It was just another hot, sticky Saturday night in July. Beautiful and clear outside, but so hot it made your skin crawl. Lynn was bored as usual. Nothing exciting to do, her steady boyfriend was away and she was left to her own devices. Not a good thing to do, as she loved to push the envelope to see exactly what she could get away with.

She had heard of a new club in the next town that was wide open, swinging, BDSM, swapping and just about anything was OK. They even had midnight slave auctions, where a girl; or her boyfriend could put her up for “sale” to the highest bidder for the rest of the night. The idea of the new club’s crazy scene got the best of her.

Lynn you see; is a special girl. She is a chick with a dick! She was getting very turned on just thinking about the possible things that could happen to her that night. She took a deep breath and called her girlfriend, Annie, to accompany her.

Annie was always open to wild and crazy, and as a submissive she would fit right in to the scene. After a short call, the girls agreed to go. Casting caution to the wind, Lynn chose bright-red, over the knee, platform-boots with a 6" stiletto heel, a crimson-red, pleated and flared, latex mini skirt that just about came to the bottom of her rear, and a white latex shrug-top with long, poet sleeves. She put black fishnet pantyhose on with the crotch open, a pair of bright-pink, satin panties made the rest of the fashion statement. Her midriff was bare, which showed her belly-button piercing off nicely.

On her neck she placer her favorite studded collar, it was white-leather with large pyramid studs and a big “D” ring in front. The brass lock on the back of it kept it in place and made the statement that she wanted,

“Take me, Use me, I’m a slave.”

On her wrists, she wore polished, stainless-steel cuffs that were wide, thick and very heavy. She brushed her long, straight, mid-shoulder length, light-brown hair to perfection, and made sure that her bangs were just touching her eyes. She was ready. Annie showed up at her house right on time; she too looked fantastic in her short, jeans micro skirt with a red-satin, tie-top and platform knee-high boots, made of fine black-leather with very high heels that clicked seductively as she walked. On her neck she wore a matching collar to Lynn’s, they had gotten them for each other as a gesture of friendship.

The girls were always turned on by each other, so the brief interlude of passionate kissing and fondling before they left was to be expected.

A brief ride to the club, the girls parked and walked to the door. A doorman was behind the rope keeping guests away from entering. “Full up” he kept saying. Lynn was a bit upset at the prospect of not getting inside. She and Annie walked up to the doorman and smiled. He looked them up and down, and without a word, lowered the velvet rope and pointed them to the inside.

“Cool,” she thought. “We’re in!”

The club was spectacular, but in a seedy way. Half-naked girls danced away with their guys and other girls on the dance floor. At the bar, several guys were sitting and talking as their pants were pulled half- way down, with two girls busy sucking their cocks.

A polished steel pole was prominent in the center of the floor in the bar area. On it was a beautiful girl, she looked to be hardly 18 years old, she was wearing only a pair of fuck-me heels and a chain choker. She was chained to the pole by her up- stretched arms and her likewise chained ankles. Around her mid-section was a wide piece of bright chrome chain that pulled her stomach tightly in, securing it to the pole as well.

Men and women stood around her, touching, kissing, and fondling her body. Her pussy was dripping wet from lube gushing out onto the floor as a leather-hooded man kneeled before her, fist-fucking her with his entire hand, up to his mid arm. A beautiful woman dressed like a princess in a latex evening gown was busy with long, thick sewing needles which she was jamming through the girl’s nipples. Her screams were blood curdling, but no one seemed to mind at all, it just set the tone for the occasion.

Annie and Lynn gulped and sat down to try to ease their fears with a drink. Half- way through their drinks, they were interrupted by good looking guy that asked Annie to dance. She didn’t want to leave Lynn alone, but he was so handsome she couldn’t resist. Lynn urged her to go and enjoy. As she sat there watching Annie swirl around the room, she so felt happy for her to have met a seemingly nice guy. As time progressed, she saw Annie and the guy standing in the corner of the room hugging and exchanging kisses. She saw the guy slide his hand up under Annie’s skirt, and then pull her close to his body and engulf her with passionate fondling. With that, Lynn felt the couch move as a man sat down next to her.

“Hi sexy,” was his line.

“Very original,” she thought.

He was good looking, but in a rough, hard sort of way. That turned her on. Fear and threatening situations were her aphrodisiac.

Without a further word, he bent forward and kissed her. His hand was firmly planted on her right breast, and squeezing it tightly. Lynn was scared, but didn’t know whether to say anything or hope that he went away. He didn’t. He put his finger into the ring on her collar and pulled her close to his face.

“You’re a slut-slave, right?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” she answered.

She couldn’t believe what she heard herself say. He looked menacingly at her and said,

“You know, I think that I should take you up to the stage there, see that rope and noose hanging there?”

“Yes,” she answered quietly, as she gulped and shook her head affirmatively.

“Well, you would look good with that pulled tightly around your neck, your feet inches off the ground, kicking wildly and swinging, as you try to free yourself from the hanging, while you were being ass-fucked by me.”

She was speechless. Fear, hate, and rage boiled inside, but that little piece of her that needed feeding was alive and making her she-cock stand straight up inside of her panties. She could feel the wetness as she listened to him. She was actually considering it!

“‘You want to hang me, then fuck me?” she blurted out.

“NO,” he answered. “YOU will hang yourself for me. You will walk up on the stage, strip off your clothes, place the noose around your own neck, tighten it nicely, stand up on the small bench you see there, and then kick it out from under yourself.”

“Then,” he said, “I’ll grab your naked ass, jam my cock deep inside and fuck you till we both cum, then I’ll cut you down if you haven’t choked yet.”

She was speechless. As she sat there without any idea of what to do next, he ran his hand up her leg to her panties, pulled them down roughly and grabbed her she cock.

“You’re a T- Grrl?” he said, seeming to be shocked.

“Yes,” she stammered with the fear of being found out. “I am.”

“Amazing,” he said, “You are such a fantasy for me.”

He then got down on his knees; he finished pulling her panties down to her ankles and slid them off, throwing them aside. He opened his mouth and placed it under her skirt, taking her she-cock deep into his mouth, and proceeded to pleasure her to climax. She could see Annie looking at her from across the room, signaling her approval by her looks. She then saw Annie say something in her guy’s ear. He then sat on a table. Annie pulled his pants down and slid them to the floor, pleasuring him as she does so well. This drove Lynn deeper into her own orgasmic bliss.

Once Lynn had climaxed with the wildest of orgasms, she was sweating profusely and panting like a dog. He had really driven her to unbelievable heights of excitement .He got up from his knees and sat next to her once again, he kissed her sweetly and held onto her like only as lover would. Lynn looked back at him and returned the kiss; she had finally found her lover.

They sat there for some time, kissing, chatting, touching and exchanging smiles and passionate glances as only newly found lovers do. Her passions were once again starting to rage, her mind was running at a hundred miles an hour. She took a deep breath; she knew what she had to do for her own sake. She stood up, took him by the hand and said,

“Come with me, my lover,”

“Where are we going?” he asked.

She smiled at him, kissed him sweetly, squeezed his hand and said in a passionate voice,

“The stage.”