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    What Reads good.....

    I have been reading the erotic stories on different sites. Stories on Blue Stories have a nice quality. But from my experience I want to share what I feel is the good form of stories.
    Most of the stories get into what I call raw sex right away and dwell on just the physical act of sex. This gets monotonous and boring- just sucking, licking, eating, fucking, cummming.
    The most erotic stories are those which have a long gradual built up to the actual sex. It should have a lots of dialogues, more natural where sex dont happen at drop of a hat.. or rathar should i see drop of a panty and shorts.
    Most reralistic and natural are the circumstances, more erotic it will be.
    I shall be soon posting my collection and hope I am able to show what I mean. Meanwhile I want to enjoy what's there.

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    hiya and welcome

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    Hey Dreamer!

    Welcome. Look forward to seeing some of your stories on here.

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    I wholeheartedly concur with your opinion. Take a glance at some of my work and se if they fill the void your have found. Charli

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    Welcome to the Blue. I hope your stories get a good reception here. Can't wait to read them myself!
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    Welcome and we are all looking forward to seeing your examples of good stories however to be fair to all, it is a matter of taste what is meat for one man maybe poison for another.

    I do tend to agree though that some stories would be greatly enhanced with more of a build up to the circumstances which lead to the sex scenes.
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    Other stories wot I writ....
    There are too many titles of stories wot I have writ to list here but if you click on my name and then select all posting by this person you will be able to see all my work.



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