was her tongue invading my mouth all over, and it felt great! But for some reason she pulled away.

“You certainly know how to please me slave, and I will give you a reward for your great job. I will let you fuck me if you start to call me your sissy instead of Mistress, deal?”


“Good boy, now fuck me until you cum in my ass slave!”

Sissy bent over the bed and I had the most perfect view ever of her ass just sitting there begging for me to come and fill it with my cock. I started to slowly slide my dick in because her ass was unbelievably tight.

“Oooh fuck yes slave fuck sissy harder!”

As soon as she said that I just started pounding her ass with my cock going all the way in till my balls bounced off her cheeks and then pulling all the way out and slamming back into her, and she must have liked it from the way she was moaning.

“Oh fuck yes sissy I’m cumming!”

“Oh holy shit slave yeees goood boy! Oh my God yes! I can feel your cum hit the walls of my ass yeees!”

I squirted a couple more times and pulled out. Sissy bend over the bed with her cum filled ass and shook it in my face.

“You made a very big mess in Sissy’s ass slave! Clean it out or I will punish you!”

I got down on my knees so I can lick her easier, spread her cheeks, and started to dig in.

“Oh hell yes lick all of your cum out of Sissy’s ass you nasty little slut!”

She kept shoving her cum filled ass in my face harder and harder, and it actually tasted pretty good! But why I was having fun cleaning out Sissy’s ass, I felt something touch the tip of my ass. I looked back and say Mommy trying to slide her cock down my ass!

“Just sit still I know you like this slave”

It was a really tight fit and I could feel every single inch of her cock pump in and out of my ass and it felt sooo good! Once she finally got in all the way she just went wild in my ass, pumping in and out so freaking fast it was unbelievable!

“Oooh my fucking God yes slave! You are so fucking tight you little slut! Oh my God I am going to cum so fast! Holy crap I can feel every inch of your ass squeezing on my cock!”

Mommy just kept pounding at my ass for a few more minutes and then Sissy got up and turned around and shoved her huge cock down my throat face fucking me. It felt so good getting a cock rammed up my ass and down my throat at the same time I swear that they were going to meet each other inside me! Then by some weird coincidence both Mommy and Sissy started to cum inside of me at the exact same time!

“Fuck yes bitch! Swallow Mommy’s cock down your ass! Gobble all of your cum down my ass you little fuck slut!”

When they both finished cumming they pulled out of me and walked away and just left me there with cum dribbling out of my mouth and ass.

“We’ll be back in a few minutes slave…”

I just sat there and wondered what they were going to do next... I waited for maybe 10 minutes until they both came back, and they had a dog with them... Oh God, I don't think I like where this is going...
I have thought about bestiality before but never on me... I hope to God it's going to be for them and not me, but I'm probably wrong....