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    A Gentleman Never Tells

    At least your name I won't.

    I've been watching you for quite a while now. I watch you walk up and down the hallway. You sit in the same seat at your table each day at the same time. I always come right to you and help you with your project. I never notice anyone else. I get the scent of your hair every time I get close to you and it drives me crazy.

    You are the very first girl in my young life that I've ever had a single feeling for. I have somehow got to get close to you. I want to talk to you so bad. But, that BOYFRIEND is always around. "God, please if you'd just get rid of that guy". Well there ya go. He's gone and there you are all alone.

    He's my chance, "Take it RG!" Go. Na, there's not a chance in hell, this great looking girl would be interested in me. Ahh, what the hell, here it goes. I get out of my cubby hole and slowly make my way to the hallway where you and your friends are. "Hey, I'm RG. your Sarah, right?" I can hardly function. My brain is only firing on one cylinder, my mouth is dry, I can't breathe. my knees are shaking and my words are just blabbering. See what you do to me.

    A daily dose of you is all I look forward to. I got an idea. A rose and a note on the bulletin board should get your attention. It does, but not the attention I'm wanting. I can't get my work done because of you. I'm falling over things to catch a glimpse of you walking away from me. Now, when you walk by and see me, you give me just a little smirk...OMG, she noticed me. Don't look RG! Don't stare at her, that's rude and she's gonna catch you.

    Your gonna get me fired girly. I finally get up enough balls to ask you out. "Na, I got a boyfriend." Well, ok then. Their having a party at your apartment building tonight. I'm not the party kind and no one invites me. There's drinking and smoking things and your boyfriend wants you to do things you really don't want to do. He gets you drunk and you give in.

    The next morning the people from the school find you passed out in your apartment. They know me and take me into the office to protect me from you. "She's no good for you, RG. I know you like her and all, but man, you don't need that."

    Ahh, What do they know? That night I'm driving past your apartment complex and pull off to watch and see if you make it home alright. Wow, there you are walking up the stairs to your apartment and I watch till you shut the door. I realize I'm kind of a stalker at this point

    Your sleeping the next day and your sleazy boyfriend decides to show up at your apartment and your roommates decide to let him in your room and watch you sleep. Great friends you got! You wake up to find this creep watching you! So much for that boyfriend.

    You get into your little chevy your dad bought you to go to school in. But at the mall it just quits. I don't know exactly why I am driving right there at that moment, well maybe I do, and I get to fix your car for you. But, I still can't settle myself enough to tell you how I feel about you. Maybe someday.

    It's been quite a while since I fixed your car. And I'm not sure what's going on, but, you don't seem as happy as you were. As you walk down the hallway, I stop you and see if I can take you out on Friday. My heart bangs on my ribs when you say, YES! OMG! Like the ringing in your ears after an explosion, I cannot hear, I cannot speak, I cannot see. You said yes to me.

    My first date with this HOT I MEAN HOT girl. Dinner at some country food joint and a trip downtown to the river. Every chance I get i stand downwind from you just for the smell of that hair. At the river overlook, your hands are cold. "Cold hands, warm heart" I say.

    Our time together gets more often. My favorite time is on your couch sitting next to you, taking my hand through your hair and slowly down your neck to the collar of your blouse and back again. My hands are at home on you. Every now and then my fingers make my way under your collar. Your skin is so soft. it's the softest thing I've ever felt. Man, I really wish I could touch the top of your breast. "NO RG! you don't want to mess this up!"……

    Hey, let's go see a movie tonight. I've got $50 cash. I got paid today. We walk out of your apartment and across the courtyard. It's quite a drive to the movies. I really don't mind. I am sitting inches away from the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen. And now a constant stream of that scent of your hair. And your letting me place my hand on your leg. Life is so great at this point.

    But alas... We get to the box office and I reach into my pocket. NO! COME ON! My money is gone! Where is my money? The search begins from the box office to the car. NO. It's quite a ways back to your apartment. But, that's the only place it could be. I'm driving back across town and thinking, "RG! you idiot! She must think you just wanted her to pay!" The search continues in her apartment. She must really think I'm a stupid one. Well Let's look outside. In the dark, down the stairs, and across the courtyard...OMG! Here it is! Fell out of my pocket when I took my keys out.

    But man, it's too late for a movie now. What are we gonna do. We go back into your apartment and sit on the couch in the dark. I feel so stupid. Guess this night is a it?

    sitting there feeling like an ass, that scent captivates me all over again. so, I slowly reach behind your neck and raise my fingers deep under your hair and you let out a long breath. it's dark in here. All except for the soft orange glow from the street light outside in the courtyard, shining through the window. It's gives me just enough light to see your eyes look at me like they have never looked at me before.

    You turn your head toward me and slowly move closer. This is the most wonderful night I've ever had in my few years of life on this earth. The taste of your mouth, the scent of your hair and the feel of your soft skin at the very top of your breast is more than I can handle all at once. I've never experienced this and really not sure what to do. A few moments of this and it's obviously more than you can handle too.

    You stand up and take my hand, "come on." You lead me down the dark hallway to your room. We get inside and you shut and lock the door behind us. You walk us over to the bed and sit down. I lean over you and place my face in your hair at your neckline. This can't be right. That voice in my head, "NO RG!" Damnit! Not this time, you. Leave me alone.

    That same street light is shining through your bedroom window. It's illuminating your neck like God showing me where to go. I kneel down in front of you and it puts me in perfect position to lean in for another taste of your lips and tongue. I put my hands softly around your neck and under your hair again.

    I then begin doing what only comes naturally. I take my hands from around your neck and begin unbuttoning your blouse. As the last one comes undone, I run my hands under your blouse and remove it from your soft body. I now have a clear line to your breasts still in your bra. I bring my fingers to the place they have longed to be. Feeling the tops of your breasts with my fingertips, You open your eyes and look at me. You are speaking to me without saying a word.

    I reach around your back and try feverishly to unclasp your bra. But, I'm not experienced at this. This is something I've dreamed about but never in my life tried to accomplish this feat. You finally reach around in a contortionist fashion and just release the clasps. Leaving the rest for my honor. Slowly removing your bra from you, revealing your nipples, that are now rock hard. My hands, a little reluctant, slide down to touch the softest skin I've ever touched…

    My hands come from your breasts to your shoulders. I gently lay you back on the bed. My hands cannot stay away from your nipples. My lips, now hot, find their way from your neck down to your nipples where I taste one for the very first time. The moan you let out startles me just a little but, I know you must be enjoying this.

    I reach down and undo your jeans and slowly unzip them as you open your eyes again telling me how much this is right. I get your jeans off and run my hands up your legs to your thighs. Leaving your panties on, I lower my lips between your legs and run my closed lips over the front of your panties. They are soaking wet. Not just a spot, they are all wet. I get up the courage to reach up to your waist and pull your panties away from your soaked pussy. I can see the glistening of the moisture by the street light coming thought the window. I lower my tongue to where your lips come together at the bottom and start from there. Licking every drop of you that I can get. I am making my way up across your clit and finally taking it all in. I can't get enough of you. Like that sweet spot right beside your clit. Lowering my tongue back down and this time sliding it inside of you. This doesn't take long. You can't hold it any longer. You start to breathe so hard you can't keep quiet anymore. Finally shuddering and moaning one after another after another till you fall silent. But, I don't want to stop. The taste of you gives me the same captivating feeling as the scent of your hair.

    The combination of the taste and scent of you on my lips is hypnotizing me. You finally open your eyes, settle your breathing down and look at me again. I've got to. I got no choice. Taking my jeans off, I'm revealing something I've never allowed anyone to see. I am so hard, I've never experienced the way this feels. I lower myself on to you. Taking myself and rubbing up and down the outside to get all your juice on me, I take my sweet time moving inside of you. Finally being all the way inside of you is a perfect fit. Like it was meant to be. I want to stay here forever.

    Being inside of you is the perfect moment for me. But, from then on, being inside your heart...for 27 years ... now, THAT is something that mere words typed on a keyboard cannot do justice.

    My dear, you know your name. You know who you are and you know this is about you.

    I'm waiting for you to come to me. I long for the day when our love is restored. If not, I will never find another like you. You were the first and the only till I was 47 years old. When everyone and everything else that you feel is important to you right gone and your left alone, I pray that it's not too late.

    "if women don't find you handsome...
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    thanks for taking the time to share with us...
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